Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Chaotic Sky Bell Appears

Chapter 217 Chaotic Sky Bell Appears

Shen Rubings expression darkened as she shouted, Youre looking for death!

One could see that she already held a long whip in her hands, dancing about in the air as it drew up a complex and beautiful seal. In an instant, a gale of majestic spiritual Qi appeared and met the hammer blow falling from the sky head-on.


A violent explosion rang through the air. Many people coughed up blood from the shockwave; only Lin Xuanzhi had reacted fast enough and taken out a defensive treasure in time, which protected himself and Lin Zezhi, who was standing behind him.

Mud splattered everywhere. The world was in chaos, as if threatening to burst apart. After the wave of panic passed, only Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Zezhi were completely unharmed. The rest were all injured to some degree.

Damn it! The disciple from one of the hundred families saw that his blow didnt land but remained calm. He took out another, larger hammer that glowed with a golden light, its aura oppressive. This hammer was actually a high-quality magic tool!

Shen Rubings expression changed slightly. Although she was a Hardened Body Stage cultivator herself, she had currently suppressed her cultivation to Foundation Stage Third Layer. The level of strength she could muster was at most just like this. Even if she could take out this damned bastard, she would have to rely entirely on others for the rest of the journey.

In the instant when Shen Rubing hesitated, a more intense attack had already arrived before her eyes.

Shen Rubing hurriedly prepared to battle, but her technique was still in its initial stages. It looked as though she was about to be wounded by this attack.

The disciple from the hundred families showed a satisfied smile, certain of his victory. He was already red-eyed and couldnt wait to kill Lin Xuanzhi and Shen Rubing, then seize all their treasures.


The slight jingling of a bell was concealed under the sound of the immense and majestic spiritual Qi attack. Aside from Lin Xuanzhi, no one else could hear it.

Lin Zezhi stood behind Lin Xuanzhi but was still able to see everything clearly.

Lin Xuanzhis long slender fingers pinched a bell the size of a palm. The body of the bell was engraved with intricate seals. He shook it lightly and, just as the bells ringing echoed back with profound meaning, the turbulent and boundless attack seemed as though it received some guidance and actually rushed into Lin Xuanzhis bell.

Ah Lin Zezhis appalled voice didnt even completely die down yet, but in that instant, all became silent, only leaving behind the pitter-patter sound of raindrops hitting the ground.

Lin Zezhi stared blankly, his mouth still open in shock.

Before anyone could react, Lin Xuanzhi had already quickly finished his hand seals, thrown the bell into the air, and spoken some incantations while forming magic seals. He actually pushed the bell, which was spinning at a high speed, towards that disciple from the hundred families!

The same move was rebounded back to its owner. That hundred families disciple had yet to even react before he was blown to fine powder.

Blood mixed into the rain and the resulting blood rain poured down, crashing onto the ground and dying a portion of it red.

For a while, the area was entirely silent, and no one spoke.

The gaze that many disciples once again directed towards Lin Xuanzhi had changed, and they even thought, its fortunate that I didnt provoke this person before.

Someone took the lead to speak up, Craftsman Lin is really amazing. We have a whole new level of respect for him.

Immediately, another person chimed in, Very much so. Craftsman Lins attack power is no less than that of a Foundation Stage Third Layer cultivators. With these magic treasures, Im afraid that well all have to depend on Craftsman Lin for the entire journey.

Craftsman Lin, what in the world was the weapon that you used just now? Someone else asked.

That was what the others wanted to know the most as well.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt conceal it either. He still held that bell in his hands. He only gave it a light shake, but the bell gave out a crisp jingling sound, complete with waves of echoes.

As soon as he did this, several people who were standing directly in front of Lin Xuanzhi directly ran away towards other directions, afraid that something terrible would happen. However, just as they had only taken a few steps, they realized that it was only a bell and didnt possess any attack power of its own.


Several female cultivators from Cloud Jade Sect were amused by their embarrassing scene and gave out a series of ringing laughter, like a silver bell, which somewhat alleviated the heavy mood.

Lin Xuanzhi explained, This item is called Chaotic Sky Bell. It can absorb a full blow from a Foundation Stage cultivator at full strength and return it to that person. It belongs to the top-grade magic tool category and possesses gold and earth attributes.

He. Shen Rubing sneered on the spot. That Huang family brat can also blame his bad luck in offending those whom he shouldnt offend. The majority of magic tools that can absorb and rebound the attack back to someone cant absorb the entire attack, nor can they return the full strength of that attack back to its owner. There will always be some reduction or leakage in attack strength. However, he met with this top-grade magic tool, which coincidentally happened to have the exact same attributes as him, so he brought this completely upon himself.

Thats right. Lin Zezhi nodded in agreement, but after nodding, he suddenly remembered something. That person just now, his surname is Huang?

Few families within the Hundred Families Gathering had duplicate surnames, so one could tell which family a person was from by their surname alone.

Shen Rubing swept Lin Zezhi a glance. Its merely a first-class family. It matters not if one of their disciples die. Dont tell me his family will even dare to find trouble for this Young Sect Master?

A bitter laugh immediately arose within Lin Zezhis heart.

The Huang family was a major family on the East Continent. The Huang family naturally wouldnt dare to find trouble for Shen Rubing, but what of the Lin family?

Moreover, the one who dealt the final blow was Lin Xuanzhi, not Shen Rubing.

If he was from an obscure side branch Lin Zezhi still held onto a thread of hope.

Hes from the main branch. Lin Xuanzhi spoke up.

Lin Zezhi looked towards Lin Xuanzhi.

