Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 185

Chapter 185 I Cant Compare To Him

Ch185 – I Cant Compare to Him

This part couldnt stump Lin Xuanzhi. He calmly and leisurely picked out the usable materials without even thinking and directly began to craft the equipment.

As the first person to start crafting, Lin Xuanzhi naturally caused quite a stir once again.

Hes already found the materials. Leng Jixue sat in the spectators seats, his eyes shining. Pretty incredible.

Huangfu Jin swept a glance over him, his expression somewhat dark and heavy. He found that ever since Lin Xuanzhi appeared, Leng Jixue would often mention this fellow to him.

That was too much.

Huangfu Jin kept silent as he secretly observed Lin Xuanzhi.

Now ten craftsmen have found the correct materials. A craftsman elder from Sky Peak Sect commented, Including that Bai Honghu from the Bai family.

Nonetheless, Bai Honghu is still one step behind Lin Xuanzhi. Another craftsman spoke.

Lin Xuanzhis hand seals seem different from that of other participants. Bai Wuya stood behind Bai Yichen as he focused his entire attention on Lin Xuanzhi after all, he was currently a dangerous individual, a ticking time bomb who can explode at any moment. Bai Wuya was very afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would stir up something big as soon as Bai Wuya relaxed his attention.

Bai Yichen was also observing everyones hand seals.

With the eight Bai family participants, even though their actual hand seals looked slightly different, one could still tell that those hand seals all originated from the same kind of technique. The other participants also had their own abilities, but Bai Yichen had basically seen all of their hand seals before. Lin Xuanzhis hand seal was the only one that he had neither heard of nor seen before.

Its a little interesting. Bai Yichen said. The person who taught him crafting is either an expert who has lived in seclusion for hundreds of years or someone from outside the Five Continents, with the latter being more likely.

From outside? Bai Wuya paused, surprised.

Correct. Bai Yichen replied lightly. I have never seen crafting hand seals like his before, and Ive more or less seen all of the Five Continents secret crafting manuals.

Dont even mention the exact same techniques, theres nothing even remotely similar to those hand seals.

Bai Wuya felt deep veneration for Lin Xuanzhi; this wasnt an ordinary kind of incredible anymore.

The equipment-crafting process was rather dull, but people still liked to watch others craft things while simultaneously scouting for craftsmen whom their families could use.

While Lin Xuanzhi was in the middle of crafting, many people had already gone to the families with craftsmen to exchange sentiments and network in advance.

The Lin family was no exception.

However, in Lin Xuanzhis absence, Lin Zezhi took his place.

According to Lin Xuanzhis instructions, everything started with the foundations. Lin Zezhi was a good player in this respect. Despite all kinds of embellished temptations and threats, Lin Zezhi still remained unmoved as he maintained a prideful yet appropriate smile, skillfully and easily pushing back with his words. Half a day later, nobody was able to wring a single promise out of Lin Zezhis mouth, yet he was still able to coax everyone.

Duan Yuyang listened from the side and couldnt help clicking his tongue in wonder. He secretly thought, Lin Zezhi is pretty skilled as well. This kind of person will absolutely get full marks if he were left in charge of the Lin familys public relations.

Equipment crafting needed time. The organizers expected that it would take two hours, but someone finished crafting after only one hour.

With a soft peng, a magic tool appeared in front of Baili Yunshan.

Ah, his heart really held malicious intentions!

Baili Yunshan secretly gritted his teeth as he surveyed his surroundings.

Ten craftsmen had obviously never encountered the compass-crafting process before, so they were currently still holding the materials while deep in thought, unable to start crafting at all.

Looking at the Bai familys people again, they had all finished picking out the correct materials and were beginning to craft the compass.

The forging stones used for crafting were all high-grade forging stones. The forging stones were suspended in midair in front of every craftsman, emitting a faint glossy luster as they continuously provided the equipment with spiritual qi from all angles.

Lin Xuanzhis speed wasnt fast, but he seemed to be very adept at crafting.

To make a compass that could break through illusion arrays, one needed to use the forged engraving pen to engrave the marks of the four directions and instill soul force. Lin Xuanzhi had made second-hand preparations in advance and took out a seemingly-ordinary forged engraving pen as he carved various patterns and symbols onto the compass with soul force and spiritual qi.

His left hand maintained the hand seals at a constant speed without even the slightest deviation.

Although the other craftsmen who were currently working on their magic tools couldnt see this scene, many disciples of major sects and elite families, who were sitting on the high platform spectating, saw it clearly.

Lets not mention Craftsman Lins eccentric hand seals just yet, but look at the way hes making those hand seals. His hand seals are experienced and steady, and the fires temperature is just right. This is by no means the ability of a person who only recently became a craftsman. An elder from Sky Peak Sect held his beard. He turned to ask another Bai family craftsman sitting beside him, What do you think?

The Bai familys craftsman shook his head, If were only looking at hand seals alone, then Im afraid that hes been crafting for decades or even centuries. In fact, Im afraid that even Bai Cangshu cant guarantee that his hand seals are steadier than Lin Xuanzhis.

All the sect elders who heard this couldnt help their astonishment.

I dont know much about crafting, but just by looking at the speed of his hand seals, I can guess that hes a very incredible craftsman. Baili Yunhua narrowed his eyes.

In terms of hand seals, I cant compare to him. Bai Cangshu spoke.

Baili Yunhua was taken aback. Bai Cangshu was already one of the most talented craftsmen he had ever seen, but Bai Cangshu actually said that he wasnt as good as that youth?

Hes only been crafting for a few months. Youve been crafting for nearly thirty years! Baili Yunhua couldnt stop himself from saying.

