Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Difficult To Say

Ch204 – Difficult to Say

Lin Xuanzhi didnt know whether to laugh or cry. It looked like Lin Liuchun had quite a huge misunderstanding about his relationship with Bai Yichen.

He quickly explained, Fourth Elder, dont make fun of me anymore. The friendship that Young Master Bai and I have is purely that of one between gentlemen, its not as complicated as you suggest.

Lin Liuchun just uttered a hng, probably not very convinced. Since you dont know the Shen familys little lass, Ill let our family know of your refusal ba. As for the Shen familys side, I wont be responsible for paying them a visit.

Lin Xuanzhi got a pretty bad headache. He didnt want to be responsible for paying them a visit either, and he didnt know how the Lin family had responded to the other party. They had better not have caused trouble for him

Nevertheless, they had skirted this matter and Lin Xuanzhi didnt take it to heart.

After Lin Xuanzhi expressed his stance, Lin Liuchun left. Lin Xuanzhi sorted out his mood and went to knock on Yan Tianhens door.

Because Yan Tianhen had destroyed a room a few days ago, the innkeeper had arranged another room for him, which was a little far from Lin Xuanzhis room.

When he entered, Yan Tianhen had his butt out as he poked the bald bird with his finger. The two tiger cubs were jumping around beside him, as if they really wanted to swallow that bird up in one gulp yet did not dare act recklessly because of Yan Tianhen.

Dage! Yan Tianhen stood up and said excitedly, Maomao moved!

Moved? Lin Xuanzhi raised an eyebrow.

Yeah, I found out that its sleeping posture changed today. Yan Tianhen extended his hands out to gesticulate, It used to be like this, and now its like this!

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance over and thought to himself, dont know when this phoenix will wake up, it probably wont sleep for too long.

Lin Xuanzhi was pensive. When we enter the Mysterious Land, take Maomao along.

Yan Tianhens eyes widened. Can we do that?

It should be okay. Lin Xuanzhi considered it for a while and thought, although the phoenix is superior to others from birth, this is clearly just a chick without much cultivation whose hairs arent even fully grown yet. Moreover, its just lying down like a corpse. Its cultivation level just so happens to be stuck right between the requirements for the Mysterious Land, so even if we were to bring it in, it shouldnt be ejected out.

Lin Xuanzhi showed Yan Tianhen the ornamental thumb ring. This is for Ah Gu. With this, Ah Gu can enter.

Yan Tianhen took the ornamental thumb ring and looked at it. He happily said, Dage, Ill give this ring to Ah Gu right now ba!

Where has Ah Gu been recently?

Ah Bai and Hu Po said that Ah Gu has returned to Mt. Yudai. He probably felt that the Yin Qi and corpse Qi on Mt. Xi wasnt enough for him to absorb ba.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Ill go with you.

No sooner had he reached the door of the inn than Lin Xuanzhi was stopped.

Yan Tianhen wanted to know too. What on earth had Ji Yunwei experienced in just a few days for him to have this sort of hellish appearance, like he had been sucked dry of his Yang Qi un, it looks more excessive than Ah Gus ghost Qi.

Its difficult to explain ah. Ji Yunwei smiled bitterly. He sighed, If you dont mind, lets find a quiet place to talk about it in detail ba.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Yan Tianhen. Yan Tianhen quickly said, Dage, I can go by myself. Help Ji Dage solve his problem first ba.

From the looks of it, Ji Yunweis problem seemed more serious and urgent. Yan Tianhen couldnt help but worry that he would pass out and fall to the ground in the next second.

Ji Yunweis condition was so bad that it could be seen at a glance.

Lin Xuanzhi was also very curious about what had happened to Ji Yunwei these days, and Ji Yunwei really did seem to be in a bad state right now. Thus, Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said to Yan Tianhen, Return earlier, dont get into a dispute and others. If anything happens, come back first and well talk about it.

Lin Xuanzhis greatest concern wasnt of Yan Tianhen offending people, but of him offending people at a place where he couldnt see him.

Yan Tianhen nodded. Dont worry Dage, I usually wont bother people.

Im afraid that other people will bother you.

Ji Yunwei realised that he had interrupted Lin Xuanzhis initial plans and said a bit guiltily, I have few men. If necessary, I can get them to follow Ah Hen.

Yan Tianhen definitely couldnt be followed.

Yan Tianhen quickly waved his hands, No no no, I can go alone. Its no big deal.

Ji Yunwei felt even more guilty. Its better to have someone follow you ba.

They definitely cant follow me. Yan Tianhen said sternly, Ji Dage, hurry and resolve your problem ba. You dont need to worry about this small matter of mine.

When Ji Yunwei saw how firm Yan Tianhen was being, coupled with the fact that he himself was extremely listless, he nodded, Then you can tell me if theres a need.

Yan Tianhen waved at Lin Xuanzhi, then took the two tiger cubs along as he turned around and ran outside.

Lin Xuanzhi went into his room. As soon as the doors closed, Ji Yunwei took a deep breath. Brother Xuanzhi, do you have any magic treasures for dealing with foxes?

