Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 211

Chapter 211 The Reason Within

Chapter 211 The Reason Within

Zhongli Shen raised his eyelids. You really dared to say it.

The status and significance of the titles direct disciples and named disciples were very different; direct disciples would be the ones inheriting their masters legacy, so they were selected very carefully.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Because Ah Hen is worth it. Otherwise, you wouldnt personally make the trip here.

Elders of Zhongli Shens status wouldnt waste even a minute of their time on an unknown disciple unless they really cared about them.

Zhongli Shen did not deny it and instead nodded. Your guess is right. I do have that intention. Although he blows up his furnaces, his talent is remarkable and rare.

So its not suitable for Ah Hen to follow you now. Im worried that someone will assault him viciously in secret. Lin Xuanzhi analyzed it point by point and said with incomparable calmness, Most of the named disciples under you are the sons of influential families that you couldnt reject. Even you yourself cant do as you please, so how should Ah Hen handle things by himself then?

The reason was very simple: there were tons of powerful alchemists who werent acknowledged by Zhongli Shens discerning eye, so what right did a mere Yan Tianhen with no name or status have to ascend with just a single bound?

Driven by jealousy and hatred, no one could guarantee what those people would do to Yan Tianhen.

The human heart was unpredictable. Even if Lin Xuanzhi was someone who would take a gamble, he definitely wouldnt use Yan Tianhen as a stake.

He admitted that he cant afford to.

Zhongli Shen could indeed protect Yan Tianhen, but who could guarantee that he would always look after Yan Tianhen 24/7?

Zhongli Shen didnt expect Lin Xuanzhi to think so far ahead; it really made him see Lin Xuanzhi in a new light.

He had originally thought that Lin Xuanzhi just didnt want Yan Tianhen to break free from his control, or for Yan Tianhen to improve faster and become stronger than him. But from the looks of it now, it was only because Lin Xuanzhi had always been thinking in consideration for Yan Tianhen to the point where every step he took had to be done cautiously.

Zhongli Shen pondered for a bit, Dont tell me you think that, in a few years, Ill be able to protect him?

In a few years, I will be able to protect him. Lin Xuanzhi replied.

Zhongli Shen just wanted to say that this kid was insanely egotistical. How different from now could he possibly be in a few years?

Zhongli Shen couldnt help but laugh. What you just said was absolutely shameless and arrogant.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Perhaps so.

He didnt want to offer any more pointless explanations, they need only discuss it again in a few years.

Moreover, he would never feel at ease no matter whom he handed Yan Tianhen to.

Zhongli Shen stared at Lin Xuanzhi rather meaningfully. You rejected Sky Peak Sects invitation a few days ago, looks like the reason should be about the same as what you just put forward.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded again.

Zhongli Shen squinted. Since youre that confident in yourself and youre so opinionated, I wont say much more.

He Zhongli Shen laughed. You really dont care about the celestial-level pill?

Zhongli Shen was stunned, the smile on his face disappearing. Yan Tianhen was right about some things. Youre too dictatorial in the way you treat him. You should ask him about whether hes willing first.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze darkened a little. I will reflect on myself, Alchemist Zhongli need not worry about it.

Zhongli Shen couldnt be bothered to care about such affairs of others. After all, it was never good for strangers to have too deep a conversation with each other. Moreover the disciple that he finally took a fancy to ran away, he still felt quite upset about that!

After Zhongli Shen left, Lin Xuanzhi finally collapsed onto a chair.

Yan Tianhens words still resounded clearly in his ears; every single word and sentence still had yet to disappear from his memory. All those complaints of Yan Tianhen were echoing in his mind

Lin Xuanzhis heart was thoroughly broken, and he felt utterly defeated.

After his rebirth he had always treated Yan Tianhen, the only one whom he regards as a precious treasure, both seriously and gently while carrying a deep sense of guilt and the desire to make up for his past mistakes. He arranged everything for him and paved all his paths for him, and no matter what Lin Xuanzhi planned to do, he would consider Yan Tianhens gains and losses first.

He thought that as an elder brother, he had already done his best to protect and love him, but Just one Zhongli Shen could force Yan Tianhen to say all those heartbreaking words.

Did he really make a mistake?

Would he never be able to change Yan Tianhens impression of him no matter how hard he tried to make it up to him, and no matter how much he repented? Would Yan Tianhen never be able to truly trust him and depend on him?

Lin Xuanzhi was in a little bit of a daze. He sat for a while, then let out a prolonged sigh.

Hu Po shifted slowly over to Lin Xuanzhis side and squatted by his feet, using his body to nudge Lin Xuanzhis calf and stared at Lin Xuanzhi with his bright, glowing amber eyes.

Lin Xuanzhis heart turned soft. He reached out and put Hu Po on his legs.

Will feel upset indeed. Lin Xuanzhi muttered, And will probably feel sorry for oneself ba. I dont know how to face him.

I cant imagine that he actually resents and hates me when he smiles at me.

What should I do?

Actually, in the past lifeI really couldnt figure out why he fell in love with me.

He had always thought that he understood Yan Tianhen very well, but from the looks of it now, it was merely his wishful thinking.

Yan Tianhen ran straight to Mt. Xi in one breath.

Rose clouds filled the sky at sunset, looking particularly vast and expansive.

