Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Little Fox Cub

Ch208 – Little Fox Cub

Ji Yunwei ignored the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox and estimated the time instead. He started to form hand seals and began the technique.

He first bit his finger and pressed the blood onto the center of the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs forehead, then took out a pagoda-shaped object from his storage bag.

When he saw the pagoda, the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs pupils suddenly constricted into vertical slits, and fear and panic rose on his face.

He never could have imagined that Ji Yunwei actually held such a powerful magic treasure in his hands.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox wanted to run away, but his entire body was so firmly bound, how could he when he couldnt even move?

Thus, in Ji Yunweis eyes, a naked teenager was shivering on the ground, and even the fox ears on his head were quivering.

Ji Yunwei didnt expect that the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox would actually be frightened into such a state. He was slightly startled and pressed the top of the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs head as he spoke, Yeah, humans arent anything good, so why force me into such greatly humiliating acts?

With a wahh, the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox started crying, tears staining his beautiful face, looking truly pitiful, but Ji Yunwei was not in the least bit sympathetic and directly drew the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs intelligence out and into the pagoda.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox instantly changed from human form into a fox only the size of a puppy. His pair of charming and seductive eyes also turned into round apricot eyes.

The Demon Binding Rope reached its time limit and fell from the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs body.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox timidly shrank back a few steps, but Ji Yunwei caught him in his hand with a swipe.

Ji Yunwei and the small Nine-Tailed Divine Fox stared at each other.

Ji Yunwei felt that this was beyond his expectations. He had indeed used this kind of forbidden arts for the first time and drawn out the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs intelligence, but he never thought that this would actually make the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox directly regress to infancy.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox looked at Ji Yunwei with tearful eyes, his two front paws rubbing against each other, as if trying to curry favor. He looked both pitiful and cute.

Ji Yunweis expression was cloudy and uncertain, and he really wanted to curse.

Damn it, he had previously thought that after he had collected this Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs intelligence, he would then cripple his cultivation and nip the problem in the bud, but he didnt expect that this hateful and abominable fox actually turned into this how could he hurt something like this?

Ji Yunwei clenched his fist and entertained the idea of killing the damned fellow with a single fist. However, when Ji Yunweis fist reached the top of the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs head, he couldnt continue onwards no matter how hard he tried.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox shivered and huddled into a ball, not daring to move at all. His eyes were moist with unshed tears.

As a member of a family of beast tamers, Ji Yunwei had interacted with demonic beasts since childhood. Some demonic beasts were impatient, some were soft and timid, some were intelligent, some were dull, and some held benevolent thoughts while others harbored malicious and vicious thoughts. But from Ji Yunweis own point of view, all the demonic beasts that he had raised were ferocious and difficult to train.

Most of his few contracted beasts today were also the same.

They were quite different from this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox that cried to him without saying a word. They could be said to be as different as heaven and earth, night and day.

Ji Yunwei seemed as though hed been set on fire and instantly snapped his hand back. The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox crashed down onto the floor with a thud and fell on all four legs. His eyes were filled with stars as he laid foolishly on the ground with his four small white feet that had some fiery red fur mixed in. Dont even mention how cute he was.

Ji Yunwei stared at this fox cub for half a day. Finally, he helplessly held his forehead and sighed. He lifted the fox cub and threw it onto the bed.

Of course hed have to take responsibility for the results of his own actions.

The next morning, Ji Yunwei took a fluffy fox cub with him as he went to find Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi stared at the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, who was obediently lying in Ji Yunweis arms while holding a demonic delight fruit and joyfully licking it, and his expression suddenly became somewhat subtle and delicate.

Where is Ah Hen? Ji Yunwei asked.

He went to Sky Peak Sect to learn from Alchemist Zhongli in order to stop blowing up the furnace in the future. Lin Xuanzhi replied.

Ji Yunwei couldnt help but click his tongue. To be able to catch Alchemist Zhonglis attention, one can see that he has brilliant talent and will certainly become the most powerful alchemist in the future.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. I hope so as well.

He swept a glance over the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox and laughed with amusement. It seems that the Demon Binding Ropes effect yesterday wasnt bad.

Yeah, its really quite good. Many of the magic treasures in my hands couldnt even enter this little bastards eyes, but who would have expected that as soon as he touched the Demon Binding Rope, he was firmly bound Brother Lin, this rope wouldnt happen to be a fantastical treasure, would it?

Its only for dealing with demonic beast cultivators. Lin Xuanzhi explained lightly.

He naturally wouldnt tell Ji Yunwei that this Demon Binding Rope wasnt made by him but was a treasure tool left behind by his father.

Ill return the Demon Binding Rope to you. Ji Yunwei handed Lin Xuanzhi the Demon Binding Rope.

Lin Xuanzhi received the rope and stared at the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox that looked even more adorable than the tiger cubs. He then leveled an especially complicated gaze at Ji Yunwei. What in the world did you do to him? He looks as if he had been tormented out of his mind.

How intense would last night have been?!

Dont you overthink this. Ji Yunwei knew exactly what he was thinking as soon as he saw Lin Xuanzhis expression and hurriedly explained his innocence. I didnt do anything improper with him. I just temporarily took away his intelligence. Otherwise, I absolutely wouldnt be this foxs opponent.

Lin Xuanzhi thought it was somewhat incredible. What method did you use to take away his intelligence?

Family secret. Ji Yunwei tried to smile mysteriously.

Lin Xuanzhi,

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox that had lost his intelligence didnt necessarily experience a drop in cultivation level. Rather, he had forgotten that he was a very powerful demonic beast; his cultivation was still there, but he hadnt yet awakened the knowledge on properly using it.

