Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Not Worth Mentioning

Ch198 – Not Worth Mentioning

Yuan Tianwens lips twitched. Its late, youd better go back and rest.

Duan Yuyangs smile didnt reach his eyes. Can you resolve this situation yourself?

Itll be over soon if I endure for a while. Yuan Tianwen replied expressionlessly.

Is it so difficult to find a woman or a man? Duan Yuyang asked coldly.

Yuan Tianwen suddenly glared at him, Are you deliberately provoking me?

Whos provoking you? Im serious. Duan Yuyang curled his lips up. I delivered myself to your doorstep, but you didnt even want me, and now you dont even want to find other people to resolve this. Youre really set on tormenting yourself to death.

Yuan Tianwen swept him a glance. Im going to spend the rest of my life with you, not just for one moment of pleasure. I want you, but its certainly not under todays kind of circumstances.

Duan Yuyang paused, then stood up. Then you can just endure it yourself.

Yuan Tianwen gave an affirmative hum as he watched Duan Yuyang leave.

He had been with Duan Yuyang for half a year, how could he not understand Duan Yuyangs thoughts?

Duan Yuyang wanted to completely turn their relationship into a casual one-night stand just like that; he shouldnt even think about it!

Yuan Tianwen lowered his head and saw his current situation. He sighed secretly, Youve suffered, brother.

Duan Yuyang was just outside the inner rooms door when he heard Yuan Tianwens murmur and couldnt help but feel happy.

After exiting Yuan Tianwens room, Duan Yuyang met Su Mo, who had been waiting outside for an unknown period of time.

Uncle Mo. Duan Yuyang came over to greet him.

Su Mo greeted him with a smile, his eyes filled with warmth. I didnt expect that you could actually come and see Tianwen.

Duan Yuyang rubbed his nose. Well, he and I can be considered friends. He suffered such serious injuries, so I have to care about him.

Su Mo smiled noncommittally, Yuyang, Tianwen was spoiled rotten by his father and I ever since he was a child. Even though we raised him to be an upright, magnanimous, and humble person who doesnt engage in dishonest actions, hes still very lacking in certain areas. For example, hes prejudiced and obstinate, and neither I nor his father can correct those.

Duan Yuyang pretended to not understand but also smiled, Actually, these qualities are quite good, but he cant be hard on his own body. Humans should be flexible and adapt to different situations when the circumstances call for it.

He nodded, Will there be any problem if he forces himself to endure like this?

With his current cultivation level, even if no one helps him alleviate his problem, hell only feel uncomfortable at most and have a slower recovery. His life wont be in danger. Su Mo explained calmly, However, he brought this upon himself. He deserves it, so you dont have to indulge him.

Duan Yuyang, .

This should be his birth father, yup.

Su Mo smiled as he continued, Tianwen, this brat, has had a smooth-sailing life ever since he was a child and has never experienced any setbacks before. That he was deceived by someone this time can only be blamed on his own ignorance. Yuyang, you are a very soft-hearted child, you will forgive him sooner or laterI can see that from your willingness to come over and help him through his difficulties today.

Su Mos words made Duan Yuyang feel that he had nowhere to hide.

He felt slightly awkward and touched his nose. Uncle Mo, dont you think that I really have no backbone?

His marriage proposal was obviously rejected twice, but he still ran over like a fool as soon as the person gestured with his fingers.

Even Duan Yuyang himself felt that he was especially cheap.

But he just couldnt control this heart of his and he couldnt forget the time spent on Flying Luan Peak with Yuan Tianwen.

When he heard that Yuan Tianwen was injured and bedridden, how could he not be distressed? If it wasnt for that tiny amount of self-respect haunting him, he would have already been unable to control himself and gone to visit Yuan Tianwen even if he had to use an indifferent expression or a frivolous attitude to cover up his concern.

Su Mo paused slightly. He reached out and lightly patted Duan Yuyangs head. Its Tianwens great fortune to have a sweetheart like you who treats him so sincerely. However, I dont think that you need to pay too much attention to him. You should let him scratch his head every day in order to come up with all kinds of methods to obtain your forgiveness and acceptance. Dont let him get it too easilyTheres no harm in him eating some losses and understanding how precious you are. Only then can he treat you better in the future. Anyways, I only recognize you as my son-in-law and no one else.

Duan Yuyang looked at Su Mo with a dumbfounded expression. That expression was somewhat solemn, stupefied, and also a little cute. It was probably because he lived for so long but hadnt encountered a father who screwed over his child this badly.

Duan Yuyang was a little tongue-tied, Uncle Su, since when did your words become this straightforward? Im not used to it.

Su Mo touched his face. I guess its because Im old and cant bother to beat around the bush. In short, even if you do like him, dont let him see it too clearly, or else he wont know how high the heavens are or how thick the earth is.

What else could Duan Yuyang say?

He could only chat with Su Mo some more with a smile and be sent back by Su Mos people, his heart full of astonishment.

With this kind of dad, Yuan Tianwens life wasnt easy either.

On Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhens side, they were stopped halfway on the road before they returned to the inn.

They were invited by the Bai familys young master and several elders.

Lin Xuanzhi naturally wouldnt refuse, so he leisurely took Yan Tianhen with him to the Bai family for a free meal.

After entering from the main entrance, Lin Xuanzhis eyes fixedly followed the attendant who led the way inside, never straying. They circumvented pavilions and gardens and bypassed bewilderment arrays and magic treasures defending the gardens before the two finally safely arrived at one of the Bai familys reception pavilions.

