Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Cleave Through With A Single Swing

Ch176 – Cleave Through with a Single Swing

Unnecessary conflicts?

Take disciples from the sect with you?

Han Yuran experienced a sudden shock. This was trying to hint at the fact that Yuan Tianwen wanted to clash with him. In other words, Yuan Tianwen intended to settle some accounts with him?

Han Yurans heart was startled for a moment, but it quickly calmed down.

This day was bound to come sooner or later, and he had already mentally prepared himself. He just didnt expect for this day to come so fast.

He originally thought that Yuan Tianwen, this fool, would only be able to find out after he and Yuan Tianwen had completed their Dao companion ceremony.

Many thanks. Han Yuran told the little boy. He then spoke to several people beside him, Tianwen has something to say. I invite all my Senior Martial Brothers to go out with me.

The people from Profound Sky Sect looked at each other, Right now? What could he want with us?

Han Yuran revealed a bitter smile, A few unnecessary misunderstandings occurred between Tianwen and me, soIll have to invite Senior Martial Brothers to accompany me outside and help me mediate the situation.

Lan Jinghe blinked as realization suddenly dawned on him. He immediately stood up and spoke with great interest, Its such a rare occurrence that someone as good-tempered as you would actually quarrel with my demonic wife-con of a Second Shixiong. Ill follow you out and take a look.

As Yuan Tianwens direct junior martial brother under the same Master, Lan Jinghe witnessed with his own eyes just how well Yuan Tianwen treated Han Yuran. Perhaps even the entirety of Profound Sky Sect knew that Han Yuran was Yuan Tianwens darling and couldnt be provoked.

Countless people were jealous of Han Yuran and their hearts secretly bubbled with envy towards him.

Currently, a sword cultivator from Heavenly Law Sect was on the sword discourse platform sharing his cultivation insights. Tong Le weighed the situation and also stood up, Ill go take a look with you.

Since Tong Le got up, Du Qiying naturally followed as well.

Thus, Han Yuran took these three people with him as he exited the Sword Discourse Pavilion.

Outside the Sword Discourse Pavilion, if it wasnt for the last shred of reason, which was reluctant to let his private affairs affect the entire Profound Sky Sects image, still being maintained within Yuan Tianwens heart, he would have already drawn his sword and charged into the Sword Discourse Pavilion to find Han Yuran.

Why hasnt that person come out yet? Yuan Tianwen asked.

The boy in purple was almost unable to smile any longer. He really regretted letting his partner go in and look for the person while he himself had to stay behind and deal with this man, who was constantly releasing all of his powerful pressure as a cultivator.

The child in purple adhered to the principle that, no matter what, he had to hold out until people who could beat Yuan Tianwen in a fight appeared, so he placated Yuan Tianwen with a smile, Young Peak Master Yuan, please wait shortly. The Five Great Sects are currently in the middle of a Dao discourse conference, so itll be difficult to find someone.

The purple-clothed child emphasized Five Great Sects in hope that Yuan Tianwen would endure for a while longer for the sake of the big picture.

At that moment, Han Yuran, the person whom Yuan Tianwen so eagerly awaited, appeared.

Yuan Tianwen was just about to rush up with his sword to chop that person down, but his sharp eyes saw his junior martial brother and others, who were closely following Han Yuran. His sword, which was about to jump out of its sheath, was pressed down again in a lightning-fast flash.

Damn it, fellow disciples from the same sect cant slaughter each other, let alone in front of so many people.

Yuan Tianwen gazed at Han Yuran with a heavy expression, but Han Yuran looked as calm as ever.

Han Yuran smiled innocently at Yuan Tianwen, Tianwen, they are currently holding a Dao discourse conference inside. Where did you go off to, causing you to only return just now?

Yuan Tianwen fixed him with a death glare, as though he was itching to yank out his tendons and wrench out his bones.

Han Yuran continued to explain, Its just a little misunderstanding. We can settle it privately, dont you think?

Good, very good, his acting really was too good!

Yuan Tianwen couldnt help but want to applaud Han Yurans acting skills.

Yuan Tianwen forced himself to show a rare and what barely qualified as gentle smile, Youre all wrong. How can I draw my sword against Yuran?

