Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 229

Chapter 229

Chapter 229

Shen Rubing opened her mouth and shouted, “Second Brother, you’re finally here.”

Shen Changgeng gave Lin Xuanzhi an apologetic expression, then pulled Shen Rubing aside and whispered, “What’s going on?”

Shen Rubing succinctly told Shen Changgeng about her experiences after entering the Pill Limit Mysterious Land in a hushed tone.

Shen Changgeng’s expression immediately turned ugly. “Do you know that the rain outside is a rare medicinal rain? The entrance to the Pill Limit Mysterious Land will change locations every year. Only the lucky ones can encounter the downpour of medicinal rain. This is something that you can only come across by chance and not by intentionally searching for it, yet you actually used an umbrella to block it, just like that!”

Shen Rubing was also stunned. She anxiously asked, “How come I’ve never heard of it?”

Shen Changgeng’s pent-up anger finally erupted and he gnashed his teeth, “All I did was say a few sentences less to you, and now you’ve missed such a good opportunity. Moreover, how can I expect that you’d be able to obtain a magic treasure that can deliberately block this kind of medicinal rain?!”

Shen Rubing gritted her teeth, “It’s all Lin Xuanzhi’s fault!”

Shen Changgeng frowned. “Lin Xuanzhi isn’t some virtuous crop. According to your thoughts, it seems that he knows about this Pill Limit Mysterious Land and its connection to our Shen family.”

Shen Rubing nodded. “I’m sure he knows.”

Shen Changgeng couldn’t help but feel puzzled:how could this Lin Xuanzhi know about the Shen family’s secret? Not even Shen Rubing, the legitimate daughter of the main branch, has the absolute qualifications to know about the secrets of Pill Limit Mysterious Land.

However, this wasn’t the time to pursue this matter. Shen Changgeng spoke, “After a while, I will open the door. You and I will obtain that item together.”

Shen Rubing frowned as she asked, “Then what about the others? Won’t they follow us in?”

“Those who see the treasure all have a claim to a portion of it. Let’s just enter together.” Shen Changgeng couldn’t do anything about it either. He was used to conducting himself with integrity and couldn’t possibly chase Lin Xuanzhi and the rest out of here at this point.

Although Shen Rubing wasn’t happy about it, there was no use crying over spilled milk. She was the one who brought the people here, so she could only endure these pent-up and unspoken grievances.

“But you can rest assured.” Shen Changgeng revealed a faint but determined smile. “The Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire will certainly land in our hands.”

Shen Rubing’s expression finally looked better after hearing this. “That’s right, these short-sighted people have already exhausted much of their Qi while digging up these spiritual plants. They naturally won’t be able to fight us.”

Shen Changgeng nodded with a faint smile.

Shen Changgeng took Shen Rubing back and greeted several people who had returned after harvesting the spiritual plants.

Shen Changgeng was one of the Seven Stars of Sky Peak, so he was naturally very famous. When people saw that he was humble and amiable as well, they all had a good impression of him.

Shen Changgeng announced, “Later, I will open the door of the greatest treasury in this Pill Limit Mysterious Land. I don’t quite know what’s inside. Let’s play it by ear.”

Everyone murmured their assent one after the other.

Duan Yuyang winked at Lin Xuanzhi and motioned with his eyes that he was ready in advance.

Shen Changgeng went to the side of the mountain and used a dagger to make a cut on his finger. He drew a talisman diagram that could unravel the array on the uneven surface of the mountain wall. With a loud rumble, a seemingly bottomless hole suddenly appeared in the center of the field of spiritual plants.

“This is the gate to the treasury.” Shen Changgeng waved his sleeves. “Please, ladies and gentlemen.”

Shen Rubing took the lead as she flung her sleeves, flew over, and jumped in.

Yan Tianhen was originally a little scared, but when he saw that even Shen Rubing dared to jump down, he naturally wasn’t willing to lose to this woman who had once coveted his Dage, so he looked to Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Yan Tianhen followed closely behind Shen Rubing and became the second one to jump in.

