Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Extending A Helping Hand

Ch202 – Extending a Helping Hand

Fortunately, Bai Yichen also knew that he couldnt tease him too much, otherwise he wouldnt be able to play around like this anymore in the future.

So he didnt continue to bully Huangfu Jin and nodded in acceptance. Thats good too. Ive never addressed someone younger than me as a brother, and since Ah Jin is so sincere and especially made a detour to come to the Bai residence to visit me, I naturally wont be so inconsiderate. Why dont Ah Jin call me Bai Dage from now on ba?


Huangfu Jin has never met such a shameless man before. He took a deep breath, revealed his rows of white teeth and sneered, Bai Dage.

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Bai Yichen nodded and looked at Huangfu Jin with a gaze one would use when looking at a puppy. Good boy.

Huangfu Jin almost shuddered. Now that it has come to this, he had already forgotten that his original intention for coming was to admonish Bai Yichen for his wrongdoing. Right now, his mind was filled with the unfathomable idea that he, the honourable young lord, had suddenly gotten a Ge out of nowhere.

Bai Yichen didnt give Huangfu Jin the chance to snap out of his daze. He continued asking, Has it been difficult to deal with recent affairs in the city lord manor?

Huangfu Jin casually responded, Theyre mostly okay; there are just some troublesome ones that arent easy to deal with.

What kind of troublesome ones? Bai Yichen said, You can talk about it with me.

Just as Huangfu Jin was about to say what does it have to do with you, he heard Bai Yichen continue, If thats convenient. After all, Ive eaten rice for a hundred more years than you, so I do have more experience.

Could you stop reminding me that youre part of my grandfathers generation like this? That feeling is a real pain in the ass.

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Huangfu Jin wanted to curse again, but he still had to maintain his demeanour as the young master of the Huangfu family and the young city lord of Sky Peak City.

Huangfu Jin smiled slightly. Just some internal disputes in the Huangfu family. I wont talk about it, lest it troubles Young Master Bai.

Bai Yichen sighed again, looking oh so very upset and disheartened. Youre calling me Young Master Bai again. Looks like youre set on distancing yourself from me ah.

Huangfu Jins expression cracked in an instant and he immediately got up. He clasped his hands together. Bai Dage, youre thinking too much into it. I just remembered that I still have some matters to attend to for my family, so Ill take my leave first; Ill pay you a visit again some other day.

After he spoke, Huangfu Jin turned around and left.

Bai Yichen could barely stop himself from grinning. He raised his hand and Bai Wuxia, who had been hidden somewhere, jumped out.

Send him off ba, else he wont be able to make his way out. Bai Yichen said.

I thought Young Master would want to see him bumping into walls in Dustfall courtyard and not managing to find a way out. Bai Wuxia had naturally heard their conversation. He really felt a little sad at how his own familys young master would tease a younger one like that.

Bai Yichen smiled. What kind of misunderstanding do you have about me? I was just joking with him. Its not like I could really let him condemn me as grandly as he wants, right?

Bai Wuxias mouth twitched. In any case, Young Master Huangfu probably doesnt want to see you ever again.

Bai Yichens smile dulled a little. Thats good, its just what I wantalright, hurry and take him out ba.

Bai Wuxia was about to slowly take Huangfu Jin when the row of sapphire green bamboos in Dustfall courtyard moved despite there being no wind; the leaves collided fiercely with each other, clattering ceaselessly.

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A mechanism was triggered.

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Huangfu Jin really regretted coming to this rotten place today. Not only was he messed around with by that Bai Yichen who teased him like a cat chasing a mouse, but he also had ridiculously horrid luck. He actually fell right into a huge array right after leaving Moon Gate, and there were a ton of offensive weapons hidden in it too.

Huangfu Jin wielded his sword as he kept deflecting the arrows that were shooting straight at him. However, after he hit one away, another three would come, and he felt as if he would never be able to finish hitting all of them.

