Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Lin Xuanzhi looked at this Lin family elder, who had been closest to his father, and enunciated each word clearly, “Fourth Elder, it is impossible for Ah Hen and I to separate in this lifetime. I live for him, and even if I were to die for him, so what? The prophet said that he would meet with many difficulties in his life and be all alone at the end of his life, but I insist on going against this Dao and changing his fate. Even if I have to undergo a myriad of ordeals in a state of everlasting crisis or die innumerable times, I won’t regret it.”

Lin Liuchun was stunned. He had never expected that a young man who wasn’t even eighteen yet would say things like dying or living for another person.

And what shocked him even more was that this young man was Lin Xuanzhi, the most emotionless person he had ever seen.

That’s right, Lin Xuanzhi had always been an unfeeling person. Even if there was love in his heart, it would be the great love for all living beings, and definitely not this kind of small love.

Lin Liuchun suddenly recalled the day Lin Xuanzhi was born.

Hundreds of birds flocked over and all the beasts cried out in unison; a rainbow crossed through the sun, and flowers bloomed throughout the entire snowy East Continent mainland overnight and only withered after 30 days, their fragrance drifting for a hundred miles. Meteors shot through the night sky, and innumerable stars fell while new stars rose to take their places. At that moment, the galaxy reversed, the sea of stars went against the current, and the prophets’ jaws almost dropped upon witnessing this unusual phenomenon!

If it wasn’t because Lin Liuchun had personally seen these unusual phenomena appear when Lin Xuanzhi was born, he probably wouldn’t link them to Lin Xuanzhi.

Until today, there were still a lot of prophets in the Five Continents’ mainlands who were studying the 30 day phenomena to figure out what it was a sign of.

After Lin Xuanzhi’s birth, Lin Zhan couldn’t feel at ease, as he always felt like the unusual phenomenon was an omen of Lin Xuanzhi’s future. Without caring for the frailty of his body, he resolutely took Lin Xuanzhi to Profound Sky Sect and spent a lot of money to request for a divination from the peak master of Sinking Sword Peak.

But Sinking Sword Peak’s peak master did not perform a divination for him, and he didn’t even see Lin Zhan and the swaddled Lin Xuanzhi. He only spoke to them through the Peak Gate, “This son is the bright star of Polaris that will bring salvation to all mankind; he will wield the Zhige sword that slaughters demons as he was born to kill the master of Divine Devils in the chaotic era. With the world in mind, he will aid the common people, but he will be an unfeeling person with a cold heart. He has a weak family fate and a severed love line; he will not understand love. No one can divine the destiny of this son, as all who try will die. There are many reasons for the Dao of Heaven, and even if one does peek into it, it cannot be changed. You may descend the mountains, there’s no need to ask any more questions.”

Lin Zhan became more and more ill at ease, but he could only take Lin Xuanzhi down the mountains and return to the Lin family.

Lin Xuanzhi was indeed unfeeling and cold-hearted. He was gentle and courteous to others and also had outstanding talent. If he hadn’t listened to Lin Zhan’s teachings and suppressed his own cultivation level, then his name would have probably resounded throughout the Five Continents a few years ago, and may have even attracted the attention of the upper realm.

It was rare for Lin Xuanzhi’s emotions to fluctuate. Aside from caring about his own father, he was merely courteous to others such that people couldn’t pick out any flaws from him; yet he was an indifferent person who alienated himself from the rest, as if his travels around the world were simply travels, and he wouldn’t even touch a single speck of dust before he drifted away.

Even after Lin Zhan brought a child back and said that he was going to adopt him and treat him so well that it would rouse the envy of others, Lin Xuanzhi merely smiled slightly and didn’t take it to heart.

He understood neither jealousy nor sorrow, and didn’t seem to feel much joy or sadness either.

Yu Huarong, who would make others forget even immortals with just one glance, was not only so because of his appearance and temperament, but also because of how he was devoid of desire.

Later on, Lin Xuanzhi went to the North Continent and came back with a sword called Zhige.

This sword seemed to have mysteriously and inexorably declared Lin Xuanzhi’s fate that had been divined by the prophet.

However, it was this Lin Xuanzhi who was kneeling on the ground now as he told another frankly about his obsession and infatuation with another man how could Lin Liuchun not feel shocked?!

It took a long time for Lin Liuchun to snap out of his daze.

The light of the lamps were like beans; under the dancing flames, Lin Xuanzhi’s side profile reminded one of jade with how splendid it was.

“You’ve made up your mind?”

“A long time ago.”

“Are you absolutely unrepentant?”


Lin Liuchun squinted his eyes. “I should kick you out of the family and sever all your ties with the Lin family.”

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, “If it’s for the Lin family, I won’t complain in the slightest. I can take Ah Hen far away tonight.”

Lin Liuchun smacked the table. “The Lin family has raised you for 18 years and hasn’t recovered its capital from you yet. Who would be mad enough to let you go far away now? At first I thought that after your Dantian was destroyed, that pain in the ass save-the-world fate of yours would have already changed and even felt quite at ease, but who would’ve thought that by some chance coincidence, you managed to get a celestial-level pill. Looks like the Dao of Heaven has indeed been set in stone long ago.”

Lin Liuchun breathed a sigh of relief and said, somewhat helplessly, “Although Yan Tianhen’s status is troublesome, people from the Lin family aren’t dogs who get startled by the mere twang of a bow either. It’s just that, when the time comes, you must know what to do and make a decision without hesitation. The Lin family may not be able to protect you, so you should still rely on yourself.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart was full of gratitude. As the elder of the Lin family, Lin Liuchun should prioritise the family’s interests and chase him out of the family and sever all ties with him, yet he did the opposite and left him an inch of space to breathe.