The reception pavilion was surrounded by blooming spiritual plants and flowers that emitted an elegant fragrance, making people unconsciously feel relaxed and serene.

Bai Yichen was seated in that ingeniously-made wheelchair, surrounded in turn by three Bai family elders.

After the attendant informed everyone, Bai familys First Elder rose to greet them, but his expression wasnt very friendly.

Bai Yichen, however, greeted them with a smile on his face. He stretched out his hand, Craftsman Lin, little friend Yan, please sit.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen sat down opposite of Bai Yichen.

Peach blossom wine, which was brewed in Heaven and Earth Winery, was placed in front of them, as well as some tea snacks bought from Intoxicating Fragrance Restaurant. They looked extremely delicious.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled as he looked at Bai Yichen. Its been a while, is Young Master Bais health still good?

A simple wine flask was placed in front of Bai Yichen. His eyes swept over the wine flask as he smiled profoundly, With Xuanzhis care, naturally every day is better than the last, but this wine flask should have the corresponding set of wine cups in order to look more perfect.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Whats difficult about that? I will refine a set of wine cups for you when I leave today.

Bai Yichens smile deepened, Then I shall thank you in advance.

Yan Tianhen looked at the two people, who were gazing at each other with smiles, and always felt that there was something between them that he couldnt see. At once, his heart felt a little uncomfortable.

Yan Tianhen picked up a snack and stuffed it into his mouth.

Well, although Bai Yichens presence was a little irksome, his familys snacks were really delicious.

Bai Yichen wasnt in a hurry to discuss the main topic with Lin Xuanzhi, and Lin Xuanzhi naturally wasnt in a hurry to either, but the other people were so anxious that they couldnt sit still.

Speaking of, although Bai familys main branch had been in power for a long time and these few elders also held some of the highest positions within the Bai family, due to the fact that the Bai family hadnt stirred up any trouble those years and that such a fierce young master held the absolute authority while overseeing a rigid set of family rules, the elders here werent very ambitious or scheming.

Bai familys First Elder said directly with a dark expression, Craftsman Lin, today we invited you here, one because Young Master said that he was a friend of yours and kindly invited you. Two, I also have some questions to consult with you.

Bai Yichen only sipped his tea and didnt comment on Bai First Elders attitude.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt care much about it either, If First Elder has something to say, then please speak directly.

First Elder narrowed his eyes, I heard Old Four say that you want to set up a Craftsmen Alliance with the Bai family and the other major families and sects as backers in order to provide some convenience to those lone independent craftsmen?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded as he confirmed calmly, Indeed, I have such intentions.

Second Elder smiled coldly, Sure enough, heroes arise from the ranks of youths. I didnt expect that Craftsman Lin would have such ambitions at a young age, and his appetite is even more frightening.

This kind of open praise and secret disparagement, coupled with First Elders frigid irony and scorching cynicism, made their thoughts obvious. Lin Xuanzhi knew from a glance that these elders were very dissatisfied with Lin Xuanzhis presumptuous assertions that wanted to drag Bai Fourth Elder underwater.

Lin Xuanzhi just wanted to talk it out lightly, but he didnt expect for Yan Tianhen to swallow the dessert in his mouth and blink as he said, My Dage doesnt eat a lot, he has a small appetite. Im afraid you dont understand my Dage very well.

The sneer on Bai Second Elders face immediately stiffened.

Several pairs of eyes all looked towards Yan Tianhen, who didnt have too much sense of existence.

Yan Tianhen was a little at a loss. He still held a sweet in his hand and was about to stuff it into his mouth but was compelled to ask, What are you looking at me for?

Nothing. Lin Xuanzhi laughed and gently rubbed the top of Yan Tianhens head.

Yan Tianhen comfortably rubbed Lin Xuanzhis palm with his head and grinned at him. Lin Xuanzhi saw this and didnt have any superfluous thoughts anymore. His familys Ah Hen was just so endearingly silly and cute.

Bai Yichen couldnt help laughing, Your Dage indeed doesnt eat much. Second Elders words still await verification.

Second Elder almost couldnt resist the urge to twitch his mouth. He closed his mouth and wondered at the same time, did this kid do it deliberately, or did he do it deliberately?

The momentum was already interrupted and had become much worse than before. There was no need for him to chase the heart of the matter anymore.

However, the attitude of the Bai family elders was clearly laid out on the table. They were very dissatisfied with Lin Xuanzhi duping Bai Fourth Elder. Lin Xuanzhi naturally needed to understand some rules and explain along this line of topic.

Yesterday I just saw Bai Fourth Elder and occasionally mentioned a sentence or two, but I didnt imagine that Bai Fourth Elder was actually very interested, so I talked a lot without paying attention. Lin Xuanzhis tone was neither servile nor overbearing. He continued leisurely, Naturally, the Craftsmen Alliance is only a tentative concept. There are many imperfections that need to be filled in. This is just a fledgling idea in my mind, and I never mentioned this to anyone either. Furthermore, I also never overestimated my own capabilities and attempted to put it into practice.

You dont dare to put it into practice, but you actually dare to say it. Bai First Elder gritted his teeth.

Lin Xuanzhi readily followed the flow, I dare to talk about it, thats all. I just spoke of it casually, its not worth mentioning.

Not worth mentioning your ass!

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