Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Amethyst Tiger Cubs

Ch18 - Amethyst Tiger Cubs

Oh right, Dage, theres one other thing. Han Yurans rolled her eyes and said, When I was at Lin Xuanzhis place, I saw the surrounding spiritual Qi rush towards his room. When he came out, he held a jade hairpin in his hand. I could tell at one glance that the raw material for that hairpin was actually a Mysterious Ice Jade!

Mysterious Ice Jade!? a light suddenly flashed across Han Yurans eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and said, Ive heard that this kind of spiritual jade is most suitable for crafting hairpins. It can be used to test for poison and detoxify poisons, and its a specialty of the Nanzhou1 mainland. A piece about the size of a fist costs at least 10 000 gold……are you sure you werent mistaken?

Han Yuran nodded solemnly, Of course I wasnt mistaken, when Dajie moved to Nanzhou after her marriage, I saw a hairpin amongst her dowry it was a Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin, and that hairpins raw material couldnt compare to the one in Lin Xuanzhis hands!

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Han Yuran was immediately tempted, his heart couldnt stop hammering away. To craft a Mysterious Ice Jade hairpin is considerably difficult; its raw material is very brittle, and if your technique wasnt right or your heat control was inadequate, the entire piece of Mysterious Ice Jade would crumble and turn into scrap, and your efforts would all be wasted.

Han Yuran himself is a craftsman, so he naturally knew how precious that hairpin is.

He must get his hands on that hairpin!

Han Yuran narrowed his eyes and said, "Did you ask him for it?"

"Of course I did." Han Yanran was annoyed as she continued, "But he insisted that he would give that hairpin to his wife after they're married, and his attitude on the matter was so firm that there was no room for negotiation. Why not you marry him first, then you can divorce him after getting that hairpin."

Thats impossible. Han Yuran resolutely refused. Even though hes greedy, but he hasnt let his greed get to his head, If I break off the engagement, I can still say that its because Lin Xuanzhi isnt worthy of me, but if I divorce him after we get married, then thatll be slapping the whole Lin familys face. Even if the Lin family doesnt think much of Lin Xuanzhi, they wont take this kind of slap lying down.

Then cant you just kill Lin Xuanzhi. Han Yanrans small face broke out into a smile brimming with determination. She blinked and said, If he were to die after you guys get married, then you wont be involved with him any longer.

Han Yanran narrowed his eyes slightly and seemed to be deep in thought.


Early next morning, when Lin Xuanzhi got out of bed, he realised that Yan Tianhen was missing.

He was planning to go out to search for that guy, but before he even reached the yard entrance, he saw Yan Tianhen limping back in the distance, and there was even a small, white ball following him by his side.

This small ball that had a pair of amethyst eyes and a pure white coat of fur was an amethyst white tiger cub. They were twins personally picked up by Lin Zhan who was out searching for treasures in one of the smaller worlds from the side of an amethyst tiger beast who was about to die.

At that time, the two tiger cubs hadnt even opened their eyes.

An amethyst tigers infant period is considered relatively long. Beasts also needed to increase their cultivation level in order to grow bigger. When Lin Zhan was still alive, the amethyst white tigers consumed all kinds of spiritual food, but they still hadnt grown much in seven years, though their fur did become much shinier and smoother.

And ever since Lin Zhans disappearance, Yan Tianhens situation became worse and worse by day, so the tiger cubs naturally couldnt eat foods that were concentrated with spiritual Qi and their growth slowed down even more.

But luckily, the Lin residence had ample spiritual Qi, so the tiger cubs could still dig up foods that were full of spiritual Qi.

1. Nan = south

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