Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Chivalrous One Shouldering The Responsibilty

Ch193 – Chivalrous One Shouldering the Responsibilty

Yan Tianhen stroked his chin and pondered for a moment, then asked, having not quite comprehended, But, arent craftsmen widely respected? Why would those people dare bully craftsmen?

People are born innocent, but their treasures land them in trouble. Lin Xuanzhi said, If everyone in this world was as innocent and kind as Ah Hen, then there would be no need for punishment to exist.

Yan Tianhen smiled, Dage you just like to make me happy.

Arent I supposed to make you happy? Lin Xuanzhi smiled and patted his shoulder. Lets stop here for today, go get some more rest ba. You still have to take part in the alchemist competition tomorrow.

Yan Tianhen nodded, then laid back down and burrowed under the blanket.

He looked at Lin Xuanzhi and blinked. Dage, when will the Craftsmen Alliance you talked about be established?

Lin Xuanzhi lightly responded, Its a huge project that cant be established in a short time.

Yan Tianhen began looking forward to it. Itll be possible sooner or later.With a smile on his face, Lin Xuanzhis thoughts rewinded to that of his past life.

In his previous life, the Craftsmen Alliance was successfully established, but the one who did so hadnt been him. At that time, he hadnt awakened his craftsman soul fire, so he naturally didnt have anything to do with the Craftsmen Alliance.

The founder of the Craftsmen Alliance was Su Zixing; he was part of the elite Su familys younger generation and was also a renowned craftsmen throughout the Five Continents.

His reason for establishing the Craftsmen Alliance is beyond scrutiny now; however, this Craftsmen Alliance had brought him endless benefits fame, followers, gold, connections

This was why he could so smoothly conspire with others to intercept and kill Yan Tianhen in the beginning.

Lin Xuanzhi felt nothing for the Craftsmen Alliance at all; in fact, he even hated the existence of this organisation.

However, if the Craftsmen Alliance was an inevitable existence, then it would be better to turn the Craftsmen Alliance into a backup force for him rather than try to eliminate it.

Lin Xuanzhi still remembered very clearly that one day, when Su Zixing was drunk, he had even said to him, Most of the Craftsmen Alliance is handled by Fourth Elder Bai. If it wasnt because I happened to know about what Fourth Elder Bai experienced when he was a child, I dont think I wouldve been able to find the knack myself. He had learned about Fourth Elder Bais past from Su Zixing as well.

And after a few years, Fourth Elder Bai, accompanied by some cultivators of the Craftsmen Alliance, massacred a huge city in the Five Continents mainlands for no reason. It could be speculated that Su Zixings words werent false.

If it werent for a deep-seated hatred, why else would Fourth Elder Bai still not let those people off even after so many years had passed?

Su Zixing, Shen Changgeng.

When Lin Xuanzhi thought of these two, his gaze turned much colder as cold as the northern Xinjiang covered in frost.

Bai Residence.

Lin Zezhi sent Fourth Elder Bai back. Before he had even arrived at the entrance of the Bai residence, he saw the well-lit Bai residence open its gates outward from afar.

Lin Zezhi was stunned. He looked at Fourth Elder Bai, who was swaying from side to side with a smile on his face, and trembled a bit as he thought about supporting him.

However, he was waved away by Fourth Elder Bai.

When they arrived at the entrance, Lin Zezhi had not yet thought about what he should say when he saw the two elders that he had seen just that morning appear at the entrance together.

Lin Zezhi looked all innocent as he rubbed his nose. Fourt Elder didnt drink with me.

Third Elder Bais glanced askance. He squinted his eyes and asked, What did Lin Xuanzhi say to him?

Lin Zezhi thought, these few Bai elders are indeed amazing, they managed to roughly guess the reason with just one guess.

Just as Lin Zezhi was ready to speak, he was preempted by Fourth Elder Bai.

Brother Lin ah Brother Lins a good guy. Fourth Elder Bai shifted around in First Elder Bais embrace and spoke with shining eyes.

Brother Lins really good. Not only did he treat me to dinner, but he even treated me to wine and got someone to send me back. He even said that he wants to establish a Craftsmen Alliance. If anyone dares to bully me, hell find someone to help me hit them and save me, and not let me suffer so much!

When First Elder Bai heard this, his expression instantly changed.

Even Third Elder Bai, who usually didnt speak much and always had a taut face, revealed a strange expression, which was mixed with a little anger as well.

Hehe, Brother Lin is really good. Fourth Elder Bai kept nuzzling around in First Elder Bais embrace like he was acting coquettish. Suddenly, his tone changed, and he talked like he was choking back a sob, Dage, they all bullied me. They didnt let me eat, and even fed me poison!

First Elder Bais expression changed once again, murderous intent spilling out of his eyes. However, his voice made it sound as if he was coaxing a child.

First Elder Bai gently patted Fourth Elder Bais back. Its all in the past. Ill kill those people for you sooner or later.

Fourth Elder Bai suddenly pushed First Elder Bai and glared at him. He pursed his lips, No, I want to kill them with my own hands. None of you may even think about interfering!

First Elder Bai had a terrible headache. He immediately nodded, Okay okay okay, whatever you say goes, and you can do whatever you want too. I definitely wont interfere.

Hng, thats more like it. After Fourth Elder Bai uttered a hng, he closed his eyes and collapsed onto the ground.

First Elder Bai swiftly fished him up into his embrace.

Immediately afterwards, First Elder Bai squinted as he stared at Lin Zezhi, the only one who knew what had happened. His smile didnt reach his eyes as he admonished, Your Lin familys Lin Xuanzhi is truly amazing, he dares to say anything without fear of getting his tongue cut off!

Lin Zezhi instantly laughed bitterly and swore to the heavens, I dare swear that Xuanzhi definitely didnt say any of that.

