Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 222

Chapter 222

Chapter 222

With a strange expression on his face, Duan Yuyang stared at Yan Tianhen’s face for half a day before sighing, “I didn’t expect Ah Hen to be such a narcissist. Darling, it’s fine to do it a little, there’s no need to exaggerate so muchba.”

Yan Tianhen, “”

“Go away, youre so annoying!” Yan Tianhen shouted.

“Don’t go don’t go!” Duan Yuyang’s gaze was scorching as he pestered Yan Tianhen and asked excitedly, “As the saying goes, one’s looks come from the heart. You must have seen that little beauty somewhere to see that sort of reflection. Quick, tell Gege where that little beauty is now?”

Yan Tianhen looked shy as he shook his body, feeling a little embarrassed. “Why do you keep calling me a little beauty? I’m so not used to it.”

Duan Yuyang, “”

Pu are you teasing me?!

Duan Yuyang chased Yan Tianhen around, shouting about how mean he was being for hiding this stunning beauty for himself and insisting on getting Yan Tianhen to look into the mirror again, which piqued everyone else’s curiosity.

Yan Tianhen didn’t say a word as he circled around in front. After keeping the mirror, he was dead set on not looking at it again, evidently feeling quite shy about it.

Lin Xuanzhi panicked. When his and Yuan Tianwen’s eyes accidentally met, he knew that he wasn’t the only one who believed that that was Yan Tianhen’s original appearance. Yuan Tianwen could probably tell what was off with the mirror.

That mirror can reflect a person’s original appearance, and it can also reflect other appearances according to Yan Tianhen’s weird ideas. However, the reflections can only turn people uglier, not beautify them.

So that face

Even in his previous life, Lin Xuanzhi had never seen Yan Tianhen’s original appearance before.

Yuan Tianwen took the initiative to go forward and said to Lin Xuanzhi with a rather complicated expression, “If I had guessed correctly, that mirror should be able to reflect its owner’s original appearance.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him enigmatically for a moment. “Young Peak Master Yuan must be joking. That mirror reflects the desired appearance in its owner’s heart, it has nothing to do with him.”

The more eager Lin Xuanzhi was in explaining it, the more certain Yuan Tianwen felt that that was indeed Yan Tianhen’s true appearance without a doubt.

However, even though Yuan Tianwen understood clearly, he wouldn’t say it. He just nodded and went along with Lin Xuanzhi. “That’s true. If Ah Hen really does look like that, then you’ll have to guard against thieves all day and all night and never feel at ease again.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in secret.

There’s an 80 to 90% chance that was exactly what Yan Tianhen looked like.

Most of the devils in the devil clan in this world looked both gentle and gorgeous enough to enthrall the human heart that was the gift given to their clan. Legend had it that the leader of the Divine Devils would use himself as bait to seduce mankind and disturb them so that it would be easier to cause them harm.

That was how Yan Tianhen was supposed to look like.

What’s morehe was a Yin furnace.

Without knowing if the Dao of Heaven was playing tricks on them, not one furnace had an insipid appearance. Exceptional furnaces had appeared in the Five Continents before, and without exception, they were all absolutely beautiful. Otherwise, no matter how amazing an ugly one was, it would be difficult to lure cultivators of all paths to compete and fight over them.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but sigh. He really needed to thank the uneven scars on Yan Tianhen’s face, otherwise, he would probably have to worry about Ah Hen’s personal safety right now.

However, Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was oddly moved. He couldn’t help recalling the face in the mirror, and an itch arose in his heart he really loved Yan Tianhen dearly.

He regretted letting people aside from him see Yan Tianhen’s magnificent appearance.

In accordance with the time outside, it was already time to go to bed. Everyone was tired, and all of them either leaned against the mountain wall or sat down cross-legged to sleep one after another.

Everything was still, only the occasional cries of crows could be heard.

Yan Tianhen pulled Duan Yuyang out of the cave. Both of them stood outside and looked at the giant, yet strange moon.

