Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Yunwei Strikes Back

Ch207 – Yunwei Strikes Back

Ah Bai snuggled into Yan Tianhens arms and stretched out his tongue to lick his wrist.

Hu Po, who had always been very prideful, trotted over slowly, jumped on Yan Tianhens thighs, and rubbed his head against Yan Tianhens chest.

Anyways, you still have Ah Bai and Hu Po!

Lin Xuanzhi had noticed that Yan Tianhen was acting strange, but Yan Tianhens mouth was like a clamshell that couldnt be opened no matter how he tried. He didnt want to force Yan Tianhen to do something he didnt want to do either, so he went back to his room, took out a Voice Transmission Bell, and lightly shook it a few times. Very soon, a slight ringing sound could be heard from a distance.

Xuanzhi. The other sides voice contained traces of a smile as it continued, You left not long ago, yet you want to talk to me again?

Lin Xuanzhi ignored the other partys teasingly ambiguous tone and replied, I want to ask you to help me investigate something.

Bai Yichen was slightly surprised. You rarely ever take the initiative to speak, what do you want to investigate?

Lin Xuanzhis eyes were slightly cold. Check who has gone to the falling flower forest outside Yudai Mountain today.

Okay. Bai Yichen readily agreed and didnt ask why Lin Xuanzhi wanted him to investigate this. He only said, I havent paid you yet for the two cups you brought me.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly responded, Then just keep on owing for now.

I dare not owe you this. Your favors arent something that can be repaid with money.

Then pay it back with a favor.

Bai Yichen chuckled, I thought youd say I have to pay it back by devoting my heart to you.

Lin Xuanzhi found that Bai Yichen was always stirring him up, and his words always developed in a very ambiguous direction. Of course, Lin Xuanzhi didnt believe that Bai Yichen really took a fancy to him and wanted to have some great development with him.

Huangfu Jin really is pitiful. Lin Xuanzhi spoke bluntly.

Whats to pity? At least he still has a senior martial brother with him. I, however, am a lonely soul through and through.

You dont have to be such a lonely person either. Lin Xuanzhi continued, Huangfu Jin hangs onto every word you say and is devoted to you, why do you not consider him?

Because the person he trusts wholeheartedly and holds deep affection towards isnt me. Bai Yichen smiled. You only know that Leng Jixue is one of my split souls, but you dont know that he and I are in actuality two different people. Leng Jixue has all of my kindness and compassion. Even the Dao of Heaven is reluctant to strike against such a person, but I I am a person who is cursed by the Dao of Heaven.

Lin Xuanzhi paused. Have you ever wondered what would happen to Huangfu Jin if, one day, Leng Jixue was no longer in the world?

If Bai Yichen wanted to continue living and break the Dao of Heavens curse, then he would surely have to collect that soul fragment within Leng Jixues body one day and once again merge it with his own soul. As a result, Leng Jixue would naturally disappear from this world.

Xuanzhi, are you concerned about me or about Huangfu Jin? Bai Yichen asked.

Its merely a matter of repaying karma. Lin Xuanzhi lightly replied.

In his previous life, he should have killed Huangfu Jin to avenge Yan Tianhen, but afterward, Huangfu Jin tormented himself into such a pathetic state that death would have been more merciful, so Lin Xuanzhi refused to dirty his hands any further.

In this lifetime, he didnt really intend to deal with Huangfu Jin with his own hands.

He owed Bai Yichen karma and also took advantage of Bai Yichens great grace in his past life. Without this person, he wouldnt have had the opportunity to recuperate in the soul plate and become a craftsman, not to mention repairing the Revert World Mirror and letting everything return to its starting point.

Since kindness outweighed enmity, Lin Xuanzhi didnt intend to delve into further retaliation against Huangfu Jin.

After all, even if he didnt scheme against Huangfu Jin, Huangfu Jin still couldnt win against Bai Yichen no matter how hard he tried.

He mistakenly gave his entire passionate heart to an impossible person. Perhaps even in the end, when he fell into a state of extreme despair and was beside himself with an inconsolably broken heart, he still couldnt even understand exactly who his most beloved person was.

Lin Xuanzhi was unwilling to be mixed up in such emotional matters and finally said, Tell me the result as soon as possible.

Rest assured.

Lin Xuanzhi took back the voice transmission bell and didnt say much to Bai Yichen after that.

When he returned to Yan Tianhens room, he found that Yan Tianhen seemed to have returned to normal. Not only did he let Lin Xuanzhi rub his small face, but he also asked about Ji Yunweis affairs like nothing had happened.

Lin Xuanzhi avoided the important matters and dwelt on the trivial while telling the story to Yan Tianhen. He naturally wouldnt tell him those indescribable matters between adults. He only said that Ji Yunwei had offended a fox and wanted some magic treasures from Lin Xuanzhi to deal with it.

Just like that, the two spent a peaceful and harmonious day together.

Speaking of Ji Yunwei, after he obtained the Demon Binding Rope, his heart became a lot more confident. He naturally wouldnt put all his hope onto this rope; hed also prepared a lot of mysterious drugs and magic weapons effective for trapping demonic beasts.

Ji Yunwei took out almost everything in his possession in order to make this work. He couldnt wait to capture the shameless fox tonight and teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Night fell. The moon was dark and the winds high. Ji Yunwei lied on the bed and pretended to sleep, his eyes closed, but was in fact constantly perceiving the situation around him with all five senses.

