Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Huangfu Fool

Ch201 – Huangfu Fool

Lin Xuanzhi was both furious and disappointed; he felt that Yan Tianhen was incorrigible.

From then on, he thoroughly severed all ties with Yan Tianhen.

And what kind of role did Huangfu Jin play in all of this?

Lin Xuanzhi remembered that after Yan Tianhen was finally killed by him with his own hands, Huangfu Jin looked at one living person and one corpse and laugh madly as he said, Yan Tianhen ahis definitely not a good person, but his crime wasnt so severe that he should die for it. Ah Xue likes you, but you didnt want him and didnt even want to spare him a second glance. Instead, you insisted on being with this person. Now that Ah Xue is dead, I naturally wont let you do as you wish. Lin Xuanzhi, have you tasted the feeling of losing the one you love too?

Yan Tianhens death was by no means the fault of Huangfu Jin. The one who had truly harmed him was someone else.

However, Huangfu Jin had still played a role in adding fuel to the fire.

In both the past and present, karma came and went; Lin Xuanzhi looked at the frail and skinny young man in front of him, reaching out to gently stroke his cheek.

He and Iused to have some disagreements. Only a few words have been spoken that made him feel uncomfortable, its nothing much. Lin Xuanzhi said.

He hated Huangfu Jin, but Huangfu Jin didnt come to a good end in his past life. For the sake of Leng Jixue and Bai Yichen, he could temporarily move Huangfu Jin out of the death is certain category, but he definitely wouldnt let Huangfu Jin live too good a life.

He wouldnt go so far as to torture him, but some admonisment was indispensable.

Moreover, Huangfu Jin will have a bumpy love life; the Dao of Heaven had already decided his karma for him. Lin Xuanzhi was naturally unwilling to get too entangled with his karma.

Yan Tianhen nodded, not really comprehending. He thought, Dage really likes pinching my face ah.

Huangfu Jin soon brought the Yin Ghost Banner over and Lin Xuanzhi readily handed over the recast sword.

Huangfu Jin didnt say anything before turning around, ready to leave.

Lin Xuanzhi called out for him to stop. Young City Lord Huangfu, after thinking it over and over, I still feel like theres a need for me to remind you of something.

Huangfu Jin turned around, his handsome face looking impatient. What kind of good intentions could you have?

Lin Xuanzhi didnt think much of it. You clearly handed the sword to Leng Jixue, yet in the end it was placed on the competition stage by Bai Yichen. Looks like the two of them have a pretty good relationship.

Ah Xue doesnt know Bai Yichen at all. After Huangfu Jin said this unwittingly, he was stunned.

If he doesnt know him, then how did they get involved with each other?

Its highly unlikely for Leng Jixue to know of the contents of the competition beforehand, and even if he did, he wouldnt hand that broken sword over to the organisers of the Hundred Families Gathering without his permission.

Unless someone specifically asked for it.

Bai Yichenand what role did Bai Yichen play in all this?

Huangfu Jin tossed Lin Xuanzhi a meaningful glance, then turned around and left.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. For. I cant let him put that debt on my account again ba.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. He should ba. Its also about time for them to meet and get to know each other.

After many years, when Lin Xuanzhi saw Huangfu Jin again, his intelligence was equivalent to that of a five or six-year-old child; he only knew how to smile foolishly or cry and throw tantrums in front of Bai Yichen. However, as always, only Bai Yichen could be seen in his eyes.

The scene that left the deepest impression on Lin Xuanzhi was of Bai Yichen holding Huangfu Jins hand while squatting, looking just like he was taking care of a child. He took out a plain white handkerchief to wipe away the saliva dripping down the corners of his mouth, his gaze gentle.

In his past life, when Li nXuanzhi discovered that Bai Yichen was Leng Jixue, he couldnt help but constantly wonder, if Huangfu Jin had discovered the relationship between Bai Yichen and Leng Jixue much earlier, then after Leng Jixues death, would he have still turned so obsessive and ruthless? And would he still have gone mad and become a fool because of the excessive stimulation and the guilt that he felt at the bottom of his heart?