Third Elder Bai narrowed his eyes, as if considering the truth of his words.

Cold sweat trickled down Lin Zezhis back from his stare.

After a moment, First Elder Bai said to Third Elder Bai, Close the gates ba.

Third Elder Bai nodded, then turned to say to Lin Zezhi, Come in.

Lin Zezhi shuddered as he walked through the Bai residences gates.

He felt like a chivalrous pot this night.

Third Elder Bai utilised a magic seal and the two gorgeous red gates closed slowly from both sides towards the middle. Lin Zezhi glanced at the gates; totems of spiritual beasts were engraved onto them. He wanted to take a closer look at them when he realised that his head started spinning and his vision blurred as well, as if some force was preventing him from continuing to look at it.

These gates were actually a kind of magic treasure!

No wonder theyre the number one craftsmen family in the Five Continents. They truly are wealthy and a notch above the rest.

Third Elder Bai said to Lin Zezhi methodically, If you dont want to get injured in the main residence of the Bai family, dont look around and dont touch anything. This placed is filled with offensive magic treasures. If any accident were to happen, we may not even have the time to save you.

Lin Zezhi nodded immediately. Understood.

Third Elder Bai said, Stay in the Bai residences guest room for a few days. Youll probably have to talk for a while tonight.

Third Elder Bai paused, stopped walking, then turned around to look at Lin Xuanzhi. You dont have any problem with that, right?

No, of course not. Lin Zezhi said without hesitation nor any reluctance at all.

However, he kept muttering to himself in his heart youre fucking releasing your craftsmen soul force pressure while you talk, honourable me is about to kneel down from the crushing pressure, how would I dare have any opinion of my own?

Third Elder Bai nodded, satisfied. Children can be taught.

Lin Zezhi,

Want to scold someone.

The next afternoon, after Lin Xuanzhi sent Yan Tianhen up the mountains to participate in the alchemist competition and returned to the seats for the Lin family, he saw Lin Zezhi and was surprised to see the dark circles under Lin Zezhis eyes and a downcast expression on his face, as if he had been hollowed out overnight.

Lin Xuanzhi studied Lin Zezhi, who had bluish black circles under his eyes and looked absolutely listless. Did you not sleep for the whole night?

Lin Zezhi waved his hand, as if he was about to cry. He feebly responded, Next time, please dont look for me for this sort of matter. You dont know this, but those elders of the Bai family are terrible. They bombarded me one after another as if I was on trial as they were afraid that were colluding to kidnap their worlds most innocent and most easily deceived, pitiful, young, and helpless younger brother!

Lin Xuanzhi,

What the hell did he mean by pitiful, young, and helpless?

Lin Zezhi was about to go crazy! What right did that group of elders have to think that he was wholeheartedly targeting an amazing craftsman who was more powerful than him by god knew how many times, and even firmly believed in the ridiculous notion that he would succeed?!

Damn it, he doesnt have strange pedophilic tendencies!

Whats more, thats an elder of the Bai family, an elder of the Bai family ah!

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Zezhi sympathetically, a sense of guilt arising in his heart.

After all, he was the initiator of the incident yesterday. Lin Zezhi had just listened to how he had fooled Fourth Elder Bai out of curiosity and a little bit of selfish motives that werent even worth mentioning, then got pushed out to block the knives

Lin Xuanzhi patted Lin Zezhis shoulder, saying with great emphasis, It was hard on you. If this succeeds, Ill remember your sacrifices.

Lin Zezhi,

Should he be saying thanks right now?

Lin Zezhi grinned bitterly, Why dont you let someone else do such a good deed? I really cant stand it any longer.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, On the road to success, one will always need to leave behind blood and tears. I believe in your capabilities.

Lin Zezhi,

What else can Laozi say?

The alchemist competition will soon begin.

Yan Tianhen was placed in a central position on the competition platform.

Since Lin Xuanzhi had been in the limelight yesterday and had turned into the figure most talked about throughout Sky Peak City, Yan Tianhen, who followed him by his side, naturally attracted the attention of many as well.

Yan Tianhen looked down and stared at the duckling given to him by Lin Xuanzhi while feeling slightly apprehensive.

Although this thumb-sized duckling looked chubby and adorable, it was actually an explosion-proof auxiliary tool especially crafted by Lin Xuanzhi.

According to Lin Xuanzhi, this explosion-proof auxiliary tool could fully withstand all dangers caused by the explosion of a pill furnace.

Yan Tianhen was looking at it when someone beside him spoke.

Youre the younger brother of the amazing craftsman yesterday? A delicate, slightly timid voice travelled over from the side.

Yan Tianhen turned to look and saw that the speaker was a delicate and pretty-looking young man who was about the same age as him.

If one wanted to start a conversation Yan Tianhen, its best to start with talking about Lin Xuanzhi. This young man was good at talking, but he had not done it intentionally.

Yan Tianhen kept nodding. Hes my Dage. Do you admire him a lot?

The young man revealed an expression of worship. Yeah. Ive never seen a craftsman as amazing as him! Hes really great, and also very calm as well.

Yan Tianhen was elated. He lifted his chin and boasted proudly, Right? My Dage is the most amazing craftsman Ive ever met too.

Also, hes very good-looking too! Stars could be seen in the young mans eyes. Ive never seen anyone as good-looking as him.

Yan Tianhen was instantly fond of this young man. I seldom see someone with taste as good as yours too. Whats your name?

The young man blinked. My name is Ji Xiaoyou.

Youre from the Ji family of the North Continent? Yan Tianhen asked.

Ji Xiaoyou paused imperceptibly before uttering an un.

Yan Tianhen pondered for a bit, then said, The North Continents Ji family, then do you know Ji Lanjun?

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