Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 237

Chapter 237

Chapter 237

The boy garbed in red hesitated for an instant, but when he really didn’t see the fourth person in the description, he asked, “What happened to the black-clothed cultivator who was fighting against the Shen family in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land earlier?”

Yan Tianhen knew that he was talking about Ling Chigu, so he responded without any changes in his expression, “As for that person, I don’t who he is either, I’ve never seen him before. He suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared. In any case, he’s not with us.”

“Then why did he help?” A disciple from Sky Peak Sect asked.

Evidently, in just a few short hours, Shen Changgeng had already told many people about the events that happened inside the Pill Limit Mysterious Land.

Yan Tianhen answered with a sincere and earnest expression, “I’m afraid it’s becausehe saw this outrageous and tyrannical scene and just had to draw his sword to help. Let me tell you, some people really are too excessive when they do things, so much so that not even passersby can bear to let it go.”

The little boy in red choked.

Beating a person to such a state and then calling it helping in the name of chivalry, wasn’t that too shameless?

Since they were missing a person, the red-clothed boy didn’t dare to decide himself, so he said, “Then please follow me, Young Sect Master has been waiting for the three of you for a long time.”

Duan Yuyang’s mouth twitched. “Who knows if there are any clandestine relations between your Sky Peak Sect’s Young Sect Master and the Shen family. Sky Peak Sect is your territory. Honourable me may be a strong dragon, but even a dragon cannot suppress a snake in its own territory. Just because we can enter doesn’t necessarily mean we can walk out of there afterward. I’m not going.”

The boy in red almost spat out blood and said somewhat angrily, “You dare to insult my family’s Young Master, what nerve.”

Duan Yuyang stared at this little child whose face was a little red and looked quite delicate and adorable, and his playfulness rose up. He showed a playboy’s distinctive ambiguous smile and reached out a hand to pinch the little boy’s face. “You really are unswervingly loyal to your family’s Young Master; so lovely, why don’t you follow me?”

The red-clothed boy had never seen this kind of person before. As someone who followed beside Ren Fuyao, he could be considered a first-class person who was both distinguished and successful. No one in the entire Sky Peak Sect had ever dared to harass him like this!

“Shut up!” The child in red seemed so angry that he could explode. He gnashed his teeth, as though he wanted to fight Duan Yuyang. However, at this time, a powerful pressure descended from the sky, and the little boy in red immediately assumed a respectful bearing.

“Young Sect Master.”

Only to see Ren Fuyao gently float down, as light as a feather. The sleeves of his robes suddenly rose; in an instant, he’d already landed in front of Lin Xuanzhi and company. Sky Peak Sect’s disciples all made way for him and saluted to Ren Fuyao. One could see that they held him in extreme reverence and esteem.

Ren Fuyao walked to Lin Xuanzhi. Although his appearance looked feminine, gentle and reserved, his stature was not like a woman’s at all. Instead, he was tall and straight, with quite an impressive aura.

In the earlier Hundred Families Gathering, Ren Fuyao didn’t spare a second glance at Lin Xuanzhi, but now, he said in surprise, “Your Dantian Qi sea has already recovered?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “Thanks to good fortune, I obtained a celestial-level recovery pill in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land by chance. Currently, I’ve completely recovered.”

Ren Fuyao couldn’t help but secretly note Lin Xuanzhi’s good luck. One should know that even though they released information about there being a celestial-level pill in Pill Limit Mysterious Land before, in reality, no one knew for sure whether there actually was a pill like that inside or not.

Who would have thought that Lin Xuanzhi was actually able to find it.

Ren Fuyao said flatly, “Congratulations.”

Who knows how much genuine sincerity versus false pretenses was contained in this one congratulation, but Lin Xuanzhi still politely replied, “Many thanks.”

