Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Su Mos Arrival In Person

Ch180 – Su Mos Arrival In Person

Yan Tianhen stared at Lin Xuanzhi expectantly, hoping that Duan Yuyang would be able to write his surname backwards from now on.

However, contrary to his wishes, Lin Xuanzhi really was broke.

He was really generous with his expenditure in refining 89 wrist guards. Just their raw materials alone had cost him a lot, so in addition to how he always wanted to give Yan Tianhen whatever good equipment he crafted, he had accidentally squandered all his fortune away over time.

Yan Tianhen got such a huge fright from Lin Xuanzhis silence that his heart almost stopped.

Dage, so were really penniless again? Yan Tianhen asked.

Duan Yuyangs mouth twitched. What did he mean by again?

Lin Xuanzhi felt like he had let Yan Tianhen down. He lifted his hand up and rubbed Yan Tianhens head. Dont worry, well have money soon enough.


After tomorrow ba. Lin Xuanzhi said, After tomorrow, all kinds of commissions will probably start pouring in. When that happens, Ill collect a deposit first to scrape through this period where were poor.

Duan Yuyang gave him a thumbs up in resignation and sighed, After living for so many years, this is my first time seeing such an amazing craftsman who could turn himself into such a poor bum.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him askance, Do you think Ive seen a second one?

Duan Yuyang,

Well, hes pretty self-aware, isnt he?

Yan Tianhen stroked his chin pensively, his clear gaze slowly becoming more and more firm, as if he had made up his mind on something.

At night, Lin Xuanzhi had just returned to the inn when he saw Su Mo sitting in the reception pavillion on the first floor of the inn. Dont ask him how he knew Su Mo was there to find him, he had such a troublesome son after all.

Senior Su. Lin Xuanzhi took the initiative to greet Su Mo.

Su Mo put down his tea cup and studied Lin Xuanzhi. I havent seen you in a few days but nephew Xuanzhis complexion looks even better now.

Lin Xuanzhis soul force had been becoming stronger day by day, so his sickly pale face caused by the damage to his Dantian Qi sea had taken a turn for the better as well. Although his complexion didnt look ruddy enough, it wasnt much different from an ordinary person either.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. Yes. Ive eaten quite good food recently as well to help my body recuperate.

From the looks of it, Ah Hen has been taking good care of you as well. Su Mo smiled as he looked at Yan Tianhen with a kind look on his face.

Yan Tianhen, who had been called out, rubbed his nose a little guiltily. He shyly shifted closer to Lin Xuanzhi, I didnt do anything though.

Then thinking about his familys stubborn Yuan Tianwen

How is Young Master Yuan doing? Lin Xuanzhi asked with concern.

Although he didnt mind much about Yuan Tianwens situation, in front of Su Mo a senior who was quite a good person he still had to express his concern.

Su Mo waved his hand and sighed. His realm fell by one level and his internal injuries are more severe. Hes still unconscious now, but it shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Lin Xuanzhi was extremely surprised. How could his realm fall after three whips?

Now that was rather serious. The fall of a realm isnt like anything else; once it falls, itll be very difficult to raise back up again. As for Lin Xuanzhis decision in the beginning to abolish his own realms, it was only because he had experience accumulated over a thousand years in refining his soul, so he cultivation was but an easy task for him. His Dao mind was extremely stable as well, so he was bold enough to try.

However, Yuan Tianwen was different.

Su Mo held his forehead a bit worriedly. It doesnt have much to do with the whips. Tianwen himself doesnt have a stable Dao mind. He has too many worries piled up in his heart, and he has been quite uneasy recently, so the fall in realm wasnt really a surprise. This cant be blamed on anyone else.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but look at Lin Xuanzhi. Dage, does this have to do with Yuyang Gege?

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Su Mo.

Su Mo put down his hand on his forehead and raised an eyebrow. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, and said a little helplessly, You dont have to conceal anything from me. I can more or less guess what had happened

Lin Xuanzhi said, Brother Tianwen is still unconscious. Has Senior Su met Yuyang?

Do I even need to especially go and find Yuyang? Su Mo waved his hand. You look down on me too much. When Tianwen was unconscious, he kept repeating a name, and when I listened carefully, it was actually Yuyang. Moreover, he had crippled Han Yuran what great hatred could exist between these two? One would know after thinking about it a little.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but think to himself, ginger truly does get spicier as it gets older. Su Mo is this incredible, so why didnt Yuan Tianwen inherit even a tiny bit of it from his Dad?

Su Mo felt quite a headache, How did that stupid son of mine recognise the wrong person?

Yan Tianhen nodded. Yeah, I think its too stupid as well. He actually took such a long time to figure it out.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen. Ah Hen, be more discreet with your words.

Yan Tianhen immediately covered his mouth.

Su Mo was so amused by Yan Tianhens forthright words that he almost laughed. He smiled, Ah Zhan really found an amusing younger brother for you. With such an amusing person beside you, your days should be pretty interesting.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. Yes, Ah Hen is my precious treasure.

Su Mo sighed again inwardly. This really was a pair of sons that would make one feel at ease and rouse the envy of others.

He suddenly felt like having another child.

He would discuss it with Yuan Zheng when he gets back.

