Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 252

Chapter 252

Chapter 252

Yan Tianhen suddenly learned about his origins and heard about the entangled love-hate relationship between his parents, then he also heard that there were many people all trying to find him and hunt him down. He was naturally in a bad mood, which gave rise to many anxieties and fears

He feared that sooner or later, one day, he would drag Lin Xuanzhi down. He was also afraid that the “Dao of Heaven may be fair, but the guilty will not escape”, ultimately forcing him to part ways with Lin Xuanzhi due to his blood and never again be able to live together so happily like this.

Even though Yan Tianhen could cry and act and talk childishly, in his heart, he held his own ideas and beliefs.

Lin Zhan once said that he was a clever one. This child had always been intelligent, ever since he was small.

Yan Tianhen stood in front of Feng Jingyu, he looked down at the phoenix with his head drooped, “Dage, can I have a few words with Maomao alone?”

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Feng Jingyu and nodded, “Dage will wait for you in the room.”

“Okay.” Yan Tianhen looked back and smiled at Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes were gentle. “Don’t worry too much.”

Yan Tianhen nodded.

After Lin Xuanzhi left, Feng Jingyu cleared his throat and said in his infant’s voice, “This”

“Who allowed you to tell my Dage these matters? I’m a Divine Devil; do you think I’m not aware of the implications and need you to remind my Dage?”

Yan Tianhen narrowed his eyes, his gaze as cold as ice. He grabbed Feng Jingyu’s chubby body and held him in his hand, his two fingers squeezing Feng Jingyu’s short neck.

Feng Jingyu suffered a fright. He wanted to flap his wings; however, Yan Tianhen’s strength was extraordinary, and it seemed like he was about to be choked to death.

Feng Jingyu wasn’t an ordinary bird, so naturally, he wouldn’t bite the dust just from someone squeezing him. However, Yan Tianhen made him sense, very clearly, the sinister killing intent and danger.

Feng Jingyu hurriedly choked out, “Your Dage already knew that you’re a Divine Devil since a long time agoack” he broke off coughing.

Heavens, somebody’s about to murder a phoenix! These two brothers really are brothers, even their movements squeezing him are exactly the same!

Yan Tianhen chuckled coldly and loosened his grip slightly. “I know that he already knows that I’m a Divine Devil. I also knew a long time ago what kind of thing I am, but my Dage pretended to be unaware and never mentioned it. Naturally, he didn’t want me to worry about these troublesome matters. Now that you’ve made him aware of the fact that I know my own origins, he will definitely think that I feel sad and brokenhearted, and he’ll be even more anxious than me.”

Yan Tianhen really wished to strangle this damned bird and his loose tongue.

Ever since Lin Xuanzhi found out that he was cultivating demonic arts, he threw all the life-saving magic treasures onto Yan Tianhen. Later, when he found out that Yan Tianhen was actually a Divine Devil as well, he worried day and night, so much that he couldn’t even sleep well. He forced himself to improve his cultivation and expand his network of acquaintances. He refined magic treasures day and night without rest, afraid that someday, when Yan Tianhen’s identity was exposed, he would be helpless and unable to protect him from being bullied.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t say any of this, but Yan Tianhen saw it all with his eyes and remembered it in his heart.

He wasn’t so naive, nor was he so simple. Almost all his naivet, ignorance, and childishness were deliberate shows Yan Tianhen put on for Lin Xuanzhi’s sake of course, there were also times when he couldn’t control himself when facing Lin Xuanzhi, as well as times when his sincere feelings were revealed.

Lin Xuanzhi wanted to bear everything for him and wanted him to live safely and securely under the sky that Lin Xuanzhi held up, enjoying a carefree life without any worries. Originally, Yan Tianhen didn’t want to pretend to be ignorant of everything, but after he carefully observed, assessed, and mulled things over, he found that by not knowing anything and not thinking excessively about anything, he could actually make Lin Xuanzhi feel more at ease.

