Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 254

Chapter 254

Chapter 254

Lin Zhantian had lofty aspirations in his heart, but he was trapped in a corner.


No matter how tempted Lin Zhantian was, he still shook his head and declined, downcast, “I still dare not, and I’m also reluctant to part with my little sister.”

Yan Tianhen looked at him. “Why don’t you go back and discuss this with your parents and sisters? I’ll tell you this secret; my Dage left a place open for you. If you nod, he’ll put your name on the list. If you still don’t want to go, my Dage will give someone else the spot.”

Lin Zhantian was shocked. He looked at Yan Tianhen in amazement; he never would have thought that Lin Xuanzhi would actually reserve such a precious spot just for him!

One should know that Profound Sky Sect only held an entrance exam annually, picking one person from among a hundred. Plus, the accepted disciples all had to start working their way up from outer-door disciples. This kind of internally recommended placing could allow someone to skip that process and directly become an inner-door disciple, where they could formally study under a master. The difference in treatment was akin to that of heaven and earth.

The most important thing was that celestial-level sects only accepted disciples under 25 years of age. If anyone was older than that, then unless that person had special talents or went the internal recommendation route within their family, they wouldn’t have the chance to enter the sect again.

Lin Zhantian’s age was indeed a bit awkward.

So the opportunity Lin Xuanzhi gave him could be considered extremely precious.

How could Lin Zhantian not be tempted? Absolutely no one would reject this opportunity.

However, he thought of his little sister, whose body could give out at any time, and thought of his mother, who had recently been suffering from Madam Bai and Third Elder’s joint suppression, then thought of his father in the law enforcement hall, who was struggling with every step.

“I” Lin Zhantian was still hesitant.

As soon as Lin Zhantian opened his mouth, Yan Tianhen interrupted him.

Yan Tianhen smiled and winked at him playfully. “I said, why don’t you go back and discuss it first before replying? Oh, that’s right, what did you want to bring to my Dage today?”

Lin Zhantian had a complicated expression as he took out a bottle from his sleeve, handing it to Yan Tianhen. “These are some medicinal pills my mother refined to strengthen the body and replenish Qi, it’s not worth much.”

Compared to that hundred-year-old lingzhi and those top-grade medicinal pills, the bottle of medicinal pills wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

“Oh wow, it just so happens that my Dage and I need this.” Yan Tianhen happily took it and smiled at Lin Zhantian, “Zhantian Gege, hurry back and discuss this. I’ll wait for your reply.”

Lin Zhantian nodded, took a deep look at Yan Tianhen, and turned around, leaving.

Waves were surging up violently in his heart, and his fist, concealed in his sleeve, faintly shook.

Yan Tianhen opened the medicinal bottle containing eight medicinal pills and poured one out. To his surprise, he found that the medicinal pills in this bottle were all high-grade or top-grade and were extremely difficult to find on the market.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes shined, his lips curling into a smile.

Have pity on all the parents in the world. Even though Lin Zhantian couldn’t understand anything at all with his wooden head, Yan Tianhen’s clever brain understood everything at a glance

Ji Lanjun wanted to take this opportunity to help her son obtain an opportunity!

Yan Tianhen’s time staying at the Lin family residence exceeded the amount of time Lin Xuanzhi spent there, so he naturally knew what kind of circumstances Ji Lanjun’s family had. It seemed that Ji Lanjun really put down all her hard-earned capital on this.

Yan Tianhen took the medicinal pill bottle and walked into the reception hall. He saw Lin Yurou, who had just finished delivering a gift and was preparing to leave.

In the past, when Lin Yurou saw Yan Tianhen, although she didn’t say anything unpleasant, she would still regard him coldly. However, after the Hundred Families Gathering, where she witnessed Lin Xuanzhi’s undisguised actions to protect him from all directions and Yan Tianhen’s own attainment on the alchemist path, Lin Yurou had to change her opinion of him.

Lin Yurou flashed Yan Tianhen a smile that could be considered friendly.

However, Yan Tianhen didn’t cast her a glance, as though he didn’t see her at all. He went straight inside and even warmly called out “Dage” before he even saw Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Yurou felt that she didn’t have much face. She rubbed her nose to ease the embarrassment. Her personal maid beside her indignantly said, “Young Miss is kind enough to greet him, but he didn’t even respond at all. He really doesn’t understand etiquette; he’s truly too excessive.”

