Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 232

Chapter 232

Chapter 232

Lin Xuanzhi found it amusing and felt comforted, so he replied with an “Okay”, then smiled mischievously. “I’ll definitely tell Ah Hen properly if even a fly approaches me in the future, lest my family’s Ah Hen eats vinegar in secret and ends up stifling himself too much.”

Yan Tianhen imagined a scene of Lin Xuanzhi running over to tell him about getting chased by a fly and couldn’t help laughing.

“It really doesn’t feel good to eat vinegar in secret, I’ll eat it openly in the future.”

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, “Okay.”

The two of them were all friendly and sickeningly sweet with each other, looking like they were about to kiss, but there would always be someone who just had to destroy the atmosphere.

A loudbangtraveled over from the shore of a lake not far away.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen looked at each other, then looked at the lakeshore.

Duan Yuyang, who had been lying under a tree with his eyes closed, jumped up like a rabbit. After pausing for a moment, he started running towards the lake.

Yuan Tianwen was there.

Ah!” A pained roar, accompanied by a landslide and the cracking of rocks, hit one directly in the face. At once, Duan Yuyang spotted Yuan Tianwen, who was hacking away randomly at a large stone with a sword in hand.

The veins on Yuan Tianwen’s forehead were popping up; his long hair was in a disheveled mess and he had already shattered god knows how many rocks.

Yuan Tianwen was in abject pain; all of the blood in his body was flowing backward, his meridians reversed clearly the symptom of one suffering from a Qi deviation.

Duan Yuyang was extremely familiar with such an appearance; he had seen such a Yuan Tianwen more than once on Flying Luan Peak.

Duan Yuyang couldn’t stop himself from feeling alarmed. He called out “Tianwen”, and was about to rush over when a hand pressed down on his shoulder.

“Xuanzhi, let me go!”

“He has lost all reason now, he’ll hit anyone he sees. You’d better stay away from him.”

Yan Tianhen also looked at Yuan Tianwen, who had just hacked down at the lake, making a waterfall explode upward. He nodded with lingering trepidation, “Yuyang Gege, what kind of devious cultivation method is he practicing? Is he suffering a Qi deviation?”

Duan Yuyang felt like a knife was being twisted in his heart. He stared at Yuan Tianwen, whose hair was in a disheveled mess as he kept attacking to dispel the discomfort in his body, and muttered, “His body hasn’t completely recovered in the first place. I just knew that by practicing that sort of cultivation method, once his Yang breaks and his realm falls again, without anyone by his side to assist him, how could he feel okay? I’m the one who harmed himI’m too selfish, I actually harmed him like this.”

Yan Tianhen was stunned. “Yuyang Gege, what are you saying? What does him being like this have to do with you?”

Lin Xuanzhi had some knowledge of the Yuan family’s cultivation method, so he lightly explained, “The Yuan family’s cultivation method seems to be dual cultivation.”

Yan Tianhen paused at once.

Then a look of understanding emerged on his face.

Since it was a dual cultivation method, then naturally, the other person was indispensable.

Duan Yuyang was ignoring Yuan Tianwen, and from the looks of it, Yuan Tianwen wouldn’t be willing to find other people to cultivate with either. Coupled with how his body was gravely injured in the first place and the drop in his cultivation level, and how he had just gotten kicked aside by someone, it would be more surprising if there were no problems.

“Damn it.” Duan Yuyang suddenly gnashed his teeth and hammered the giant stone next to him. “I must have really owed this fucking bastard a debt in my previous life.”

Yan Tianhen looked at Duan Yuyang. With a generous, martyr-like expression on his face, Duan Yuyang walked towards Yuan Tianwen.

Yan Tianhen blinked and asked nervously, “Is Yuyang Gege going over to dual cultivate with Yuan Tianwen?”

“He should be.”

Duan Yuyang got incredibly soft-hearted when it comes to Yuan Tianwen, so he naturally wouldn’t be able to stand seeing him be subjected to pain and torment.

However, no one expected Duan Yuyang to take advantage of the fact that it was impossible for Yuan Tianwen to lay a finger on him to walk over to Yuan Tianwen, then smack a talisman on his forehead.

