Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 225

Chapter 225

Chapter 225

It was only then that Lin Xuanzhi found out that this strange rain was actually the medicinal rain of an alchemist, gracing all living beings with benevolence.

Later, together with Shen Changgeng and Su Zixing, they entered this mysterious mountain cave.

At that time, they entered between 11 pm and 1 am, so they weren’t attacked by the Small Transforming Bone Dragon. They didn’t even get to see exactly what the Small Transforming Bone Dragon looked like with their own eyes.

Perhaps in order to win his trust, or to show off the Shen family’s deep foundations, Shen Changgeng told him the attack patterns and method to deal with this Small Transforming Bone Dragon demonic beast, which had long been extinct in the world.

Therefore, when the secret chamber was opened in advance, Lin Xuanzhi had likewise also prepared in advance, so he wasn’t too worried.


He’s afraid that Shen Rubing most likely also knew that one man and one woman needed to be sacrificed to the Small Transforming Bone Dragon; thus she randomly threw Qi San into the Small Transforming Bone Dragon’s mouth without any reason.

Duan Yuyang pondered over Lin Xuanzhi’s words for a while, frowning as he asked, rather puzzled, “What is the relationship between the Shen family and this Pill Limit Mysterious Land?”

Their voices were deliberately lowered, and Lin Xuanzhi had already activated sound-proofing magic tools in advance, so no one noticed the discussion on this side.

Lin Xuanzhi could expose more of the truth to Duan Yuyang and people he trusted, but he would never let other onlookers become suspicious and, as a result, more vigilant.

Lin Xuanzhi explained, “Nominally, the owner of this Pill Limit Mysterious Land is the Shen family’s main branch ancestor.”

The other three people showed surprised expressions one after another. Yuan Tianwen held even more doubts. “How can that be? The Shen family only had one powerful alchemist, but the Shen family never once mentioned this Mysterious Land.”

According to the Shen family’s petty nature, if they had an alchemist ancestor who ascended and left behind a Mysterious Land that graced all future generations with benevolence, how could they be willing to bow and gift it away to others? If it was robbed away by other people, the Shen family would most definitely make it known in all Five Continents. However, up until now, the Shen family had never mentioned anything about it, which was totally inconsistent with conventional reasoning!

He.” Lin Xuanzhi’s lips curled up in a sneer, “If this Shen family alchemist’s ascension wasn’t very glorious to begin with, then the Shen family wouldn’t necessarily flaunt it with great fanfare.”

“Exactly what kind of unspeakable past events occurred? Why don’t you quickly explain them? Don’t always tease honourable me’s appetite.” Duan Yuyang was itching with curiosity.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “I only know that the Shen family’s alchemist originally shouldn’t have ascended, but he deceived and took advantage of a good friend of his and borrowed that friend’s benefits. Thus, he was finally able to successfully deceive the Dao of Heaven and ascend.”

Yan Tianhen uttered an “Ah!” and exclaimed with a face full of indignation, “How very shameless, to think that there’s actually such a despicable person!”

Lin Xuanzhi still had one hand around Yan Tianhen’s shoulder. He nodded, “There are all kinds of people in this world.”

Just like when Shen Changgeng had told him about the Shen family’s disgraceful past back then in a tone full of self-mockery and remorse, and even said that their Shen family had indeed grievously offended the person buried here, Lin Xuanzhi classified Shen Changgeng as an upright and honest person with a clear-cut bottom line without the slightest doubt and thought that he belonged to the category of people whom Lin Xuanzhi could make friends with.

However, he didn’t expect that it was exactly such a person who ruthlessly stabbed him in the back and was even plotting ideas about Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen’s ultimate death

A fierce glint flashed through Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes.

Duan Yuyang began to imagine exactly what kind of things that alchemist had done to anger the heavens and the people. After thinking about it for half a day, he suddenly found that he still didn’t know where in the world Lin Xuanzhi learned these secrets from.

Was it possible thathe heard them from Shen Rubing?

He couldn’t understand, so he might as well stop thinking about it. Sometimes, the more you knew, the sooner you died.

Yan Tianhen was also relaxed. With Lin Xuanzhi beside him as backing, he actually leaned against Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder and even fell asleep in this situation where a demonic beast defending an array was lying right in front of them. He probably saw lots of delicious food in his dream and even smacked his lips occasionally, making Duan Yuyang endlessly envious.