Duan Yuyang glanced at the clothes, magic tools, and other such items that had returned to Yan Tianhen’s body. “Reconciled with your Dage?”

Yan Tianhen was a little distressed. “Not really, it’s just that”

He hesitated a little, thought about it, then seemed to have made up his mind as he asked, “Yuyang Gege, what does it mean when a man kisses you on the lips?”

Duan Yuyang got a huge fright. His eyes widened as he cried, “What?! Lin Xuanzhi actually dared to be so frivolous to you?!”

Yan Tianhen almost jumped up. He swiftly covered Duan Yuyang’s mouth. “What are you shouting for? Can such a shameful affair be made known to others?”

Duan Yuyang was stunned for a long time. He suppressed his voice and draped an arm around Yan Tianhen, “Fuck. Damn his grandmother, Lin Xuanzhi kissed you?”

Yan Tianhen revealed an expression that can be said to be bashful and nodded hesitantly.

Duan Yuyang instantly cursed and felt as though he just got struck by lightning. He felt like“the although that wild boar didn’t look like a wild boar at all!

“Fuck his ancestors! That shameless bastard, he actually dared to lay his hands on you when you’re so young?!”

Duan Yuyang started cursing the moment he opened his mouth, “Damn it, does he even remember that you’re his younger brother? Even if you’re not his biological brother, it’s all more or less the same. Lin Xuanzhi really is even more shameless than Yuan Tianwen!”

Yuan Tianwen, who had been shot even though he was laying down, sneezed inexplicably.

While the one who was being berated thoroughly from head to toe by Duan Yuyang was standing not far behind them, leaning against a tree as he openly eavesdropped silently.

Yan Tianhen pursed his lips and said with much discontent, “Why are you scolding my Dage like that? He just kissed me, it’s not like he did anything else to me.”

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes. He poked his silly son’s head, resentful at how foolish he was being. “What else do you want him to do? Would it only count as something if he eats you up completely?”

Yan Tianhen’s face flushed red at once. He stammered, “W-what are you being so frank for? My Dage probably wouldn’twouldn’t eat me up completely or something.”

Duan Yuyang was silently furious.

Duan Yuyang resisted his urge to beat up Lin Xuanzhi. He rolled his sleeves up, “Then Ah Hen darling, tell Gege what on earth you’re thinking? After he kissed you, what was your reaction? You shouldn’t have agreed to it immediatelyba?”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes rippled with tears as he whispered, “I pushed him away at that time, then ran out.”

Duan Yuyang was stunned at first, then he burst out laughing happily my family’s Henhen actually rejected that Lin Xuanzhi who acted so pretentious all day?

He really wanted to see Lin Xuanzhi’s expression back then.

Duan Yuyang happily patted Yan Tianhen’s shoulder. “Well done. If he dares act frivolously towards you again next time, then“kick, hahaha”

Yan Tianhen, “”

He actually understood what breaking his eggs meant, that was too shameless!

Yan Tianhen pulled a long face. “Yuyang Gege, be a bit more serious, or you might not be able to find a wife in the future.”

Duan Yuyang said, “Easy, easy. Even if your Yuyang Gege is never serious, there’ll be a blind idiot who’s willing to be my cow and horse. Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

The blind idiot stood beside Lin Xuanzhi and rubbed his nose expressionlessly.

Yan Tianhen was a little speechless. He squatted on the ground and clutched a blade of grass. With just one glance at his action, one could tell that he was distraught with anxiety.

Duan Yuyang stopped joking and squatted down as well. He plucked a blade of grass and bit it. “Little Henhen, you don’t need to feel so conflicted.”

Yan Tianhen said impatiently, “How could I not? He’s my Dageah.”

Duan Yuyang stared at him askance. “So what if he’s your Dage? In the end, it’s not like you guys are related by blood. If you like him, it’ll be as he wishes, but if you don’t like him, then let him feel upset by himself. The one who falls in love first loses anyway.”

Yan Tianhen, who was scratching dirt with a blade of grass, paused. The one who falls in love first loses?

Does he like Lin Xuanzhi?