Ren Fuyao looked towards Yan Tianhen and Duan Yuyang, then his gaze finally fell on Lin Xuanzhi. “I don’t mean to intentionally make things difficult for anyone, it’s just that the Shen family lost a few main branch pupils inside the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, so the Shen family asked me to uphold justice for them. Shen Changgeng is an inner door disciple of our Sky Peak Sect and can also be considered my direct junior martial brother; this Pill Limit Mysterious Land was also released by my Sky Peak Sect. No matter whether you look from an emotional or a logical standpoint, I can be a good mediator. If you are not busy, please come with me. I can also better understand the events that occurred.” His speech clearly stated his neutral position. He didn’t simply selectively choose to listen to and believe Shen Changgeng’s words but also intended to hear what Lin Xuanzhi’s side had to say.

Since he was like this, Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t really hold any ill will towards him.

Lin Xuanzhi also knew that a tough battle was unavoidable, so he nodded and agreed, “In that case, I won’t make things difficult for Young Sect Master Ren either.”

Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhi’s hand. “I will go with you.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t refuse.

Because he had already foreseen such a scene in advance, Lin Xuanzhi temporarily left Feng Jingyu in Ling Chigu’s care just before they left Pill Limit Mysterious Land or more like having them look after each other.

Nobody knew what kind of magic treasures or secret techniques Feng Jingyu used, but he actually disappeared with Ling Chigu in front of everyone’s eyes.

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, and Duan Yuyang followed Ren Fuyao into Sky Peak Sect’s main gate.

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t actually afraid of encountering any accidents while on someone else’s territory either. While in front of Sky Peak Sect’s gate, he saw Lin Zezhi standing far away and used his gaze to signal to Lin Zezhi.

Right now, Lin Zezhi should be going back to the inn to get reinforcements.

Lin Liuchun would certainly not allow them to be bossed around like caged animals in fighting rings.

Your family is your backer.

This was the first time he came to Sky Peak Sect, so Yan Tianhen was clearly very interested in this place. He was dazzled by the towering mountains, precipitous ridges, and ethereal music. It really was a feast for his eyes.

After a while, Yan Tianhen suddenly thought of a matter. “Young Sect Master Ren, what happened to Shen Changgeng, that baddie?”

Ren Fuyao answered, “One of his arms was chopped off, but besides that he’s fine.”

Yan Tianhen was somewhat disappointed. “So he only lost an arm.”

The red-clothed boy heard his sigh and couldn’t help but glance at him. He thought that this person was too cruel and spoke quite unhappily, “The arm he lost is the right arm that he uses to hold his sword. From now on, he’ll have to start practicing the sword again from the beginning. Plus, it’s not only his body that’s damaged from losing a limb but also his Heart of Dao. As the main culprit, how can you have a clear conscience, you’re even rejoicing in his misfortune!”

Yan Tianhen heard the child’s criticism and treated it as an honor instead of a disgrace. “He’s not, on the contrary, he got off lightly. Back then, the Buddha cut off a piece of his flesh to feed the hawk, some people can return evil actions with good deeds, but I’m a crude and ordinary person. He wants to kill me and hurt my Dage, don’t tell me I can’t kill him?”

The red-clothed boy paused, then countered, “Who knows, maybe you guys coveted the Shen family’s treasures and were discovered, so you wanted to take the initiative to kill them to silence any witnesses.”

“Precisely, I want to silence him. What are you going to do about it?” Yan Tianhen couldanger people to death without compensating with his own life at all.

“You” The child in red had never quarreled with others before. He gritted his death, his face red from anger, as he laughed, “I didn’t expect that the Lin family’s principles are so coarse.”

“Si Ling,” Ren Fuyao spoke up softly, “don’t be rude.”

The little boy in red, who was called Si Ling, immediately closed his mouth and dared not say another word.

Yan Tianhen didn’t let him off so easily. “As the guilty one, he actually dared to file a complaint first. Inside the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, who gets the treasures is dependent on each person’s abilities. We didn’t even say anything when he brought the Shen family elder along to kill us, but he actually dared to make the first complaint while being the villain who started this mess in the first place. Shen Changgeng should be your Sky Peak Sect’s inner door disciple? It seems that Sky Peak Sect’s principles aren’t so good either.”

Si Ling had always been bad at arguing with others; now he was so angry that he almost cried. He spoke to Ren Fuyao with much grievance, “Young Master.”

