Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Kind Hearted Yeah Right

Ch177 – Kind-hearted, Yeah Right

Lan Jinghes expression suddenly changed, Elder Kong Yu, ten whips is too heavy of a punishment. Shixiong must have his own unspeakable circumstances that caused him to act this way. Asking Elder to please find out about the full situation first. It wont be too late to punish him after that!

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One should know that this whip was not an ordinary whip but instead the punishment whip made especially by Profound Sky Sects enforcement hall. The whip was a magic tool containing boundless soul force inside. In addition, it had a fire elemental affinity, so when whipping someone, the whip would not only cause all the spiritual qi within ones body to go on a rampage, but would also cause a searing pain from the scorching heat. Usually, being whipped once would be enough to cause a Foundation Stage cultivator to be bedridden for ten to fifteen days, so if all ten whips really hitLan Jinghe simply couldnt imagine the result.

Unspeakable circumstances? Taoist Kong Yu gave a hng. That still cant be compared to making Profound Sky Sect lose so much face!

Whats the most important thing when traveling outside? Of course its face and dignity and stuff like that. Taoist Kong Yu was so livid that even his beard was about to curl up in anger. What kind of matter couldnt wait until they had returned to Profound Sky Sect to discuss behind closed doors? Yuan Tianwen just had to make trouble for him right at this moment. Did he think Taoist Kong Yu was blind?

But Lan Jinghe still wanted to fight for some concessions for Yuan Tianwen, but Yuan Tianwen stopped him instead. Theres no need for further words. I said it before: punish me as you like.

Lan Jinghe opened and closed his mouth multiple times, as if he had more to say, but stopped himself every time.

Elder Kong Yu waved his hand and several of Profound Sky Sects entourage came forward to surround Yuan Tianwen, Will have to offend Young Peak Master Yuan.

Yuan Tianwen didnt put up any resistance and allowed them to take him away.

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Lan Jinghe was extremely agitated, anxiously circling his original spot. He secretly planned to send a voice transmission over a thousand li as soon as Taoist Kong Yu left and inform Yuan Tianwens dad Su Mo about this terrible occurrence.

Yuan Tianwen suddenly twisted his head around, Dont tell my dad.

Lan Jinghe was so frightened that he almost believed that Yuan Tianwen had mind-reading skills. He quickly nodded like a chicken pecking rice, Dont worry, I definitely wont tell Elder Su about this!

With his heart at ease, Yuan Tianwen left with them.

Using the excuse of needing some fresh air, Lan Jinghe immediately entered an uninhabited forest. He quickly took out a magic tool that could transmit sound over a thousand li and shouted to the other side, Uncle Yuan, Shixiong is going to be flogged, please hurry to save him!

Anyways, he didnt tell Yuan Tianwens dad. He only told Yuan Tianwens father, which didnt count as breaking his promise.

The next day, news that Profound Sky Sects Young Peak Master Yuan Tianwen destroyed his fiancs cultivation foundation with a single slash outside of Sky Peak Sects Sword Discourse Pavilion spread throughout the entire Sky Peak City.

Yuan Tianwen could be said to have become completely infamous throughout the entire Five Continents. After all, situations where the sects quarreled and fought, especially ones where there was infighting within a sect, had never occurred in any of the previous Hundred Families Gatherings.

Generally speaking, the five great celestial-level sects were all interconnected and they always had to maintain the facade of a harmonious relationship with each other, at least on the surface. Moreover, the five sects didnt directly compete against each other in the Hundred Families Gathering, and the more established the sects were, the more they cared about their own image. Thus, no sect would ever do this kind of thing that makes them lose their own face in order to entertain the onlookers.

Lin Xuanzhi had already heard countless people discuss Yuan Tianwens matter while on his way from the West side of the city to the East citys competition plaza.

That Young Peak Master Yuan actually destroyed a craftsmans foundations and roots. I heard that the person called Han Yuran had his entire Dantian Sea destroyed.

