Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Yuan Tianwen pinched Duan Yuyangs hand, Dont worry. People like my dad never lose. He can take the whole Yuan family into his pockets by himself. You should know how powerful he is. How can the number of elders in the Han family compare against my dad?

Duan Yuyang also knew how powerful Su Mo was but that didnt mean he wouldnt worry.

Duan Yuyang frowned, How did Uncle Mo solve it?

Yuan Tianwen smiled, When the elders of the Han family kept hitting at my door, my dad gave them two placings to directly enter the ranks of Profound Sky Sects inner door disciples. He bluntly said that he was willing to help train the next young master of the Han family and give them some benefits in terms of money. The Han family naturally closed their mouths, and no one mentioned Han Yuran again.

Lin Xuanzhi also showed some interest, Do you know which of the other young masters in the Han family was chosen?

Yuan Tianwen nodded, You dont have to mention it, I already know. Ive met him before. The boys name is Han Jin. Hes only seven years old this year and he doesnt like to talk or laugh. He seems like an introverted boy, but hes a very gifted cultivator. If hes trained, he can become the frontman of the Han family in the future, but he has to work hard.

Your Yuan family is going to help train the Han familys young master free of charge? Duan Yuyang felt there was something wrong with this. He looked suspiciously at Yuan Tianwen, How are you going to help him cultivate?

Yuan Tianwen smiled, Naturally, I brought him into Profound Sky Sect to teach him the way of the sword and train him myself. Its my fathers orders.

After digesting for a while and trying to understand the reason, Duan Yuyang was stunned and gaped. He almost jumped out of his seat. Pointing to Yuan Tianwen, he declared, I get it! Your Yuan family is too shameless, arent they? How is this for the Han family to raise a successor? This is clearly to train your own successor in the Han family, right?

Now he could only imagine that, in ten or twenty years later, Han Jin would become the young master of the Han family, controlling the familys power. By that point, wouldnt it be unnecessary to listen to Yuan Tianwen?

However, the whole Han family, even though it was named Han, would actually be named Yuan in secret!

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyes and pondered for a moment, That the Han family would fall into such a crisis from merely losing a Han Yuran means that the lack of talents in the younger generation of the Han family has already become very serious.

Yuan Tianwen turned to Lin Xuanzhi, Incredible.

Im afraid its not just because of the lack of talents, is it? The Han Family should have encountered an unprecedented crisis that couldnt be solved by themselves in a short period of time.

Yuan Tianwen said, Xuanzhi may as well continue to make bold guesses.

Lin Xuanzhi gave him a look, I havent heard of any feud between the Han family and any big families, nor of anyone looking for trouble well, maybe that reclusive elder of the Han family has already died?

Yuan Tianwen looked at Lin Xuanzhi and after a long while, replied, You guessed correctly. If it werent for the fact that I have known you for many years and that you have no talent for divination, Id have thought you were a prophet.

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly appalled and said in surprise, I just made a casual guess. Is it really true?

Yuan Tianwen nodded, Not only that, but theres also another elder in the Han family who had died when he was breaking through to the Profound Realm.

At this point, even Duan Yuyang was shocked. He couldnt help but gasp, If that is the case, then two powerhouse elders have fallen. If the situation of the Han family was known to the public, something big might happen!

Big families were supported by those old monsters who could take on hundreds of enemies alone. Because of this, those families could earn the recognition of other influential families. They checked and balanced each other’s power so that everyones on equal ground. If a family had to only rely on the talented younger generation, it was inevitable that they wouldnt be able to exert the same pressure on other families.

There was a similar case to Lin Xuanzhi at the beginning. Although he was praised as a genius at the time, the Lin family still failed to enter the rank of a first-class family, which remained to be placed under scrutiny by outsiders who knew about it.

Yan Tianhen mused, If its like that, then the Han family must have had no other choice but to give one of their younger generations to the Yuan family.”

Lin Xuanzhi sighed with emotion, Sending a younger generation to a big family is nothing more than drinking poison to quench ones thirst.

Yuan Tianwen told them, Unfortunately for them, although they understand, they dont have a better option. Otherwise, within three years, the Han family will inevitably degenerate into a family without any class. Whats more, its impossible for the Han family to transfer their crisis over to the Yuan family and hold on to this golden thigh without shedding any blood. My father would never agree to a losing deal like that.

In fact, the Yuan family actually had no choice in this respect.

As the only elite family in the whole Eastern continent, the Yuan family naturally had to shoulder the heavy responsibility of stabilizing the entire continent. Certain families had already formed a relationship that was complementary, mutually supportive or hostile to one another. Moreover, they had been in this pattern for many years, keeping each other in check and stabilizing the situation in the Eastern continent.

If one aristocratic family suddenly disappeared, the balance would tilt, and the original situation of the entire continent would dramatically change. Even if the Yuan family were to do something by then, the losses would be huge. So in the bigger scheme of things, Su Mo would never let the Han family fall.

He didnt want to make trouble for himself.

If the Han family wasnt supported now, their status would completely decline after three years. Even if by then Su Mo wanted to save them, he would be unable to do anything. Duan Yuyang figured out the important matters and calmed down, Can Han Jin really be trained as a cultivator?

If the boy had been casually thrown to the Yuan family to cultivate while the Han family secretly trained their more powerful successors, the Yuan family would lose a lot.

