Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Someone whispered, I heard that the head of the Duan family was so angry, he was going to make Duan Yuyang abort the baby right then and there in the law enforcement hall.

Ah, they’re not losing any timeba. If you ask me, Duan Yuyang is a dead man now.

It’s really unfortunate to have such a thing happen in the main branch. I dont know how much of a laughing stock they’d be if people outside heard about this.

Its really unheard of for a man to have a child. I’ve never seen one before.

The most terrible thing is that it violates the natural law! The heavens will most likely blame the Duan familyah!

Naturally, there were also those who received Duan Yuyangs favor and had a good relationship with him. They spoke in defense for Duan Yuyang.

This issue hasn’t been clearly understood yet. You shouldn’t talk down about one’s virtueba. Besides, even if he’s pregnant, he’s the Duan family’s first and legitimate son. How could you gossip so casually about this?

That’s right! He’s the blood of the direct line of the Duan family, can you insult him so freely?

On ordinary days, the young master treats you so well. But at this time, you’re fanning the flames and shooting a person down. Do you have no face? Someone said. At one point, the two groups began to quarrel and even started fighting when they didnt agree with one another.

The more Yan Tianhen listened, the more he understood. He couldnt help pulling a cold-faced Lin Xuanzhi and said, Dage, are they saying Yuyang Ge has a baby in his belly?

Yes. Lin Xuanzhi nodded. His expression eased up, He does have a child in his belly.

Yan Tianhen nodded, frowning. He asked with some perplexity, But isnt having a baby a good thing? Why do they have to say such things?

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Yan Tianhen, Why does Ah Hen believe it’s a good thing? Dont you think it violates the law of nature for men to get pregnant?

But cultivating immortality is precisely defying the law of nature and competing against the heavensah.” Yan Tianhens mind flashed with a vague and unspeakable feeling, “Besides, why cant men have children? How come I feel like it’s a normal thing?

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned. He thought of something and asked, Ah Hen, how much do you remember before coming to the Lin family?

Yan Tianhen shook his head, I dont remember.

Lin Xuanzhi thought inwardly,sure enough, it wasn’t a disgrace for men to get pregnant in the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital when Yan Tianhen was a child.

The world is so big that only when we have enough experience and knowledge could we learn to be less ignorant and foolish, and not stupidly sticking to our conservative ways.

When they arrived at the law enforcement hall, Yan Tianhen had to ask, Dage, do you think the other father of the baby in Yuyang Ge’s belly is Yuan Tianwen?

Lin Xuanzhi sent him a sideways look, Besides Yuan Tianwen, I cant think of a second person.

Yan Tianhen’s eyes suddenly flared up. He resentfully commented, Yuan Tianwen is really annoying. He used to pester Yuyang Ge around and stuck close to him but at the most critical moment, there isn’t even a shadow of him.

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhens head. When he was at home, he had already tried to inform Yuan Tianwen of the situation.

However, Lin Xuanzhi had not heard of Duan Yuyangs pregnancy in his previous life. He thought it might not have existed at all, or it did but Yuyang had been oppressed by others. In the same way, Duan Yuyang had no children around him but as for whether the child was born and taken away or was never born at all

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan family’s equally new and dignified law enforcement hall and his heart instinctively inclined towards the latter possibility.

A baby should have existed in his last life, otherwise Duan Yuyang would not have died without ever forgiving Yuan Tianwen. After all, in Lin Xuanzhis opinion, what Yuan Tianwen did was not enough for Duan Yuyang to directly sentence him to death.

If there really had been a child, it most likely had been beaten out by force!

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and sighed.

Yuan Tianwen really was good at committing a sin. That was why he was always at the peak of Hardened Body Stage in his previous life and couldn’t improve any further for a long time. Later, he was forced into closed-door cultivation under Su Mo’s pressure and finally made a breakthrough. Lin Xuanzhi figured Duan Yuyang was closely related to this matter.

Who are you? The guard outside the law enforcement hall shouted angrily.

Lin Xuanzhi. He casually gave his name.

The guard glanced at him, The Duan family is currently dealing with an internal issue in the clan. Requesting Lin Gongzi to please move elsewhere.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, I am here to find Duan Yuyang.

The guards eyebrows furrowed before he immediately eased up his expression. He hesitated for a moment and said, It is not appropriate for Young Master to see anyone at this time.

Yuan Bao immediately pointed to the guard and shouted, Ah Song, when you were on a mission in the mercenary group, you were nearly killed by other cultivators. Nevertheless, my family’s madam saved you among the masses and now you are being ungrateful. Are you still human or not?

Ah Song was immediately ashamed but he hesitantly said, The Master of the Duan family is in there so he wouldn’t let the young master suffer too much.

Lin Xuanzhi coldly stated, A man’s pregnancy is against the law of nature. If he’s forced to abort, it will not only hurt his body but himself too. It would be hard on his cultivation. Will you let your young master be killed before you give up your post?

Ah Song’s entire body shuddered and clenched his fist. After struggling with himself, he gnashed his teeth and answered, Lin Gongzi, please come in!

Lin Xuanzhi rushed straight into the law enforcement hall with Yan Tianhen.

In the Duan family’s law enforcement hall.

Duan Yuyangs father, Duan Zhengde sat on the highest seat as the Master of the Duan family. He glared with livid eyes at Duan Yuyang kneeling on the ground before him.

I let you do whatever you want all the time but I didnt expect you to do such a lowly thing. Where can I place my face now?

Duan Yuyang knelt on the ground, his hair dishevelled and back ramrod straight.

Duan Yuyangs complexion was a little pallid but he answered with a face full of indifference, Isnt it just a baby? Whats the big deal?