Ren Fuyao originally didn’t want to get involved in this kind of argument. However, the people around him had already spoken, so at the very least, he needed to show his attitude and save some face.

So Ren Fuyao spoke up, “Craftsman Lin, your Didi is very clever and eloquent.”

Lin Xuanzhi was unconcerned. “Being clever and eloquent is still better than someone who runs back home crying after being criticized and then pulling me into the argument to curse back.”

Ren Fuyao, “”

Si Ling, “”

Unexpectedly, not only was the little brother clever and eloquent, but the elder brother was also very adept at using frigid irony and scorching satire to turn black into white and vice versa, not tolerating even a small verbal loss.

Si Ling felt thought he made his master lose face and was immediately secretly annoyed at himself. He earnestly wished that he could hurry back right this moment and find someone to teach him how to become more articulate.

Ren Fuyao was unwilling to argue with others, so he didn’t continue this conversation subject.

Suffering a verbal loss was nothing.

Ren Fuyao changed subjects, “In the end, Shen Changgeng is still considered one of the Seven Stars of Sky Peak. Now, him losing an arm is akin to Sky Peak Sect losing a limb.”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly replied, “If the old does not leave, the new cannot come.”

Ren Fuyao didn’t set up any defense and was once again suffocated by Lin Xuanzhi.

Ren Fuyao laughed in spite of himself, “Craftsman Lin has such a positive outlook and is so lighthearted, it’s just that Shen Changgeng’s older brother, Shen Yujue, is also one of the Seven Stars of Sky Peak. Moreover, this person has a fiery temperament and will draw his sword if he hears even a single sentence that he doesn’t like. Before I came down the mountain to find you, he had already arrived at the sect and announced that he would kill all the maniacs who hurt his younger brother.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s expression remained unchanged. “May I venture to ask his current cultivation level?”

“Third Layer of Hardened Body Stage.”

Among the Seven Stars of Sky Peak, Ren Fuyao was the undisputed first unrivaled by anyone else. Huangfu Jin was second, Leng Jixue third, and Shen Yujue fourth.

It’s just that after Leng Jixue, there was no other Primary Realm cultivator who was under thirty.

As long as he wasn’t a Primary Realm cultivator, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t worry so much about him.

Thus Lin Xuanzhi said, “If he’s just Hardened Body Stage, then I’m afraid that he can only speak empty words and hollow promises.”

Ren Fuyao couldn’t help looking at Lin Xuanzhi some more. Although this person had recovered his Dantian Qi sea, spiritual Qi wasn’t something that could be increased in a day or two. Moreover, even if he forcibly transformed his soul force into Qi, it would still at most be Foundation Stage Third Layer.

Facing a Hardened Body Stage Third Layer who was half a step into Primary Realm, wasn’t he looking for death?

And yet not a trace of nervousness could be seen from Lin Xuanzhi’s expression, plusif one stared for a long time at his face, that could lead to the downfall of cities and make people forget about the secular world at a glance while looking flawless with or without makeup, then a desire to protect him was bound to grow in that person’s heart.

Ren Fuyao couldn’t help chuckling, “You’re not afraid of speaking empty words.”

Lin Xuanzhi simply smiled and didn’t answer or explain anything.

The distance to the middle of Sky Peak Sect couldn’t be considered short. Along the way, Ren Fuyao deliberately took advantage of this time to understand the events that occurred from Yan Tianhen and the others’ perspectives, so he intentionally slowed his pace as well.

Since Ren Fuyao asked, Yan Tianhen didn’t conceal much either as he spoke, “At that time, my Dage was in closed cultivation absorbing the celestial-level pull, but who would have thought that Shen Changgeng actually brought people over to kill us. Not only that, their Shen family even sent a Profound Realm elder into the Mysterious Land to bully people. They had more than twenty people, while we had only two people and two tigers here. We were lucky to even survive.”

Ren Fuyao began to have some understanding in his heart and continued asking, “When Shen Changgeng came out, his arm was on fire. I cut off that arm, but not even ashes were left behind. According to Shen Changgeng, everyone in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land was burnt to ashes by a mouthful of fire a bird spewed out”