Lin Xuanzhi,

Deal with foxes? Or deal with fox spirits?

This is a very serious question.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the bitter Ji Yunwei, Speak slowly, dont be anxious.

Ji Yunwei grinned bitterly. How could I not be anxious? You dont know about this, but Im about to be pestered to death by that Nine-Tailed Divine Fox.

Lin Xuanzhi thought, sure enough, it has something to do with that fox. Didnt you say that he disappeared after killing all of the spiritual chickens in your home the last time? Why? Did you see him again recently?

Yes. Ji Yunwei wiped his face and grit his teeth. It seems to have entangled itself with me. Every day late at night, once I open my eyes, Ill see a fox crouching by my bed staring at me unblinkingly with a pair of green eyes. Can you imagine that sort of scene? Fortunately, I didnt do anything against my conscience before, otherwise my Dao heart would have collapsed who knows how many times by now!

Lin Xuanzhi imagined such a scene and instantly felt sympathetic in the middle of the night, a pair of eyes and an extra fox, wouldnt one go mad from the fright?

But Lin Xuanzhi pondered and asked, Why must that fox pester you so relentlessly?

Ji Yunwei looked like he wanted to say something but reined it in.

Its not like he could say that the fox had gone nuts and started pestering him for no reason, and had even pushed him down on the bed time and again to conduct promiscuous acts who knows how many times?

Ji Yunwei looked bitter. I dont know what he likes about me either. I really want to tell him, then wont it be okay if I just change myself?

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but want to laugh, but he still cared about giving Ji Yunwei face and didnt express it.

Aside from scaring you late at night, has he done anything else to harm you?

Ji Yunwei was at a loss of words, wanting to speak but holding himself back in the end.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xuanzhi knew that it was probably difficult to say, so he lightly said, Brother Yunwei, from the looks of it, youre quite afraid of that Nine-Tailed Divine Fox. For you to come look for me, presumably its because you hope that I can come up with an idea to help you solve this problem for you. But if you dont let me understand whats going on, Im not sure how much I can help you.

When Ji Yunwei heard this, he knew that Lin Xuanzhi, with his penetrating insight, had already realised that he was concealing a lot.

Actually, Ji Yunwei had been greatly resolved before coming to find Lin Xuanzhi. Because seeking help from others meant that he had to tell the truth about what had happened to him. Its just that whenever he was about to say it, he would really find it difficult to say, which was why Ji Yunwei hesitated.

Frankly speaking. Ji Yunwei said slowly, That Nine-Tailed Divine Fox seems to be very interested in my body. Every time he comes to find me late at night, he insists on doing something shameful with me.

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned; he clearly hadnt expected that what Ji Yunwei wanted to say would be thishard to say.

Lin Xuanzhi pondered about it for a while. If I remember correctly, that Nine-Tailed Divine Foxshould be a male fox ba.

Who said he isnt? Ji Yunwei was absolutely disheartened and said feebly, Wasnt that ex-fiance of yours male too? Its no big deal.

Lin Xuanzhi,

When you say it like that, it really seems that way. However, I dont seem to be the one getting pushed down.

Getting started was always the hardest part. After Ji Yunwei talked about a secret that was this shameful, he began to let himself go. Firstly, he berated that shameless Nine-Tailed Divine Fox to vent his frustrations slightly, then continued, Brother Lin, to tell you the truth, I just wanted to get some magic treasure from you that could tie that fox up when hes unprepared, or to knock him out. If not, something that paralyzes that guy until hes powerless will do too.

After hearing everything, Lin Xuanzhi gazed at Ji Yunwei with slight confusion evident in his gaze. Brother Yunwei, from what youve just said, it seems you dont want to hurt him.

What do I want to hurt him for? I want to top him! Ji Yunwei grit his teeth harshly, his gaze turning fierce, Fuck, that damn flirtatious fox. He dares torment me like this! If I dont screw him until he cries for his parents and regrets everything he did, then I would be the young master of the Ji family in vain!

Lin Xuanzhi was frightened by Ji Yunweis boldness. At the same time, he couldnt help but click his tongue in secret, looks like Ji Yunwei really is on the verge of exploding from anger. Otherwise, how could such a fastidious young master of an elite family curse so much?

Lin Xuanzhi stared at Ji Yunwei with a rather profound gaze. Ji Yunwei was immersed in his indignation and hatred, so he naturally didnt notice Lin Xuanzhis expression.

After a moment, seeing that Ji Yunwei was still in the midst of a mental breakdown, Lin Xuanzhi took the initiative to break this sort of strange atmosphere. I just so happen to have a magic treasure with me.

Ji Yunweis head whooshed right up. What magic treasure? Sell it to me, quick!

Lin Xuanzhi coughed softly. But you know about my cultivation level. Even if its a top-grade magic tool, it may not be able to tie that Nine-Tailed Divine Fox up. After all, theres still a difference in levels.

Ji Yunwei said through clenched teeth, I dont request for something that can keep him tied up. As long as it can tie him up for a period of time, Ill be perfectly satisfied.

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