Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Lin Xuanzhi was very open-minded. He hadn’t touched the smell of copper in his last life, which resulted in Yan Tianhen not even getting to eat Five Yuan rice after Lin Xuanzhi’s cultivation was wasted. In this life, he would never again be so old-fashioned.

What was face worth? It was simultaneously the most valuable yet least valuable thing. Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t yet of such a high status that he could exchange money using his face. Naturally, he couldn’t think too highly of himself.

Lin Xuanzhi also heard a lot of rumors. Many of those craftsmen said that he was devaluing his own net worth behind his back, as though he’d gone mad from poverty, to actually make money by mass-producing equipment on quantity.

After all, for the haughty and precious craftsmen, in order to ensure the value of their magic treasures and their own statuses, they must reduce the number of magic items crafted. Only with this would those cultivators realize the importance of craftsmen.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t care about these words at all. What he wanted was precisely to allow Yan Tianhen to buy whatever he wanted without any apprehension, and keep on buying; from now on, he wanted to use all methods at his disposal to build a giant commercial empire for Yan Tianhen.

What couldn’t be bought with money? Powerful cultivators, death guards who would protect Ah Hen with their lives, medicinal pills, ingredients, spiritual plants, secret manuals

He had to plan for Yan Tianhen’s best interests in advance. Not only did he need to bribe people’s hearts, but he also needed to buy subordinates, the stronger the better. If they had many powerful subordinates, then they naturally would have more confidence when facing people with ill intentions from the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital.

Lin Xuanzhi thought about this and was even more determined to build up this business empire that was right now only a concept in his mind.

Su Mo patted Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder. “Xuanzhi, you’ve always been incredible not just in cultivating or in your comprehension of the sword path, but also your mind. From the very beginning, I’ve had high expectations for you. I’m very relieved that you can find Ah Wen to do business together. One can never stand out in business if they fight alone. What’s more, all the merchant forces in Profound City have more or less taken up the entire market already. I’m afraid that there will be a lot of trouble if you want to enjoy a slice of the business pie.”

Su Mo first mentioned some matters he should take note of, then finally said, “In a few days, Ah Wen and Yuyang will both return to the Yuan family with me. Yuyang’s treatment is urgent, so we might miss Profound Sky Sect’s grand entrance ceremony. However, if you have any needs during this period, you can directly come find me in the Yuan family.”

The Yuan family was located in the middle of Profound City, so it was very convenient to go to the Yuan family from Profound Sky Sect.

Lin Xuanzhi thanked him repeatedly. Now that he had Su Mo’s promise, his future development in Profound City would most likely be much easier. After all, the Yuan family was Profound City’s local boss.

After sending Su Mo away, a fluffy bird, who was originally resting on the windowsill and pretending to be decoration, flapped his wings and flew onto Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder.

“This person, I remember.” Feng Jingyu mentioned.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his brow.

Feng Jingyu cleared his throat. “Although his cultivation is nothing much, this rascal’s brains are very incredible, and he’s especially insidious when handling matters. He screwed over a lot of powerful people; even right now, his name is still on the bounty list.”

Lin Xuanzhi looked askance at Feng Jingyu. “You know him?”

Feng Jingyu shook his head. “No, but I’ve heard of him.”

Lin Xuanzhi continued, “Then you should have also heard of my father.”

Feng Jingyu awkwardly chirped twice and flew up. “I must not say, must not say.” He then flew out of the window. From his hurried and hasty manner, it looked like he was escaping.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and pondered as he stood in his original location for quite a while.

Feng Jingyu, this cunning phoenix, probably was still keeping many matters from him.

Regarding the matter of establishing a commercial empire, since Lin Xuanzhi said he’d do it, then he’d do it. However, they were leaving soon, so he’s afraid that it would be difficult for him to personally manage things on the Lin family’s side. Thus, he took the initiative to talk to Fifth Elder about it. When Fifth Elder heard the matter, he called over Ji Lanjun, who had been in charge of the family’s finances for this period.

Ji Lanjun already held gratitude towards Lin Xuanzhi in her heart, and in addition to the fact that her pair of children’s futures relied upon Lin Xuanzhi, at this time, she would naturally use her full effort to support anything Lin Xuanzhi wanted to do.

Lin Xuanzhi spoke up, “Auntie, after I leave, I will send the family a batch of magic treasures and medicinal pills periodically. If there are top-grade magic treasures or medicinal pills, leave them for Duan family’s auction house. As for the others, you can price them according to the situation. Recently, the Duan family has no time to find trouble for us. Later, I will sign a long-term cooperation agreement with the Duan family’s Young Master so that I won’t cause too much trouble for the family.”

