Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 239

Chapter 239

Chapter 239

If Shen Yujue really used his Hardened Body Stage cultivation to fight against him, the result would be unknown, but Lin Xuanzhi knew that his chances of winning weren’t high. After all, the suppression from a higher cultivation level couldn’t be resisted so easily, let alone the large gap between his and Shen Yujue’s cultivation levels.

Although Shen Yujue was praised, he reacted as if his reverse scale had been triggered, exclaiming angrily, “You scoundrel, how dare you so freely talk nonsense about my Shen family’s fortune? Who gave you the courage?”

As an old ghost who had been wandering around for a thousand years, Lin Xuanzhi naturally wouldn’t bother with arguing with Shen Yujue, so he only said, “Regarding Shen Er’s matter, I will demand an explanation from you even if all of you didn’t find me first.”

Shen Yujue suppressed his murderous intent and, with extreme difficulty, restrained his sword that was already trembling nonstop while giving out ringing sounds. He glared at Lin Xuanzhi in rage. “Changgeng has always been gentle and courteous to people, he never quarrels with anyone. He’s already told me that in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, all of you tried to take his life because you wanted to rob away the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire in his hands. You even used evil Yin arts. If it wasn’t because he ran away fast enough, right now, he wouldn’t have lost only an arm!”

Lin Xuanzhi understood when he heard this. Contrary to expectations, he held a wisp of admiration for Shen Changgeng now he could immediately think of a method to flip truth and lies and get away scot-free while suffering from the pain of losing an arm. Not everyone could have this kind of mental fortitude.

Yan Tianhen objected with a dark expression, “Don’t tell me that whatever he says is the truth? He was clearly the one who tookadvantage of the fire to rob people, but he was too weak and suffered retribution as a result. Why is this our fault now?”

“Nonsense!” A Shen family elder slapped the table and stood up. “If you want to slander my Shen family’s people, you have to produce evidence!”

Yan Tianhen faced him, “You must provide evidence as well if you want to frame my Lin family’s people!”

Yan Tianhen had never been one to suffer losses in verbal arguments, and now that he had Lin Xuanzhi as his backing, even more so, he wouldn’t stand to suffer even a little loss when arguing.

However, not suffering losses meant that, at the same time, you couldn’t obtain any benefits either.

Both sides stuck to their own versions of the events and both claimed that the other party wasn’t anything good.

The Shen family naturally wouldn’t let this matter rest. Finally, that Shen family elder with a white beard spoke, “Young Sect Master Ren, even if these kids made some unreasonable decisions, don’t tell me that you don’t know who exactly owns this Pill Limit Mysterious Land? Back then, my Shen family agreed to open the Pill Limit Mysterious Land to Sky Peak Sect’s disciples because we were giving the Sect Master face. Furthermore, my Shen family already has an agreement with the Sect master that no matter who obtained the Sacred Fire in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, it will belong to my Shen family in the end.”

Ren Fuyao couldn’t help but smile bitterly in his heart.

He naturally knew about this, but he’d never expected that anyone would be able to obtain the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire. Moreover, the Shen family had already stated, very clearly, that only they knew the location of the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire, and that it was impossible for others to find it. Thus, Ren Fuyao had never even considered the possibility of other people taking away the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire.


The plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Who would have thought that Lin Xuanzhi and these people would be so powerful?

Ren Fuyao gave that elder an expression that said, “Don’t be rash, wait for a while”, then turned to Lin Xuanzhi. “Such a matter indeed exists, it’s true that my father has made a contract with the Shen family. Now that the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire has landed in your hands, I only want to ask if there is any room for exchange?”

Duan Yuyang laughed scornfully, “After causing such a ruckus for half a day, in the end, isn’t your goal still the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire? If you want it then say it directly; if you want to rob it then do so in broad daylight. Wanting to be a whore but still trying to maintain a pretense of righteousness, the Shen family really is funny.”

The Shen family members’ expressions all changed when they heard someone call them whores.

