Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Rejecting A Little Brother

Chapter 199 Rejecting A Little Brother

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Several elders couldnt help thinking at the same time, it was this bastard Lin Xuanzhi who casually threw out a few sentences and attracted a super invincible humongous trouble Bai Fourth Elder set his heart on it!

If this still wasnt worth mentioning, then wouldnt something thats worth mentioning turn the world upside down?

Bai Fourth Elder had always been a very casual person and never cared about what he ate, wore, or used. He never asked for anything either, as if he were a Buddha with no desire. He was both lovable and sensible.

But everyone knew that once he decided on something, he would pester people nonstop until their ears bled and would only stop after the person agreed to his demands.

More importantly, these people who now held authority in the Bai family couldnt say no to Bai Fourth Elder. After all, this was their little brother whom they had lost from childhood, who suffered so much, and whom they finally managed to find after much difficulty!

When taking action, one should grasp the most critical component. Being able to grasp Bai Fourth Elder meant that Lin Xuanzhi held the Bai familys lifeblood!

Several Bai family elders knew that the Craftsmen Alliance would be forced to form due to circumstances sooner or later, but they just couldnt swallow this bitter pill - why did the cabbage that they suffered so much to raise for countless years get eaten by Lin Xuanzhi with just a few words?

Immediately, Bai familys elders felt their hearts being stifled one by one.

Bai Second Elder spoke eccentrically, Craftsmen Lin has a glib tongue. Just a few casual sentences can let our Old Four set his heart on it.

Yeah, and he even refers to you as his brother. Bai Third Elders expression was dark. Even today, he was still shouting about wanting to become sworn brothers with you. Laozi is warning you, if you dare to agree, Laozi will cut you into eight pieces, regardless of whether youre a craftsman or not!

If Lin Xuanzhi wanted to take advantage of their familys Old Four, then he still had to ask whether these older brothers of Bai Fourth Elder agreed first!

Yan Tianhen was stunned and stopped chewing. The half of the cake still left in his hand fell onto the table.

Lin Xuanzhi thought that Yan Tianhen was frightened by Bai Third Elders vicious words. He immediately frowned, but unexpectedly, Yan Tianhen looked at him with a face that seemed to be holding back tears, Dage, youll have other little brothers?

Lin Xuanzhi,

Several Bai family elders,

Little brother? Are you sure? Did I hear you right? Werent they talking about becoming sworn brothers?

I dont agree, I dont agree! Yan Tianhen instantly made a scene as he shook his head while rejecting with a sobbing tone, You promised that youll only have me as your younger brother, Daddy also only has one adopted son, you cant go back on your words! You cant accept others as little brothers, or else Ill leave the house!

Lin Xuanzhi suppressed the impulse to laugh and coughed softly, Dont worry, I wont accept others as younger brothers.

Yan Tianhen stretched out his finger. Pinky swear, promise me!

Lin Xuanzhi cooperated with him and hooked their pinkies as they swore.

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Suddenly, the Bai family elders were all dumbfounded.

What in the world was this little kid talking about?

His brain shouldnt be completely made up of water and flour after being stirred together a few times?

With their strength and status, did they need to curry favor with and please a greenhorn craftsman and even fucking rush to become his younger brother?

You Second Elder twisted his face and was just prepared to say something, but they heard light laughter coming from a person they absolutely couldnt afford to offend, Little friend Yan is right. Its not good to bully people through force. Xuanzhi is my friend, he naturally wont become sworn brothers with Old Four.

As soon as Bai Yichen uttered those words, the entire scene descended into utter silence.

Bai First Elder felt as though he had been struck on the head by lightning. His other two younger brothers were also not to be outdone Lin Xuanzhi could be Bai Yichens friend? Then if those two became sworn brothers, wouldnt Lin Xuanzhis seniority be even higher than theirs?

Just what kind of ability did this Lin Xuanzhi have to actually catch Bai Yichens interest?

It shouldnt beBecause hes good-looking?

Damn itMaybe that really is the reason.

No matter what the Bai family elders thought in their hearts, in short, no one dared to make trouble for Lin Xuanzhi anymore after that.

They were all craftsmen, so they never lacked topics to discuss when sitting together. After disregarding the earlier grudge-filled conversation, Lin Xuanzhi and the Bai family members chatted quite happily.

Without even realizing it, it had already become quite late. After eating and drinking their fill, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen were ready to take their leave.

Before leaving, Bai Yichen said, Regarding the Craftsmen Alliance you proposed earlier, I found the idea quite interesting. I might as well find someone to come up with a specific plan, so lets start this alliance together. What do you think?

Lin Xuanzhi hadnt expected to have such a harvest and, even more, he hadnt expected for Bai Yichen to actually have a hand in it.

Nevertheless, none of that surprise showed on his face.

He looked into Bai Yichens eyes and couldnt figure out his intentions at all. Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Since Young Master Bai is interested in this matter, then I naturally am willing to be a figurehead.

Ive already called you Xuanzhi, but you still refer to me as Young Master Bai. Bai Yichen blinked charmingly, How about changing it? After all, well all be building the same alliance in the future.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt care about an address, so he said, Then Ill call you Yichen.

Bai Yichen nodded, Wuya, send Xuanzhi and Ah Hen out for me.

As soon as Bai Wuya walked out, Lin Xuanzhi refused, Theres no need. The way back is not far and is located in Sky Peak City, so there wont be any problems.

Bai Yichen didnt insist any further either. Then I wont send you out.

No need to see us out.

After seeing Lin Xuanzhi off with their gaze, the Bai family elders standing behind Bai Yichen opened their mouths.

First Elder held his beard, This Lin Xuanzhi is experienced and knowledgeable. No matter what I said, he was actually able to connect to the conversation, which is pretty incredible.