Duan Yuyang gave Yuan Tianwen a look. Yuan Tianwen understood and immediately protected Duan Yuyang with one hand as he jumped down together with him.

Lin Xuanzhi crushed a forged stone and borrowed the Qi inside it to smoothly descend onto the ground.

Soon after, Qiu Lu, Wan Linghua, Jin Fangfei, and the others all came down together as well.

Outside the pit, Su Zixing looked at Shen Changgeng with cold eyes. “You let so many people go down. Are you afraid that there’s no one to fight over the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire with you?”

Shen Changgeng’s gaze was gentle and soft as he looked into Su Zixing’s eyes, “Ah Xing, don’t be angry. How could they easily obtain the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire? This thing is our Shen family’s heirloom for generations. Only someone with the Shen family’s blood can truly control it.”

Su Zixing narrowed his eyes. “I hope so.”

“It is so.”

There weren’t a lot of good items inside the treasury. Although there were several medicinal bottles, they didn’t look as good as the ones Lin Xuanzhi crafted. Thus, Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen weren’t very interested.

Lin Xuanzhi, however, knew that it wasn’t the case that there weren’t any good stuff, it was just that the good items had already been excavated clean by the Shen family. Otherwise, how could the Shen family be willing to part with this incredible Mysterious Land and gift it to Sky Peak Sect as a favor?

Although the Pill Limit Mysterious Land wasn’t small, there weren’t many places that truly had treasures.

This place could be considered one.

The group entered a stone chamber without any engravings after passing through several stone chambers and tunnels.

A skeleton was sitting cross-legged inside the room, its fingers positioned like it was pinching a flower. A red medicinal pill as glossy as jade pearls was held between the skeleton’s middle and thumb fingers. The red pill emitted a golden luster, similar to cat’s eye stones. Its dazzling radiance had already become the only color in this simple and unadorned stone chamber.

Shen Changgeng bowed to this man and spoke, “Shen family’s descendants, Shen Changgeng and Shen Rubing, are bothering Senior today with our garrulous talks. I hope for Senior will forgive us.”

Qiu Lu asked, “ThisSenior, does Gentleman Shen know who he is?”

Shen Changgeng nodded as he explained, “This is the best friend of my family’s already-ascended ancestor. My family’s ancient ancestor created this Pill Limit Mysterious Land especially for him after his death. This medicinal pill was also refined for him by my family’s esteemed ancestor.”

As he said that, Shen Changgeng reached out his hand for the vermillion gold medicinal pill.

“Wait a minute.” Duan Yuyang’s fan slapped the back of Shen Changgeng’s hand with apa. He raised his brows at Shen Changgeng. “Don’t tell me it’ll actually become yours if you just spout any nonsense you want and say that this is your family’s stuff? I’m saying that this Mysterious Land was especially created by my Duan Yuyang’s grandson to honor Laozi me. Do you believe it or not?”

Even if Shen Changgeng had good acting skills, he still couldn’t keep his expression still at this moment.

He asked with a calm expression, “Young Master Duan, what do you mean by this?”

Duan Yuyang folded up his fan and smiled, “Naturally, we take it with our own abilities.”

Su Zixing interjected at this time, “Why waste words on them?”

Su Zixing had already stretched his hand out for it before he even finished speaking.

Lin Xuanzhi was prepared in advance as well, his actions not slow in the slightest.

Lin Xuanzhi met Su Zixing face-to-face beside the skeleton and relied on the hand seals he had previously practiced back when he was an elemental cultivator to nimbly knock aside Su Zixing’s hand in a few breaths’ time, firmly grasping the medicinal pill in his hand.

On the other side, Yuan Tianwen had already replaced Duan Yuyang in fighting against Shen Changgeng, their weapons clashing together.

Just as Su Zixing was so angry that he wanted to swear, he suddenly saw a ball of blue flame flash by beside him and fly toward another direction!

Su Zixing’s eyes lit up. “After it!”

He didn’t need to speak. Shen Changgeng had already seen it and immediately put aside his entanglement with Yuan Tianwen to chase after that ball of dark fire.