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Yeah, Ive heard of that too. Apparently the pharmacist who went to heal that craftsman said that his entire Dantian Sea was shattered and looks horrible.

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Thats hard to say. I heard that Han Yuran is also his fianc, and Yuan Tianwen even stole this fianc of his away from someone else.

Ah? Who?

It seems to be that craftsman from the Lin family, called Lin Xuanzhi.

A female cultivator sighed as she lamented, It seems like men nowadays are all unreliable.

Dont you kill an entire ship of people with one pole. Another male cultivator responded.

Am I the only one who wants to know what in the world happened between them?

Youre not alone, but Im even more curious about what the punishment for destroying a craftsmans Dantian Sea will be.

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I heard that he was whipped ten times.

Only ten whipsYuan Tianwen is a third-generation cultivator famous throughout the Five Continents and is also from the main branch of the elite Yuan family, as well as the Young Peak Master of Profound Sky Sects Breaking Sword Peak. He just destroyed a tiny craftsman. Its clear from a glance which person holds more weight.

Its so nice to have a backer.

The key is that hes already this powerful and influential, so if he had to personally take action against a craftsman, then he must have had a reason for doing so.


Yan Tianhen remarked with some surprise, Dage, most people actually sided with Yuan Tianwen. Shouldnt they sympathize with the weak? This is different from what I imagined.

How do you know they dont sympathize with Han Yuran? Lin Xuanzhi asked lightly. They may feel sympathetic, but for one, they dare not offend Yuan Tianwen, and two, Yuan Tianwens reputation has always been good. In addition, some people deliberately guided the direction of these rumors, so the gossip will naturally paint Yuan Tianwen in a favorable light.

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Someone deliberately guided the flow? Yan Tianhen never expected that.

It was only late last night when Yuan Tianwen took action and hit a person, but within the span of one night, they actually managed to guide the direction of the rumors to such an extent. It really was fast enough.

When the young masters of these powerful families go out, theyll always have many people beside them available to help with anything. Lin Xuanzhi finished speaking and paused. I just didnt expect that Yuan Tianwen would actually be so impulsive.

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, I dont think he acted impulsively.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him.

After all, Han Yuran is so wicked, and his deception made Yuyang Gege suffer so much hardship. If I were Yuan Tianwen, I would also deal with Han Yuran like that. Yan Tianhen used his own thoughts to predict Yuan Tianwens mindset as he spoke with righteous vigor.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled as he patted Yan Tianhens head.

When they reached the top of the mountain, Lin Xuanzhi saw Duan Yuyang at first glance, who was waiting in the Lin familys seating area.

Duan Yuyang beckoned with his hand, Come on.

Yan Tianhen walked over and opened his mouth to speak, Yuyang Gege, do you know that Yuan Tianwen turned that baddie Han Yuran into a waste in order to take revenge for you?

Lin Xuanzhi, ..

As soon as that sentence left Yan Tianhens mouth, the pupils from other families beside them who were originally engaging in carefree conversations amongst themselves all immediately turned to look at them and fixed Yan Tianhen and Duan Yuyang with gazes that contained all kinds of profound meanings.

Duan Yuyangs entire person was no longer in a good mood. He grabbed Yan Tianhen over and forced his own mouth upwards into what barely resembled a smile. He gritted his teeth and whispered, Hey, my little ancestor, if you have something to say, say it in private, whisper it, keep it secret!

Yan Tianhen knew that he had misspoken just now and covered his mouth as he blinked a few times at Duan Yuyang with an apologetic expression.

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Lin Xuanzhis gaze swept across the surrounding people and all the various families pupils immediately turned around and continued to chat with others, but they kept their ears out on this conversation.

Duan Yuyang saw that everything was more or less back to normal and spoke again, I heard. Yuan Tianhen, that big idiot, was actually like a brainless bull, being this reckless. Hes really intent on killing himself!

Speaking of this, Duan Yuyang instantly gnashed his teeth in extreme anger.

Yan Tianhen added, I heard that he was also whipped ten times, but its just flogging. It should be nothing for him.