Some people, even after a century of practice, remain fickle and impatient, so they cant craft any good items. Bai Cangshu shrugged it off as though he didnt care whether someone was stronger than him or not. He continued lightly, People have varying degrees of talent. This is the same for any path.

Baili Yunhua looked at him for a while and suddenly interjected, You used to be very competitive and wanted to be the first in everything. The past you would never have made this kind of judgment about a younger generation.

A self-deprecating smile seemed to float up from Bai Cangshus stern face, Probably because I later found that competing to win was the most dull and useless thing. Its better to use that time to cultivate instead.

Baili Yunhua touched his nose somewhat awkwardly. In the past, no one had ever competed with Bai Cangshu for first place before, so it was only he and Bai Cangshu who fought each other on various matters.

But now, Bai Cangshu actually said it was dull and useless

Damn it, his heart hurt.

Onstage, the second person who finished crafting appeared.

The compass in front of Bai Honghu evidently looked more perfect than Baili Yunshans both in appearance and quality.

Bai familys elders couldnt help nodding in satisfaction, Honghu has made considerable progress these past two years.

Yeah. As long he doesnt make any mistakes this time, he will be able to enter Sky Peak Sect to cultivate.

That Lin Xuanzhi also looks like strong competition.

But he doesnt seem very skilled in crafting illusion array compasses, so he cant increase his speed.

Now that you pointed that out, it really seems so.

Lin Xuanzhis crafting speed really wasnt fast, so he was still crafting, even after more than ten craftsmen had finished.

The time was now limited to one hour, and the hourglass was almost finished.

Duan Yuyang nervously squeezed Yan Tianhens hand, He wont go over time, right? His score will be scrapped if he exceeds the time limit!

Yan Tianhen, however, wasnt worried at all. Calm down. You can rest assured when my Dage does things. He definitely wont make mistakes.

Lin Xuanzhi became the focus of everyones attention.

The bell signaling the end of the round rang within a moment after he finished the last stroke and leisurely withdrew his hand seals.

The people who were on the edge of their seats were finally able to calm down.

However, most people secretly shook their heads in their hearts: Lin Xuanzhis speed was too slow. Hell lose unless he can craft higher-grade magic tools than the others.

The judge was an elder from Sky Peak Sects equipment branch and was also a craftsman.

He walked onto the stage and spoke to the people below with a stern expression, The so-called magic tools mainly consist of three aspects: attack, defense, and auxiliary; I dont need to elaborate on their functions. The magic tool everyone crafted today is a compass that can break through illusion arrays. Now, we will begin to inspect the grades of the compasses.

The gray-robed Taoist started his round according to the order the participants finished in and stopped in front of Baili Yunshan.

He picked up the compass and inspected it for a while. Mid-grade magic tool. Its not an easy feat to craft a magic tool of this level at your age, but itd be even better if you were more steady when crafting.

Baili Yunshan nodded like an obedient child.

Bai Honghu was the second person to finish.

When the gray-robed Taoist picked up Bai Honghus compass, his eyes lit up and his previously-solemn face contained traces of a smile. He nodded in admiration, High-grade magic tool, and it possesses abundant soul force as well. A splendid result. Theres nothing I can give guidance on. Bai familys craftsmen have always been reassuring.

Many thanks for Great Masters advice. Bai Honghu immediately thanked, his expression full of humility.

The gray-robed Taoist was even more satisfied.

Bai familys participants were all extremely calm. Although they gained some honor just now, this kind of situation already seemed like a commonplace occurrence for them. It wasnt even worth mentioning at all. They would only be surprised if, in a particular Hundred Families Gathering, they didnt get a score that effortlessly defeated their opponents scores.

Bai Honghus heart was filled with pride and his gaze unintentionally swept towards Lin Xuanzhi, who was across from him.

The provocation clear in his eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi returned him a calm smile, the meaning of which eluded the onlookers.

Bai Honghus expression immediately darkened, and he thought with a sneer, No matter what, Lin Xuanzhi, you have already lost. The limit of primary-level high-grade forged stones is high-grade magic tools. He cant craft higher grade magic tools from that, and his speedHe, his can be considered rock-bottom.

Apart from Bai Honghu, no other craftsman was able to craft a high-grade magic tool. Moreover, with the exception of the Bai family craftsmen, who refined a few mid-grade magic tools, all the other craftsmen either didnt finish or only crafted low-grade items, but this was not surprising.

Only Lin Xuanzhis compass had yet to be inspected.

Bai Honghu had already begun celebrating in advance.

Even though Bai Susu only managed to craft a low-grade magic tool herself, she still said happily, Honghu Gege, Lin Xuanzhi has been completely defeated by you!

Bai Honghu said lightly, What is Lin Xuanzhi compared to me? Hes just an unorthodox craftsman who switched to crafting halfway down the road. How dare he even try to compete with our orthodox Bai family?

Bai Susu laughed, Youre still the most incredible one. Youre probably the leader of all the Bai family disciples still residing in the Bai familys residence right now.

Bai Honghu really enjoyed hearing those words, so his expression looked very good as well.

The gray-robed Taoist walked up to Lin Xuanzhi and swept him a glance. Your crafting speed was very slow. Was it because you are inexperienced, or because you did it on purpose?

Lin Xuanzhi answered lightly, Its just a habit.

The Taoist in a gray robe glanced at him, then picked up the palm-sized compass from the box in front of him.

The gray-robed Taoist injected his soul force into the compass and judged its grade based on its effectiveness, as well as internal spiritual qi and soul force.

After his soul force circulated once, the Taoist in a gray robe was stunned.

He looked up at Lin Xuanzhi with suspicious eyes. He frowned in confusion, then soon re-inspected the compass.

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