Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Fight Through Mt. Xi

Ch171 – Fight Through Mt. Xi

But you wont. Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, seemingly quite confident.

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Indeed, I wont. Bai Yichen grit his teeth. Hes a civilised gentleman who uses his mouth and not his fist, so he should be both graceful and decent. However, he swore that as long as Lin Xuanzhi dared to reveal any one of his secrets, he would definitely make Lin Xuanzhi crawl down the mountain!

Lin Xuanzhi seemed to know what Bai Yichen was thinking. He had achieved his goal for today, so he got up and bowed to Bai Yichen. In that case, I wont disturb Young Master Bai from resting any longer.

Bai Yichen,

Need to be decent, cant be impulsive, and important things have to be said thrice!

Especially in front of someone like Lin Xuanzhi, who can always maintain a calm face anytime, anywhere, it would be even worse for him to appear too casual, even if Bai Yichen was really itching to hit someone right now.

Take care, I wont see you out.

Bai Yichen clenched his teeth with a smile.

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After Lin Xuanzhi left, Bai Wuya walked over.

Bai Wuya asked, puzzled, He left so soon? Why didnt the two of you talk a little longer? He thought that his young master, who rarely invited people over, would ask the other party to stay for a while more to express his well regards.

Talk a little longer? He. Bai Yichen revealed a helpless smile, Im afraid that I wouldnt be able to hold myself back from killing him, if I were to look at him any longer.

Bai Wuya was stunned and instantly incensed. Dont tell me that kid dared to scorn Young Master?! Ill go catch him and beat him up now!

Bai Yichens glance swept across Bai Wuya, who was all tensed up. What are you thinking about in that brain of yours? With how hes like, is it necessary for him to scorn me?

Bai Wuya blinked and scratched his head. I dont know why, but whenever I see Lin Xuanzhi, I always feel like hell take advantage of you.

Bai Yichen smiled for awhile, then suddenly withdrew his smile without warning, He wrote a word on the table.

What word? Bai Wuya asked.

A Leng word. Bai Yichen said.

Bai Wuya jumped up at once, his eyes wide, What does he mean by that? Hehe couldnt have just guessed at random, right?

He knows, and he believes it too. Bai Yichen grabbed the wine flask and rubbed it a few times with his finger. He narrowed his eyes, Say, for a young man who has never left the East Continent and is merely 17-years-old, how capable must he be to discover my secret? And to even dare have the guts to show up in front of me and let me know of it?

Bai Wuya felt like his brain had crashed. He could no longer think about Lin Xuanzhi with a normal mindset.

Bai Wuyas gaze darkened. Ill go kill him right now.

Kill him? How are you so sure that he doesnt have a back up plan? Bai Yichen put down the wine flask and smiled coldly. Moreover, it wasnt easy for someone to deliver themselves to our doorstep to help me return to the Nine Lands. He has even proven his sincerity and capabilities, so I naturally have to give him the opportunity.

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Bai Wuya replied with much difficulty, Hehe can help Young Master return to the Nine Lands? He actually dares to be that arrogant?

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Maybe. Bai Yichen said, Okay, this topic ends here.

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Yes. Bai Wuya nodded, yet thousands of thoughts were racing through his mind.

No one would link Bai Yichen and Leng Jixue without rhyme or reason unless that person knew of the secret relationship between Bai Yichen and Leng Jixue, who seemed completely unrelated to each other.

Even Huangfu Jin, the one who was always together with Leng Jixue every day, was completely unaware of this relationship.

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The top-grade wine flask crafted by Lin Xuanzhi was used to nourish souls.

All the materials in it were rare treasures as well, and their value would probably not be any less than the divine firminia simplex forged engraving pen that he had taken away.

However, where did he get his materials from? And where did he obtain the recipe and hand seals for crafting?

Lin Xuanzhi was a huge mystery. He was someone who was covered in secrets from head to toe.

Bai Yichen knocked his finger on the table, Theres no need to investigate Lin Xuanzhi for now.

Bai Wuya frowned. Is it okay to not investigate someone like him whos riddled with problems?

Since he dares to let me know, hed dare guarantee we wouldnt be able to find any clues, or even if we did manage to find something, it wouldnt pose much of a problem to him. Bai Yichen said, Dont waste time. When its time to slip up, one will naturally slip up.

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Although Bai Wuya really wanted to gouge out all of Lin Xuanzhis secrets immediately, since Bai Yichen had already said all this, he could only nod and say, Okay. As long as he doesnt harm Young Master, Ill listen to Young Masters orders.

He wants to be my ally, so he naturally wouldnt harm me. Bai Yichen smiled, Actually, this is a good thing. At the very least, weve suddenly gained a genius crafter on our side for no reason.

If one thought about it, there really were more advantages than disadvantages to this arrangement.

Lin Xuanzhi returned to the Lin familys spectator seats. After looking to his left and right, he didnt see Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi asked Lin Zezhi, who was focused on watching the match next to him, Wheres Ah Hen and Duan Yuyang?

Lin Zezhi snapped out of his daze, Im not sure where they went, but Yan Tianhen said that he would be back soon.

Lin Xuanzhi was about to contact Duan Yuyang through the Voice Transmission Bell when he saw Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen walk over.