Yan Tianhen also wanted to pursue it but was pulled back by Lin Xuanzhi.

“Dage, we’re not chasing after it?” Yan Tianhen asked.

“It will come back.”

A moment later, that ball of fire unexpectedly turned around and hopped onto the skeleton’s finger, landing on the exact location where the medicinal pill had previously been.

Shen Changgeng and Su Zixing returned, still chasing after it, and met Lin Xuanzhi face to face again. Embarrassment flashed on Shen Changgeng’s face but was overshadowed by the crazy glint that shone out when his gaze landed on Lin Xuanzhi, full of killing intent.

“You guys actually didn’t tell me when there’s something good.” A young man adorned in a red robe kicked open the stone chamber’s door with one foot and casually walked in.

His black phoenix eyes were clear and bright, every smile and every frown enchanted one’s soul.

Several women were momentarily dazzled by him and couldn’t help blushing.

“Who are you?” Shen Changgeng stared at him warily. “How can you come here?”

“I’m called Lie Fenkong.” The young man winked at Yan Tianhen. “Henhen, you can call me Kongkong.”

Yan Tianhen, “”

“Why are you talking to me? Clearly, I don’t know you! No, how do you even know I’m called Henhen?”

Lin Xuanzhi could no longer maintain his indifferent expression. He quietly stepped in front of Yan Tianhen and blocked Lie Fenkong’s view of him as he impassively locked gazes with Lie Fenkong.

Lie Fenkong’s gaze also turned a little cold.

His natural instinct told him that something about Lin Xuanzhi felt wrong. This kind of person should be the natural enemies of Divine Devils like themselves.

Yan Tianhen was the most afraid of the atmosphere suddenly turning so silent, so he cleared his throat, “So uh, I got the fire.”

He held up his hand, where a ball of fire was gloomily flickering in the middle of his palm.

Shen Changgeng, “”

Duan Yuyang, “”

Lie Fenkong, “”

Shen Rubing suddenly started causing trouble as she reached out to swat at Yan Tianhen’s back with a palm.

Yan Tianhen countered with a palm strike as well, but before his attack clashed with Shen Rubing’s, Shen Rubing was hit by an even fiercer gust of wind and was swatted away, crashing against the mountain wall with abang.

“Ah!” Shen Rubing gave a miserable scream before the surroundings became quiet again.

Lie Fenkong became the center of everyone’s attention. He waved his hand and threw a wink at Yan Tianhen. “The others, it doesn’t matter if you want to kill them or skin them, but all of you must leave Yan Tianhen for me, he’s mine.”

Yan Tianhen’s face was full of awkward embarrassment. “Don’t casually speak such words. I don’t know you very well.”

Lie Fenkong laughed and made eyes at Yan Tianhen again. “We’ll get to know each other sooner or later. Don’t worry about it.”

Lin Xuanzhi grabbed Yan Tianhen’s wrist as he glared at Lie Fenkong, “Let’s go.”

Lie Fenkong narrowed his eyes as he watched Lin Xuanzhi.

Shen Changgeng was burning with anxiety right now. His only purpose for coming here was for that Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire, but now that Yan Tianhen had taken it away, the biggest benefit in the entire Pill Limit Mysterious Land was now gone!

Shen Changgeng’s expression suddenly darkened as his hands took action from behind his back. Rays of cold light suddenly shone out from a Sparrow Spirit embedded in his sword hilt and his sword immediately cleaved towards Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen.

“How audacious!” Lie Fenkong’s expression turned cold. He waved his sleeve and drew out a longsword to intercept Shen Changgeng’s move, but the Sparrow Spirit’s power couldn’t be blocked. Lie Fenkong’s sword actually broke apart!

“Sparrow Spirit.” Lie Fenkong furrowed his brows, a sinister expression on his gorgeous face. “The Shen family actually has a connection to the Upper World.”


The entire stone chamber shook, the Qi became tumultuous, and broken pieces of stone pierced through the air, as if the chamber was about to collapse, making it hard for people to remain steady on their feet.