One Shen family elder was also too lazy to keep up the pretenses and spoke bluntly, “The Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire is the Shen family’s treasure to begin with. You may have the fortune to obtain it, but you should also consider whether you want your life!”

Someone with a softer disposition most likely would have already thrown out this scalding-hot potato long ago to save their own life. However, by nature, Yan Tianhen had a rebellious disposition. He didn’t even concede or bow and bend his knee when Lin Xuanzhi was bedridden, so right now, he was even more unlikely to cower.

Yan Tianhen responded, “To be frank, the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire is within my body and has already fused together with me. If you want it, you’ll have to kill me, pull out my Yang souls, and extinguish my Yin souls. Otherwise, you won’t get it no matter what!”

Shen family elders’ expressions changed. The old man with the white beard suddenly burst into a rage, his five fingers forming into claws and grabbing towards Yan Tianhen’s head. “Then I’ll kill you!”

BoomA strong gust of wind from a palm assaulted him directly in the face. A person came in, elegantly and lightly. He spoke with contempt, “Old fart, a Profound Realm cultivator like yourself actually wants to hurt a little baby who’s yet to reach the Hardened Body Stage? So embarrassing.”

“Who is it!?” The white-bearded Shen family member narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the entrance.

Only to see that the newcomer was spry, lively, and graceful, floating in the air, his sleeves like clouds. His face contained traces of laziness.

“Lin Liuchun.” The newcomer reported his own family origin.

“Fourth Elder!” Yan Tianhen cried excitedly and slipped behind Lin Xuanzhi.

The faces of the Shen family members suddenly changed.

However, the person with the biggest reaction was actually Ren Fuyao, the Young Sect Master.

His entire being experienced a great shock. He suddenly fixed his gaze on Lin Liuchun without blinking even once, as if he wanted to engrave Lin Liuchun’s image into his very bones.

Lin Liuchun stood in front of Lin Xuanzhi, glanced at him, then spoke to that white-bearded Shen family elder who had acted just now, “Shen Yang, you’re already 800 years old, you don’t think it’s embarrassing to bully a younger generation whose hairs aren’t even fully grown yet?”

Shen Yang secretly thought,what bad luck.

Even though the Lin family was a third-class family, that was only because the Lin family didn’t have a second Profound Realm elder beside First Elder in these years, so their status was lowered. In addition, the Lin family also didn’t have an amazing younger generation, and genius youngsters rarely made an appearance. However, no one dared to truly look down on the Lin family, only because the Lin family still had its foundation. The several surviving elders all had the strength to fight on par with Profound Realm cultivators. Among them, Fourth Elder Lin Liuchun was a person of outstanding talent.

It was just that in these years, neither heads nor tails of Lin Liuchun could be seen. In the Five Continents’ Daoist world, the waves of the younger generations pushed away the waves of the older generations, and Lin Liuchun’s name had already long been drowned out by the reputations of younger generations.

However, those in the same generation as Lin Liuchun could never forget his graceful manner when he fought throughout the entire Five Continents with only a single purple jade flute.

Nobody knew what Lin Liuchun’s current strength level was. Although he had only shown a Primary Realm cultivation level so far, who could easily see through the cultivation level of a truly strong expert?

Shen Yang’s face was blue and pale. Just when he wanted to open his mouth, he suddenly heard a lovely male’s voice that was full of magnetism

“Wow, it’s really lively in Sky Peak Sect today. Has something interesting happened? I can’t believe I was left out.”

A smiling young man strode in with large steps, followed by a handsome man in a black robe.

Yan Tianhen winked at Duan Yuyang. “Yuyang Gege, your husband and father-in-law came!”

“Shush, you.” Duan Yuyang’s mouth twitched as he whispered.

What did these two people come here for?

Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but think about the scene when he was messing around with Yuan Tianwen in the Mysterious Land. At the time, he held a determined attitude, having decided to throw caution to the wind, taking advantage of Yuan Tianwen and only thinking that they would never meet again. Who would have thought that he would be caught off guard and encounter Yuan Tianwen under these circumstancesreally damned embarrassing!

