Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Entrance To The Mysterious Land

Ch214 – Entrance to the Mysterious Land

Yan Tianhen glanced at Shen Rubing and Lin Xuanzhi, who were chatting happily with each other. He thought of the unclear relationship between them and his heart instantly felt like it had been stuffed with something, making him all choked up. He couldnt understand why he would feel both downcast and upset after knowing that Lin Xuanzhi had a marriage partner. But he understood that Lin Xuanzhi would have someone whom he would be more concerned about one day.

Yan Tianhen felt so upset that he wanted to hug his head and cry at the thought of it. But at the same time, after feeling upset, what he felt, even more, was a sense of blankness and helplessness why was he like this? What should he do?

Duan Yuyang looked at this from afar and couldnt help but click his tongue. This Young Miss Shen really is quite good-looking. Should I go over to hit on her?

The one she likes is Lin Xuanzhi. A voice filled with vinegar rang out next to Duan Yuyangs ear. Duan Yuyang got a huge fright and saw someone pulling a long face when he turned to look Yuan Tianwen.


Why are you here? Duan Yuyang was rather surprised.

Im here to chase my wife. Yuan Tianwen said bitterly.

Duan Yuyang was a little speechless. The gazes around him made him feel a burning pain on his face.

Your wife? Who? Duan Yuyang asked.

Isnt it you? Who else could it be but you?

Everyone looked over at them.

You better speak properly! Duan Yuyang suppressed his voice.

Ive always been speaking properly. Yuan Tianwen pursed his lips, feeling a little wronged. He raised his voice and said rather candidly, Im really here to chase my wife, Im a dog if Im lying to you!

Fuck! Duan Yuyang kicked Yuan Tianwens leg.

Yuan Tianwen cast a cold glance at Duan Yuhao, who was staring agape from the side, then spoke gently to Duan Yuyang as if he was performing a face changing act, Who did the Duan family arrange to enter with today?

We didnt make any arrangements. Duan Yuyang raised an eyebrow and smiled in contemplation, But now ma, Ive decided that its better to go hug Lin Xuanzhis thigh.

Yuan Tianwen was actually secretly dissatisfied with how close Lin Xuanzhi and Duan Yuyang were. He always suspected that Duan Yuyang had some sort of unclear intention towards Lin Xuanzhi.

Thus, Yuan Tianwen said, Dont tell me that my thigh cant compare to Lin Xuanzhis?

But youre not as good-looking as him. Duan Yuyang blurted out and stared at Yuan Tianwen. Moreover, dont you think Young Miss Shen is also a rare beauty?

Yuan Tianwen,

Yuan Tianwen felt even more stifled now. Duan Yuyangs words made it clear that he could eat both men and women ah! In the future, he not only had to guard against men, but also against women.

After Duan Yuyang spoke, he pulled Yan Tianhen straight over to the Lin family. Yan Tianhen had struggled unwillingly at first, but he was still yanked over by Duan Yuyang and forcibly dragged over.

Little fool, if you dont become a little more proactive, your Dage will get snatched away. Duan Yuyang whispered into Yan Tianhens ear.

Sure enough, Yan Tianhen stopped struggling. He was just cross with his Dage. He still wanted to be kissed and hugged and held high by his Dage, its not like he really wanted to be separated from his Dage in the future.

Lin Xuanzhi intends to reconcile with Yan Tianhen, so he smiled, Many thanks.

Shen Rubing glanced at Yan Tianhen and she frowned and looked away shortly after. She had heard before that this younger brother of Lin Xuanzhi was both ugly and a cripple, and she had finally seen him in person today.

She just hadnt expected that Yan Tianhen would look this ugly, it had been beyond her imagination.

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at the top of Yan Tianhens head. He said to Duan Yuyang, Do you need to account for anything to the Duan family?

That? Nope. Duan Yuyang smiled, In any case, there will be someone wholl take over even if Im not with my family. Duan Yuhao is starting to sound like the leader of the Duan family when he advises the pupils of the Duan family.

