Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 258

Chapter 258

Chapter 258

Duan Yuyang suddenly felt his nose ache. Looking at Yuan Tianwen, he asked in a low voice, What would you think if I didnt want this child?

If you dont want this child, I have a safe and gentle prescription on hand. Yuan Tianwen fixed his eyes on Duan Yuyang softly, If you want to have it, Ill naturally be happy. But if you dont, Ill respect your choice, Yangyang. To put it bluntly, I only want you.

Yan Tianhen looked at Duan Yuyang with a moved expression, Yuyang Ge, he looks so sincere. Give him a chance.

Duan Yuyangs heart loosened a lot but when he thought about his physical condition, he shook his head with clenched teeth, No, no.

Cant or wont? Yuan Tianwen tightened his hand and pressed Duan Yuyangs shoulder to keep him from backing up every minute. He moved forward half a step, almost touching Duan Yuyang, and said in a deep voice, If youre concerned about your physical condition, you dont need to be afraid that theres no medicine to cure the poison.

Duan Yuyang suddenly raised his head and stared at Yuan Tianwen in surprise.

Yuan Tianwen knew it. A surge of hate for the Duan family emerged within his heart.

Yuan Tianwen asked softly, These days, do you know why I had to leave with my Dad?

Duan Yuyang was stupefied and didnt know what to say.

Yuan Tianwen lightly continued, My Dad found out that you may have some terrible chronic poison. He let me follow him around to find the antidote. A month ago, I went everywhere to search for the medicine with him. And seven days ago, I finally found the antidote.

Duan Yuyangs eyes suddenly got a bit watery. His sight of Yuan Tianwen had already begun to blur.

Dad said that Yuyang is a kind-hearted person. If he knew that he wouldnt live long, he would rather hurt himself than drag me down and become my obstacle.

Yuan Tianwen raised his hand to wipe away Duan Yuyangs tears and sighed. He hugged the man tightly in his arms and kissed his ear, Since Flying Luan Peak, I have vowed to marry you, live on the same bed with you, die in the same cave, and live and die in the same way for the rest of my life. I will never leave you; you are my obsession. If theres a day when you die from a poison in a place I cannot see, Im afraid my cultivation will never improve any further in this life.

Duan Yuyang wept silently, sniffled and whispered, How did Uncle Mo know I was poisoned?

Theres no airtight wall in this world. If my Dad wants to know something, therell always be a way. Yuan Tianwen kissed Duan Yuyang on the top of his head, Su Yulian didnt do it cleanly so it didnt take much effort to find out. I just didnt expect that she would dare do this to you.

Duan Yuyang grabbed Yuan Tianwens clothes and said sadly, In this world, I have no family except for my mother. Even if you bully me, no one will help me bully you back.

Yuan Tianwen replied with great gentleness, Ive wasted enough time not cherishing you and loving you. How could I still bully you? Moreover, our Yuan family members are all henpecked husbands, thats been passed down from generation to generation. It cant be changed at all.

Bullshit. Duan Yuyang smiled through his tears and raised his face, Youre bullying me and threatening me now.

What no matter if he traveled to the ends of the earth, he couldnt escape from the palm of his hand and what tearing down the Drunken Red Mansion and adding that if he didnt agree, his realm would not rise

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Itd be okay if this were the former, but the latter part about improving his cultivation truly made Duan Yuyang feel conflicted.

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Duan Yuyang smiled and bowed his head while wiping his eyes.

He felt a little like crying.

He had already given up completely. He just wanted to take this gift from heaven and live in seclusion in the mountains. He would live his short life and be satisfied with it. But the heavens seemed to pity him and turned his life around. He received the warmth and love he never expected from Yuan Tianwen.

This kind of Yuan Tianwen, he really couldnt make any more excuses to leave him.

He lost. And he was sincerely happy that he did.

Yuan Tianwens heart, which had been perpetually raised in suspense, could now finally fall back to its original place.

Duan Yuyangs crux lied in his physical condition. Thanks to Su Mos intelligence, he found the crux of the problem. Otherwise, Yuan Tianwen would have taken many detours.

Seeing Duan Yuyangs relaxed attitude, Yan Tianhen took the opportunity to say, Who said you didnt have a family? In the future, my Dage and I will be your backer. If Tianwen bullies you, Ill fight with Dage against the Yuan family, beat him to death, and then bring you and your baby back without showing him.

Ao, ao!

Ah Bai and Hu Po also cried out in agreement, especially Hu Po, who showed an extremely fierce expression at Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen calmly accepted these brides family warnings.

Anyways, he wouldnt let them have the chance.

Duan Yuyang said his thanks, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He asked Yuan Tianwen doubtfully, When I learned that I had a child in my belly, I was surprised for a long while. I was worried that if you knew, you would think I was abnormal. But for you, you dont seem so surprised.

Its windy outside. Lets go inside first. Yuan Tianwen touched Duan Yuyang hair, nodded to Lin Xuanzhi, and followed him to one of the rooms.

After closing the door, Yuan Tianwen asked Duan Yuyang to sit down on a soft chair. He lightly began, Although there arent many precedents of men having children in the Five Continents, I know it does happen.

Duan Yuyang blinked in confusion.