Yuan Tianwen’s gaze locked onto Duan Yuyang.

Ren Fuyao had naturally heard Yan Tianhen’s words, so he’d already decided on how he would deal with today’s matters in his heart.

“Madam Yuan.” Ren Fuyao cupped his hands.

Su Mo returned the action and raised his eyebrows at Shen Yang, a fake smile blooming on his face. “Elder Shen, I heard today that several elders from the Qi family are already on their way to Sky Peak City. It’s said that they’re going to find the Huangfu City Lord to have him uphold justice and demand an explanation. It seems that the Shen family was very rampant and unbridled in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, especially that Eldest Miss, who seemed to have killed Qi family’s Second Young Master over merely a verbal dispute.Tsk tsk, the Shen family really is full of confidence. Our Yuan family is ashamed to say that we’re inferior in this regard.”

Su Mo deliberately mentioned the Qi family, hinting to the several Shen family members that they should clean up their own mess first before looking to bring more trouble upon themselves.

The Shen family didn’t even get to respond yet before Lin Liuchun beat them to it.

“Not only in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, but they’re also this unbridled even after leaving the Pill Limit Mysterious Land.” Lin Liuchun raised the corners of his lips as he smiled insincerely. “Who knows what kind of rules they have my family’s kids obtained some treasures in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land but were detained as soon as they came out. Unbelievably, no one informed me. Do you really think that there’s no one in the Lin family right now?”

Many different parties ganged up on them together; it could be considered forceful and overbearing. However, if the Shen family didn’t intolerably bully people first, they wouldn’t attract this combined suppression from multiple forces.

Shen Yang was so furious that his beard was about to curl up.

Shen Yujue stood out and first individually saluted to Lin Liuchun and Su Mo, then spoke, “I don’t know what treasure you guys obtained. The only reason I’m here today is to get justice for my Didi one of his arms was crippled, and it was caused by the flames from a bird belonging to Alchemist Yan Tianhen. Nonetheless, you have to give me an explanation.”

Lin Liuchun looked at Yan Tianhen. “Since when did you raise a bird that can spew fire?”

Yan Tianhen stretched his small face and answered, “I saw that bird too, but I’ve also said that I don’t know where that bird came from. It’s not mine. It doesn’t chase others but only chases the Shen family and spews fire at them. I think it’s strange.”

Lin Liuchun waved his hand, not intending to listen further. He spoke bluntly, “Boy, you heard clearly. Our family’s baby says that bird has nothing to do with him.”

Shen Yujue didn’t believe it. “My Didi clearly said that that bird came out of his clothes.”

Yan Tianhen looked at him faintly. “Don’t tell me it’s mine if it came out of my clothes?”

Shen Yujue was stumped.

Yan Tianhen continued, “Then did your Did tell you that the Shen family also had an elder who died in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, who also couldn’t escape and was burnt to death by the fire that bird spewed out?”

As soon as he spoke those words, Lin Liuchun and Su Mo’s complexions all changed.

Su Mo was immediately angered. “Your Shen family really is good, actually daring to secretly send an elder inside. What in the world is your intention?”

Shen Yang replied, “The Pill Limit Mysterious Land was originally the Shen family’s possession to begin with. It’s reasonable for us to send in however many people we want.”

Su Mo sneered coldly, “If it’s reasonable, then why did you not dare to even mention that dead elder when you were criticizing so enthusiastically earlier?”

Naturally, because they thought it was embarrassing, felt guilty, and knew that their actions were unreasonable.

Everyone else sent in younger generations below 25 years of age, but the Shen family actually sent in an elder whose age only the heavens knew, and he was even killed by the fire that a bird spewed out. If they mentioned this matter, their face would be gone.

“Since you can’t explain why, let’s just call it a day.” Lin Liuchun waved his sleeve and planned to take the people and leave.