Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Not Very Proper

Ch205 – Not Very Proper

Its enough. Ji Yunwei stared at the Demon Binding Rope like a hungry wolf and grabbed it. He gave a sinister sneer, That damned flirtatious fox, tonight Ill make him regret his actions!

Lin Xuanzhi thought about it. However, have you considered what you would do if, after you obtained your desired recompense, the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox fully recovered?

At worst hell kill me. Ji Yunweis eyes glowed with a bloody light. He raised his lips coldly, A warrior can be killed but not humiliated. He humiliated me so much that Ive always hated not being able to end him in mutual destruction sooner.

However, with Lin Xuanzhis understanding of Ji Yunwei and the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs relationship from his previous life, he was afraid that mutual destruction would be impossible. At most, it should be rape turning into a consensual act.

Originally, Lin Xuanzhi still wanted to persuade him that since he couldnt resist it, he might as well enjoy it, but he discarded that idea after thinking about it. Ji Yunwei was currently in a fit of anger and wanted to find the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, retaliate against him, and take that fox down with him. If Lin Xuanzhi spoke those words, then wouldnt that let Ji Yunwei misunderstand him and break off all contact?

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi only thought about it but didnt take action. There were certain things that were inconvenient for him to intervene in directly, even if they were good friends.

Lin Xuanzhi could only speak meaningful and heartfelt words, Young man, dont be too impulsive in your actions.

Ji Yunweis eyes glowed with green light as he assured, Dont worry, I wont kill him. At most hell be half dead.

Lin Xuanzhi,

Ji Yunwei pondered over how to screw the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox half-dead while he asked, Do you have any knockout drugs, chains, or shackles these kinds of things?

Lin Xuanzhi was silent for a moment. Under Ji Yunweis expectant gaze, he answered, If you really want professional ones, you should go purchase them in stores.

To tell the truth, that Demon Binding Rope of his was originally intended as a training prop for Ah Bai and Hu Po. The things that Ji Yunwei wantedThere was no target to use them on at all! Hes a very proper craftsman, not an outstanding genius of the lowest professions!

Ji Yunwei waved his hand, slightly disappointed, If you dont have it, then forget about it. If I go to the shopping district to buy these things, passersby will most certainly gossip about me. Furthermore, Im still very worried that items found on the streets wont have very good quality, Xuanzhi is still more reliable.

Having said that, he faintly fixed Lin Xuanzhi with a stare again. Too bad, with respect to this category of magic treasures, you really crafted too little.

Lin Xuanzhi felt the same way and nodded. Yeah, I will refine some in the future. Which kind do you want?

Ji Yunwei immediately listed a series of fun adult play magic treasures without even blinking. Lin Xuanzhi was flabbergasted and thought, It seems that this Ji family young master isnt as proper as he looks on the surface!

Two tiger cubs began to behave atrociously as soon as they climbed the mountain and soon ran out of sight, but Yan Tianhen wasnt worried. In any case, as soon as he calls them, those two tiger cubs will eagerly run back to him.

Yan Tianhen found the place he used to meet with Ling Chigu frequently. As soon as he was about to summon Ah Gu, he felt that there was something wrong with the scenery.

The peach blossoms clearly werent in full bloom that day, but when he looked again today, his entire vision was unexpectedly filled with luminous pink and white peach blossoms blooming splendidly. Many petals were falling with the breeze, contrasting with the verdant hills and bright rays of sunshine to form a perfect scene right out of a picture scroll.

Yan Tianhen gazed at this beautiful picturesque scene for a while and rubbed his head, unable to understand how the half-dead, shriveled-up tree from his memories just a few days ago had taken on such a lively and beautiful appearance in such a short time.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but walk forward, reaching out a hand to touch a double-petal peach blossom. Suddenly, a mysterious feeling passed along from his fingertips to his brain. Yan Tianhens body shook suddenly, and he rapidly retreated a few steps.

A voice started to ring beside his ear

So you came.

Yan Tianhen turned his head back but didnt see anyone. His eyes flashed with fear. Who are you? Where are you? How come you can talk to me?

My name is Lie Fenkong. Call my name and Ill appear in front of you.

Yan Tianhen immediately closed his mouth.

He was unwilling to call that name even if he was beaten to death. Both his elder brother and his Daddy had warned him not to casually talk to strangers. Otherwise, there was no guarantee that the stranger wouldnt be a child-trafficker who wanted to snatch children away to serve as furnaces.

Yan Tianhens teeth clattered in fear and he didnt dare open his mouth to speak.

Trembling all over, Yan Tianhen was preparing to summon Ling Chigu here to support him, but before he had time to establish a contract in his consciousness, he suddenly heard someone behind him yell, And I was wondering who it was. Its actually you!

Yan Tianhen heard this familiar yet grating voice and let out a breath of relief. He felt that the terribly strange atmosphere and sound that strained his nerves had disappeared in a flash.

Yan Tianhen turned around and saw Lin Yaer standing together with a group of people.

Lin Yaer was already a disciple of Cloud Jade Sect and currently wore the Dao robes of Cloud Jade Sect. Her hair was also rolled up into a cloud-shaped bun. She looked more dignified than before, but her words were still as unforgiving as usual.

Beside Lin Yaer stood some youths dressed in delicate and ornate clothing. It was unknown whether they were people from the Five Great Sects or from the hundred families.

A female cultivator who looked petite and exquisite blinked. Yaer Shimei, this person looks so ugly. Who is he?

Him Lin Yaer dragged out her accent and continued, He freeloads off of the Lin family and follows Lin Xuanzhi around all day long like a slave, always trying to please people.

I know him. A female cultivator stood out and spoke with knitted brows, I was on the same stage as him a few days ago trying to refine pills, but just as I was about to refine a pill, his furnace blew up and the explosion spread to my area.