Once one oclock passed, the window that was originally securely closed by a treasure was blown open by a gust of wind, revealing a small crack. A pure white figure, like a demonic ghost, fell silently on Ji Yunweis bedside.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox had already visited for six consecutive days.

He shook nine fluffy tails and swept Ji Yunweis face with one of them.

Ji Yunwei violently opened his eyes and glowered at the fox, whose coquettish eyes were narrow and slim. Why did you come here again? Get out.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox jumped onto Ji Yunweis body and stretched out his tongue, licking Ji Yunweis lips. Because the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox used his cultivation level and power to press down Ji Yunwei, he couldnt move a bit. Thus, the fox was able to wantonly take advantage of him.

Ji Yunweis entire body trembled with anger but he was also helpless.

The difference was too great and he couldnt resist.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox blinked and turned into a naked young man with silver hair. He had a very attractive and charming face. His skin was smooth and white, like fine silk. He pulled Ji Yunweis hand and touched it to his own chest, smiling, What am I doing here, husband? Of course Im asking for you, love. Doesnt husband miss me if you dont see me for one day? But I miss my husband, as though not seeing you for one day is akin to not seeing you for three entire autumns. My heart aches just thinking about it.

Ji Yunwei had some nausea and felt sick. His icy eyes stared into the Nine-Tailed Nine Foxs purple eyes that were moist with lust and desire. I feel disgusted when I see you. Get out and stay away from me. Otherwise, I wont be polite.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs expression looked somewhat sad. He straddled Ji Yunweis waist with his legs. A pair of beautiful hands probed towards Ji Yunweis sleepwear on his chest.

I wont be happy if husband says it like this. You and I clearly have an affinity with each other. Its not like you didnt feel good either

The Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs finger moved back and forth under Ji Yunweis clothes, gently caressing his muscles. The foxs eyes showed grievance. He pouted, So husband should properly compensate me tonight.

Humiliation and shame appeared on Ji Yunweis face. He closed his eyes, as if accepting his fate.

Suddenly, the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox touched something that gave him a strange feeling. His expression immediately changed, and he wanted to run outside but was firmly tied down in an instant by the thing that brought him a great sense of danger.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox fell onto the floor like a dog gnawing at the mud.

You- A trace of surprise flashed through the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs eyes. He struggled against the golden rope but found that his own cultivation actually had no effect at all when bound in this rope.

Where did you get this rope? The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox asked with wide eyes.

So its actually a little useful. Ji Yunwei put on a coat and stepped down from the bed. He squatted down beside the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, held his sharp chin, narrowed his eyes, and sneered, Do you think that I cant kill you?

There was no panic in the foxs eyes. Even though he became a prisoner, he was only startled for a split second.

Husband, what do you want to tie me up for? The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox asked. If you want to be on top, then just tell me directly. Its not like Ill refuse.

Disgusting! Ji Yunwei said viciously.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox stretched out his tongue and licked Ji Yunweis hand.

Ji Yunwei was seriously disgusted this time. All of a sudden, he shook off the foxs chin and slapped him with the back of his hand.

A crisp and clear sound rang out.

The corner of the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs mouth was bloodied.

He licked the corners of his lips and, still smiling charmingly, asked, Now that youve captured me, what do you want?

Ji Yunwei looked at him coldly. Yank out your tendons and dig out your bones. Skin you and eat your flesh.

But the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox blinked at him. Everyone says that one day spent as husband and wife creates an enduring love of at least a hundred days. You and I have been husband and wife so many times. You have my scent on your body, and I also have your scent on mine. Are you really willing to treat me like this?

Ji Yunwei was enraged by these words. He grabbed a fistful of the foxs hair in his hands and forced him to raise his head. He ground out through gnashed his teeth, Youd better not provoke me. I dont kill demonic beasts, but that doesnt mean I wont ever kill demonic beasts!

A trace of astonishment flashed through the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs eyes but soon disappeared.

This rope wont hold me for long. The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox curled his lips enchantingly and used rubbed against Ji Yunweis calf with his jade-white foot. If you want to do something to me, you should hurry and do it now, or else when I run away, you will never have a chance again.

Waves of wild horses galloped through Ji Yunweis heart. Indeed, he had originally intended for this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox to feel the same humiliation and disgrace that he had felt, but he changed his mind right now this fox had no shame. If he really screwed him, wouldnt that just be letting the fox get what he wanted?

Ji Yunwei narrowed his eyes. I wont touch you. But, I dont know if youve ever heard of a forbidden art in the families of beast tamers that can make trapped demonic beasts lose their intelligence and live like animals?

The Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs body suddenly stiffened. He tried to retreat back a little. You shouldnt have coincidentally learned it? This is a forbidden art. Youre a Young Master, you shouldnt have learned it.

Ji Yunwei explained, Its exactly because I am the Ji familys Young Master that I learned this kind of forbidden arts from an early age. I really cant use proper methods to deal with vulgar demonic beasts like you.

Only then did the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox become panicked. He struggled to free himself from the rope, but that Demon Binding Rope only tightened further the more he struggled and even prevented him from putting any of his cultivation to use. The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox kept on cursing what a terrible and scary craftsman actually came up with this magic treasure while uneasily worrying at the same time that Ji Yunwei really would know that art.

I wont trouble you anymore in the future. The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox suddenly cried pitifully. I swear, I wont trouble you anymore!

Ji Yunwei said coldly, Too late.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox said, You humans are so laughable, you can only make all kinds of traps to catch me but wont allow me to bully you guys. You humans really arent anything good.

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