Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Lin Yans Good Fortune

Ch179 – Lin Yans Good Fortune

The third day of the competition arrived as scheduled, but Yuan Tianwen still didnt appear. Fortunately, the Yuan familys pupils were good enough to keep the Yuan family within the top ten positions and didnt let their family fall from the ranks of elite families.

The third days competition had nothing to do with the Lin family, but Lin Xuanzhi still came to spectate the match.

Duan Yuyang leisurely sat in his chair, not at all worried that his own family might be torn from the ranks of first-class families by the five winning families who emerged in the second day of the competition.

When Duan Yuhao came onto the stage, Duan Yuyang even closed his eyes and slept for a while.

Elite and first-class families were different from other families. The battles on the third day were particularly fierce. All kinds of powerful techniques dazzled the spectators eyes and even destroyed several martial arts training arenas. This was especially true for the first-class families, who werent so much competing as showing off all their techniques in a grand performance.

After all, it was very difficult to actually rank first-class families. Rankings werent of great significance to them. Moreover, in order to avoid a situation where all participants who advanced to the second round were from the same twenty families, the Hundred Families Gathering ruled that each first-class family could have only three participants at most.

After the three-day competition was over, the first 100 families and the disciples ranked in the first 150 places all entered the second round successfully.

The second round uses a single-elimination tournament format. The family ranked in first place from the previous Hundred Families Gathering thirty years ago would choose one person to guard the arena ring. The other major families could all send any disciples who advanced to the second round out to challenge that defender.

If they succeeded in their challenge, the champion would be replaced. If they failed in their challenge, then it would be the next challengers turn.

In fact, the families rankings were already more or less determined in the first round of the competition. The second round wasnt so much of a competition among families as it was an opportunity for individuals to exhibit their skills. Even if they lost, they may still draw the attention of elders from the major sects or elite families. The first-class Wu family won the last Hundred Families Gathering, and the ring defender they chose was Wu Huan. He was only seventeen years old but was already a Foundation Stage Second Layer cultivator. His weapon was a Tianyuan Whip, which was a top-grade magic tool crafted by a master especially for him. The whip could be long or short, thick or soft, just like a spiritual snake swimming around a dragon, and it was a very powerful weapon.

In less than one incenses time, Wu Huan had already beaten down more than ten challengers.

Wu Huan raised his head haughtily as he swung his whip, which hit the ground with crackling sounds. Who else dares to challenge? At least have some strong ones come up!

Lin Yan went up and spoke with a giggle, Let me try.

Wu Huan stared at him, surprised. Youre only a Refining Qi Stage cultivator. Youre not my opponent. Go downba.

The people who just challenged him were either Foundation Stage cultivators or were much older than him, but Lin Yan seemed both young and low in cultivation. Wu Huan was quite worried about going overboard situations where people losteven arms or legs were common in the competition.

Lin Yan blinked, Little Gege, dont underestimate me. Who knows, maybe Ill be the one to knock you down in a minute.

Wu Huan gazed at Lin Yans pretty little face and shortened the long whip by a section. Lets give it a try then.

Wu Huan waited for Lin Yans first attack, and Lin Yan wasnt polite either. He made a hand seal and used a technique called Return of All Fire while his other hand held the opened fan. His body twisted around in a circle in midair, gathering a strong air current. Wu Huan only heard a boom-boom-boomsound before he was fanned off the platform. He dangerously evaded that surging fire-affinity attack and landed on the ground.

Dumbfounded, Wu Huan stared at Lin Yan, who was still standing in the arena. Youre clearly a Foundation Stage cultivator. You actually dare to deceive me!

Wu Huan gritted his teeth, I lost only because I was cheated!

Alls fair in war. Remember that clearly. Wu Huans big brother smiled.

Lin Yan also saluted Wu Huan as he clasped his hands together. Apologies. Then he stood on the platform and asked joyfully, Who will challenge me?