Afterwards, even though this female alchemist had started refining a new medicinal pill from scratch, her sense of perception and techniques couldnt be compared to the previous attempt, so she didnt end up with a good ranking in the alchemist competition.

Ziling Shijie, hes just like a pestilence. Lin Yaer curled her lips up and said ruthlessly, When I was at the Lin family, my Second Uncle treated him like his own son. In the end, who knows how Second Uncle provoked him, but he actually let Second Uncle die for him. Same with Lin Xuanzhi, he returned to the Lin family as a complete waste and got by in living conditions even worse than that of a branch familys. Was all this not due to the blessing of this plague god?

Ah! A female cultivator covered her mouth and looked at Yan Tianhen in horror as she took two steps back. This person is too evil, to actually harm Xuanzhi Gege like this.

Yeah, how could Craftsman Lin have such a Didi who only drags him down? If I were him, I would just chase this bad luck curse directly out of the family.

It seems that Lin Young Master is indeed a kindhearted person.

Whoever came into contact with him contracted bad luck. So what if he could refine pills? In any case, hes not the only alchemist in the world, but hes the only one to explode his furnace every time he refines a pill!

Although these female cultivators deliberately targeted Yan Tianhen and found him unpleasant to the eyes no matter how they looked, many of them secretly held affection for Lin Xuanzhi, who had already gained great fame and had a remarkable and graceful bearing. One important reason that Lin Yaer could obtain a firm foothold in Cloud Jade Sect so fast was because she publicized her sibling relationship with Lin Xuanzhi everywhere she went, which made people mistakenly believe that Lin Xuanzhi thought very highly of Lin Yaer.

Yan Tianhen felt very unlucky in his heart that he was able to run into Lin Yaer even at such a place.

Yan Tianhen thought of Lin Xuanzhis exhortation to not argue with others, so he planned to turn around and leave.

Stop! Lin Yaer didnt expect that he would want to leave without even saying a single word. Yan Tianhen, pass along my words to Lin Xuanzhi for me. Ive decided to disregard the former hatred and continue to participate as a member of the Lin family. A few days later, in Pill Limit Mysterious Land, tell Lin Xuanzhi to go together with our inner disciples from Cloud Jade Sect here.

Ever since Lin Xuanzhi became popular, Lin Yaer had changed her originally completely-hostile attitude towards Lin Xuanzhi. Many of Cloud Jade Sects female cultivators all inquired about Lin Xuanzhis situation from her, and every single one of them looked stirred up by affectionate love, which made Lin Yaer see Lin Xuanzhis value.

Therefore, Lin Yaer intended to repair her relationship with Lin Xuanzhi. Of course, this kind of repairing their relationship was built entirely on the basis of benefits and exploitation.

However, Lin Yaer was still not self-aware regarding this matter. She only thought that her biological brother was an inner disciple of Sky Peak Sect and that she was also an inner disciple of Cloud Jade Sect herself while, frankly, Lin Xuanzhi was merely a craftsman who had just revealed some outstanding talent but without much background. Her taking the initiative to express goodwill was already a humbling gesture on her part, so what could Lin Xuanzhi possibly be dissatisfied with?

Hes bound to treat her to a warm welcome and with all the respect she was due.

However, Yan Tianhen only felt that this was laughable and ridiculous when he heard this kind of bossy command that spelled out all of the speakers thoughts with only a glance. Where in the world did this Lin Yaer get this kind of self-confidence from, to actually mistake his Dage as someone at Lin Yaers beck and call?

Thus, Yan Tianhen turned his head and looked at Lin Yaer. He spoke coldly, My Dage doesnt want to walk together with a woman like you at all. Besides, you also said before that youll have nothing to do with the Lin family anymore. You cant take back the words you spoke, just like you cant take back water you spilled.

Lin Yaers expression changed. She secretly scolded, Yan Tianhen, this brat, cant understand anything for the life of him and doesnt give people face. She sneered, Honourable me is only letting you pass on my words. Im not telling you to make a decision for Xuanzhi.

What Im saying is what my Dage wants to say. Yan Tianhen spoke bluntly, unafraid of offending Lin Yaer. He continued, Well each walk our separate paths. You and my Dage have nothing to do with each other. Dont waste your energy in vain, trying to worm your way into becoming friends.

You brat, your words are too vulgar. A young master stood out. He had always been trying to win over Lin Yaer, and now he felt that his opportunity to show off had come.

Craftsman Lin is not such a narrow-minded and petty person. Although Yaer and he had some misunderstandings, their surnames are both Lin, and people from one family dont have protracted feuds. Since when was it an outsiders turn to stir up trouble on matters between siblings?

Thats right.

Several other people, by and large, held this kind of attitude as well and chimed in one after another to criticize Yan Tianhen for driving a wedge between the siblings.

Yeah, outsider.

Yan Tianhen thought with a little self-mockery that in these peoples eyes, he was forever an ugly outsider who couldnt afford to be seen and who dragged Lin Xuanzhi down he had already been called that even back when Lin Xuanzhi was still the pride of Profound Sky Sect. Moreover, at that time, he didnt know what Lin Xuanzhi was thinking in his heart. In any case, he would never put Yan Tianhen in his heart and indifferently allowed him to be scolded and humiliated.

Editors Little Theatre:

LY: If I say so, LXZ has to bow to me and give me face!

LXZ: Who are you?

YTH: Shes the one who cut off all ties with the Lin family but still has the face to try and use your family ties!

LXZ: What family ties? I thought she cut off all ties

YTH: Exactly!

LY: What I say is right!

LXZ: Was that a fly buzzing in the air?

YTH: Dage, maybe you should craft something to swat the fly away!

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