Huangfu Jin performed a sword dance, using the sword move handed down through generations in the Huangfu family Burying Flowers Without Mercy. In an instant, everything was still; all of the offensive weapons around him had been trapped and froze in mid air.

Just as Huangfu Jin was about to breathe a sigh of relief, a hand suddenly grabbed his collar and managed to lift him up gently.

Huangfu Jin subconsciously wanted to smack behind with one palm, but the one behind him swiftly grabbed his right wrist.


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Bang bang clang clang

Just as Huangfu Jins toes were eight feet from the ground, the arrows that had been fixated in the air suddenly shot forward at a speed even greater than before; people couldnt even catch the movement with their eyes, let alone ward them off.

Huangfu Jin got such a fright that he broke out into a cold sweat.

Bai Yichen took Huangfu Jin with him; he threw out a few forged stones that hit the hidden core of the array. The array and offensive weapons that had been triggered all stopped.

For a moment, everything was silent. The bamboo leaves that had been rustling stopped as well. A breeze blew through Dustfall courtyard, a place cut off from the world, quiet and without ripples.

Bai Yichen and Huangfu Jin landed on the ground.

Huangfu Jin, sword in hand, turned around to look at Bai Yichen. His lips moved, and he said with some difficulty, Dont Young Master Bais legs feel a little uncomfortable?

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Yet he could stand up so openly like that?

And he was much more amazing than himself too. Once he made his move, he completely resolved the damn array that was full of murderous moves!

Bai Yichen released Huangfu Jin and took half a step back. He lightly said, Im just too lazy. With a means of transportation, why should I bother walking by myself?

Huangfu Jin,

Hes truly convinced to the extreme by this reason!

Bai Wuxia rushed over. His expression underwent a huge change. He opened his mouth and was about to say something, but he either dared not say it or had things he couldnt say.

Thus, Bai Wuxia could only indignantly glare at the culprit.

Huangfu Jins and Bai Wuxias overly fervent gazes met. He paused, then turned around to look at Bai Yichen. Youre really okay?

Bai Yichens glance swept imperceptibly over to Bai Wuxia. Bai Wuxia saw the strong warning in his eyes, so he immediately lowered his head and withdrew his unfriendly gaze.

Bai Yichen said softly, What problem can I have? Its just that after not walking for so long, Im not very used to it.

After speaking up to this point, Bai Yichen blinked slightly charmingly. Why dont Ah Jin support me to walk around? I may just get used to it again after a while.

Huangfu Jin pulled a long face again.

He finally couldnt hold himself back from rolling his eyes up to the heavens. He kept his sword that he was still holding in his hand, Much thanks to Young Master Bai for your help. I really still have other things to attend to, so Ill leave first.

He had just taken a few steps when he stopped.

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Huangfu Jin took a deep breath, turned around, and sure enough, he saw Bai Yichen smiling mysteriously at him.

a leader can submit or stand tall as required. Huangfu Jin said, Im not familiar with the Bai residence, Ill have to trouble Young Master Bai.

Young Master Bai?

Bai Dage.

Wuxia, send Young City Lord Huangfu out.

Bai Wuxia took a deep breath. Yes.

Bai Wuxia led the way in front of Huangfu Jin. Although Huangfu Jin had never liked it when someone walked in front of him, keeping himself alive was more important right now, so Huangfu Jin didnt say anything.

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Halfway through, Huangfu Jin couldnt help but ask, Is your familys young master really sitting on a wheelchair because hes too lazy to walk?

Bai Wuxia didnt want to pay any attention to him at all. He spoke coldly but casually, Whatever Young Master says goes.

Huangfu Jin continued, Are Young Master Bai and Leng Jixue familiar with each other?

Bai Wuxia,

Bai Wuxia remained silent for a moment before saying, Theyre not.

I dont believe you. Huangfu Jin ruminated, I can tell youre lying just by listening. Looks like your familys young master didnt specifically train you to conceal the truth. Looks like they are quite familiar with each other.