You plan toRaise him? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

What else can I do if I dont raise him? Ji Yunwei asked somewhat helplessly. Although I want to peel off his skin and fur to make clothes, hes only this big right now and isnt even enough for a scarf. I can only raise him beside me and then directly slaughter him after he fattens up.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was immediately frightened, shivering in fear while looking at Ji Yunwei with pitiful and begging eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi saw this and clicked his tongue in wonder. He felt that this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was also quite lacking in principles.

Ji Yunwei continued, I want you to make a magic treasure that can control his cultivation. Do you have a way?

Lin Xuanzhi swept him a glance. Do you really think I have everything here?

Ji Yunwei laughed, Naturally. Theres probably no magic treasure in this world that Brother Xuanzhi cannot craft.

Lin Xuanzhi also laughed. You think too highly of me. Its not easy to craft a magic treasure that can trap this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox.

The price is negotiable. Ji Yunwei blinked at him.

Discussing money is in poor taste.

Good brothers dont take advantage of each other. Ji Yunwei said. I cant let Brother Lin suffer losses even after making such an all-out effort. As I said before, if I could get this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, then I would invite Brother Lin for a drink. Now it can pretty much be considered using an alternative method to obtain him.

Lin Xuanzhi and the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, whose eyes were bright, clear, and extremely cunning, stared at each other. He raised the corners of his lips. Brother Yunwei must not lower your guard. There are thousands of different types of beasts in this world, yet only foxes are the most cunning and devious. Who knows if youll be tricked by this fox someday in a moment of carelessness.

Ji Yunwei carelessly raised his hand and rubbed the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs head as he laughed willfully, Though foxes are crafty and sly, they are still beasts in the end and not human. In this world, when it comes to crafty plots and schemes and devious natures, what spiritual creature can compare with human beings? Ah Jius intelligence is only at an infancy stage, it wont be so easy for him to deceive me.

Really. Lin Xuanzhi no longer spoke any more superfluous words. As for an item that can suppress cultivation levels, I actually do know how to craft it, but I dont have all the materials.

Ji Yunwei was in quite a hurry. I might as well accompany you to choose the materials together. It just so happens that the Bai familys Hundred Treasures Pavilion is only a short distance away.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Alright.

He could only truly rest assured if he personally selected the materials.

To be honest, Lin Xuanzhi didnt really believe that this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox had truly lost his intelligence and became an infant fox cub, but no matter how he scrutinized while on the road, he couldnt see anything out of the ordinary, or else the foxs cultivation level was too high, or perhaps Ji Yunweis secret family method was too powerful. In short, Lin Xuanzhi really couldnt make heads or tails of this matter.

Lin Xuanzhi chose some materials and was forcibly stuffed a large commission by Ji Yunwei, then he and Ji Yunwei parted ways.

Before Ji Yunwei had left, Lin Xuanzhi repeatedly warned him to always be on guard against this Nine-Tailed Divine Fox and to not take anything he finds strange lightly.

Although the task of refining magic treasures seemed urgent, it was in fact not at all urgent. A magic treasure that could suppress a demonic beast cultivators cultivation wasnt something that could be successfully refined so easily and even Lin Xuanzhi would need three to five days, but tomorrow he needed to leave for the Pill Limit Mysterious Land and had no time for refining, so he could only put it off until he found some time in the future.

Ji Yunwei expressed his understanding, as if he didnt care that the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox would suddenly recover his cultivation.

Sky Peak Sect, on Pill Peak.

With a loud bang, a pill furnace burst open.

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips and looked at Zhongli Shen, who was sitting across from him, with some embarrassment.

However, Zhongli Shens face held no trace of blame or reproach, as if he had already expected that the furnace would explode. Continue.

Yan Tianhen touched his nose and spoke with guilt, How about, lets not continue anymore? Ive already blown up two furnaces already. If I explode another one, itll be the third.

Although he didnt know too much about the goods, Zhongli Shens pill furnaces were all of the highest quality. Successively blowing up two of them had already made Yan Tianhens psychological burden very heavy.

But Zhongli Shen only waved his hand and boldly proclaimed, Continue exploding them. Id like to see exactly how many furnaces you can explode.

Yan Tianhen muttered, Probably all of them.

Explode! Zhongli Shen spoke only one word.

Since Zhongli Shen was so insistent, Yan Tianhen had to ask for clarification.

Alchemist Zhongli, exploding these furnaces, I shouldnt need to compensate for them, right? Yan Tianhen was very worried.

Zhongli Shen looked askance at him. Can you afford it?

Yan Tianhen shook his head. I cant afford it.

Zhongli Shen then said especially calmly, Then thats that. Why think about so much about trivial matters? Hurry up and explode it.

Yan Tianhen,

In fact, he didnt mean to explode the furnaces.

Yan Tianhen continued to sit cross-legged as he formed hand seals, beginning to refine pills. After one incenses worth of time had passed, Zhongli Shens eyes suddenly froze. He looked at the ice-blue flame flashing across the mouth of the pill furnace and slapped his thigh, I understand now!

Yan Tianhen was startled, and with a loud bang, the furnace exploded again.

Luckily, the little yellow duck that Lin Xuanzhi gave him, plus the many other high-grade defensive items, protected him, so the explosion didnt affect Yan Tianhen.

Zhongli Shen also brought his own magic treasures with him. The blown-up ashes and fragments of the exploded furnace all seemed to be blocked by an invisible wall in front of him and couldnt advance at all.

Yan Tianhen looked at Zhongli Shen with anxious eagerness and asked, Alchemist Zhongli, why on earth do I always blow up the furnace?

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