Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 238

Chapter 238

Chapter 238

When he mentioned the bird, Ren Fuyao looked at Yan Tianhen meaningfully, “May I venture to ask Little Friend Yan where that bird is? What’s its origin and background?”

Yan Tianhen was really vexed that they let Shen Changgeng run out alive, he really caused endless troubles while out.

However, he looked up with a small expressionless face and said very innocently, “How can I know what that bird is? Perhaps it’s a bird that Lu Qingli had been raising in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land especially to spew fire and burn those shameless people from the Shen family.”

“Lu Qingli?” Ren Fuyao hadn’t heard of this name before.

Yan Tianhen nodded and sneered, expressing his disdain as he mocked the Shen family, “Lu Qingli is the true master of the Pill Limit Mysterious Land. He’s also a pitiful soul who was framed by that old traitor from the Shen family!”

A strange expression flashed through Ren Fuyao’s eyes. He thought to himself,it seems that more events happened in this Pill Limit Mysterious Land than what he knew about. He’s afraid that the Shen family members didn’t tell him the entire truth when they used the Pill Limit Mysterious Land to trade with Sky Peak Sect.

Ren Fuyao continued, “However, that bird flew out from your bosom, it’s your bird.”

Yan Tianhen looked at him with a pair of pure eyes as he blinked at Ren Fuyao. “But, mybirdis still on me. When did it ever come out? Dage said before that I can’t casually show people my bird.”

Duan Yuyang, who was originally still thinking about how to annoy people to death while coming up with possible ways to escape, almost choked to death when he heard Yan Tianhen’s words. Ren Fuyao couldn’t stop his lips from twitching.

Si Ling stared blankly. When he finally understood, he was immediately furious, acting as if his familys master had been humiliated. “Dont you have any sense of shame? How dare you say this kind of vulgar thing that can’t even be heard in broad daylight? Simplysimply shameless!”

Yan Tianhen smiled mischievously as he continued angering people to death. He made a funny face at Si Ling. “Your family’s Master asked about my bird first. I was kind enough to answer with sincerity, but then you cursed at me. Why are you like this?”

Si Ling was so infuriated that he couldn’t think straight. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws, “My family’s Master is talking about that bird that can spew fire, not your junk!”

Yan Tianhen countered, “How do you know that my bird can’t shoot fire?”

Si Ling answered, “Have you seen anyone’s bird shoot out fire?”

“Therefore, the bird that your family’s Master is talking about is not mine.” Yan Tianhen smiled cunningly and looped back to the topic again, “My bird cannot shoot fire, so the one that can shoot fire is not my bird.”

Si Ling was led around in circles by Yan Tianhen’s “bird this, bird that” spiel. Si Ling couldn’t even tell which bird he was talking about anymore, but he knew that that vulgar meaning was definitely included in those words and suddenly felt like he’d suffered a great humiliation. His eyes became moist with unshed tears.

Yan Tianhen saw that and slanted his mouth, “Alright alright, I won’t tease you anymore. You look almost my age, but how come you want to cry at the smallest things like a little girl?”

“Who are you calling a little girl?” Si Ling blew up and shook his fist at Yan Tianhen.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were a lot of people here right now and the fact that Si Ling’s skin wasn’t thick enough, he definitely would have started a fight with Yan Tianhen!

Thus, Yan Tianhen and Si Ling exchanged sentences back and forth as they took verbal jabs at each other.

Lin Xuanzhi and Ren Fuyao were watching from the side. Originally, Ren Fuyao still wanted to ask some more questions regarding serious matters, but looking at this situationit was better to wait until these two twittering little fellows quieted down before speaking.

Ren Fuyao took them to a certain hall on one of Sky Peak Sect’s mountain peaks.

Many people were present, but there weren’t many people without fixed duties; those were Sky Peak Sect’s elders and Shen family’s elders.

In recent years, Ren Fuyao had already become the de facto leader of Sky Peak Sect. The Sect Master and several elders overseeing the sect were in closed-door cultivation and didn’t come out, so all the matters that pertained to Sky Peak Sect, no matter large or small, were handed over to Ren Fuyao, this Young Sect Master, to decide.