Thus, Yan Tianhen was still that Yan Tianhen who wasn’t quite sensible but was also proud of being spoiled so.

However, this damned opinionated and stupid bird had actually exposed everything to Lin Xuanzhi and even brought more burden upon him. This infuriated Yan Tianhen so much that his eyes were about to roll back!

Feng Jingyu’s face was also full of astonishment, dumbfounded. How could he not see it after so many days? That underneath Yan Tianhen’s simple, innocent, and somewhat silly appearance, there was such a blackhearted fellow with a belly full of evil tricks!

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen, who had black smoke coming off of him, and said with a trembling voice, “If, if you’d told me sooner that you aren’t the silly little brat you appear to be, Ithis king naturally wouldn’t settle for the second-best and find Lin Xuanzhi, a person who originally could have stayed out of this entire affair.”

“That’s why I didn’t straight-up pluck your feathers and roast you.” Yan Tianhen rolled his eyes and let go of Feng Jingyu, scowling, “But I’m warning you, if you dare to talk nonsense to my Dage again in the future, I will absolutely find a chance to roast you.”

Feng Jingyu hurriedly nodded in agreement, roast is fine, roast is fine. In any case, he was least afraid of being roasted.

After the initial shock, Feng Jingyu also held less fear toward Yan Tianhen. Instead, he thought that this kid was quite interesting. Thus, he flapped his wings and landed on Yan Tianhen’s shoulder, winking at him, “You rascal, pretending to be a fool in front of Lin Xuanzhi all day long and even fooling this king, you’re really incredible.”

Yan Tianhen was still fuming as he sat on the stool, sullenly thinking about how to make his Dage feel at ease.

Feng Jingyu hopped on with his conversation, “Only, what in the world do you think about your identity?”

“What can I think?” Yan Tianhen responded, in a bad mood. “I don’t care about fighting for some Crown Prince position, nor do I want to kill other people over that. I just want to be an ordinary person and be together with Dage, that’s all. I have nothing else to ask for.”

Feng Jingyu slapped Yan Tianhen’s face with one wing, hating the fact that this unrefined lump of iron couldn’t become steel faster. “Are you stupid? Even I can find this place. How long do you think it will take others to find it? I’ll be honest with you, you’re doomed to be unable to extricate yourself from the Nine Lands’ fight over the throne. Even if you don’t kill others, others will still be concerned about the danger you pose and think of ways to kill you. Silly child, care a little more about this.”

Although Yan Tianhen had an imposing manner earlier, he was still a child at heart. When it came to his Dage, he seemed to have changed his entire personality, but besides that, Yan Tianhen still had no energy for anything else.

Yan Tianhen was somewhat fidgety and slapped Feng Jingyu, who was swaying about in front of his eyes, to the table. He sighed sadly, “If soldiers come, block with the general; if water comes, block it with soil. I won’t make trouble for others if they don’t make trouble for me. What can I do, even if I know this? Don’t tell me that I can become a great power who can slaughter everyone in the four directions overnight?”

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen with luminous eyes. “It’s not impossible. After all, you’re a Divine Devil. As long as the seal in your body is removed, you can obtain your bloodline’s innate inheritance. When that time comes, a cultivation speed of ten thousand miles a day will be nothing!”

“How can you know so many matters relating to our Divine Devil clan?” Yan Tianhen stared at Feng Jingyu suspiciously.

“In any case, your dad and I can be considered friends.” Feng Jingyu patted his chest proudly. “Your dad, Demon Venerable You Ming, once told me many secrets regarding the Divine Devil tribe. If you want to know, I can tell you later when I remember them.”

Yan Tianhen’s gaze was deep.”What kind of person is my dad?”

Feng Jingyu blinked. “A great beauty.”

Yan Tianhen, “”

Feng Jingyu smiled. “Not only is your dad a great beauty, but your father is a great beauty recognized by all of the Nine Lands as well. Otherwise, your dad wouldn’t go so far as to take a fancy to such a cold-blooded, emotionless, and scheming fellow like your father.”