Duan Yuyang could be considered to be dragging along a family with him that he has to feed not only did he take a Yan Tianhen over, but he had also dragged along a Yuan Tianwen as well.

Yuan Tianwen and Lin Xuanzhi met. He nodded. Lin Shidi.

Shen Rubing glanced sideways. Young Peak Master Yuan, Xuanzhi is no longer part of Sky Peak Sect, so your form of address seems a little inappropriate.

As pupils of elite families, Yuan Tianwen and Shen Rubing had never come into contact with each other before. Coupled with how Duan Yuyang seemed to have some interest in Shen Rubing, it made Yuan Tianwen very unhappy, so Yuan Tianwen asked, May I ask who Your Excellency is?

Shen Rubings gaze suddenly turned cold.

Never before had anyone dared to ask for her identity so audaciously shouldnt these people have inquired into everything about her long ago?

When Cloud Jade Sects Qiu Lu saw Shen Rubings displeased look, she quickly intervened, This is my Shijie, Shen Rubing. Were the inner gate disciples of Cloud Jade Sect.

Yuan Tianwen looked like a sudden realisation just dawned upon him. He quickly clasped his hands, So youre Young Sect Master Shen, sorry for being disrespectful.

Shen Rubing couldnt lose her dignity either and only returned with half a bow.

Next to him, Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and muttered, Boastful!

Yuan Tianwen raised an eyebrow and smiled, You should be saying excellent.

Duan Yuyang looked at Shen Rubings beautiful face, which had darkened considerably, and almost burst out laughing.

When Yuan Tianwen derided people, he could really anger the other party to death.

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi did not have any eye contact throughout the whole journey, the two of them appeared to be strangers.

Lin Xuanzhi wanted to talk to Yan Tianhen, but before he even said anything, Yan Tianhen took half a step back and hid behind Duan Yuyang, clearly intending to ignore him.

Actually, it was because Yan Tianhen had seen Lin Xuanzhi chatting happily with Shen Rubing even though he hadnt said even a word to Yan Tianhen that he instantly felt extremely aggrieved and resentful. He felt even more unworthy of standing beside Lin Xuanzhi now.

This sentiment lasted until the Pill Limit Mysterious Land opened, and didnt disappear even then. Instead, it grew even stronger.

The Pill Limit Mysterious Land was opened an hour later. The young sect master of Sky Peak Sect stood on a high platform and threw something at the mountain gate the key to opening the Pill Limit Mysterious Land.

Young Sect Master said, There are three entrances to the Pill Limit Mysterious Land this time. We estimate there to be 500 entrants, amongst which, 181 are from the hundred families, while 319 are from the other nine families. There are a lot of dangers in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, as well as many difficulties and obstacles. Everyone must cast aside your views on family status and take care of one another, only then will you meet with even greater fortune.

All the pupils below responded in unison, Understood!

With no time to lose, soon there were people leading these pupils to different entrances.

The nearest entrance to the Pill Limit Mysterious Land was left for the five major sects and the disciples of Cloud Jade Sect. The other two entrances werent at the main gate; one would need to walk quite a bit to get there.

On the way, Duan Yuyang said disdainfully, Its just the standard routing; what special gift prepared for the hundred families? Arent they just trying to benefit those sects? Why make it sound so dignified?

Yuan Tianwen saw the Sky Peak Sect pupil leading the way turn around, so he suppressed his voice, Dont say such things at will, it wont be good if others were to hear you.

Like Im afraid of them? Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and glanced askance at Yuan Tianwen. Speaking of which, Young Peak Master Yuan, youre part of the five major sects arent you? Why mingle with useless troops like us?

Yuan Tianwen immediately said, What do the five major sects amount to? If theyre going to scold me, then so be it. I like mingling with you and squeezing in with you.

The heavens are great, the earth is great, but my familys Yangyang is the greatest.