When Ren Fuyao appeared, the Shen family members and Sky Peak Sect’s people saluted him respectfully.

Lin Xuanzhi was somewhat surprised to see Bai Yichen there as well.

Bai Yichen took the chance to wink at Lin Xuanzhi when the people beside him weren’t paying attention.

Just as Lin Xuanzhi was about to blink back, his line of sight was blocked.

Yan Tianhen stood in front of Lin Xuanzhi and puffed out his cheeks as he glared at Bai Yichen. He thought he looked very fierce, but in reality, his round and plump baby-like small face looked quite cute to Bai Yichen.

Bai Yichen chuckled lightly. His movements weren’t big but were caught by Huangfu Jin, who was not far away from him.

As the Young City Lord of Sky Peak City and a member of an elite family alongside the Shen family, at the very least, Huangfu Jin naturally had to make an appearance and go through the pretenses of etiquette when such a big thing happened to the Shen family.

Huangfu Jin looked at Bai Yichen, who was flirtatiously making eyes at Lin Xuanzhi even in such a serious situation, and secretly cursed, “Inappropriate”. He thought a bit before adding another, “Shameless”.

Last time, he adopted a strict attitude, intending to fiercely criticize Bai Yichen as he stormed to the Bai family and met with Bai Yichen. The next day, nobody knew whether his head had been kicked by a donkey or not, but under the influence of some unexplained supernatural force, he actually returned to the Bai family’s main gate once again. However, the reply he received was that the Bai Young Master was no longer home.

Today was their second time meeting face-to-face.

Bai Yichen indeed didn’t put this Sky Peak City’s Young City Lord in his eyes at all; it was precisely such actions that made the desire to challenge him awaken in Huangfu Jin.

Bai Yichen seemed to have sensed Huangfu Jin’s very obvious gaze. He turned his head to look towards Huangfu Jin and even smiled at him. There seemed to be hooks within those eyes.

Huangfu Jin, “”

Shameless old thing.

When the Shen family saw Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, and the people with them, their expressions naturally didn’t look good. A Shen family elder had a gloomy expression as he gritted his teeth, “I’ve already heard my grandson Changgeng talk about the events that happened in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land. What kind of sinister tricks did you guys use to actually harm my grandson Changgeng to that degree?!”

Duan Yuyang spoke up first, full of confidence, “I say, old man, you need to speak with reason. If it wasn’t for that darling grandson of yours taking advantage of the period when Lin Xuanzhi was repairing his Dantian Qi sea to bring people over to besiege him, ultimately triggering that great power within the Pill Limit Mysterious Land and encountering misfortune, do you think that with just us alone, we can actually hurt Shen Changgeng?”

Duan Yuyang’s words contained half-truths mixed with half-lies. The truth was the first half, the lie was the great power in the Mysterious Land.

However, these Shen family members only paid attention to the lie.

An old Shen family elder who was originally sitting on the chair with squinted eyes suddenly opened his eyes when he heard those words. A pure light not contaminated by filth shone from his eyes.

“Utter nonsense!” The Shen family elder glared at Duan Yuyang fiercely.

Duan Yuyang felt a strong sense of oppression pressing down on him; he almost couldn’t stop himself from spitting out blood.

“You’re using your strength to bully the weak!” There were as many magic treasures on Yan Tianhen as there were hairs on a cow. He naturally couldn’t feel this oppressive force but immediately understood what was happening when he saw that Duan Yuyang’s expression didn’t look right. He exploded, pointing to that old man as he cursed, “Such shamelessness! Picking only the weak to bully.”

Duan Yuyang had spoken up first because he wanted to block the verbal onslaught for Yan Tianhen.

A Shen family member shouted, “Don’t be rude!”

Yan Tianhen countered, “You guys were unreasonable first.”

A verbal argument wasn’t very useful. Just then, a young man with disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes stormed in from outside. He held a sword in his hand and immediately gritted his teeth when he saw the people inside the hall. “Who among you hurt my Didi?”

