Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Cant Live Without Me

Ch196 – Cant Live Without Me

Not a single alchemist didnt hold Zhongli Shen in high esteem. If there was anyone who could refine an earth-level medicinal pill, then he was probably the only person in the entire Five Continents who could achieve this.

No one knew how old Zhongli Shen was, but its said that Zhongli Shen was already a famous name back in the generation of the current alchemists grandparents.

He wasnt young but looked very youthful, as though he was just in his twenties or so. When other people asked about his age, he only coldly replied, 18, which made his true age even more mysterious.

This was also a manifestation of his valiant strength.

As soon as Zhongli Shen appeared, the crowd under the stage couldnt stop themselves from discussing this development one after the other.

Alchemist Zhongli actually came as a judge this time. The alchemists participating in this Hundred Families Gathering really benefited a lot.

Zhongli Shen himself is actually so young. I always thought that he looked like an old man.

Entering secluded cultivation for ten years in order to refine an earth-level medicinal pill. This kind of temperament and endurance, who could match that?

All kinds of praise and words of admiration poured out from all directions, but the central figure of the topic had an indifferent attitude towards all this.

Zhongli Shen wore a feathered cap, his face handsome and outstanding. He walked towards Yan Tianhen and stretched out his hand. Bring me the medicinal pill.

Ji Lianyun hurriedly handed the medicinal pill in his hand to Zhongli Shen obediently.

Speaking of which, Zhongli Shen could be considered his idol. It was a dream that Ji Lianyun had always yearned for to be able to see his idol up close.

Zhongli Shen glanced at the medicinal pills in his hand and asked Yan Tianhen, Whats your name?

Yan Tianhen blinked. Im Yan Tianhen.

How old?

Fourteen on New Years Day.

Zhongli Shen continued to ask, Are you willing to go up the mountain with me to cultivate?

Yan Tianhen was stunned.

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly startled, and his eyebrows wrinkled.

Zhongli Shens words caused a great disturbance throughout the entire competition venue. One after another, people were endlessly shocked. In their hearts, they thought, This brat who exploded his furnace is both ugly and lame. What in the world about him can make Zhongli Shen, who never accepted any disciples before, yield?

This was a tremendous opportunity!

Yan Tianhen subconsciously glanced towards Lin Xuanzhi, his eyes full of confusion and carrying a strong plea for help.

Lin Xuanzhi understood and spoke for Yan Tianhen, Senior Zhongli, being able to catch your attention is Ah Hens good fortune and blessing. However, this is a matter of great importance. May I give Senior a reply after going back with my Ah Di and discussing it with the clan elders?

Zhongli Shen asked, You can decide for him?

Hes also a strange person.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Thanking Senior for his kindness.

Zhongli Shen put the medicinal pill in a bottle and handed it back to Yan Tianhen. Youre a gem that can be polished. Come and find me on the mountain when you have time. Ill teach you how to not blow up the furnace.

Yan Tianhen immediately looked pleasantly surprised. Many thanks to Senior, I will definitely go find you!

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Zhongli Shen with astonishment. Just based on his understanding of this person from the past life, Zhongli Shen was not such an enthusiastic and helpful senior. He had his own pride. Up until now, not a single alchemist had been able to catch his attention.

Zhongli Shen seemed to have noticed Lin Xuanzhis gaze and turned to speak to him, That trumpet flower, do you have any stock left?

Lin Xuanzhi understood. He took out a trumpet flower from his storage bag and presented it to Zhongli Shen. Theres one more. If Senior Zhongli likes it

Ill consider it the tuition fee. Zhongli Shen didnt mince words and directly took it, putting it into his storage ring.

Lin Xuanzhi, .

The magnificent alchemist ranked the first in the entire Five Continents actually took a liking to this small voice-retaining item?

Isnt this too subversive?!

Zhongli Shen was content and satisfied after obtaining the trumpet flower. Yan Tianhen doesnt need to continue the competition. He won the current Hundred Families Gatherings alchemist competition. As for the rest, continue to compete again.