Lin Yurou’s expression changed. She hurriedly pulled the maid outside; only then did she whisper with some anger, “In the future, never speak these kinds of words in front of anyone. Otherwise, I can only send you away.”

The personal maid Ah Lan immediately turned pale with fright. She had been with Lin Yurou for over ten years and felt that she had some status within Lin Yurou’s eyes. Plus, didn’t Lin Yurou always look down on Yan Tianhen?

However, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t allow any personal servants to tag along when participating in the Hundred Families Gathering, so Ah Lan naturally didn’t know about the events that occurred. She also didn’t know exactly how important Yan Tianhen was to Lin Xuanzhi, but now that Lin Yurou had spoken, Ah Lan could only lower her head in embarrassment and answer, “I’ll obey Miss’s orders.”

Lin Yurou also felt that she truly deserved being given the cold shoulder by Yan Tianhen. Thus, she decided to have a better relationship with Yan Tianhen in the future. After this incident, she accurately understood the fact that the world was constantly changing, and a river that had been flowing on the West side was now flowing on the East side 30 years later. One should never throw rocks at people when they’re down.

Yan Tianhen saw that the small reception hall was filled with all kinds of spiritual pills and miraculous medicines, as well as delicacies, and he couldn’t help licking his lips.

“Dage!” Yan Tianhen flew over and rushed into Lin Xuanzhi’s arms.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “You’ve seen Zhantian?”

Yan Tianhen nodded and gave the medicinal pill bottle to Lin Xuanzhi like he was presenting a treasure. “The stuff inside is pretty good.”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t even look at it and pushed it back to Yan Tianhen. “Since it’s good, then Ah Hen can take it.”

Yan Tianhen grinned and didn’t refuse; he directly stuffed it into his own storage bag.

Yan Tianhen asked, “Dage, one spot is reserved for Zhantian Gege, so what about the other one?”

“Lin Yufan.”

Yan Tianhen paused. “Lin Yurou’s half-sister? Why did Dage settle on her?”

If one had to say, Lin Yufan’s performance in the Hundred Families Gathering wasn’t considered outstanding. In the martial arts competition, she left the stage very fast and didn’t leave behind any long-lasting waves.

Yan Tianhen’s impression of Lin Yufan was that this thin, tall, and cold woman was very low-profile in her actions, so much so that most of the time, he couldn’t even remember that such a person existed.

What exactly did Lin Xuanzhi see in her?

Very soon, Lin Xuanzhi answered Yan Tianhen’s questions.

“Lin Yufan is a very interesting person.” Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips as he smiled thoughtfully. “This person is extremely low-profile and knows how to hide one’s true strength, making it difficult for people to notice such a person’s existence. If I put heart into nurturing this person, Lin Yufan can become a hidden trump card at a critical moment, bringing danger to our enemies. Lin Yufan also has this intention.”

Some people were naturally unsuited for being in the public’s light, instead preferring to work behind the scenes.

It was easy to defend against a spear in the light but difficult to defend against a hidden arrow from the dark. Thus, in this world, a vast majority of people were spears in the light, but it was difficult to find an arrow hidden in the dark.

Lin Yufan was such a hidden arrow.

Yan Tianhen was a little surprised. “However, I don’t really think that Yufan Jiejie is very powerful.”

Lin Xuanzhi put his arm around Yan Tianhen’s neck, pulling him over and whispering a few words into his ear.

Only to see Yan Tianhen’s eyes grow wider and wider, his entire person dumbstruck, resembling a wooden chicken.

His Dage actually said that Lin Yufan was not a woman at all, but a man!

Thisthis was too shocking.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen’s lovely self and couldn’t help smiling. “However, to tell you the truth, I didn’t realize that Lin Yufan was actually a man either for all these years.”

Yan Tianhen was puzzled. “Why is this?”

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. “You’ll have to askhimabout the specific reason.”

However, thinking about it, the reason was probably closely connected to the matter that happened withLin Ruhai‘s branch of the family where he favored the concubine and did away with the wife. However, regarding such a private matter, naturally Lin Xuanzhi wouldn’t inquire unless Lin Yufan took the initiative to bring it up.