Yan Tianhen was startled. “He has only himself to blame!”

Shen Yujue howled, “Give me your life!” and raised his sword, chopping down at Yan Tianhen.

How could Lin Xuanzhi allow him to succeed?!

He raised his right hand, and a longswordwhooshedand fell right into his clean and pearl-white hand, as though it had grown eyes of its own.

Huangfu Jin stared blankly, then raised his hand to touch the now-empty scabbard on his waist. His heart suddenly felt cold damn, Lin Xuanzhi, this person who took without asking first, actually hooked away his sword.

Huangfu Jin almost couldn’t stop himself from rushing up, but Bai Yichen raised a hand and blocked him with a stick of green bamboo.

Bai Yichen spoke, “Wait and see first.”

Huangfu Jin gritted his teeth but didn’t move.

Wenqing was slender and long, its two ends slightly wide and the middle slim, like the slender waist of a peerless beauty, lithe and alluring. It looked soft, supple, and weak, but instead was hiding a blade inside the cotton, carrying steel within its softness.

Lin Xuanzhi’s sword thrust out. It clearly didn’t have very strong Qi but directly broke through Shen Yujue’s few sword strokes.

Shen Yujue’s expression was as gloomy as a ghosts. When he saw that his first strike didn’t land, his next strike was already covered with astral winds.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t attack; only when Shen Yujue attacked did he slowly make a few light movements with his sword. Nevertheless, Shen Yujue’s sword techniques were completely broken through with a few light strikes time and time again.

Huangfu Jin originally wanted to rush up and take back his treasured sword, but slowly sank into deep thought when he saw Lin Xuanzhi’s moves. His gaze stared at Lin Xuanzhi’s every action without blinking, as if he was afraid of missing a good play.

Lin Xuanzhi took retreat as his advance and exchanged ten moves with Shen Yujue.

After ten moves, the sword in Shen Yujue’s hand was actually flicked away by another sword and sent flying.


This was the sound of the sword falling onto the ground.

It wasn’t only the sword that fell, Shen Yujue’s face also fell.

Shen Yujue was stunned.

The Shen family was also stunned.

Ren Fuyao raised his eyebrows as his fingers gentlytwirled the string of chrysoberyl aroundin his hand.

Duan Yuyang clapped and praised, “Good sword technique! Truly wonderful!”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t even turn his head as he lightly threw the sword in his hand back, and Wenqing exquisitely fell back into Huangfu Jin’s scabbard.

Looking at Huangfu Jin again, his expression was already full of conflicting emotions. He didn’t know whether he should continue to badger Lin Xuanzhi for not asking before taking stuff or whether he should marvel at the fact that there were actually people of the same age with such profound attainments in swordsmanship in this world.

Slowly, his face became livid.

The sword that Leng Jixue gifted him actually recognized another man as its master, fuck.

Yan Tianhen scooted over to Lin Xuanzhi’s side, grinning from ear to ear. “It seems like Dage’s body really has recovered.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded softly, then turned and spoke to Shen Yujue, who was clearly still in a stupor, “Gentleman Shen, you can speak if you have something to say. Why the need to draw your sword?”

Shen Yujue seemed like he still had a lot he wanted to say, but at this time he couldn’t get even a single word out.

After a long time where his face alternated between being blue and ashen pale, Shen Yujue spoke in a low voice, “Don’t think that I’ll drop the matter about you hurting my Didi just because your attainment in swordsmanship is higher than mine.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “I didn’t expect that there is still a noble person in the Shen family. It seems that the Shen family’s fortune and destiny shouldn’t yet be severed.”

Shen Yujue’s cultivation was clearly already Hardened Body Stage. However, he was a man of honor, so when exchanging blows with Lin Xuanzhi, he was unwilling to use Qi above Lin Xuanzhi’s level to suppress him. Instead, he wanted to compete with Lin Xuanzhi purely in swordsmanship, which was why he lost so thoroughly.