As soon as this remark came out, the crowd erupted into an uproar.

Especially the little fatty from the Ji family, who suddenly immediately started shouting, Why? Unfair, I can also refine top-grade medicinal pills.

Ji Lianyun pulled his nephew back with a bitter smile, You cant beat him.

Ji Chengyue refused to accept this. Why? Little Uncle, youre actually partial towards this ugly kid as well!

What nonsense are you saying? No manners at all. Ji Lianyun glared at Ji Chengyue and the latter didnt dare to speak nonsense anymore. Ji Lianyun sighed, Yan Tianhen didnt actually refine Nurture Qi Pill, but instead Contain Qi Pill.

Contain Qi Pill? Ji Chengyues eyes suddenly widened in shock. He looked towards Yan Tianhen incredulously, then looked towards Zhongli Shen, as if he wanted to seek confirmation.

Zhongli Shen gave him a sidelong look and nodded. Its indeed Contain Qi Pill, and its even a first level top-grade Contain Qi Pill. The pills grade is levels above any of yours.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Although Contain Qi Pill and Nurture Qi Pill used the same materials, the difference between the efficacy of the two medicinal pills is akin to heaven and earth.

If Nurture Qi Pill could make the rebellious and chaotic spiritual qi within a cultivators body become stable and warm in a short time, then Contain Qi Pill could smoothly fuse within ones Dantian Sea and treat the fundamental root of agitated spiritual qi.

It was extremely difficult to refine a Contain Qi Pill. Legend had it that only after breaking through the shackles of ones own level and spying on the Dao of Heaven would one be able to truly refine this medicinal pill.

The same spiritual plants but a different sequence and different hand seals, plus the alchemists intrinsic pill fire and strength, could actually produce two kinds of medicinal pills as different as night and day. Theres no choice but to admit that this is a good fortune from the Dao of Heaven.

Yan Tianhen still had a blank and innocent expression. It was as if he remained entirely unaware that he had been able to successfully refine this universally shocking medicinal pill.

Zhongli Shen once again felt that it would be too regrettable if Yan Tianhen just developed on his own like this. He couldnt stop himself from once again making an exception, If he follows me up the mountain, his road ahead will be much smoother.

Lin Xuanzhi, however, took the lead and laughed, My Didi indeed has some good luck in alchemy, its just

Just what? Zhongli Shen asked.

Just that hes still young and cant live without me. Lin Xuanzhi took Yan Tianhens small hand and looked at him with a smile. In a few years, when my younger brother is older, I will send him up the mountain again. I only hope that Senior Zhongli will still be willing to accept this apprentice at that time.

Zhongli Shen showed a puzzled expression. Dont tell me that, even with your ability, no one from Sky Peak Sect invited you to join the craftsmen branch?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled as he shook his head. Its too early.

Zhongli Shen fixed his gaze on Lin Xuanzhi for a while and didnt understand whether this too early referred to Lin Xuanzhi entering Sky Peak Sect or Sky Peak Sect inviting him.

In short, one could tell from first glance that Lin Xuanzhi was assertive and held his own opinion on things, and Yan Tianhen was a little shadow who stuck to his Gege all the time. Therefore, Zhongli Shen was too lazy to continue being entangled in this any further and, with a flick of his wrist, rode the clouds as he floated back towards Sky Peak Sect.

Dual alchemy and elemental cultivation.

Zhongli Shen was indeed a dragon and phoenix among men. Not only did he have great accomplishments on the path of alchemy, but his elemental cultivation was also enough to become a force by itself, rarely encountering any opponents.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

The competition still had to continue. As the person Zhongli Shen personally appointed as first place, Yan Tianhen naturally didnt need to continue to participate in the competition. Under the envious and vigilant gazes of all the alchemists present, he held Lin Xuanzhis hand and stepped down from the stage.

These two brothers really have a good relationship.

Yeah, this Yan Tianhen is actually so obedient, thinking about that Didi of mineSigh, hes taking the tiles off the roof after not getting hit for three days.