Yuan Tianwen saw that and hugged Duan Yuyang in his arms as well. “Rest assured with me here. If you’re tired, you can rest with ease.”

“Lin Xuanzhi can at least throw out a top-grade magic tool as soon as he takes action. What can you do?” Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes at Yuan Tianwen without any politeness and pushed away Yuan Tianwen’s naughty hand.

Yuan Tianwen felt that Duan Yuyang’s words were quite reasonable. He thought about it and switched his reasoning, “I swear to you that if we encounter danger, I will certainly die before you.”

Duan Yuyang, “”

He angrily gave the back of Yuan Tianwen’s hand a great slap, “Yuan Tianwen, don’t you fucking jinx Laozi, don’t casually talk about dying all day long!”

Yuan Tianwen was both beaten and scolded but, despite it all, his eyes shined with laughter.

Duan Yuyang was stunned and flew into somewhat of a rage from the humiliation, “The hell are you laughing at?!”

“I know.” Yuan Tianwen smiled, “I will carefully protect myself, I won’t let you become a widowed husband.”

Duan Yuyang, “”

Damn it, he really was mischievously taking the tiles off the roof after not getting hit for three days.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes at him in disdain and turned around, ignoring Yuan Tianwen.

In a sealed-off environment, it was easy for people to suffer mental breakdowns.

Just when most people could no longer endure, a deep and distant bell rang from somewhere. On one of the smooth walls of the cave, which was similar to a tomb, a hidden thick stone door began to lift up with a rumble.

“There’s a way out!”

“Let’s hurry.”

Everyone stood up uniformly and eagerly rushed alongside the Small Transforming Bone Dragon’s body, which remained still, towards the stone gate that had opened after much difficulty.

Duan Yuyang wanted to leave but was stopped by Lin Xuanzhi’s words, “This is not the entrance to the interior, it will transport everyone directly outside of the Mysterious Land. If you want to remain in the Mysterious Land, do not leave from that gate.”

Duan Yuyang stopped in his tracks and watched those people run out of the stone door one by one, their figures disappearing.

Lin Zezhi had found an old friend before and stood together with him all the time. Before making this important decision, Lin Zezhi chose to ask Lin Xuanzhi about it.

“Shall we go?” Lin Zezhi asked.

“If you want to leave Pill Limit Mysterious Land, you can leave directly from here.” Lin Xuanzhi answered.

Lin Zezhi hesitated, then turned to his friend beside him, “Let’s go.”

When all was said and done, he still didn’t have the courage to fight for his life.

In the end, his resolve could not compare to Lin Xuanzhi’s.

Qiu Lu, who was beside Shen Rubing, asked, “Shijie, why aren’t you moving?”

Shen Rubing looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who was standing in another corner, and a cryptic light flashed through her eyes. “Wait a while longer, it’s not time yet.”

Several people from the Qi family saw that Shen Rubing didn’t move, so they also remained in their original location.

The stone door didn’t lift completely up, but the sound of another bell rang out, and the door that was opened halfway actually began to sink down heavily.

“Second Brother, let’s hurry and leave!” A younger disciple from the Qi family cried anxiously, “Otherwise, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to leave!”

Qi Er’s pair of eyes were still bloodshot. He gripped the silver moon hook sabre tightly in his hands as he glared at Shen Rubing with hatred, as though he couldn’t wait to drink her blood and feast on her flesh. “You guys go first. Today, if I do not get rid of this bitch, I swear that I will no longer be human!”

The Qi familys disciples gazed at each other and spoke uniformly, “If Second Brother won’t leave, then we won’t either!”

Qi Er shouted angrily, “Go, all of you leave for me!”

“Second Brother-”

“Get lost!” Qi Er shouted his voice hoarse, “If you guys still recognize me as your senior brother, then get lost right this moment!”

The Qi family disciples all teared up. After a slightly older Qi family disciple said, “Let’s go so that we don’t drag our Second Brother down,” the others had no choice but to follow him and leave.

Jin Fangfei pulled Wan Linghua, wanting to take advantage of this last chance to rush out, but Wan Linghua pulled her back, stopping her.

“Shijie!” Jin Fangfei cried anxiously.

“Wait some more.” Wan Linghua was a calm person. She had already noticed that no matter Shen Rubing or Lin Xuanzhi, neither had any sense of urgency in their expressions and instead looked as though they had planned everything out.

“Alright.” Jin Fangfei bit her lower lip and watched the stone door close again.