Without being the least bit prepared, Yuan Tianwen was ambushed by Duan Yuyang. His body turned stiff and he fell to the ground with his head facing up with abang, stirring up quite a bit of dust upon impact.

Yan Tianhen, “”

Lin Xuanzhi, “”

Duan Yuyang sighed with relief and clapped his hands. “Hng hng, I’ve always wanted to do something like this to him. Feels so good.”

Yuan Tianwen lay on the ground with his eyes closed, feeling very uncomfortable. Although he had fainted, his symptoms did not alleviate.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose. “Yuyang Gege, you’re done after just knocking him out like that?”

Duan Yuyang chuckled with a rather vulgar expression on his face, making him look quite licentious. “You think it’s gonna be that simple? Wrong. It’s a rare chance, so if honourable me doesn’t take advantage this time, won’t I be running a business that sustains losses?”

Yan Tianhen seemed to understand something.

He threw Duan Yuyang a look of admiration.

Duan Yuyang raised his hand and rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head. “Go and sleepba.”

Yan Tianhen covered his ears with both hands and blinked innocently at Duan Yuyang. “Don’t worry Yuyang Gege, I won’t be able to hear anything after I fall asleep.”

Duan Yuyang waved his hand, “Get lost, get lost.”

So Yan Tianhen got lost, pulling Lin Xuanzhi away in passing as well.

There were a lot of tall and large stones next to the lake. Although Yuan Tianwen had hacked quite a few, there were still many that were spared.

After the sound of Yan Tianhen’s and Lin Xuanzhi’s footsteps faded, Duan Yuyang dragged Yuan Tianwen behind a giant stone.

Beside them was the clear and crystalline lakewater, while there was a bright, full moon in the sky.

“TheDuan Yuyang extended a hand, gentle tenderness evident in his eyes. He gently stroked Yuan Tianwen’s cheek, then his hand slid down his neck and onto his collar.

Yan Tianhen laid on Lin Xuanzhi’s thighs, vaguely hearing Duan Yuyang’s mutterings from afar, and the sounds of comfort and discomfort he made once in a while.

His sleepiness was driven away.

Yan Tianhen opened his eyes, which met with Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes that didn’t seem the least bit sleepy.

Yan Tianhen, “”

“Can’t sleep?”

“Sort of.” Yan Tianhen decided that he might as well sit up straight. He stared at the giant stone out of curiosity. “Dage, do you think Tianwen Gege is the one on top or the one below?”

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, smiling enigmatically. “You even know something like that.”

Yan Tianhen patted his chest, saying proudly, “At the very least, I’m someone who had followed Yuyang Gege along to lift the roof tiles off brothels, so how could I not know!”

“Ahhhah choo!” Duan Yuyang was feeling comfortable when he suddenly sneezed, and his snot spattered all over Yuan Tianwen’s face, who was lying on the ground below him.

Duan Yuyang rubbed his nose guiltily, scolding in secret,who’s the kid secretly in love with me who’s talking about me now?

Lin Xuanzhi reached out and flicked Yan Tianhen’s head. “You’re not allowed to go to that sort of place ever again.”

“I won’t I won’t I won’t, I definitely won’t.” Yan Tianhen quickly expressed his loyalty and chuckled. “I have such a stunning beauty like Dage by my side, so how would I still want to see the commonplace people around me?”

“” How glib and flippant, but it was quite nice to hear.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t bother to fuss about the past with him. “Duan Yuyang probably isn’t the kind to be on top.”

“Why?” Yan Tianhen blinked, not comprehending.

“The one on top has to exert a lot of effort and exhaust themselves, while Duan Yuyang is a young master who has never borne any hardship and is extremely delicate, so he definitely prefers lying down to enjoy himself.”

Although Yan Tianhen was quite knowledgeable in the ways of the world, he was still young, and he still had a long way to go compared to a thousand-year-old ghost like Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen thought long and hard about it. “Is it really more comfortable to be the one below? But all the pimps I saw had very uncomfortable expressions on their faces.”