I really envy Yan Tianhen, he has such an incredible Gege. That little yellow duck and little trumpet flower are absolutely god-like auxiliary items!

Damn! Today I really understand whats meant by cant judge a person by their appearance. This Yan Tianhen is nothing special to look at, but who would have known that he would actually be such a darling? This is called nothing special to look at? Are you even worthy of using the phrase nothing special to look at?!

But, dont you guys think that this elder brother of his has a problem? Such a good opportunity, Zhongli Shen personally invited him up the mountain, but his Dage actually refused out right like that!

Probably because hes reluctant to part with his younger brother. Everyone knows that Sky Peak Sect has very strict regulations. After entering, I estimate that Lin Xuanzhi wont be able to see him again until three or five years later.

Alchemist Zhongli is so handsome! I think I love him even more now!

Yan Tianhen returned to the ranks of the Lin family and received many complicated gazes.

Unlike the previous contempt and belittlement, this time, none of the Lin family pupils could ever treat him as though he was air again.

Because he was an alchemist, and also an alchemist who was personally invited by Zhongli Shen himself.

He used his own strength to make those who once belittled, scorned, and even despised and slandered him view him in a favorable light now.

After this, no one in the Lin family would dare to wantonly humiliate him even if they didnt give Lin Xuanzhi face.

Even if people continued to watch the competition, there still wouldnt be any flavor left, as the skills Yan Tianhen had shown were more than enough to make people remember this match and Yan Tianhens name was also gradually remembered by the public.

Lin Xuanzhi thought it was unnecessary to remain here, so he planned to take Yan Tianhen and descend the mountain first.

Duan Yuyang, who had always liked to squeeze together with them, actually waved his hand. Im going to visit an acquaintance.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Yuan Tianwen?

Duan Yuyang smiled, Who else can it be besides him?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and didnt persuade him. He only said, Dont torment yourself too much.

Duan Yuyang replied, Being a fool once is enough. That period has already passed.

Only after hearing that did Lin Xuanzhi finally feel at ease, and he went down the mountain with Yan Tianhen, rest assured.

After Duan Yuyang sent them off with his gaze, he left his seat and walked towards the opposite direction.

Yuan Tianwen was recuperating from his internal injuries inside Sky Peak Sect, which was a great honor. If it werent for Su Mo and Yuan Zhengs sake, then Yuan Tianwen probably wouldnt have the qualifications or abilities. However, recently Duan Yuyang heard that Yuan Tianwen himself decided to leave Sky Peak Sect, this geomantic treasure land, and, against all reason, recuperate in the city lords mansion.

The city lords mansion was built on a mountain. Duan Yuyang came to the entrance of the city lord residences main gate, explained his intentions, and reported his family name. He was soon led in by a young servant.

The inside of the city lords residence was filled with soldiers in armor. They didnt spare a single glance at Duan Yuyang and simply stared straight ahead, as though this live person was just air.

After passing through several doors and turning several circles, twisting and turning, Duan Yuyang came to a small, quiet courtyard.

Duan Yuyang stood at the door and paused momentarily.

A few guards stood guard outside Yuan Tianwens door and there were two servants who looked considerably polished.

The two servants glanced at each other and hurriedly walked over when they saw Duan Yuyang.

One of the servants, who was wearing dark blue clothing, spoke in a low voice, Duan Young Master, the young master has been waiting for you for a long time. Please go in and see him.

Yeah, youre already here. My familys young master will definitely be very happy to see you. The youth in purple clothes beside him also added a little eagerly.

They were afraid that Duan Yuyang would accidentally run away. In that case, how pitiful would their familys young master be!

Although Duan Yuyang had prepared himself mentally, when he was truly about to meet Yuan Tianwen, his heart felt unbalanced and timid, as if a lone wanderer finally returning to his hometown after decades of travel.

But since he had come here already, he should put down his heart here as well. Duan Yuyang only wanted to alleviate his anxiety a little and had no intention of escaping.

How has Yuan Young Masters recovery been recently? Duan Yuyang wasnt in a hurry to rush in and instead stood beside the door and asked softly.

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