Yuan Tianwen looked at Duan Yuyang with gentle eyes and smiled lightly, Of course. Han Jin was personally chosen by my dad. Hes always one step ahead.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Whether the Han family can rise or not depends on Han Jin.

Naturally. Yuan Tianwen responded.

Meanwhile, the Han family in Qing City.

The Han familys Master looked at the thin and pale child in front of him whose eyes didnt carry any childish innocence. After a long time, he said, Han Jin, in a few days, youll be leaving with the Yuan family. Are you aware of this?

Han Jin nodded and looked at the Master with a straight face, I know. My father has already told me.

Han Guzhu sighed, Originally, the Han family wouldnt have sent the Yuan family someone to cultivate, but you should know that we are now facing challenging times. The Yuan family has put forward this request and we have no better way than to accept.

Han Jin didnt say anything and just stared at him. His body was thin, and he had a delicate and pretty face that displayed no expression.

From time to time, there would be slight flashes of fear and uneasiness in his eyes, but it was soon concealed in fear that it would be seen by others.

As the Han family Master spoke, he thought of something, and his face gradually sank, fists cracking, Yuan Tianwen if he hadnt ruined my son, the Han family wouldnt have fallen to the point of sending our own gifted people to the enemy!

Looking at Han family Master’s face full of hatred, Han Jin lowered his eyes.

After venting for a while, the Han family Master managed to calm down again. But he was still livid and he gnashed his teeth, Han Jin, although youll follow them to cultivate, you must always remember that youre a member of the Han family and that your cousin was hurt by Yuan Tianwen. The shame youre suffering now is being imposed on you by the Yuan family. You must hate them and treat them as enemies from the bottom of your heart. One day, you must kill Yuan Tianwen and raise up the Han family. You must avenge us and your cousin, and wash that whole family down the drain.

Han Jins eyelids moved and his long eyelashes trembled. Slowly, he nodded, Uncle, rest assured, I will remember my surname.

Han Guzhu narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Jin for a long time before saying, Ill take good care of your parents. Go and be at ease. Dont forget to pass on the news to the family.

Han Jin bit his lower lip and curled his tiny hands into a fist under his sleeve.


Take care were the words used, but there were many ways to interpret it.

Su Mo and Lin Runru soon reached an agreement on some projects between their two businesses. Since Su Mo was grateful to the Lin family and was in a good mood because of his son-in-law and grandchild, his profit was kept at a very low price. Lin Runru couldnt keep his mouth shut from laughter and wanted to talk with Su Mo all night.

This was a rich god of wealth who delivered money at ones doorstep. Who would be able to hold back?

However, Su Mo and Yuan Zheng remembered to meet their son-in-law, and after they had finished their business, they left for Lin Xuanzhis courtyard.

When they arrived, Su Mo saw Duan Yuyang had been convinced by his son.

When Duan Yuyang saw Su Mo, he bowed his head in embarrassment, Uncle Mo, Ive caused you a lot of trouble.

Su Mo hurriedly walked over and took Duan Yuyangs hand. He chuckled, How is this trouble? We probably caused you a lot more trouble. If it werent for my stupid son becoming crazy once he encounters some matter that has anything to do with you, maybe you wouldnt have suffered at all.

Yuan Zheng also gazed at Duan Yuyang with satisfaction, then walked over and slapped Yuan Tianwen hard on the back. He gave him a derisive look, After this kind of chase for your wife, dont you dare be a pig again and let your dad worry about you from beginning to end. Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out of the house and never come back.

Yuan Zheng was particularly dissatisfied with Yuan Tianwen chasing his wife for so long, which was why he didnt give Yuan Tianwen any face in front of everyone.

Yuan Tianwen was in a good mood and didnt dispute Yuan Zheng. He glanced at his father, You can rest assured that Ill only chase my wife once in my life and will never provoke him to anger.

They kept shouting wife, one after the other. Duan Yuyang thought he was thick-skinned but he couldnt help blushing.

Yan Tianhen touched his chin with relief and exclaimed, This is great! Yuyang Ge is finally being taken care of.

The Yuan family looked much more reliable than the Duan family.

Su Mo came over and looked at Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi. Thank you so much this time, otherwise, I dont know what would have happened.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Of course. After all, Yuyang used to take care of my brother in many ways.

Yes, Uncle Mo, youre welcome. Yan Tianhen looked up, and he and Lin Xuanzhi smiled at one another. Who let us have a good relationship?

Su Mos eyes wandered for a moment on Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhens interlocked hands. He always felt that there was something special between the two of them. Then he suddenly realized something. He was slightly stunned and there was a flash of consternation in his eyes.

Yuan Zheng also glanced over, raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Yan Tianhen sighed deliberately, Although Yuyang Ge is in your care now, he has suffered so much in the Duan family. Arent we going to do something? The other day, if Dage and I hadnt caught up in time, Im afraid the baby in Yuyang Ge’s belly would have already been beyond saving!

Su Mo and Yuan Zhengs complexions darkened after this was mentioned.

Su Mo said coldly, I always thought that Duan Zhengde was smart, though he didnt have much ability. Unexpectedly, he was a bastard with an unclear mind and a merciless heart.

Yuan Zheng obviously knew what Duan Zhengde had done. His handsome face showed obvious aversion and disdain. He vented his anger through his nostrils, The fact that the Duan family has not fallen in his hands simply shows the great virtue accumulated by his ancestors.