Off the stage, Yan Tianhen held his chin, almost speechless. I didnt expect for Yanyan to be so strong that he could beat that rank one person.

The one ranked first is his elder brother, not Wu Huan. Lin Xuanzhi explained.

Thats still pretty incredible. Yan Tianhen said admiringly. He actually beat a Foundation Stage Second Layer cultivator. One should know that Lin Yan is only at Foundation Stage First Layer, and he only broke through recently as well.

After leaving the Lin familys cultivation room, it will most likely take at least years to break through another layer.

But, its thanks to Dages treasures as well. Yan Tianhen added.

Before Lin Yan ascended the stage, Lin Xuanzhi gave him a magic tool specifically for covering up his cultivation. Sure enough, the other party relaxed his vigilance and gave Lin Yan the opportunity he needed.

Although it wasnt long before Lin Yan was knocked off the platform by a pupil from a major family, Lin Yan had already achieved his goal of showing off his strength.

Not long after, Lin Yan was called away by someone. A while later, he came back, jumping with joy, and told Lin Xuanzhi excitedly, Xuanzhi Tangxiong, an elder from Heavenly Fire Sect wants to accept me as his inner disciple and wants me to go with him to the North Continent as soon as the Hundred Families Gathering ends!

Yan Tianhen stared wide-eyed, Really?

Of course its real. Lin Yans eyes were bent with laughter, I came to tell Xuanzhi Tangge and to get his opinion.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded with a smile, This is naturally a good thing. Heavenly Fire Sect is in the North Continent. Its a long journey, and the weather is extremely cold. When you go, you should prepare items to defend against the cold.

Many thanks to Cousin Xuanzhi! Lin Yan paid a respectful bow to Lin Xuanzhi.

For someone like him with no background, no parents, and who was also from Lin familys side branch, the fact that he was able to receive the attention and favor of a sect elder was already the best possible outcome. Even if he remained in the Lin family, it would still be impossible to obtain more cultivation resources in a short period of time.

As a celestial-level sect, Heavenly Fire Sect was naturally strong.

When the Lin family pupils heard this, they all felt extremely envious of Lin Yans luck. Unfortunately, their performances in the competition were only average, so they didnt even get any opportunities to catch any major sects attention.

Lin Zezhi also went onto the stage, but his performance was really mediocre, so no sects paid attention to him.

Looking at Lin Yan, who looked immensely proud of himself, Lin Zezhi couldnt help but think bitterly,If only he hadnt forcibly taken thatBurning Sky Palmaway, then perhaps Lin Yan would not have obtained theBurning Heart Secretseither. If he couldnt practice the incredible techniques in Burning Heart Secrets, then maybe he wouldnt have shone so brilliantly in the competition and caught the attention of a Heavenly Fire Sect elder.

So, all this was karma.

But Lin Zezhis current state of mind had already undergone a lot of changes without his knowledge. In the past, he was ambitious and full of vigor. He had to compete against other Lin family pupils in everything, even if he had to use some dirty tricks in the process.

But now, he only wanted to cultivate in a steadfast manner and improve his actual strength. Strength is the true basis of influence in this world. He originally knew this truth but didnt pay it much mind, and it was Lin Xuanzhi who really engraved this indisputable truth into his memory.

After the second round ended, only the three disciples who didnt go onto the platform to challenge someone were excluded from the third round. The other 147 pupils all successfully advanced to the third round.

Every Hundred Families Gathering would come up with some novel and strange rules and catch people by surprise.

Yan Tianhen commented regretfully, I didnt think that even the ones who didnt go onstage would be brushed off as well.

Probably because the organizers feel that those who dont even dare to challenge someone are not worthy of being true cultivators. Lin Xuanzhi surmised.

The next two rounds should be the alchemy and crafting competitions. Duan Yuyangs excitement was clear on his face. For every Hundred Families Gathering, the alchemists and craftsmen will all have to come out to observe the finale, so there will definitely be a large number of onlookers.