Xuanzhi, youre back so soon?! Duan Yuyang was a little surprised. He thought that Lin Xuanzhi would only return after the matches for the day ended.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze fell upon Yan Tianhen. Where have you been?

Yan Tianhen replied honestly, We went to see Ah Gu?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan Yuyang.

Duan Yuyang put on an innocent face as he said, I wasnt the one who wanted to take him there. Henhen said that he was worried about Ah Gu, so he wanted to go take a look at how he was doing.

Lin Zezhi, who was at the side, asked when he heard this, Whos Ah Gu?

Lin Xuanzhi,

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Yan Tianhen,

Duan Yuyang,

They all seem to have been a bit unbridled.

Yan Tianhen pondered for a moment, then said, Ah Gu is a new wild companion that my familys Hu Po found in Sky Peak City. Its a small tigress.

The small tigress Ling Chigu sneezed:

Lin Xuanzhi and Duan Yuyang looked at Yan Tianhen at the same time.

Lin Zezhi was baffled. What can you do about this sort of thing?

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You re unaware of this, but that small tigress dislikes everything about my familys Hu Po, so as the one who adopted him, of course I had to put in some good words for him. Yan Tianhen randomly spouted rubbish without even blinking.

Lin Zezhi, Okay then, youre a really good master.

Yan Tianhen smiled and nodded. Right? I think so too.

Lin Zezhi thought this topic was a bit strange and he also wasnt interested in the love and hate relationships between tiger cubs, so he didnt continue asking any further. He went back to spectating the matches that attracted his attention.

Duan Yuyang put an arm on Yan Tianhens shoulder and leaned in close to his ear, I really like how you can spout so much nonsense all prim and proper like that.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose while feeling a little guilty. I just feel a bit sorry towards Hu Po.

Wheres Hu Po and Ah Bai? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

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He realized that he hadnt noticed those two cubs for some time.

Yan Tianhen said, Recently, they like going to the West Mountain to fight with the local demonic monsters.

Lin Xuanzhi raised an eyebrow, They can fight them?

They cant beat a few. Yan Tianhen said.

Why havent I seen them come complain to us? Lin Xuanzhi understood those two tiger cubs quite well after all.

If they couldnt beat the other party they would take to their heels and come back to act all coquettish while lamenting. They wouldnt ask anyone to support them, but would insist on getting Lin Xuanzhi to feed them a few demonic delight fruits before they would be satisfied.

Yan Tianhen blinked, Because they roped Ah Gu in to be their backer. Ever since Ah Gu started fighting, he has rarely come across someone who could be his opponent.

Lin Xuanzhi,

As expected.

Ling Chigus own cultivation level was absurdly high in the first place. Even though he was a corpse now and a portion of his cultivation had dispersed, his foundation now had an added Yin attribute, he was fed with Yan Tianhens blood, and his body doesnt have a magic array like Yan Tianhen does to suppress him, so it was natural for his cultivation level to turn monstrously terrifying.

The aboriginal demonic beasts on West Mountain have encountered a difficult opponent to deal with.

Duan Yuyang was a little puzzled, After seeing Ah Bai and Hu Po this time, why do I suddenly feel like they seem quite different from before? In the past, they used to stick to Henhen wherever they went, and they didnt like fighting either.

Now that you mention it, I do think so too. Yan Tianhen frowned, Theyve been looking for demonic beasts to fight every day recently. Theyve been like this ever since they left the Demonic Beast Institute.

They are demonic beasts after all, not domestic cats. They had to grow up sooner or later. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

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Of course he wouldnt say that those two tiger cubs had been led astray while they were in the Demonic Beast Institute.

Duan Yuyang sighed, After growing up, theyre no fun anymore.

He looked at Yan Tianhen and said, Its best if Ah Hen never grows up.

Yan Tianhen,

So is he just a plaything to Duan Yuyang?

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Yan Tianhen rather meaningfully, Its better to grow up soon ba.

Why? Duan Yuyang asked.

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He thought that Lin Xuanzhi would be like him and wish for Yan Tianhen to stay innocent and cute forever.

Only then will he be able to do many things that young people cant. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Duan Yuyang accidentally thought of some things that werent quite right, such as this and that?

Duan Yuyang glared at Lin Xuanzhi and scolded, You beast!

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Thank you.

Yan Tianhen didnt understand the hidden meaning behind their words and asked, puzzled, Yuyang Gege, why did you scold my Dage?

Duan Yuyangs mouth twitched. He said, He deserves it!

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Yan Tianhen asked again, But Dage, after he called you a beast, why didnt you refute it?

Lin Xuanzhi,

He thought Duan Yuyang was right, so how should he have refuted it?

Duan Yuyang pulled Yan Tianhen over and instructed him earnestly, Henhen, stay far away from your Dage from now on.

Why? Yan Tianhen didnt understand.

Duan Yuyang found it difficult to say. Its not like he could tell Yan Tianhen that Lin Xuanzhi was plotting to do something to him, right?

When he saw that Duan Yuyang couldnt come up with a reason, Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen back to his side and said, Ah Hen, continue watching the competition. You dont need to pay attention to him.

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