He introduced himself during the martial arts competition previously and even emphasized the fact that he was the only heir of the Huang familys main branch.

Lin Zezhi, ..

He couldnt help but feel pained.

Lin Zezhi swallowed hard. I seem to have vaguely heard that, in this generation, the Huang family has only one legitimate son.

I heard the same as well.

Then Lin Zezhi was stupefied. It was as if he had already witnessed the tragic scene where the Huang family elders came knocking on their door.

Lin Xuanzhi waved it off, If hes killed, hes killed. After all, we did not make the first move. Though its said that people cant harbor malicious intentions in their hearts, they also cant be completely vulnerable and defenseless against others. The Huang family may have elders, but that doesnt mean the Lin family has none.

Lin Zezhis expression looked rather distressed. He thought about how, after his mother and Third Elder found out about him being entangled in this big trouble, they would teach him a lesson, as if hating the fact that Lin Zezhi, this lump of unrefined iron, couldnt become steel faster. He immediately felt pained when thinking of this.

However, now that matters had already developed to this point, he could only say, Hopefully the Huang family wont pursue this matter.

Lin Xuanzhi secretly thought, who knew that Lin Zezhi was still such a naive and simple youth. The Huang familys only legitimate heir died. No matter whose fault it was, the Huang family would inevitably investigate this matter. Moreover, hes afraid that they most certainly would not simply leave the matter at that.

Lin Xuanzhi spoke lightly, Even if the sky were to collapse, there will still be someone tall enough to hold it up. If the Huang family comes knocking on our door, I will not shirk responsibility. They wont find trouble with you guys.

Lin Zezhi immediately felt extremely ashamed but, at the same time, he also breathed a sigh of relief.

He couldnt help but admire Lin Xuanzhi even more.

Lin Xuanzhis Chaotic Sky Bell received many peoples praise. Everyone sighed with emotion, praising how incredible this Chaotic Sky Bell was, while at the same time tactfully making indirect insinuations, inquiring about whether Lin Xuanzhi could sell them this bell.

Lin Xuanzhi had only one bell on his hands at this time, so he naturally wouldnt sell it for money. However, Lin Xuanzhi wasnt excessively cold towards them either. He only said, If everyone wants one, you might as well leave your name. I will make some Chaotic Sky Bells once I leave here.

One after the other, everyone expressed that it was Wonderful to the extreme. Only Wu Shiyin from Cloud Jade Sect came up and said, Xuanzhi Dage, Im afraid that perhaps you still have many other magic treasures that can resist attacks with you? You dont lack this one Chaotic Sky Bell. You might as well give this to my Rubing Shijie as a first meeting gift to indicate your sincerity.

Shen Rubing swept Wu Shiyin a glance, holding the umbrella with luminous eyes, but she didnt express any dissatisfaction towards Wu Shiyins words.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze lightly swept over Wu Shiyin. This Chaotic Sky Bell was originally an item I crafted as a gift to my younger brother. I dont think Young Miss Shen would like to use someone that another man has used.

Shen Rubing nodded with great reserve. If Xuanzhi had used it before, then its fine, but if other men have already used it, then I really dont care to use it.

Wu Shiyin was immediately a little anxious. She stomped her feet. Shijie, why do you mind so much? Who knows how many untold dangers lie in this Pill Limit Mysterious Land? Having one more magic treasure to defend yourself means your chance of survival will increase. Even if you wont use it, you can still give it to me!

Qiu Lu felt slightly ashamed of Wu Shiyins outburst. Her face was flushed with shame. She frowned as she walked up to Wu Shiyin. Dont keep thinking about these items. With Rubing Shijie and my strength, there should be no problem in protecting you. Besides, we also have quite a few magic treasures on us.

Quite a few, but how could they compare to Lin Xuanzhis in terms of power and rarity?

Wu Shiyin was scolded and didnt dare to speak anymore. She could only roll her eyes.

A group of people continued to walk towards the verdant mountain while shouldering through the rain.

On Yan Tianhens side, he strode towards another direction after separating from Lin Xuanzhi in a fit of anger. Duan Yuyang and Yuan Tianwen followed closely. The two tiger cubs also eagerly dashed along with Yan Tianhen, their expressions a dignified well go wherever master goes.

It wasnt long before Yan Tianhen could no longer walk.

He only felt as though the raindrops that hit his body were washing away his tendons and cutting his essence, making him feel like his entire body, from inside to outside, was being slowly gnawed on by man-eating ants, inch by inch. His small face was pale and bloodless, and his vision began to blur and dim.

Ah Hen Ah Hen! Duan Yuyang rushed up from behind and spoke quite anxiously, This rain is getting heavier and heavier. We have to find a place to shelter from the rain!

Yan Tianhen stopped in his tracks and stood in the rain for a while. He looked back but couldnt see any trace of Lin Xuanzhi and company.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt chase after him and didnt even care whether he was alive or dead.

Yan Tianhens entire heart felt ice-cold yet, at the same time, he somewhat regretted letting others see his and Lin Xuanzhis joke.

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips and let the rainwater hit his whole body. He spoke calmly, I see a mountain over there. There should be caves there as well, lets go there to take shelter from the rain.

He pointed to the front. Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang looked in the direction he pointed to and sure enough, saw a mountain.

Yuan Tianwen said, Im afraid that theres something wrong with this rain. Lets hurry over quickly first.

The three people thus hurriedly walked towards the verdant mountain.

On the way, Duan Yuyang wanted to speak up and comfort Yan Tianhen multiple times, but when he looked at Yan Tianhens small face, which looked ice-cold, he involuntarily swallowed those words.

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