Yeah, I like to watch equipment crafting the most. Yan Tianhen said yearningly.

Duan Yuyang furrowed his brows, How come I remember you previously telling me that you thought craftsmen refining equipment looked so boring and uninteresting that you were always worried youd fall asleep while refining?

You heard me wrong. Yan Tianhen said solemnly. I was talking about alchemy, not crafting.

Duan Yuyang,

When concocting pills, youll accidentally fall asleep? Lin Xuanzhi suddenly interrupted.

Yeah. Yan Tianhen readily went with the flow of the conversation as he nodded. I often fall asleep when I concoct pills. Its really too boring to guard the pill furnace.

After Yan Tianhen finished speaking, he suddenly stared blankly, then stuck out his tongue and covered his mouth as he spoke in muffled words, Dage, why did you suddenly speak? You scared me to death.

Lin Xuanzhi, Heh.

Hell need to watch over Yan Tianhen the next time he crafts pills.

Really, he was too relaxed before.

Yan Tianhen spoke with some guilt, However, I take out the Fire Cloud Furnace that Dage gave me and wipe it everyday. It still looks very new.

Lin Xuanzhi swept him a glance, The newer a pill furnace looks, the fewer times its been used. If Ah Hen doesnt want it, then he might as well take it out and sell it.

Yan Tianhen immediately shook his head in refusal, No, thats my Dages gift to me. Even if I dont use it, I still want to hide it in private. I dont want other people to defile it at all.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, No matter how good the treasure is, its still trash if its not used.

Yan Tianhen showed a downcast and distressed expression.

Lin Xuanzhi saw that and couldnt help but turn his opinion around, Of course, if those treasures can be used as toys and decorations for Ah Hen, then thats still considered making full use of those items.

Duan Yuyang, ..

Where was your moral integrity?

Dont you think Ah Hen will be easily robbed if he walks on the streets like this? Duan Yuyang scrutinized Yan Tianhen from head to toe. Ive wanted to say this for a long time. Im afraid that the items hanging off of him right now comprise the entirety of your belongings.

Yan Tianhen was very startled, What?

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a moment. Not the entirety of our possessions. The most valuable items are still on me.

That all-encompassing bottle was the real priceless treasure, and the drop of Chiyang blood inside couldnt even be measured by monetary value. Lin Xuanzhi was neither rich nor poor hed instantly become rich as soon as he casually took anything out to sell, but none of the things he owned right now could be sold.

Although he had obtained four treasures free of charge from the Bai familys Treasure Appraisal Convention, one was used to craft the Deceiving Heavens Ring and was currently being worn on Yan Tianhens ear. The other one, the small Mingyin flame, Lin Xuanzhi planned to find a time to quietly refine for himself, so it was even more impossible to sell.

As for the remaining two items, one was the inner core of a black turtle, and the other was the Tianshi Cloud Ghost Eye, both of which were quite useful. The former could be used to craft medicinal pills capable of prolonging someones lifespan after ingestion. Even if that persons time was up, they could still fool the Dao of Heaven and live for twice as long, with the prerequisite that the person could find an alchemist capable of refining the black turtles inner core. The latters purpose was even more terrifying. This Cloud Ghost Eye could be used to spy on the Dao of Heaven. Even though Lin Xuanzhi currently lacked the ability to refine it, it was still only a matter of time.

The items on Yan Tianwens person didnt even need to be mentioned. Lin Xuanzhis principle was:there can never be too many, unless there is a better substitute. Otherwise, no one can even think about taking those away from Ah Hen.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help asking, Dage, how much money do we have left?

Lin Xuanzhi, ..

Duan Yuyang looked at Lin Xuanzhis rare expression of embarrassment and laughed unkindly, This fellow has only been spending money, not making it. If he didnt lose all his money, then Ill write my Duan surname backwards for you.

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