He naturally has extensive knowledge. Second Elder quipped. Dont forget, Dage, that Bai familys several vital treasures were all taken by him alone.

Impressive conversational skills. First Elder commented.

Extraordinary bearing. Second Elder added.

Good-looking. Third Elder nodded.

As soon as Third Elder said that, First and Second Elder both turned to look at him.

Third Elder asked with a cold expression, What, am I wrong?

Youre not wrong. Bai Yichen answered as he turned his wheelchair around to face them. Lin Xuanzhis face can be said to be blessed by the heavens, extremely pampered by the Dao of Heaven. Its just that too much is sometimes as bad as not enough, and fortune and disaster come hand in hand. Nobody can say whether its a good or bad thing for someone to look so beautiful.

Young Master is right. Bai First Elder nodded and sighed, This reminds me of the Hong Gate Blood Moon twenty years ago.

Hong Gate Blood Moon described the event that happened twenty years ago, on the first day of the lunar month, on a night swirling with thickly-falling snow.

Back then, Lin Xuanzhi hadnt been born yet. At that time, the number one beauty in the world was called Hong Shuoxue. Although he was a man, his looks were stunning, capable of causing the downfall of a city; breathtakingly beautiful. He was an elemental cultivator, and his primary magic weapon was a zither that had been passed down for countless years. It was said that he could attract phoenixes with a single song.

Whats more rare was that Hong Shuoxue was a furnace constitution due to being born at a Yin year Yin month Yin day Yin hour and was the best choice for dual cultivation.

The Hong family at that time was just a small family, but they suddenly had such an incredible character appear in their midst. The Hong family began to have ideas about him and wanted to use Hong Shuoxue to exchange for more benefits. Hence, the Hong family head at the time searched everywhere for a marriage partner.

In reality, the Hong family didnt even need to be so impatient. With Hong Shuoxues own qualifications and capabilities, it wouldnt have been difficult at all to find a Dao companion who could elevate the Hong family to another level. However, the Hong family was too eager to succeed, so they actually spread the fact that Hong Shuoxue was a furnace everywhere.

Eventually, Hong Shuoxue was sold to several families, but he had only one body. Some people within those families discussed with each other to make Hong Shuoxue their shared wife.

No matter how fierce Hong Shuoxue was, he was still just a member of a small third-class families and didnt have a single backer or a strong background. He could only be defiled and trampled on by those people in turn.

Hong Shuoxue was also a person with very high ambitions. When he fell and became a demonic cultivator, he began to retaliate against the Hong family, which finally ended in mutual destruction together with the Hong family.

Hong Gate Blood Moon referred to when all three hundred people from the Hong family lost their lives in a single night. Their blood dyed the entire snowy ground crimson, and the moon that was reflected in the red water became a blood moon.

This incident shocked the entire cultivation world and was repeatedly mentioned in the following twenty years. Some people lamented Hong Shuoxues supreme beauty while others lamented the fate of the Hong family. But ultimately, most people felt great pity for Hong Shuoxue.

Nevertheless, the history of the cultivation world had never lacked tragic tales of stunning beauties.

It was said that the Great Immortal-Demon War ten thousand years ago was triggered by the Divine Devil and Supreme Celestials fight over a beauty, which gradually deteriorated into a large-scaled war covering the whole two worlds.

The so-called femme fatale is not without basis.

Will Lin Xuanzhi become the next Hong Shuoxue?

And what would his fate be?

Bai Yichen obviously knew about Hong Shuoxues tragic story as well, which was regarded as a disgrace by the Five Continents. He snapped himself out of it. Lin Xuanzhis temperament is much more resolute than Hong Shuoxues was back then. He shouldnt be walking towards Hong Shuoxues path. Moreover, the Lin family is not the Hong family either. There are few who dare to covet Lin Xuanzhi.

Its hard to say what the future holds. Bai First Elder shook his head. In the end, he pitied this youth who was so gifted on the craftsman path.

The end of the alchemy competition drew the curtain closed on the first few rounds of the Hundred Families Gathering.

The last round of every Hundred Families Gathering always had a pleasant surprise. This years surprise had already been leaked out by someone earlier, so Lin Xuanzhi wasnt surprised when it was officially announced.

The surprise was that the participants who climbed onto the rankings in the Hundred Families Gathering and those with entry passes were able to enter a secret mysterious land left behind by an alchemist when he ascended to the heavens.

The mysterious lands requirement for cultivation levels was between Refining Qi Fifth Layer and Foundation Stage Third Layer. Although there was no age limit, the majority of people who could enter were the participants of the Hundred Families Gathering.

Every family had at least one entry pass, so a hundred families had at least a hundred entry passes, not to mention the elite families, who held five passes per family.

The Pill Limit Mysterious Land will open after five days. We can do other things in these five days. Lin Xuanzhi told Yan Tianhen after he received the information.

Yan Tianhen hugged a sleeping tiger cub in his arms while another one lied on his shoulder. He heard Lin Xuanzhis voice and raised his head, Dage, can Ah Bai and Hu Po go in?

Ah Bai lifted his head and looked eagerly at Lin Xuanzhi and the person who came here to notify them of the information.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the person.

The person giving information smiled, This was originally limited, but under Ji familys young masters strong request, the restriction was relaxed. However, even demonic beasts have level requirements as well. They should be above Four Stars and below Nine Stars. One person can bring in at most one demonic beast.

Yan Tianhen laughed as he stretched out his finger and scratched Ah Bais chin, Thats right, Im afraid that Ji Dage is much more invested in this than I am. After all, the Ji family is a family of beast tamers. If Ji family pupils werent allowed to bring their own demonic beasts with them, then they basically have both of their arms handicapped.

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