However, Yan Tianhen was in no mood to admire the magnificent scenery. Right now, his heart was filled with irrepressible grievances.

What right did Lin Xuanzhi have to ask him to get lost?

He had just blurted out some words in a spur of anger, but it shouldnt have been bad enough to get him chased out of the house ba?

Moreover, he was kindly analyzing the pros and cons for Lin Xuanzhi and had just brought up some of his ideas, yet Lin Xuanzhi treated him coldly.

The more Yan Tianhen thought about it, the more wronged he felt and he couldnt help but purse his lips. He wanted to cry, his eyes reddening.

Hes clearly the dictatorial one who doesnt tell me anything and doesnt even ask me anything, yet he wont let others talk about it. Yan Tianhen grabbed Ah Bai, who was nudging his butt by his side, and held him in his arms. He rubbed his sour nose a little sadly.

Ah Bai nodded appropriately and even stretched out his small paws to rub the tears on Yan Tianhens chin.

Yan Tianhen sniffed forcefully and sobbed, Do you know how over the top he was? He chased me away just like that and actually asked me to get lost. Wuwudoes he really not want me anymore? If he doesnt want me anymore, what should I do ah?

Ah Bai scratched his head anxiously and howled, Big master wont abandon small master. Hes just angry, just like how youre angry!

Yan Tianhen stared at Ah Bai with teary eyes. Really? But he didnt come after me, and hes not coaxing me eithercant he just coax me a little? If he coaxes me, I wont be angry at him anymore. If he doesnt want to let me go, then I wont go, but he cant always prevent me from speaking my mind, wu

Ah Bai was somewhat confused. In the past few years as a tiger cub, from what he saw, if one didnt scratch the other partys face during a fight, it would already be considered quite good, why would one coax the opponent??

Ah Bai licked his paws, confused, and instantly scrunched up his furry little face bitter, it tasted bad!

Whenever Yan Tianhen felt wronged, he would always bawl, and when he used to bawl in the past, Lin Xuanzhi would always put him on his lap and coax him gently. He would even buy him a lot of delicious food to make him happy, which was how he spoiled Yan Tianhen until he became like this.

And now, not only was Lin Xuanzhi not coaxing him or making him laugh, but he was also making him cry and feel upset.

Lin Zhan was dead.

No one cared about what he thought anymore.

The days he spent with Lin Zhan were all vivid in his mind. The image of Lin Zhan sacrificing himself to save him was also replaying constantly in his mind; when he recalled all those happy and sad days, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but feel even more upset, his tears dripping down freely.

He missed Daddy.

He didnt want Dage anymore.

Dage asked him to get lost. After he did get lost, he could never return.

Ah Bai scratched his head anxiously. He wanted to comfort Yan Tianhen, but he was limited by this body of his and could only howl as he conversed with Yan Tianhen through the contract, but he still wasnt fluent in the human language and Yan Tianhen didnt even listen to him.

Yan Tianhen was finally done crying after bawling for such a long time. He rubbed his swollen eyes and looked up. Only then did he realize that it was completely dark.

Yan TIanhen wanted to cry again. He held Ah Bai in his arms. He really doesnt want me anymore. Its been so long since I ran out, but he didnt come find me. Hes not worried about me.

Ah Bai pursed his lips as well.

Yan Tianhen stood up and patted the dirt off his butt. He sniffed, Since he doesnt want me, then I dont want him too. I wont go back tonight, Im going to look for Yuyang Gege.

Ah Bai jumped down, wanting to run back to report to Lin Xuanzhi, but Yan Tianhen bowed down and pulled Ah Bai back into his arms by his neck.

Follow me to go stay with Yuyang Gege ba. Yan Tianhen said bitterly, From now on, I only have you.

Ah Bai,

No ah no ah, he still has a younger brother, he still wants his younger brother QAQ!

However, seeing as how Yan Tianhen was this pitiful and fragile, Ah Bai decided to temporarily stay with his little master as a fellow sufferer.

In any case, it wouldnt take long before small and big master reconciled.

Yan Tianhen took Ah Bai to Duan Yuyangs residence.

Duan Yuyang was about to go out to look for Yan Tianhen, but he didnt expect to bump into him at the entrance. As soon as Duan Yuyang saw Yan Tianhens eyes that were so red it looked like he got pinkeye, he was instantly taken aback and quickly pulled Yan Tianhen in, then shifted closer to inspect his eyes.

Ah Hen, why are you in such a state?

Yuyang Gegewu Once Yan Tianhen saw someone he could act coquettish with, he instantly bawled again, My Dage doesnt want me anymore, he asked me to get lost!

Duan Yuyangs heart ached from seeing him like this. He quickly pulled Yan Tianhen into his embrace and patted his back like he was coaxing a child. Ah Hen, be a good boy and stop crying. You wont look nice if your eyes are swollen. What happened between you and your Dage? Tell me first, Ill straighten it out for you.

Yan Tianhen sniffed, then stared at Duan Yuyang with teary eyes. Yuyang Gege, are you going out to attend to something?

No no. Duan Yuyang wanted to go out because he was entrusted with the task of searching for Yan Tianhen by someone. Since Yan Tianhen just so happened to come over of his own accord, there was no need for him to go out anymore.

However, due to the other partys exhortation, Duan Yuyang didnt intend to tell Yan Tianhen about it.

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