Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Exploding The Furnace To Successfully Refine Pills

Ch195 – Exploding the Furnace to Successfully Refine Pills

Duan Yuyang observed Yan Tianhens fluid movements in forming his hand seals and sounded relieved. Ah Hen really is becoming stronger and stronger. Hes already become so skilled now, how come hes never been able to successfully refine a pill?

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment and replied, Ive also secretly observed him in the past when he was practicing, there werent any problems with the hand seals. Im afraid it likely has something to do with the Yin fire in his body.

Then how was he able to succeed afterward? Duan Yuyang was curious.

Ah Hen said that he found a trick to it.

What was the trick?

He wanted to make money.

Duan Yuyangs mouth twitched. Just how poor does he think you are?

Lin Xuanzhi faintly smiled, Probably so poor that we wouldnt even have enough food to eat.

Duan Yuyang couldnt help but mock, You never told him that you would come to my familys auction house once every few days to auction off some magic tools, and even make a killing each time?

Why would I tell him that? Lin Xuanzhi let out a laugh, I like seeing him rack his brains worrying about me.

Duan Yuyang,

Pervert! He just knew this bastard had bad intentions towards Henhen. This guys got a gut, just rotten.

The pills were about to be done.

The pill furnace belonging to the little fatty from the direct line of the Ji family was making clanking noises repeatedly as the pill inside it knocked about everywhere. The furnace also seemed to want to fly out uncontrollably. Everyone present stared attentively at the furnace, awaiting the finished pill.

Ji familys little fatty also focused his attention on his furnace, eagerly awaiting for the medical pill to appear and grace everyones eyes so that he could show off.

However, right at that moment-

A loud noise rang out from the alchemists platform, startling everyone there. The furnace that stood beside the Ji fatty actually exploded all of a sudden, the furnaces fire and its fragments spattered everywhere. The Qi and pill fire mixed with the spiritual Qi contained in the spiritual plants swept out in all directions with a loud rumble. In this one moment, nearly all the alchemists on the platform were affected.

Some had their furnaces knocked crooked, some had their faces covered with ash, and some had their hands scratched by rubble.

Only Yan Tianhen and Ji Xiaoyou, who was standing on his opposite side, were untouched.

The small duck that was placed on the table had transformed into a cover that enveloped Yan Tianhen as soon as the explosion occurred. Ji Xiaoyou, who was on the side, was completely protected by the cover as well. The noise from the explosion didnt disturb Ji Xiaoyous concentration; he was so engrossed in refining that he didnt even realise what was happening around him.

The people off stage were also shaken, but they couldnt help but feel relieved at the same time it was fortunate that this kid was only a pill cultivator at his Refining Qi stage, which was why the explosion didnt spread out too much. If he had been a couple levels higher, it wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that everyone present might be blown away.

WAAAAAAHHHHH, the little fatty screamed without taking a moment even to breath.

Yan Tianhen also felt horrible for what happened to the person besides him, so he quickly climbed up and apologized, Sorry, Im sorry, I didnt think it would actually explode like that, I thought that I would just produce some failed waste at most.

The Ji familys fattys eyes were bloodshot. He abruptlyly stood up and rolled up his sleeves, wanting to beat someone up. You did this on purpose! Ugly people are full of tricks, you actually messed around for that bastard Ji Xiaoyou who is no better than a mangy mutt!

Yan Tianhen felt wronged; it wasnt like this fatty was the only one that was affected by the explosion, why label it as a purposeful attack on him?

A human and a dog cant give birth to a child, Yan Tianhen said with a blank face, The adults in your life must have lied to you.

Furthermore, its wrong to judge people by appearance; Ive never called you fat, so why are you allowed to call me ugly?

The little fatty immediately became so angry that he started to scream, You actually dare call me fat!

Yan Tianhen stuck out his tongue and made a weird expression. Well, do you think youre handsome?

You- The little fatty pointed angrily at Yan Tianhen. You ugly idiot!

Damn fatso!

Ugly idiot!

Damn fatso!

Ugly idiot!

Damn fatso!

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath and gave the Ji fatty a death glare. Wait and see.

He then pulled out an object that looked like a morning glory out of his storage bag, then screamed into the opening of the morning glory, DAMN FATSO!

The morning glory then started to repeat the words DAMN FATSO DAMN FATSO DAMN FATSO in a loop.

Ji fatty has probably never seen such a high-level object before, so he was staring agape at the morning glory that continued making a ruckus. A moment later, when he realised that he had no way of winning that auxiliary tool, he started bawling.

His bawling was loud enough to shake the heavens, and there was even the addition of DAMN FATSO DAMN FATSOs on top of that.

The Ji and Lin family members sitting below the stage all had faces full of black lines. The alchemists on stage who were affected by the explosion had been quite angry, but upon seeing the argument on stage, many couldnt help but break out in laughter. They spectated the two children attack each other as if they were watching a show. Meanwhile, there were several people who were quite interested in the morning glory.

Duan Yuyang couldnt bear to watch. He said as he held his forehead, You actually made something like that for him, isnt that cheating?

Lin Xuanzhi didnt expect that Yan Tianhen would use the voice recording instrument he had crafted for fun to bully someone, and instantly didnt know if he should cry or laugh either.