Have you no shame?! Duan Zhengde forcibly slapped the stone table that it burst, Do you realize your mistake?

What mistake? I dont know what it is. Duan Yuyang replied.

Youyou evil beast! Duan Zhengde was so angry he fell back on his seat.

Madam Duan sat next to him with a little smirk on her face. She said lightly, Master, why should you be so angry? I think Yuyang has been acting a little foolish for a while. According to the countermeasures we discussed last night, let him realize his mistake by shutting him in the dungeon for three months. That’s all.

The head of the law enforcement hall sitting next to Madam Duan couldnt help but raise his brows. He inwardly thought,Madam Duan is quite ruthless.Cultivators were different from ordinary people. If they were to abort the baby in their stomachs, their bodies would definitely be hurt and it would damage their cultivation. Furthermore, the cold water in the Duan familys dungeon would make ordinary people lose all of their life energy and die after soaking for a day. Cultivators would most likely turn into cripples after three months.

With a scowl on his face, Duan Yuyang scoffed, Su Yulian, you really are my good mother. Whats the matter? You can’t pretend any longer this time?

Madam Duan, also known as Su Yulian, frowned, Yuyang, calling your mother by her first name is very rude. Did you forget that you’re still Duan family’s young master?

Acting like this, what kind of young master is he? Duan Zhengde spoke angrily before his tone filled with heartache, “I was sorry for your biological mother so I wanted to make up for it. Unexpectedly, you let me down so much! Fine, fine, you shouldn’t be a young master, you dont have the right to be!

If you think I’m unsuitable, then I’m unsuitable. You think I care about being one? Duan Yuyang wryly hooked his lips.

At this critical moment, he talked as if he could not see the faces that wanted to eat him alive.

Duan Yuhao stood by and sneered, I think it’s better if he gave birth to this little bastard. Maybe the father of it will reveal himself. We might as well see who it is that had the ability to get a big man pregnant. However, my good brother, I do have to regard you with new eyes. In Sky Peak City, Yuan Tianwen followed your ass everywhere and barely gave himself face, but you ignored him and pretended to be a chaste woman. Unexpectedly, you left him to dry while you turned around and slept with other men.”

After he said those words, Duan Yuhao swept playful eyes over Duan Yuyangs body, Unless, could it be that young master’s body is different from ordinary people’s bodiesba?

Duan Yuyang’s expression shifted but soon, he simply closed his eyes.

Duan Zhengdes face turned from blue to white before sighing deeply, What misfortune.

Madam Duans eyes moved slightly and turned to Duan Zhengde, As I said, it’s necessary to beat the bastard out of his belly. As to whether Yuyang should be imprisoned in the water dungeon, that depends on Master’s intention. Husband should take advantage of fact that the news that has not been completely spread out of the Duan family’s doors yet and the fact that Third Elder hasn’t been alerted yet, to deal with it properly. Don’t be soft-hearted, otherwise, Third Elder is bound to blame the master of the family.

When Duan Zhengde heard this, he nodded and made up his mind, Bring the medicine and give it to the young master, he called out.

The three cultivators dressed in Duan family’s armor immediately took the medicine. Two of them walked to Duan Yuyang’s side, one held him on the left while the other restrained him on the right.

Duan Yuyang was shocked and he trembled with rage. He immediately struggled to get up, shouting, What qualifications do you have? How dare you touch me?

As he spoke, he pulled out a talisman, but just as he was about to throw it, it was blasted away by a gust of spiritual Qi.

With a bang, Duan Yuyang fell to the ground.

He glared hatefully at his stepmother.

Madam Duan just sneered and said, Well, why dont you go and help out the young master?


Fuck your ancestors! Duan Yuyang suddenly snapped like he’d gone crazy, pointing to Madam Duan as he shouted, You won’t even let a fucking child live. Youre a poisonous woman with the heart of a snake and scorpion combined. A bitch!

Madam Duans face sank and twisted for a moment. She yelled, Give me his tongue!

Yuyang Ge!

Just then, the door was pushed open and Yan Tianhen called out his name. Everyone in the law enforcement hall looked his way.

While the guards were distracted, Duan Yuyang took advantage of the opportunity to quickly get up and run towards the door.

Helpah! Someone is going to kill! Duan Yuyang threw himself behind Lin Xuanzhi without a care to his image.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Duan Yuyang’s disheveled state and couldnt help but raise the corners of his mouth.

Stop! White silk flew out of Madam Duan’s hand and was about to roll up Duan Yuyangs body when suddenly, a huge whirlwind rushed towards her face. She quickly drew back the white silk as the spiritual Qi contained in the whirlwind proved to be more majestic and merciless.

Who are you? Madam Duan looked at Lin Xuanzhi with surprise and resentment on her face. She slapped the table heavily.

Lin Xuanzhi looked indifferent, standing beside two tiger cubs with their heads held high and their white fur bristling. Meanwhile, Yan Tianhen rushed up to hide Duan Yuyang behind him, staring at Madam Duan angrily.

Young Master! Yuan Bao also hurried over to check Duan Yuyang’s body for any injuries.

Duan Yuyang was relieved.

He looked at Lin Xuanzhi gratefully and thought to himself,this is really a save.

Lin Xuanzhi! Duan Yuhaos eyes narrowed, emitting a cold light. He glared at Lin Xuanzhi who held a fan in his hand.

Lin Xuanzhi slowly closed it, gave a symbolic salute, and said with an elegant demeanor, Master Duan, Madam Duan, I have no idea what Yuyang did wrong but he was unexpectedly taken to the law enforcement hall by the two of you and about to have his punishment personally executed by you.