Leng Jixues death would be inevitable in this life. Lin Xuanzhi wanted to know what kind of influence it might have on the future if the two of them got to know each other in advance.

Outside the door, Huangfu Jin glanced at the sword, Wenqing, that had accompanied him for over a decade. The more he thought about Lin Xuanzhis words, the more angry he got what right did that insignificant Young Master Bai have to just let other people use his possession as a trial whenever he wants?

If it hadnt been allocated to Lin Xuanzhi, then wouldnt it have been completely destroyed?

Huangfu Jin was extremely indignant. On the one hand, he was particularly annoyed that Leng Jixue actually handed his treasure to someone else behind his back, while on the other hand, he was even more annoyed at how Bai Yichen had just gone ahead and made such a decision by himself.

Its not like Huangfu Jin could cause trouble for Leng Jixue, so when he was overwhelmed with anger, he decisively chose to go and meet that Bai Yichen.

Huangfu Jin, who had been walking to the City Lord manor, stopped in his tracks. He turned around and headed to the Bai residence.

As the young city lord of Sky Peak city, Huangfu Jin had had quite a few dealings with the Bai family before. A lot of magic treasures of the Huangfu family were custom-made by the Bai family.

However, even if that was the case, Huangfu Jin had never dealt with Bai Yichen face-to-face before. In fact, before Bai Yichen appeared in Sky Peak City, he didnt even know that the young master of the Bai family would actually be a cripple in a wheelchair.

Buthe was rather good-looking.

So Huangfu Jins thoughts were diverted as he walked towards the gates of the Bai residence. When the guards of the Bai residence saw Huangfu Jin, they naturally dared not stop him and immediately went forward to greet him respectfully.

Huangfu Jin simply waved his hand to stop the other partys flattery. I came today to look for your familys young master.

The guard was stunned, then smiled. Our familys young master truly is clever; he had sent someone over beforehand to let me know that if Young City Lord Huangfu comes over to look for him, to bring you straight over to meet him.

Huangfu Jin was stunned. He stared at the guard doubtfully, When did he say that?

This morning. The guard smiled, Ill notify those on Young Masters side. Someone will come over to pick you up.

In the main manor of the Bai residence, offensive and defensive magic treasures could be seen everywhere. If one was just the slightest bit careless, they would get hurt. The closer one got to the core of the residence, the more aggressive the magic treasures. Someone must lead the way for outsiders to make their way in.

So Huangfu Jin waited on the spot for a moment. Not long after, Bai Wuya rushed over.

Bai Wuya studied Huangfu Jin, while Huangfu Jin studied Bai Wuya back.

Generally speaking, matters related to Young Master Bai would be announced and dealt with by Bai Wuya in person, so Huangfu Jin and Bai Wuya has met several times before.

Huangfu Jin took the lead in saying, Your familys young master seems to know himself well.

Bai Wuya responded, Has Young Master Huangfu taken your sword back?

Huangfu Jin pulled a long face. What does that have to do with you?

So Bai Wuya no longer paid any attention to him and just brought him along as they made their way in.

Bai Yichen was already waiting for Huangfu Jins arrival in the courtyard he that he lived in alone.

When Huangfu Jin passed the Moon Gate, he saw Bai Yichen, who was currently looking at a chessboard under a tree with drifting Scorching Divine Flowers, from afar.

He had to admit that although this person was very detestable in his way of doing things, he just had to have a sort of extraordinary temperament. Even though he knew that he had a disability and was much shorter than the average person, one couldnt ignore the seemingly mild and harmless but actually powerful and pressing aura he had.

Young Master Bai, Ive brought him over. Bai Wuya walked over and whispered to Bai Yichen.

Bai Yichen looked at Huangfu Jin, who stopped after arriving at the Moon Gate. He smiled slightly, What is Young City Lord standing there for? Are there any jackals, wolves, tigers, or panthers in my place?

Huangfu Jin rolled his eyes and walked right in with large strides. He lifted the hem of his robe as he sat down opposite Bai Yichen.