Yan Tianhen sighed and pouted, “In any case, none of them are as good as my Dage.”

“That’s true.” Feng Jingyu nodded as he held his chin. “Lin Xuanzhi is lucky that he’s not in the Nine Lands. If he appears in the Nine Lands one day, I’m afraid that just with that face alone, he’ll be able to cause disputes among the various forces.”

In the Nine Lands, those cultivators had both authority and power. This, combined with the abundant spiritual Qi, meant that they could easily cultivate and gain a long lifespan. In the long years of cultivating to become immortal, if they didn’t cause some trouble, it would make their time seem boring and their hearts hollow and empty.

Therefore, whenever a new beauty appeared, that person would inevitably cause a certain degree of chase and competition. There were also many celebrated young men who regarded winning the affection of beauties as a way to show off.

When Yan Tianhen heard those words, his heart had already started to be on the alert for that even though he had never seen that kind of scene before.

Yan Tianhen spoke, quite distressed, “I really want to hide my Dage away so that other people can’t have any ideas about him.”

Feng Jingyu persuaded, “Your way of thinking is wrong; you should strive to become stronger so that no one will dare to have any ideas about Lin Xuanzhi.”

Yan Tianhen paused, pondered it, and thought that Feng Jingyu’s words were very reasonable.

“However, you’re in a much more precarious position than he is.” Feng Jingyu narrowed his eyes and sized up Yan Tianhen. “Don’t forget that you are an exceptional furnace, which holds much more attraction for cultivators than a beautiful face.”

Yan Tianhen furrowed his brows, showing a rare expression of disgust.

“If anyone dares to force himself on me, I would rather die than let him succeed.” Yan Tianhen said ruthlessly.

Feng Jingyu clicked his tongue, “I’m just afraid that at that time, you won’t have the freedom to act as you please. You’re a delicious cake in high demand.”

Yan Tianhen cast him a sidelong glance. “Why, do you have any ideas about me as well?”

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes. “At the very least, this king cares about a partner’s looks. I’d be more likely to have ideas about your Dage.”

Yan Tianhen, “”

Feng Jingyu suddenly felt the back of his neck go cold.

Yan Tianhen glared at Feng Jingyu dangerously, “If you dare to have any ideas about my Dage, be wary of me cutting your little bird off.”

Feng Jingyu roared angrily, “That’s big bird! You’re little bird, your entire family is little bird!”

Yan Tianhen didn’t have the energy to ridicule back. He massaged his temples, hard-pressed under the stress.

“You refined Ling Chigu into a corpse puppet and also cultivated the Yin Flame Palm, I assume you have a demonic path expert guiding you.” Feng Jingyu surmised.

Yan Tianhen suddenly stared at Feng Jingyu with narrowed eyes.

Feng Jingyu yawned and spoke in a childish voice, “You don’t need to be so stirred up either, nor do you need to suspect that I’m trying to worm information from you. After all, this king is experienced and knowledgeable, which is totally different from a country bumpkin like you. No matter the Yin Flame Palm or Imperial Corpse Technique, neither is something that can appear in the Five Continents. Besides demonic cultivators, no one else will give you these kinds of cultivation techniques, am I right?”

Yan Tianhen hesitated for a moment and nodded slowly.

Dancing red flames flashed through Feng Jingyu’s golden pupils. He shouted rather excitedly, “That demonic cultivator or demon, the next time you see him, you might as well ask him if he knows your dad. I suspect that the fellow who’s helping you in the dark is someone your dad sent over to guide you.”

Hearing this, a strange feeling flashed through Yan Tianhen’s heart. He naturally hoped that he had biological parents, but for so many years, only Lin Zhan gave him unconditional fatherly love, so now, when he heard someone mention his parents and even let him know such secrets, Yan Tianhen actually was somewhat rejecting towards those two biological parents of his especially his so-called father the king.

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