Bai Wuxia suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at Huangfu Jin. Young City Lord Huangfu, please concentrate on treating that Leng Shixiong of yours well from now on. Dont come over to disturb my young masters meditative cultivation anymore.

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Huangfu Jin was stunned. He had never had someone point at his nose and reprimand him like this without giving him any face since he was a child.

Huangfu Jin smiled disdainfully. You dont welcome me, but its a pity that your familys master seems to have a pretty good impression of me. As the saying goes, a drop of water in need shall be returned with a spring indeed; a life-saving favour should be reciprocated with ones hand in marriage.

Bai Wuxia was utterly baffled in an instant, his expression looking particularly strange.

Huangfu Jin had been pushed around by Bai Yichen for quite a while. Right now, when looking at Bai Wuxias pained expression that made him look like he had no other choice but to suffer in silence, he was greatly satisfied. He copied Bai Yichens classic slight smile. Although Young Master Bai is not in good health and has a rather vile personality, Young Master Bai has an outstanding demeanour and a tasty (I s2g author used tasty) appearance, so Ive decided to find some time to pay a visit again tomorrow with gifts remember to pass my message on to Young Master Bai and ask him to not head out tomorrow at all costs.

Bai Wuxia was so choked up that he could hardly say anything in return. He indignantly glared at Huangfu Jin, who had already walked in front of him, and quickly walked up. Dont come and disturb my familys young master. My familys young master isnt happy to see you.

What you say doesnt count, I must come. Huangfu Jin smiled.

Bai Wuxia took a deep breath, held it in, and wanted to say something, but didnt in the end.

After seeing off Huangfu Jin, Bai Wuxia returned to Dustfall courtyard as quickly as he could without saying anything.

Young Master, how do you feel? Bai Wuxia asked nervously with worry.

Its nothing serious. Bai Yichen waved his hand, carrying a wine flask in his arms. He leaned against his wheelchair and narrowed his eyes. Sent him off?

Yes. Bai Wuxias face turned stiff. He said that he still wants to come tomorrow.

Bai Yichen raised an eyebrow slightly. He still dares to come?

Thats a little unexpected. He thought that with Huangfu Jins character, he would stay as far away from him as possible in the future.

Bai Wuxia said, Not only does he want to come, but he also said that he wants to offer his hand in marriage to you. Young Master, should I send some people out to intercept him outside the Bai residences gates?

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Bai Yichen was stunned, then laughed. You actually took it seriouslyhe, he really wont offer his hand in marriage. After all, the one in his heart is Leng Jixue. He has been wooing Leng Jixue for so many years, so he wont let all his efforts go to waste just like that and let it go so easily.

Bai Wuxias lips moved. He hesitated for a moment, going back and forth between deciding whether or not to say something.

When Bai Yichen saw this, his attitude was incomparably calm, Do you want to say that since Leng Jixue and I are clearly the same person, what kind of difference can there be?

Since Bai Yichen had said it, Bai Wuxia naturally didnt feel conflicted about it anymore.

Yeah. Leng Jixues clearly a part of Young Masters soul, and even his physical body was found by Young Master. Bai Wuxia said, One day will eventually come where Young Masters souls will be unified as one again; Leng Jixue is you, and you are Leng Jixue. The two of you cant be separated.

Bai Yichen smiled lightly. Even Huangfu Jin, who had been raised by Leng Jixue since he was a child, cant tell that we are the same person. Isnt what you just said a little too unconvincing?

Bai Wuxia opened his mouth, and instantly felt like he was at a loss of words.

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He really couldnt refute that.

Although Leng Jixue was part of Bai Yichens soul, over the years, he had gradually become independent. His character, words, and actions, though were all under Bai Yichens control, but when Bai Yichen is controlling that body, he would never expose his absolute true self.

Leng Jixue is his other half, but it will never be the complete him.

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