He didn’t want other people to get close to Dage, especially those men and women who were fond of Lin Xuanzhi. He wanted to protect Dage from being bullied so that he would never have a melancholic look on his face. From the first time he met Lin Xuanzhi, his heart had been filled with joy. He wanted to stick close to this Gege of his whom people couldn’t peel their gazes from and to always be in his embrace.

But that was his Dageah.

On more than one occasion, Lin Zhan had held him in his arms while longing for Lin Xuanzhi and his wife to give birth to a litter of small beans who would follow behind him in groups of three or four noisily and call him Grandpa.

At that moment, Yan Tianhen even asked, confused, “In groups of three or four? Isn’t that a kind of pig?”

Lin Zhan would flick his head. “You little fool, do you understand what it means to exaggerate? Besides, when a son gives birth to grandsons and grandsons give birth to even more sons, there would be an endless number of offspring, so wouldn’t they be able to form groups of three or four?”

Yan Tianhen thought that made sense so he nodded. He asked again, “But Han Yuran is a guy, he shouldn’t be able to give birthba?”

Lin Zhan wilted at once. After a while, he looked at Yan Tianhen solemnly. “What should I do? I kind of regret arranging for a male Dao companion for Zhizhi now. Why don’t we annul the engagement and find a female Dao companion for him?”

Yan Tianhen just thought it seemed fun at that time and laughed nonstop in Lin Zhan’s embrace. Lin Zhan rubbed his head as well and laughed along with him.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes reddened in an instant.

When he recalled the time when he was in a befuddled state, how Lin Xuanzhi pointed his sword at him and excoriated him for killing his father, he felt a lingering trepidation and a pain that was difficult to endure.

Lin Xuanzhi sighed from the bottom of his heart. He quietly turned around and entered the cave without Yan Tianhen noticing him.

Upon seeing this, Yuan Tianwen followed him in as well.

Yan Tianhen randomly grabbed a fistful of grass from the ground while feeling distraught, tugged at it, and dragged it all up. He was just about to complain about the displeasure and apprehension in his heart when a sudden tremor struck; a loud rumble traveled out from the depths of the cave.

Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen looked at each other.

What happened?

Yan Tianhen suddenly realised something. After looking down, he saw that the clump of weeds that he pulled subconsciously had been rooted up, and there was even a metal, manmade disc attached underneath it.

The sod that had been pulled up was evidently an Eight Diagram plate of a mechanism.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes widened, his mood indescribable.

Duan Yuyang didn’t know what to say either. Exactly what was this Yan Tianhen made out of? He had just casually pulled out a bunch of grass and he actually managed to trigger the mechanism in the cave?

The others were all disturbed by this sudden change that came out of nowhere as well. All of them were on guard as they glared into the depths of the dark, steep cave.

“What happened?”

“There might have been an earthquake inside?”

“Why don’t we leave this place? Isn’t this a bit too scary? Who knows if there would be something else in that cave?”

Yet Shen Rubing’s expression changed drastically. She bit down harshly on her lower lip without saying a word.

The mechanism inside had been activated by someone, butit wasn’t time yet. And she didn’t trigger the mechanism either, so who on earth had done the damage?

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but feel surprised too. According to the memories of his past life, the secret passage in this Pill Limit Mysterious Land’s damn cave should have been activated by Shen Changgeng at midnight, so why did it activate in advance this time?


Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly. The only one who was of a direct descent in the Shen family, Shen Rubing, hadn’t done anything yet.

Everyone expressed their fear of the tremor in the cave and all of them couldn’t wait to dash madly away. But Lin Xuanzhi didn’t move, Shen Rubing didn’t move, the rather renowned Yuan Tianwen didn’t move either, so everyone else didn’t dare move at random too.

“This is” Someone had just spoken when Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen, who were near the entrance of the cave, ran in.

“What happened?” Duan Yuyang asked.

Yuan Tianwen immediately snapped out of his stupor. “The cave might have collapsed. It’s not a big deal, with me around, you won’t get hurt.”