Senior Su, do you need me to arrange a meeting with Duan Yuyang for you? Lin Xuanzhi took the initiative to ask.

But he didnt expect Su Mo to actually shake his head. Before Tianwen was taken away, he especially instructed his juniors not to tell me about this. He probably doesnt want me to interfere in the matter between him and Yuyang. Im here to help him placate Profound Sky sect. As for the matter regarding Yuyang, he has to solve it himself.

This coincided with what Lin Xuanzhi was thinking as well. This was a matter for the younger generation after all; if they were to make their elder lower themselves plead for them, it would seem insincere.

Lin Xuanzhi once again felt Su Mos maturity and wisdom, so he couldnt help but sigh that Yuan Tianwen didnt inherit his Dads IQ.

Su Mo left Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen a bottle of pills purportedly refined by one of his alchemist friends. Eating them could get rid of impurities in the body, so it was definitely a good item.

Su Mo gave Lin Xuanzhi another box of primary-level top-grade forged stones. After a cursory glance at the inside of the heavy box, there should be at least a hundred or so stones.

Lin Xuanzhi had wanted to refuse, but one can not reject a gift from an elder. After several rounds of pushing it about back and forth, he had to accept it.

Su Mo came and left in such a hurry; he had merely spoken for a short moment before leaving.

Yan Tianhens eyes were shining. He sat on the bed as he counted the number of forged stones in the box and grinned from ear to ear. He would even laugh suspiciously from time to time, and the two tiger cubs were so frightened that they thought Yan Tianhen had been possessed. Both of them crouched as they glared at him vigilantly.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi sat at the table with his chin propped on his hand as he ruminated.

99 stones ah Dage! Yan Tianhen cried out excitedly. Senior Su is really generous and rich. When Yuan Tianwen gave Han Yuran top-grade forged stones, he had only given him 50 then!

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhens innocent and excited face and couldnt help but laugh as he shook his head. Little fool. Do you really think that these forged stones are that easy to get?

Yan Tianhen was stunned. Is something wrong?

Lin Xuanzhi said, What do you think Senior Su came here to do today?

Yan Tianhen got off the bed and pulled a chair over to sit next to Lin Xuanzhi. Didnt he say that he was here to see us?

He said that hes here to see us, and I believe that, but that was definitely not his only purpose. Lin Xuanzhi smiled. Although he clearly said that he wouldnt help Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang build bridges, he knows that we have a good relationship with Yuyang, so he wants us to help Yuan Tianwen.

Ah? Yan Tianhen opened his mouth wide, But I couldnt tell at all.

So, should we help or not? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

We cant ah. Yan Tianhen shook his head. Im someone with principles. Yuyang Gege treats me so well, I definitely wont help Yuan Tianwen cheat him.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at the top-grade primary-level forged stones littered all over the bed and said lightly, Then lets return all of that to Senior Su?

How could we do that? Weve already accepted it, so how could we return it? Yan Tianhen said all prim and proper, Moreover, this is an expression of Senior Sus concern and love for us. How could we be so disrespectful as to refuse it?

So what does Ah Hen plan to do? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

We can just disclose Yuan Tianwens condition to Yuyang Gege a bit ma. Yan Tianhens eyes twinkled a little, Were not putting in a good word for Yuan Tianwen anyway, so its not considered betraying Yuyang Gege, right?

Lin Xuanzhi fell silent and looked at Yan Tianhen. He said with great emphasis, Ah Hen, I just realised that you actually have a great sense of propriety.

Yan Tianhen said seriously, Its not like Im Yuan Tianwen, I wont be that silly.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but want to laugh. From the looks of it, they had reached a consensus regarding Yuan Tianwens IQ. Although Yuan Tianwen himself was a very talented leader, he really was stupid when it came to issues regarding relationships.

The competition would continue the next day, so Yan Tianhen quickly urged Lin Xuanzhi to return to his room to rest.

During this period, in order to pull the wool over other peoples eyes, Yan Tianhen didnt dare go to Mt. Xi to look for Ling Chigu. Fortunately, Ah Bai and Hu Po werent easily discoverable, so they could go and check up on Ling Chigu in his stead.

At night, Yan Tianhen got up from bed and sat cross-legged on the hassock. He took out the Flaming Furnace and his eyes shone brightly in the dark.

Although he had never succeeded in refining a pill in the past, as of this moment, a sudden and mysterious realisation seemed to dawn on him. He felt as if he would succeed if he were to try again.

Yan Tianhen was full of expectations. He urged the Qi and alchemist fire in his body while taking out the remaining spiritual plants from his storage bag and throwing them into the furnace.

The flames in the furnace raged fiercely; the wisps of the wood and fire attribute Qi were introduced into the furnace. The furnace rotated in mid air, and three strands of faint green and red Qi entered the furnace smoothly from three of its openings.

Yan Tianhen felt like he could make it this time.

And thus, in the middle of the night, a deafening explosion suddenly erupted within the silent west side of the city. If it wasnt because Yunlai Inn was a high-end inn so there was adequate soundproofing and arrays to reduce impact on the walls outside each room, then the entire Yunlai Inn might have collapsed by now.

Everyone in the inn was awakened by the sudden blast.

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