Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Not Afraid Of Losing Face

Ch190 – Not Afraid of Losing Face

Because of that Divine Firminia Simplex forged engraving pen ah. Lin Xuanzhi said happily, The Divine Firminia Simplex itself is a rare magic weapon; the spiritual Qi of the world contained in it is completely incomparable to that of top-grade forged stones, so using it during the crafting process could easily upgrade mere magic tools.

Duan Yuyang was stunned for a short moment before vigilantly sweeping a glance around him. After realising that there werent any irrelevant people around, he stared at Lin Xuanzhi accusingly, as if he had just been deceived.

Isnt that considered cheating? And I even believed in your dishonesty! Duan Yuyang grit his teeth, then shifted over to ask in a soft voice, Dont tell me all those top-grade magic tools were made by that forged engraving pen too ba?

It naturally played a role. Lin Xuanzhi admitted calmly.

Duan Yuyang looked speechless as he stared at him.

Also, I dont like what you said. How could this be considered cheating? Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, Theres no rule in the competition that states that craftsmen cant use good forged engraving pens. Forged engraving pens are a part of a craftsmans crafting ma. Ah Hen, am I right?

Yan Tianhen didnt feel like it was inappropriate at all and nodded solemnly. Dages right. Its like how when were fighting, its not like there are rules forbidding the usage of magic treasures and talisman ma.

Duan Yuyang, who was used to utilising magic treasures and talisman to crush his enemies to death, felt deeply hurt.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes. Then why dont you dare let people know that you had received supplementary assistance?

Im not a fool. This sort of item must be hidden, its enough for me to know about it.

Duan Yuyang,

Okay then, youre always right.

Yan Tianhen frowned as they walked, Dage, did that pupil from the Bai family really make a mistake because he wasnt paying attention?

One must know, when he saw the broken knife and forged stones filled with spiritual force fly toward Lin Xuanzhi, his heart almost stopped beating.

Yan Tianhen could not feel at ease even after Lin Xuanzhi averted the disaster. He was always worried about whether there would be a second accident, and he was constantly on edge as he watched the whole crafting process.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and responded vaguely, Youll have to ask the craftsman who caused the accident about that.

Duan Yuyangs eyes twinkled. Its fortunate nothing happened to you. You probably dont know this, but when you flung that pot away, it made everyone so shocked that their jaws dropped to the ground. Your control over the situation then was really excellent!

Lin Xuanzhi said rather meaningfully, In a life and death crisis, one must be excellent.

Yan Tianhen was so amused by Lin Xuanzhis words that he couldnt help laughing.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, Duan Yuyang said, The competition for alchemists is tomorrow afternoon. Ah Hen, do you want to consider participating in it?

Yan Tianhen thought for a bit and couldnt stop himself from shrinking back. He scratched his head. I dont think Ill go ba, so many people will watch me. Im scared.

Lin Xuanzhi instantly felt like his heart was getting squeezed when he heard him and couldnt stop it from throbbing.

It was probably because Yan Tianhen had suffered from way more disdainful and contemptuous gazes than warm ones from others because of his special appearance and physical disability ever since he was a child, such that it had imperceptibly influenced Yan Tianhen to feel a sense of inferiority over time.

Although this sense of inferiority was not usually apparent, it would always be reflected in his actions when he had no choice but to expose himself in front of a crowd.

Yan Tianhen did not want other people to see his face, and he didnt want to hear others talk about him or gesticulate at him either.

Although he always said that he doesnt care, and he was used to not taking the unpleasant words of others to heart, how could he really be completely numb to it all?

Lin Xuanzhi immediately made a decision. Ah Hen, youll participate in the alchemy competition tomorrow.

Yan Tianhen was stunned. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, his clear pair of beautiful eyes appearing innocent. Dage, its not that I dont want to participate. IIm not proficient enough in alchemy yet, Ill definitely embarrass myself onstage.

Dont be afraid of humiliation. Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, Youre my younger brother. If anyone dares to mock you, I will never accept any crafting commissions from their family from then on.

Duan Yuyang couldnt help but click his tongue. Thats quite amazing of you.

However, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but hesitate.

He was really a little afraid to appear in front of so many people and allow them to watch him.

Duan Yuyangs eyes twinkled slightly. He patted Yan Tianhens shoulder and smiled, Ah Hen, be a good boy. Do you know that there are benefits in joining either an alchemist or craftsmen competition in the Hundred Families Gathering?

Yan Tianhes interest would naturally be piqued when benefits are mentioned. He couldnt endure his curiosity and asked, What kind of benefits?

Duan Yuyang said, No matter if you lose or win, and no matter if youre strong or weak, you can use the materials and furnace they provide, and the medicinal pills and magic treasures that are refined in the end will all belong to you in the end. Thats practically a free lunch!

Yan Tianhens eyes lit up in an instant oh, right. If he refines a top-notch medicinal pill, then wouldnt he be earning a lot?

Yan Tianhen immediately nodded like he was a chick pecking rice. Yuyang Gege, youre so smart. Thank you for your reminder. Ill definitely do my best in the competition tomorrow.

Thats right ma. Old Duan Yuyang looked very comforted.

Lin Xuanzhis mouth couldnt help but twitch as he watched from one side. He looked at Yan Tianhen helplessly. Ah Hen, were actually not that poor. We can still afford spiritual plants for refining pills.