Yuan Tianwen smiled, To tell you the truth, my Dad gave birth to me because he ate a pregnancy pill.

Ah!? Duan Yuyang was taken aback, Didnt you say that you were born from Uncle Yuans original wife?

It was widely rumored that Yuan Tianwen was born from his biological mother who was Yuan Zhengs first wife. Only when the first wife died in childbirth did Su Mo, the stepfather, enter the family.

Yuan Tianwen shook his head, My Yuan family will only love one person their entire life. You should know that the Yuan familys cultivation method is dual-cultivation. They can only practice it with the same person, otherwise there wouldnt be further progress or a breakthrough in their life. My dad said that in the past, my father would play around all day long and didnt pay much attention to properly cultivating. My grandfather and his family had a lot of complaints and wanted to teach him a lesson, so they didnt allow my dad to enter the family and didnt recognize his identity as Dao companion either.

Speaking of which, Yuan Tianwen smiled, Its just that they didnt expect my father to talk my dad into disguising himself as a woman and carried him home. After entering the gate, although the elders in the clan knew what he did, they could only turn a blind eye because they couldnt tell the truth. As it happens, my father got a pregnancy pill. He didnt want the world to pay attention to me, so he just gave birth to me as a woman.

However, Su Mo couldnt always appear as a woman in front of others his whole life, so he decided to fake his death to get out of the predicament. When he reappeared beside Yuan Zheng, it was already as Su Mo.

Therefore, Yuan Tianwen was not too surprised by Duan Yuyangs pregnancy.

Yan Tianhen listened with relish. He held his chin up as he said, Uncle Su Mo is really amazing. He even obtained a pregnancy pill. I thought these kinds of medicinal pills in Partial Arts were only in the legends to amuse me!

Not this one. Duan Yuyang touched his chin and thought out loud, Ive also heard ofPartial Artsthis book. My mother said that it was a wonderful book. Although the medicinal pills, arrays, talismans and other weapons mentioned in it look strange and unusual, theyre actually things that have existed before. Its just that theyre from a long time ago and are no longer complete. In addition, the materials for it arent easily found so they were regarded as fabrications.

Yan Tianhens eyes burned intensely, It seems that I also need to study this book.

So that when he and Lin Xuanzhi wanted to have a baby one day, he could also refine a pregnancy pill for himself no, wait, why refine it for himself instead of his Dage?

Meanwhile on Lin Xuanzhis side, he was already asking Yuan Tianwen, You might as well ask Elder Su for me someday. Where do you get a pregnancy pill?

Yuan Tianwen answered, My father once told me something. He said that he had worked very hard to get a pregnancy pill, but the materials for refining it could not be found in the Five Continents.

No materials meant that the entire Five Continents didnt have a pregnancy pill.

It seemed that it was in the Nine Lands.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and no longer delved into it for the time being. Instead, he asked, I wonder how long Elder Su will stay this time?

Yuan Tianwen replied, My dad has been putting his entire attention toward looking for alchemists and doctors these past few days. He has accumulated a lot of family affairs, so Im afraid my father and dad can only stay here for three days at most, then they have to head back to deal with it. However, I can do whatever I want.

Yuan Tianwen sent Duan Yuyang a meaningful smile.

Duan Yuyang couldnt help laughing, For a Young Master, you really are only a figurehead.

Yuan Tianwen was unashamed, Theres nothing more important in this world than the wife.

Duan Yuyang wanted to roll his eyes but he ended up laughing some more.

Smothered with dog food, Yan Tianhen chuckled, Are you making up now?

Yuan Tianwen took Duan Yuyangs hand and nodded.

Yan Tianhen heaved a sigh of relief, Youve finally made up. From an outsiders point of view, I felt very tired for you.

Yes, and its all your fault. Duan Yuyang glanced at Yuan Tianwen and continued, If it werent for your blindness and mistaking my identity, how could so many things have happened?

Yuan Tianwen nodded, Its all my fault but fortunately, I woke up early and everyone is happy. If I found out that Han Yuran wasnt the one I loved only after marrying him, then I would really be hopeless.

You know, Duan Yuyang began coolly, Honourable me is so different from him, but you still managed to mix us up.

Anyway, this matter had become a dark history in Yuan Tianwens whole life. When it was mentioned, it could bring Yuan Tianwen out of his inflated ego. Speaking of Han Yuran, Yan Tianhen touched his nose, I havent heard anything about Han Yuran recently.

Yuan Tianwen said lightly, Han Yuran was sent back to the Han familys home by Profound Sky Sect, and I have also reported the matter to my Master.

Duan Yuyang frowned, Didnt you hurt Han Yuran and cripple his cultivation? The Han family wouldnt easily let that go.

Of course not. Yuan Tianwen replied, Han Yuran is the young master of the Han family and the most promising person in their generation. Without him, the Han family almost lost their rank. Its not easy to cultivate a new young master, and the Han family has long sought my dad for an explanation.

Ah? Yan Tianhen sat up straight and frowned, This is clearly Han Yurans fault. He tried to benefit himself at the expense of others and they still have the face to beg for an explanation?

Duan Yuyang was also a little nervous, What did your father do? Was it difficult?

After all, although Duan Yuyang was also a victim of the incident, he felt a bit involved.