“” Excellent, his family’s darling Ah Hen was actually taken to pimp brothels! “Whether or not the one below feels comfortable is a twofold task if the front is done well, then they’ll feel comfortable towards the back!”

Yan Tianhen nodded pensively.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, then leaned down and gently kissed Yan Tianhen’s earlobe. “If Ah Hen’s curious, you’ll understand when Dage tries it with you in a few years.”

Yan Tianhen’s face instantly flushed red, the redness spreading all the way to his ears. He puffed his face up and looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s face that was as beautiful as a landscape scroll. “But Dage, why is it that I heard Yuyang Gege say that under normal circumstances, the one with good looks should be the one below?”

Lin Xuanzhi, “”

What kind of ideas was that Duan Yuyang indoctrinating his family’s Ah Hen with all day?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, revealing a cunning look. “Yeah. In Dage’s heart, Ah Hen is the most good-looking one.”

Yan Tianhen, “”

Forget it, he can’t save himself anymore.

Although Yan Tianhen was young, he knew the things that he should know about, so he decided to avoid this dangerous topic.

Duan Yuyang’s voice only stopped ringing out after two hours.

Yuan Tianwen felt good all over from doing it and his cultivation level improved greatly. After the talisman was taken off, he had intended to say something to Duan Yuyang, but he didn’t expect to be mercilessly ejected out of the Pill Limit Mysterious Land.

Yuan Tianwen, who left the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, just so happened to land outside Sky Peak Sect’s mountain gate. A lot of sect disciples who had been waiting there instantly surrounded him.

“Shixiong!” A fellow Shidi, Lan Jinghe, happily crowded over and said, “Your cultivation level improved so much, you’re already at the third layer of your Hardened Body stage now! Is the place inside really that beneficial for cultivating?”

Lan Jinghe’s cultivation level was already at the first layer of his Hardened Body stage. His realm wasn’t very stable, so he naturally didn’t dare to casually use magic tools or medicinal pills to suppress his cultivation level, so he didn’t go in.

Yuan Tianwen’s face was so dark that it seemed like you could wring ink out of it.

Duan Yuyang, that goddamn bastard, actually acted on his own. Not only did he act on his own and do this and that with him, but he even said some things to him while they were doing it like, “Master Yuan, take it as me begging you, can a kind old man like yourself please spare me?!”

Yuan Tianwen felt both cold and hot at the same time then; although his body couldn’t move, his mind was extremely clear.

He could sense the ultimate happiness that Duan Yuyang brought to him, and he could truly feel sorrow for himself.

Duan Yuyang could sacrifice himself to such a point and still want to part with him such that they would no longer be involved with each other in the slightest.

Yuan Tianwen’s eyes instantly turned a little red.

Lan Jinghe could tell that Yuan Tianwen’s attitude seemed a bit off. He stuck his tongue out, embarrassed, and said, “Shixiong, what’s wrong? Don’t tell meYoung Master Duan uh”

Lan Jinghe stuffed all the words that he was about to say back into his mouth.

Yuan Tianwen looked like he wanted to kill someone as he glared at Lan Jinghe. “Where’s that bitch Han Yuran?”

Lan Jinghe said, “He was taken away by the Han family a few days ago, he probably returned to the Han familyba. Shixiong, why are you looking for him?”

Yuan Tianwen gnashed his teeth and said in a cold voice, “It’s fortunate that he escaped so quickly. Otherwise, I’d definitely go and beat him up again!”

Lan Jinghe, “”

At that moment, Su Mo, who was a guest at Sky Peak Sect, learned that Yuan Tianwen had come out, so he went down the mountain to pick up his son.

Editor’s Little Theatre:

YTH: At the very least, I’m someone who had followed Yuyang Gege along to lift the roof tiles off brothels, so how could I not know!

DYY: Why are you telling your Dage that? He doesn’t have to know!

YTW: You’ve been goingwhereand doingwhat?

DYY: So what if Laozi goes to brothels! Laozi can do what he pleases!

YTW: *takes Laozi off to do whathepleases*