Lin Xuanzhi bowed. “I’d like to thank Elder on Ah Hen’s behalf first. No matter when that day comes, I will try my best to not involve the Lin family.”

Lin Liuchun’s gaze was complicated as he stared at Lin Xuanzhi’s jade-like face. “I’m not a person who judges a book by its cover, but Yan Tianhen’s appearance does have its flaws, while cultivators are all fond of beauty. I just can’t figure out why you’re so devoted to him.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, his expression gentle and affectionate. “I’m afraid that we had an arrangement in our previous lives that we’re honouring in this life.”

Lin Liuchun’s heart shivered as he was deeply moved.

Lin Liuchun said lightly, “But don’t forget that the cause of your father’s death started with him.”

“I’ve already figured it out; the cause started with him, but it’s not his fault. Ah Hen is also a victim. I won’t resent him for it.”

Lin Liuchun nodded. “That is what you said. You must not forget it in the future.”

“I’ll keep Elder’s teachings in mind.”

Lin Liuchun asked Lin Xuanzhi to leave after they finished discussing important matters. However, when Lin Xuanzhi walked over to the door, Lin Liuchun suddenly asked, “Do you know who your other parent is?”

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned and paused. He turned around. “My father has never mentioned my mother.”

Not in his previous life, and neither in this one.

Lin Liuchun waved his hand. “I don’t know who your other parent is either. But if you do want to know, you can try asking Su Mo. Su Mo and your father are close friends, and he can be considered the one your father trusts the most. Also, for the matter regarding Yan Tianhen, I’m afraid that he’s the only one who knows the most about it, aside from your father.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s whole body trembled as all sorts of complicated emotions welled up in him. He bowed respectfully to Lin Liuchun. “Much thanks to Elder for your advice.”

It looked like the massacre of the Yuan family was also because of Ah Hen’s identity.

“One more thing.” Lin Liuchun said, “Although Yan Tianhen is young, if he loses his virginity too early, it won’t be beneficial to his cultivation. You’re older than him, so you must control yourself.”

This was Lin Xuanzhi’s first time being reminded of bedroom matters in both of his lives, and it was even mentioned by an elder in his family. Even if he has always been indifferent, he couldn’t help but blush a little.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “I’ll wait for him to grow up.”

Lin Xuanzhi stood outside the door for a while before pushing it to enter.

He talked for a long time with Lin Liuchun. Yan Tianhen had already washed up and was lying in bed by now.

“Where have Ah Bai and Hu Po gone?” Lin Xuanzhi walked over to the bed and asked.

“Ah Bai said that he’s going to look for Ah Gu to play with.” Yan Tianhen wrapped himself up tightly with the blanket, his face slightly red as he blinked mischievously at Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. He reached out to pull the blanket a little. “Why are you wrapping yourself up so tightly?”

Right after he spoke, Lin Xuanzhi was stunned by what he saw underneath the blanket, Yan Tianhen was bare naked. Under the dancing lights of the lamp, his fair skin looked like top-notch silk. His skeleton that had not grown to its fullest, and his slender waist made it look like one could pinch it all with just one hand.

Lin Xuanzhi covered Yan Tianhen’s body with the blanket again.

He stared at Yan Tianhen’s slightly flushed face with an enigmatic expression. “What does this mean?”

Yan Tianhen blinked and suddenly felt ashamed, but he still summoned up his courage to say, “II want to be physically intimate with Dage. Does Dage not want that?”

Lin Xuanzhi instantly felt like he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. Before this, he had even thought that Lin Liuchun’s reminder came a little too early, but he didn’t expect that within the blink of an eye, Yan Tianhen would be stirring up trouble for him.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen’s clear eyes and couldn’t help but lean down and gently kiss his peachy lips. He chuckled, “What kind of person do you think I am? Your body’s not fully grown yet, so how could I casually take you like this?”

Yan Tianhen’s grip tightened as he grabbed the edge of the blanket, his breathing a little ragged. “I’m almost 14-years-old; those who are as old as me in the mortal world would have already gotten married and had children by now.”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head with a smile. “I’m not a proper gentleman. Stop seducing me, otherwise you’ll be the one who’ll suffer.”

Yan Tianhen pouted. “Yuyang Gege said that love and desire are bound together. If there’s love, then there must be desire. When Dage said that you liked me, you couldn’t have said that just to coax me, right?”

Lin Xuanzhi flicked Yan Tianhen’s head. “Duan Yuyang is always teaching you such messy things all the time. I’ll have to ask him properly about it the next time we meet.”

“Don’tah.” Yan Tianhen grabbed Lin Xuanzhi’s arm and blinked. “If you trouble him, he won’t impart his experiences to me anymore.”

“You’re even talking about imparting experiences” Lin Xuanzhi was amused. “He himself is a fool, how can he impart anything to you?”

Yan Tianhen said, “You’re making it sound like you have a lot of experience.”

Speaking of this, Yan Tianhen stared suspiciously at Lin Xuanzhi. “Dage, have you ever had such experiences with other people in this area?”

“Naturally not with other people.”

As for his experience with Yan Tianhen in his past life, it was another matter altogether.

Lin Xuanzhi really had no desire for this child who was not fully grown yet. He wasn’t a beast; even when he did have physical intimacy with Yan Tianhen in his past life, it was when Yan Tianhen was over 20 years old.

He thought of Yan Tianhen’s slender, beautiful body and his fair skin, and suddenly turned restless.

Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhen’s cheeks that still had some baby fat in them. “Alright, put your clothes back on and rest early.”

Yan Tianhen obediently agreed and got up to get dressed.

Lin Xuanzhi went to wash up, ready for the many people to pay them a visit tomorrow.