Wan Linghua looked at Jin Fangfei. “Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to get out?”

Jin Fangfei had an indifferent expression as she blinked at Wan Linghua. “If we can’t get out, then we can’t get out. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just die together with Shijie, which can be considered as dying as a couple two trees that grow together as one.”

Wan Linghua’s expression, which had always been indifferent, showed a slight smile.

Jin Fangfei hugged Wan Linghua’s arm and tiptoed to kiss her face.

Watching this scene from afar, Cloud Jade Sect’s Wu Shiyin showed an expression of revulsion and cursed, “Corrupt principles”.

Over there, Qi Er shook the silver moon hook sabre in his hand and soared into the air, rushing towards the Shen Rubing opposite from him, his entire body wreathed in murderous intent.

This time, Shen Rubing was already prepared. On her side, Qiu Lu took out a long flute, and Wu Shiyin also raised the Jade Maiden Sword. The three clearly intended to battle together.

The silver moon hook sabre changed from one to two, four, then eight, rushing towards Shen Rubing from all directions.

Yuan Tianwen was spectating from the side and commented, “He actually cultivated the Qi family’s Dividing Flower Technique to the third layer.”

“Even so, the third layer still wouldn’t necessarily be Shen Rubing’s match.” Lin Xuanzhi felt a slight headache over this. Out of everyone Shen Rubing could have chosen, she just had to pick one of the most troublesome people to kill.

The Wu hook whip in Shen Rubing’s hand suddenly changed from one to a hundred of the same whip after a gentle tap, dancing about high in the air with irregular movements. The whips shot straight towards Qi Er, who was in midair.

For a moment, the killing intent was overwhelming!

“Primary-level!” Duan Yuyang was very shocked and cried out, “How can this be?”

Lin Xuanzhi noted that the thumb-sized Sparrow Spirit that had, without a doubt, already turned gray in Shen Rubing’s hand.

This Sparrow Spirit was originally milky white in color, but because all the essence and Qi within it had been exhausted, it had became a useless stone.

Sparrow Spirit legend had it that after the death of those from the sparrow bird tribe, their corpses were exposed to the scorching sun, struck by lightning, burnt by fire, and then buried in the soil. After such a long period of time that even mountains had been destroyed and remade again, passing thousands of autumns, these fossils gradually formed a kind of natural magic treasure that could store the Qi of heaven and earth.

Anyone could use the genuine Qi within Sparrow Spirits and turn it into their own.

The title “natural magic treasure” wasn’t just a title; Sparrow Spirits were more than a match for even the most outstanding attack weapons but, due to their scarcity and limited extraction, they could be considered a rare item in the Five Continents.

Although the milky-white Sparrow Spirit that Shen Rubing currently held was of the lowest quality, contained the lowest amount of Qi, and was also the smallest in size, it was still enough to see exactly how much Cloud Jade Sect and the Shen family pampered and favored her.

In the entire Five Continents, the number of families that could take out Sparrow Spirits could probably be counted on one hand.

The number of families willing to give them to the younger generations was even less. This was because the majority of Sparrow Spirits were used as a family’s last trump card.

Shen Rubing actually had a piece in her hand.

Qi Er was in imminent peril; his life was about to end.

Lin Xuanzhi crushed a handful of forged stones and flew up. He took out three Chaotic Sky Bells and made a hand seal, tossing the forged stones in eight different directions. In the blink of an eye, the stones had become an equipment-refining array.

Duan Yuyang stared with wide eyes, horrified.

Yuan Tianwen reacted instantly and also took out his Tianwen sword. He put all his power into a blow that struck towards the remnant afterimages of the Wu hook whip, which was madly dancing about in the air like golden snakes.


The entire stone chamber shook, and the Small Transforming Bone Dragon twisted a few times.

“Dage!” Yan Tianhen suddenly shouted loudly and flew up to catch Lin Xuanzhi, who had already been blown away by the explosion.

All three Chaotic Sky Bells burst completely. Qi Er was directly hit by Shen Rubing’s attack and smashed into the mountain wall, where he spat out a mouthful of blood and crashed onto the ground. He only managed to recover his senses after a while and crawled up with difficulty.

But Lin Xuanzhi seemed just like he had already been seriously injured.

If Yan Tianhen hadn’t rushed over to catch him in time, he’s afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would have been smashed more violently and in a more miserable manner than Qi Er had been!