Yeah, he has rough skin and thick flesh. He can take a beating. Duan Yuyang also didnt take that seriously.

What you just said is not true. As a former core disciple of Profound Sky Sect, Lin Xuanzhi was naturally clear on the nature of Profound Sky Sects punishments. This is not an ordinary whip; its the high-grade magic tool Punishing Evil Whip. Being whipped once is equivalent to taking a blow from a Foundation Stage First Layer cultivator at full power. If the person has a poor physique or low cultivation level, one whip would kill them.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help his surprise, Then wouldnt Yuan Tianwens soul scatter after ten whips?

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Even though Yuan Tianwen was already a Hardened Body Stage cultivator, it was still impossible for him to take ten full-powered blows from Foundation Stage cultivators without any defense.

This, you will have to ask Duan Young Master. Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan Yuyang, whose complexion was still normal, with a gaze filled with profound meaning.

Duan Yuyang didnt beat around the bush either and just nodded his head. In reality, only three whips actually hit him.

Yan Tianhen breathed a sigh of relief. Profound Sky Sects elders are indeed kind-hearted.

Kind-hearted, yeah right. Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes. If not for the timely voice transmission from Yuan Tianwens dad, then Im afraid that ten whips really would have struck down.

The Yuan familys heads wife? Yan Tianhen had many impressions of Su Mo. In his memory, this Yuan family heads wife seemed quite gentle and easy to get along with.

Yeah, Yuan Tianwen is his dads precious darling. How can his dad bear to see him be beaten and still remain indifferent? Duan Yuyang explained.

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Yan Tianhen wondered curiously, But, that Uncle Su can actually influence the decision of a Profound Sky Sect elder?

Nowadays, money speaks for itself. Duan Yuyang sighed with emotion.

After all, Su Mo was a guest elder in Profound Sky Sect. Although he ordinarily wouldnt give lectures, he was still responsible for nearly half of Profound Sky Sects financial inflow every year. Even if Profound Sky Sect offended someone, that person still wouldnt be Su Mo this was a god of wealth, a rich tycoon!

Who said that cultivators were pure in heart, few in desires, and unburdened by the wealth and fame of the material world?

Thats only because once they had reached a certain level, they could have fame, wealth, and beauties at their beck and call, so they didnt even need to worry about those things. Thus, they were able to say such pretentious words.

But in this world, the vast majority of cultivators had yet to reach such a high realm, so they still remain trapped by wealth and fame because they lack these, and also desire these to the extreme.

So yesterday, when a sliver of Su Mos consciousness that was possessing Yuan Tianwens penta-coloured crane appeared before Elder Kong Yu, he only said one thing: The money for Profound Sky Sects entrance fee next year, Ill pay for it.

Elder Kong Yu:

Damn it, this kind of rich person was the most annoying.

Elder Kong Yu spoke with a dark expression, Elder Su Mo, you must know that Yuan Tianwen completely destroyed Han Yurans Dantian Sea. This not only damaged our Profound Sky Sects image but also caused us substantial losses. In addition, that old thing from Thousand Hammer Peak doesnt know when to give up, and if he finds out that I let Yuan Tianwen off so easily, then I will definitely be nagged to death.

I heard that the Breaking Sword Peak that Elder Kong Yu resides in is in need of a renovation, but the money seems to be insufficient. Su Mos expression was as light as ever, This money, Ill pay for as well.

Elder Kong Yu slammed his palm on the table and shouted to the people next to him, What are you still waiting for? Why arent you hurrying to bring back Young Peak Master Yuan?

Elder Kong Yu looked at Su Mo again, this time with a decent smile on his face, A misunderstanding, this was all a misunderstanding.

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Su (rich tycoon) Mo: Whats the slogan of our Yuan family?

Everyone in Yuan family: Throw money, throw money, throw money!

Yan (money grubber) Tianhen: Does your family still lack a son-in-law?

Lin (poor man) Xuanzhi: I have decided to earnestly make money and strive to become the richest man as soon as possible.

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