No, Dage. Yan Tianhen shook his head. The main thing is that I dont even have a pill furnace now, and even if I did have one, I wouldnt dare to use it now either. It just so happens that I can give it a try tomorrow to see if exploding a furnace while I refine pills was just an accident or an inevitable occurrence.

When Lin Xuanzhi thought about it, he realised that he was right. Youre right. Blowing up the furnace provided by those families wont hurt.

Duan Yuyang looked like he couldnt bear to look straight at them. He said sadly, One of you is already a renowned craftsman, while the other is a rising alchemy star whos destined to soar in the future. Dont you guys feel any shame for worrying so much about just one pill furnace?

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen nodded at the same time. We naturally feel no shame.

Duan Yuyang, I really like how you guys can be so shameless and brazen this openly.

After Yan Tianhen decided to join the competition, he immediately went to look for someone from the Huangfu family who was responsible for the Hundred Families Gathering this time to register.

When he went to register, the young man in charge chuckled as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi, asking quite meaningfully, May I ask what Craftsman Lin plans to do with that sword?

Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, Ill naturally be passing it to someone whos fated.

The one in charge smiled. That sword is a treasure that our familys young master carried around with him since he was a child. Other people werent even allowed to touch it. Its just that it broke by accident later on, which was why it was left idle elsewhere, but he still couldnt bear to throw it away.

The one in charge paused, then said with some profound meaning, Rules are rules, so that sword now belongs to Craftsman Lin. However, why dont Craftsman Lin sell that treasure to our familys young master as a favour?

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at him. Since its so valuable, it would have been better to keep it by his side. Why take it out for other people to refine? Since he had already taken it out and allowed others to refine it, it implies that this thing is of no value to him anymore.

The one in charge choked.

Lin Xuanzhi said calmly, If he wants it, then ask him to come find me personally for an exchange. This sword seems pretty good and I plan on keeping it for my younger brothers use. If hes really sincere and the price he offers is enough to move me, I wont mind returning the sword to its original owner.

After he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi left with Yan Tianhen.

Huangfu Jin walked out from behind the screen.

Young Master, looks like hes a stubborn one. He doesnt know how to be flexible at all. The one in charge said.

Huangfu Jin pulled a long face. Its not that he doesnt know how to be flexible, hes just very good at holding a grudge.

Grudge? He didnt understand what this meant.

Its nothing. Huangfu Jin shook his head. He can imagine how dissatisfied Lin Xuanzhi must be because of how he targeted him in the past.

However, he couldnt understand why Lin Xuanzhi knew that that sword was very important to him.

The one in charge said, Young Master, since its an important treasure, you shouldnt have taken it out to let others refine it.

Huangfu Jins face turned even darker. What do you know.

Did he think that he was the one who wanted to take this broken sword out for other people to mend?

If it wasnt because Leng Jixue said that he could find a craftsman to repair it and asked him for it, and if it wasnt because that sickly young master from the Bai family went nuts and actually asked for that broken sword of his and even took it out for use as a test item in the Hundred Families Gathering, how could he, Huangfu Jin, look on helplessly as Lin Xuanzhi meddled around with his beloved possession?!

But Leng Jixue didnt think much of it at all!

And its not like Huangfu Jin could cause trouble for Leng Jixue. He thought that after seeing this top-grade broken sword of his, Lin Xuanzhi would be smart enough to back off from the difficulty of the task, but he didnt expect him to actually refine it! Not only that, he even took it away on purpose to provoke him.

Huangfu Jin grit his teeth secretly as he thought about how he could snatch his valuable sword back from Lin Xuanzhi. After registering for Yan Tianhen, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen walked toward Yunlai Inn.

They had just arrived at the entrance of the inns room when Lin Xuanzhi saw Lin Zezhi, who was waiting there, as well as a very young craftsman who was about the same height as Duan Yuyang.

Lin Zezhi and Lin Xuanzhi greeted each other. Xuanzhi Tangdi, this is the fourth elder of a direct line in the Bai family. Hes looking for you.

Although Fourth Elder Bai was short, he had a very imposing presence. When he looked up at Lin Xuanzhi, it made others feel like he was looking down on the world.

Lin Xuanzhi took half a step back quietly, his eyes shifting down to look into Fourth Elder Bais eyes. He nodded. Fourth Elder Bai. May I know what brings you here?

Fourth Elder Bai stood with both his hands behind his back.

Although they had warned Lin Zezhi to dispel any grudges Lin Xuanzhi may hold against the Bai family, after thinking about it over and over, the four elders all agreed that that could not show how sincere they were.

Thus, Fourth Elder Bai decided to come over in person to meet Lin Xuanzhi.

Fourth Elder Bai nodded slightly. If its convenient, lets talk inside.

Lin Xuanzhi extended a hand. Please.

Yan Tianhen followed in as well. The two tiger cubs that had already run in through the windows immediately rushed over to bite Fourth Elder Bai when they saw this stranger.

Ah Bai, Hu Po! Yan Tianhen called the two tiger cubs.

Ah Bai and Hu Po stopped immediately. They puffed their chests out and strode gracefully as they paced around the room, pretending as if the ones who wanted to bite someone just now werent them.

Fourth Elder Bai,

Seems like he received a shock. He had just seen two actors after all.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Fourth Elder Bai, please take a seat.

Fourth Elder Bai didnt take a seat and just lightly said straightforwardly, I still have other matters to attend to, so I wont take a seat for now. I came today to inquire about what Craftsman Lin intends to do in the future.

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