Duan Yuyang,

Lin Xuanzhi,

He should have really kicked Yuan Tianwen out of the team long ago. He himself hadnt even settled his dispute with his sweetheart yet, who wanted to see them getting all intimate?

They soon arrived at an entrance where some elders were waiting.

After meeting the elders, this group with hundreds of people began walking toward the entrance separately.

The entrance was a teleportation array, and the entrance of the array was ten feet high. There was a whirlpool of stars that were constantly changing their positions.

An elder said, Only 50 people at most can go through this entrance at once, and no one knows where you will be teleported to after passing through. Everyone can go in now. However, Id like to remind everyone that youre all top figures of influential families and sects. Cherish lives, once youre inside, do not disrupt harmony and dont start slaughtering one another, otherwise, our Sky Peak Sect will surely pursue the matter to the end.

One after another, all the pupils expressed that they would behave themselves, keep a low-profile, be kind and charitable, and extend a helping hand to disciples in need.

But what they truly thought in their hearts, nobody knew.

In the cultivation world, there were few who would deliver charcoal to others in the snow, yet there were many who would kill you while youre sick.

These warnings were often harped on about by the sect elders or family elders, but even they themselves thought that these words were ridiculous they were merely superficial words that werent of much use.

Resources were limited, without enough to go around; if one didnt snatch it from other peoples bowls, then where else would they get their resources from?

Moreover, this sort of Mysterious Land didnt have primary-level and above elders overseeing it, so it was even easier for it to turn into a scene of bloody slaughter.

One might as well ask which disciple or pupil present was not ready to kill or get killed before entering.

If they were all that kind and naive, then it would be better for them to go home and have their milk ba.

Seeing how honest they were being, the elder continued, The Pill Limit Mysterious Land will be opened for a month this time. Every one of you has the same transmission magic treasure crafted by Sky Peak Sect. Within this one month, if any of you wants to come out, all you need to do is crush that transmission magic treasure and youll be able to leave the Pill Limit Mysterious Land. This magic treasure is used to save your lives.

Everyone finally understood what the ball Sky Peak Sect gave to each one of them was for.

The elder swept a glance over them, then continued warning, Once the time limit of one month is up, everyone must come out. The Pill Limit Mysterious Land isnt like other Mysterious Lands. Once it closes, it will shrink, and unless one is at a celestial cultivation level, all other invaders inside will get crushed into meat paste.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, evidently frightened by how amazing this Mysterious Land was.

He had achieved the goal of his warning and given out the necessary instructions as well. As for the rest, it was naturally up to the individuals good fortune. At the command of the elder, all the pupils started forming their teams and gathered together before heading to the nebula entrance.

Shen Rubing naturally stood beside Lin Xuanzhi and even smiled slightly at him. Im relying on Xuanzhi today.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt accept that flirtatious remark of hers. While one is out, it is common for people to take care of one another.

Lin Zezhi had wanted to be with Lin Xuanzhi as well, but he was glared at by Duan Yuyang so he could only rub his nose and stop in his tracks before forming a group with the other Lin family pupils.

Although he doesnt regard Duan Yuyang highly, behind Duan Yuyang stood a demon that had already written the words this is my man, Ill chop up whoever dares offend Laozi on his head.

He couldnt afford to provoke him, he really couldnt afford to!

Duan Yuyang yanked Yan Tianhen over and stood next to Lin Xuanzhi. Yan Tianhen pursed his lips, displeasure written all over his face, but he didnt say anything.

Yuan Tianwen naturally followed Duan Yuyang.

After the five of them gathered together, they walked into the Mysterious Land together.

Teams disappeared at the entrance, one after another, and there were some pupils whose cultivation levels werent up to par who wanted to mingle through. However, they got ejected straight out of this Mysterious Land and fell flat on the ground in sorry states, which made many people around them laugh.

Damn it, what kind of rubbish Mysterious Land is this? Its restriction is so strict. One of the pupils cursed before running away with his tail between his legs.

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