Han Yuran was stunned. Yuan Tianwen was a straightforward man. He would definitely be unable to endure it if he found out that he had been deceived, but now, he was actually doing the opposite.

What in the world did you ask me to come out for? Han Yuran frowned, feeling an ominous sense of foreboding in his heart, which gave way to great unease.

No reason. Yuan Tianwen looked at him coldly. Lets go in.

Yuan Tianwens reaction confused the people who had accompanied Han Yuran outside.

Du Qiying swept them a glance and turned around. Since its nothing, come in quickly. Youre already late.

After he finished speaking, Du Qiying began to walk inside. Tong Le also looked at Yuan Tianwen with with a puzzled expression, unable to understand what in the world Yuan Tianwen wanted to achieve, and even more confused about why Han Yuran insisted on pulling them outside.

Han Yuran smiled somewhat smugly. In that case, I will continue to listen to the Dao discourse inside. Tianwen, today all the top disciples of the major sects were invited. You might as well listen to the discussion carefully. Itll certainly benefit you.

Naturally. Yuan Tianwen nodded with his usual impassive expression.

Han Yuran glanced at him, turned around with a slight smile, and thought in his heart, So what even if he found out I deceived him? Right now, Im already Profound Sky Sects core disciple and Thousand Hammer Peaks inner disciple, so Im already protected by the rules of Profound Sky Sect.

If Yuan Tianwen wanted to sit comfortably in his Young Peak Master position, then, no matter what, he wouldnt dare to openly attack him.

Han Yuran hooked his lips in triumph.

Lan Jinghe noticed Yuan Tianwens slightly-trembling hands and felt a shock in his heart. He looked at Yuan Tianwen anxiously, Shixiong, why dont you stand out here for a while? Ill stay with you.

No need. Yuan Tianwen replied lightly. Lets go in together.

Oh. Lan Jinghes voice just fell when suddenly, a sword flashed before his eyes. He didnt even have time to react before Han Yuran, who wasnt even five steps away from him, fell like a kite with its strings cut after being directly cleaved through by the sword qi overflowing with murderous intent.

Cleaved through.


Lan Jinghe was stunned. By the time Yuan Tianwens second slash came, Du Qiying had already reacted before Yuan Tianwens sword technique was fully complete.


Their swords and spiritual qi clashed head-on, and a sharp gale of sword qi shot through the surroundings and scattered everywhere. Bangbangbangbang! After a continuous series of explosions, the sword qi actually gouged several deep marks into the ground, splitting it open, and even the two white jade carvings on both sides of the Sword Discourse Pavilions front gate were crushed into powder.

Shixiong! Lan Jinghe saw that Yuan Tianwen had cleaved through the sword in Du Qiyings hands with a single swing and was currently facing Han Yuran, who was now lying on the ground after being beaten till he was bloodied all over, his face contorted in pain. Lan Jinghe hurriedly rushed up and held back Yuan Tianwens arm with all his strength, shouting, Shixiong, hold back, please hold back! If you have a grudge, talk about it instead, lets go back and talk it over!

Yuan Tianwen demanded coldly, Get out of my way!

I wont! Lan Jinghe was so frantic that he was about to burst into tears. He desperately tried to hold Yuan Tianwen back, Think about Master, think about your father and your dad! This is Sky Peak Sect, not Profound Sky Sect!

The surge of sword qi outside had caused such a great disturbance that the five sects disciples who were in the middle of discussing the sword Dao inside sent people outside one after the other to investigate the situation.

Tong Le was already holding up Du Qiying, whose Dao robes had been cut by the sword qi. He asked in both shock and anger, Yuan Tianwen, what are you doing?

Yuan Tianwen still wanted to take further action, but his right hand was pressed down by the massive force of a sliver of spiritual strength.

Yuan Tianwen looked towards Ren Fuyao.

Ren Fuyao was a man who looked very feminine but had top-notch strength. Plus, he was the closed-door disciple of Sky Peak Sects Sect Master. Therefore, he held absolute authority within Sky Peak Sect.

Young Sect Master. The startled purple-robed boy hid behind Ren Fuyao, trembling in fear.

Young Peak Master Yuan. Ren Fuyao held a string of round cat-eyed beads in his hand, Shouldnt you give me an explanation?