Not long after, Qing Zhu took large strides as he entered with a round-faced youth. Qing Zhu’s expression was normal. His verdant robes made him seem elegant and extraordinary; mature and steady. In contrast, the young man behind him seemed to be in a hurry, apprehensive and restless!

“Young Master, Little Young Master, Yuan Bao, Young Master Duan’s personal servant, said there was an urgent matter and that he had to see you. I couldn’t stop him, so I brought him here.”

Qing Zhu was already over 30 years old. Originally, he was Lin Zhan’s personal servant and followed him around. However, a few years back, he became Dao companions with a sword cultivator and left the Lin family. Since then, Lin Xuanzhi never saw Qing Zhu again.

However, in the past few days, Qing Zhu came back to the Lin family again alone. Although he still looked young and handsome, it was hard to conceal the fatigue in his expression. When Qing Zhu learned that Lin Zhan had already died, he was even more shaken and seemed on the edge of collapsing.

Qing Zhu grew up with Lin Zhan ever since he was young. His relationship with Lin Zhan seemed to be master and servant on the surface, but in fact, it was more accurate to say that they were brothers. Lin Xuanzhi was also someone whom Qing Zhu watched over as he grew up, so he especially trusted Qing Zhu. After all, in the last life, when Qing Zhu returned to the Lin family a few years later and learned that Lin Zhan had died, he spent his whole life looking for Lin Zhan’s enemy in order to avenge him.

Lin Xuanzhi was naturally happy that Qing Zhu was willing to come back. Compared to Lin Xuanzhi, however, Yan Tianhen’s excitement was written all over his face.

Yuan Bao was Duan Yuyang’s personal servant, and Lin Xuanzhi knew him as well.

“Young Master Lin, Young Master Tianhen.” Yuan Bao’s eyes were red, as though he was about to cry. He fell to his knees with athump, pleading, “Please help my family’s Young Master, I’m begging you!”

Yan Tianhen was startled and quickly pulled Yuan Bao up. “Speak clearly. What happened to Yuyang Gege?”

A bad premonition also rose in Lin Xuanzhi’s heart.

Yuan Bao wiped his eyes while he explained, “Yesterday, our family’s Young Master suddenly fainted and was taken away by the family head and his wife for treatment. After the doctor examined him, he said that in Duan Yuyang’s body he actually hashas”

“Has what?” Yan Tianhen was so anxious that he knitted his brows.

Lin Xuanzhi, on the other hand, understood in an instant. Although he thought it was inconceivable, it wasn’t like he didn’t encounter similar situations in his last life, when he was still a soul.

“He has.”

“It’s true.”

“Where is your family’s Young Master right this moment?” Lin Xuanzhi asked directly.

Yuan Bao sniffed and looked at Lin Xuanzhi as he said angrily, “He was dragged to the family’s law enforcement hall! The family head originally loved Young Master dearly, but his love was no match for that poisonous woman adding oil and vinegar beside him. In a fit of anger, the family head wanted to punish Young Master according to the Duan family’s laws and even interrogated him on whose seed the thing in his stomach belonged to. He even wanted to feed Young Master medicine to abort the child in his stomach!”

“What!? Whose seed? What do you mean?” Although Yan Tianhen didn’t fully understand the situation yet, he still jumped up, “Dage, let’s hurry to save Yuyang Gege!”

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly. “Yuan Bao, take us there at once.”

Yuan Bao jumped up from the ground and took out a handkerchief to blow his nose. He then gratefully said, “Thank you, Young Master Lin. Whether our family’s Young Master lives or dies will all depend on you.”

There was no time to lose, so Lin Xuanzhi took Yan Tianhen with him and followed Yuan Bao to the Duan family’s residence immediately.

When they entered the main gate of the Duan family’s castle, some Duan family members passed by on the road and couldn’t stop themselves from pointing to Yuan Bao. There were even some who had expressions of disdain or expressions that clearly indicated they were watching an interesting play.

“Have you heard? Our Duan family’s distinguished Young Master actually got pregnant with a bastard!”

Pah!How humiliating. It’s fine if he simply lacked discipline and didn’t strive to improve himself, but he was trash who was pressed down by a man. He actually became pregnant, like a woman. Too disgusting.”

“Freak, freak!”