One must know, his original intention for crafting that item was because Ah Bai and Hu Po had been running around outside too much, so he made this to help him save some effort in calling for them.

It is cheating a little. Fortunately, Lin Xuanzhi still had the conscience to tell the truth.

This competition was still a proper alchemist competition after all, so allowing two children argue with each other in turn on stage made people not know if they should cry or laugh at the scene.

Thus, someone soon went on stage to bring the two children down.

Ji little fatty was utterly indignant. He lay sprawled on the table and refused to get down as he was insistent on engaging Yan Tianhen in a duel. On the other hand, Yan Tianhen alternated between making faces at Ji little fatty while he continued saying damn fatso into his morning glory.

Lin Xuanzhi went up to the platform rather helplessly and walked over to Yan Tianhen. Ah Hen, this is enough now.

As soon as Yan Tianhen saw Lin Xuanzhi, he instantly shut up and even erased the voice in the morning glory with his Qi. The world suddenly fell silent.

The Ji family also sent people up to bring their younger one down.

The Ji family felt like their younger one had brought shame to them with how crude he was on stage, but they were also angry at the accident that Yan Tianhen caused which made all the effort invested into the pill by their younger one go to waste. So they were naturally a little unhappy when they saw Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen.

Its just that the Ji family is an elite family after all so their dignity was quite important to them, which was why they didnt blow up.

However, Ji little fatty refused to let it go and shouted as he cried, Compensate me for my medicinal pill, compensate me for my medicinal pill! My top-grade Nurture Qi pill, compensate me for it wuwuwu

Yan Tianhen pouted and didnt try to shirk responsibility. He immediately flung out the few medicinal pills that he had been holding in his hand. The young man from the Ji family who had gone up to the platform even thought that it was some kind of hidden weapon and instantly caught it.

Its just compensating anyway, its not like I said I wouldnt compensate you. Yan Tianhen pouted and said somewhat unhappily.

The young man from the Ji family looked down; the three smooth and round medicinal pills in his hand that was emitting a soft white glow quietly turned triangular and his expression instantly changed.

The Ji family has always been famous for their alchemy; although they couldnt match up to the reputation of the Bai family in the world of craftsmen, half of their pupils were alchemists and Ji Lianyun, who had gone on stage today, was also an alchemist.

He could easily tell the grade of this medicinal pill at a glance top-grade.

However, even a top-grade primary level third-class medicinal pill wouldnt be enough to make his expression change.

Ji little fatty glanced at the medicinal pill in his uncles hand and instantly fell silent. He asked, Nurture Qi pills are clearly white. Where did you get these pills from? You dare fool honourable me?

Ji Lianyuns expression changed again and again. He shouted, Chengyue, dont be rude!

Ji Chengyue seemed to be very afraid of this little uncle of his. Although his tears were still pooling in his eyes and he looked very aggrieved, he still shut up and didnt dare say anything more.

There were many people present who knew Ji Lianyun, and they were all surprised that he would favour an outsider one must know, although internal strife wasnt that serious within the Ji family, they would always unite against outsiders.

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at those few pills and seemed to understand something.

At that moment, Ji Xiaoyous refining process was coming to an end as well.

Ji Xiaoyous alchemy hand seals were very stable; they werent prominent, but they werent bad either. The medicinal pills he refined was just like himself one was an average primary level third-class high-grade medicinal pill, while the other was just a mid-grade one. He had only refined two pills.

Ji Xiaoyou took his medicinal pills and looked up around him. Only then he did he suddenly realise that the platform had actually been blown up to such an extent.

Whatwhat happened? Ji Xiaoyou looked baffled as he surveyed his surroundings.

The crowd both on and off the stage stared at Ji Xiaoyou, the only one who wasnt affected in the slightest, with complicated expressions on their faces.

When Ji Xiaoyou saw Ji Lianyun, he suddenly shut up and hung his head. He turned his head away and refused to look at him.

Yet Ji Lianyun walked over and extended a hand. Let me see the medicinal pills you refined.

Ji Xiaoyou reluctantly placed both his medicinal pills in Ji Lianyuns hand.

Ji Lianyun took a look and nodded. Theres some improvement.

Ji Xiaoyou abruptly looked up and stared at Ji Lianyun in disbelief did this person just praise him?

One must know, when Ji Lianyun taught them how to practice alchemy in the past, he had never spared him a second glance no matter how well he had performed, let alone praise him.

After the commentators saw that the farce over, they slowly walked back to the stage.

Originally, there were still alchemists on stage who were indignant that no one was standing up to resolve such an accident, but when they saw the man adorned in a gorgeous silver alchemist robe that dragged across the floor and slowly walk up to the stage, they all shut their mouths tightly in an instant, admiration appearing in their eyes

This man could be called the number one alchemist in the world right now Zhong Lishen.

Little Editors Shorts:

YTH: A human and a dog cant give birth to a child. The adults in your life must have lied to you.

LXZ: A human and a dog may not be able to give birth to a child, but a genius can give birth to a complete idiot

YTW: Oh, that sounds interesting, who are you talking about?

LXZ: Oh, just a fool.

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