Theres nothing to explain. Yuan Tianwen spoke with righteous vigor. It was my fault that I took action in Sky Peak Sect, but I do not regret it. You can punish me as you please.

The crowd couldnt help but think, Just what kind of deep-seated hatred does Yuan Tianwen have against this legendary fianc of his?

Yuan Tianwens gaze left Ren Fuyao and returned to Han Yuran, who had been surrounded by several people. He coldly declared, This slash is justice for him. From this day onwards, you and I will have nothing to do with each other.

Han Yuran was stabbed seven or eight times all over his body. The big gaping wounds made him so cold and sweaty with pain that he couldnt even speak. If it wasnt for the fact that he had worn the gift his Master bequeathed to him on their first meeting high-grade magic tool Silver Frost Gu Silk Robe, which blocked most of Yuan Tianwens killing technique, he was afraid that he would already be in the afterlife right now.

Never in a million years did Han Yuran expect that Yuan Tianwen would be this brazen and actually dare to try to kill him without any regard for the dire consequences that his reckless actions would bring about!

However, the current Han Yuran couldnt even speak anymore.

Han Yurans eyes rolled back as he passed out.

Everyone looked at each other and couldnt understand the current direction of things. It was only recently that they had heard about how well Yuan Tianwen treated this fianc of his, but today, he actually became mortal enemies with Han Yuran and wouldnt rest until he was dead!

A person who knew Yuan Tianwen couldnt help but say, Yuan Young Master, at the very least, you and him are still from the same sect. What kind of outrageous matter can cause you to try to kill him? Its not like you have any bone-deep hatred against him.

YeahAnd this is even a craftsman. Young Peak Master Yuan, youre going too far this time.

The Profound Sky Sect elder who came with the disciples had obviously witnessed this scene as well. Two blue veins suddenly popped up from his temple. He resisted the strong urge to send Yuan Tianwen flying with one slap as he spoke to Ren Fuyao, Young Sect Master Ren, this matter was due to my Profound Sky Sects lax discipline, please forgive me.

Ren Fuyao turned the beads in his hand and nodded, Profound Sky Sects disciples are indeed in need of discipline.

Having said that, he told the others, Continue the Dao discourse. Let Profound Sky Sect deal with their affairs themselves.

Since Ren Fuyao had already spoken, others would naturally give him face, so they started walking back towards the Sword Discourse Pavilion one after another.

Not long after, the only ones left at the gate were the two Dao children, the people from Profound Sky Sect, and Ren Fuyao, accompanied by two of Sky Peak Sects disciples. Han Yuran had already been taken away for treatment.

Ren Fuyaos expression was mild, Tomorrow, there will be interesting gossip spreading around outside.

Yuan Tianwen, They can say whatever they like.

Ren Fuyao shook his head, Destroying your own future.

Yuan Tianwen, Worth it.

Ren Fuyao took a long look at him, turned the beads in his hand, and left as well.

Only the few people from Profound Sky Sect were left.

Profound Sky Sects Taoist Kong Yu bitterly lamented how iron couldnt turn into steel faster as he glared at Yuan Tianwen angrily and pointed at his nose as he cursed, Yuan Tianwen ah Yuan Tianwen, you actually dare to make trouble for me at such a critical time. Do you still want to sit comfortably in Profound Sky Sect?

Yuan Tianwen looked into the distance as he replied, He deserved it.

And what did he do to provoke you? Taoist Kong Yu swore, An honest man full of integrity, and hes even already engaged to you. You dare to kill him just because you feel like it? Is it because your Master treated you too well in the past that you dare to be so rampant with arrogance now?! Speak, why are you doing this?!!

Theres no why. He knows what he did. Yuan Tianwens handsome face was cold as he continued, Whatever your punishment for me, Ill bear it.

He would never implicate Duan Yuyang at this kind of moment.

He already owed Duan Yuyang too much. He would never disturb him again for these kinds of worrisome matters.

Taoist Kong Yu felt stifled, as though a blood clot was stuck in his throat. He felt that Yuan Tianwens behavior was simply inexplicable and no amount of medicine could save him.

Take him down and give him ten whips. Taoist Kong Yu took a deep breath and stared at Yuan Tianwen with narrowed eyes, As for the rest, that will be discussed once weve returned to Profound Sky Sect.

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