A planetary chart was arranged on the stone table.

Huangfu Jin looked at the pieces on the board and was somewhat surprised as he said, You know how to divine through astrology?

Not really. Bai Yichen said, Ive just dreamed of a chess chart before, but I couldnt remember it very clearly after waking up, so Im just trying to recall it.

Then Bai Yichen raised his hand slightly and the chessboard on the table disappeared. What took its place was teapot, as well as two teacups.

This is Xueya spiritual tea that we just obtained this year, why dont Young Master Huangfu give it a try? Bai Yichen poured a cup of tea for each of them.

Huangfu Jin couldnt be bothered to engage in idle talk with him. He didnt pick up the teacup in front of him and just narrowed his eyes. Young Master Bai, I assume that there are still many affairs you need to attend to for the Bai family, so I wont take up too much of your time.

Im not that busy. Bai Yichen smiled, I still have this bit of time. Besides, Young Master Huangfu is a rare guest who seldom comes to my Dustfall courtyard. When Young Master Huangfu was just born, I even held the swaddled you in my arms.

Huangfu Jins expression almost cracked. He stared at Bai Yichens smiling face, You held me in your arms before?

Bai Yichen nodded. Yeah. When you were born, your face was both round and tender, and it was extremely cute. It made people wanna kiss it when they saw.

Huangfu Jin was struck by an urge to twitch the corner of his mouth. All sorts of swear words raced through his mind. This detestable Bai Yichen actually held his younger self before? Then this guy, who looked about the same age as him, naturally wouldnt be below him in terms of seniority.

Huangfu Jin instantly wanted to flee in defeat. He had never worried about dealing with his elders, and he could even handle such relationships perfectly. However, for some reason, when facing Bai Yichen, he always felt like hes shorter than him by a head for no reason.

An eldera towering mountain was now crushing Huangfu Jin from overhead.

Huangfu Jin forcibly resisted the urge to pull a long face. I didnt expect for me and Uncle Bai to have that sort of relationship.

Uncle? Bai Yichen was so amused by the address that he laughed. Divine Flowers drifted down behind him. He wore a navy blue robe and, with his outstanding appearance, anyone staring at him would not be able to look away anymore.

Yet Huangfu Jin was not swayed by his appearance, but instead felt a sense of familiarity when he stared at Bai Yichen.

Huangfu Jin was slightly stunned, then snapped out of his daze. Is there anything wrong with that form of address?

Bai Yichen said, If were really going by seniority, then I should be of the same generation as the old ancestors in your family. You should be calling me Grandfather.

Huangfu Jin,

Grandfather your ass!

Huangfu Jin instantly felt the mountain on his shoulders become heavier.

Huangfu Jin was dissing him thoroughly in his heart but there was no change in his expression. He said expressionlessly, If I call you that, it would make Young Master Bai seem old. Young Master Bai looked so young that you seem more like someone from my generation. If Young Master Bai doesnt mind, then lets keep our addresses from before ba.

I beg you to please forget about this!

I shouldnt have mentioned it in the first place.

Bai Yichen was thoroughly amused by Huangfu Jin. He glanced at Huangfu Jins small, displeased face that was filled with regret as he looked like he really wanted to beat himself, who had called him Uncle Bai, up, and instantly felt like teasing him. He shook his head and sighed, That wont do. Seniority cant be confused, otherwise others would say that I have no respect for the elderly and they would reprimand Ah Jin for not understanding proper etiquette.

Huangfu Jin grit his teeth, smiling slightly. How could they say that you have no respect for the elderly? When I saw Young Master Bais outstanding demeanour, I felt like weve been friends for a long time at first glance. Why dont we become friends despite the differences in our ages? What does Young Master Bai think about that?

You actually called me Ah Jin? Do you think were so familiar with each other?

Huangfu Jin had so many things to diss him for that he didnt know where to start from. He practically had to admit defeat to Bai Yichen. He was afraid that if he spoke one more time, he would say something that would shake the world and make ghosts and gods sob again.

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