Ji Lanjun nodded and smiled elegantly, “We’re all one family, what trouble? However”

Ji Lanjun paused, then voiced the doubt in her heart, “Recently, our Qing City’s Duan family isn’t very peaceful. All the news we hear about right now says that the Duan family’s Young Master is about to change.”

Although for the Lin family, from a business perspective, it was the same no matter which Duan Young Master they signed the business contract with, however, Ji Lanjun was still worried about the relationship between Lin Xuanzhi and Duan Yuyang.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly; indeed, he didn’t judge wrongly. This woman, Ji Lanjun, was truly a person who could manage the Lin family’s everyday affairs in his place. She was both kind-hearted and capable, and could also discern people’s thoughts from their body language. As a woman and a mother, even if Ji Lanjun faced joint suppression from Third Elder and Madam Bai, for the sake of her pair of children, she would never show even a little bit of cowardice.

“Auntie need not worry. You can have a look again later. I’m afraid it’s not so easy for the Duan family to change Young Masters.”

“In that case, I’ll wait for Xuanzhi’s good news.” Ji Lanjun smiled gracefully. Although Lin Xuanzhi didn’t explicitly mention what would happen to the Duan family in the future, his words implied that he would never do business with Duan Yuhao.

Thus, she could now reply to Duan Yuhao and Madam Duan.

They discussed some more specifics regarding the Lin family’s future development. It was already dark by the time they finished talking about these.

Fifth Elder, who had been sitting on the chair, was already snoring with his eyes closed. Clearly, he wasn’t very interested in these matters.

Lin Xuanzhi swept a glance over Fifth Elder and told Ji Lanjun, “Let’s end the discussion here today. If there are any matters in the future, Auntie can directly contact me through this Voice Transmission Bell.”

Ji Lanjun shook the exquisite and beautiful bell in her hand and smiled. “Your attainment on the craftsman path indeed leaves everyone else in the dust with no hope of catching up. If this isn’t talent, then it can no longer be justified.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Then just treat it as talentba.”

In reality, talent was naturally involved, but there was also no denying his hard work.

It was only with his loneliness day after day, year after year, for the last thousand years that he was able to obtain the so-called “genius” title, but it was ultimately worth it.

Fifth Elder yawned at the right time, stretched, and rubbed his eyes, waking up.

“Oh, not yet finished?” Fifth Elder asked.

Lin Xuanzhi answered, “We’ve basically finished discussing. However, I suddenly thought of a matter that I think is necessary for the family head to think about.”

“What idea do you have this time?” Fifth Elder looked at Lin Xuanzhi from the corner of his eyes. “Go ahead.”

“The position of the Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master has been vacant for many years. Now that the Lin family has risen and become a first-rank family, it won’t do to leave this position vacant any longer.” Lin Xuanzhi continued, “I propose to let the Vice Hall Master take over this position.”

Fifth Elder nodded. “There are five Vice Hall Masters, who do you think is suitable?”

“Lin Bubai.”

Ji Lanjun was surprised. “Nephew Xuanzhi, my husband is not from the Lin family’s main branch. I’m afraid that he doesn’t have this qualification, so it’ll be difficult to convince the masses.”

Lin Runru’s eyes narrowed slightly. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, waiting to see what he would say with his silver tongue.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, his words neither fast nor slow, “Does it matter whether one is from the main branch or not, now that the main branch is in decline? The side branch, on the other hand, has witnessed the appearance of many powerful characters. The Lin family of today is different from that of the past. At the Hundred Families Gathering, we’d obtained our fill of benefits; who knows how many families are eyeing us right now. We can’t afford to make any mistakes, especially at this juncture. Having Uncle Bubai sit in that position will also be a great help to Auntie’s authority in the family; so why not? Of course, I just think that the most suitable person should sit in the most suitable position, that’s all. As for the final decision, family Master still has the final say.”

Fifth Elder raised his eyebrows as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi, laughing coldly, “You brat, you’ve really dug a good damn pit for me. You’ve already stated the reasoning so thoroughly. If I don’t let Lin Bubai sit in the Hall Master position of the Law Enforcement Hall, then won’t I become a senile old fool in your mind?”

Lin Xuanzhi hurriedly replied, “I don’t dare.”

Fifth Elder fussily nitpicked at some of Lin Xuanzhi’s shortcomings and finally touched his chin. He gave a lightHmphas he continued, “Since it’s your suggestion, you can go announce it for me. I might as well let you take the arduous and thankless position of Young Master of the Lin family too.”

Ji Lanjun was shocked and immediately felt endlessly moved.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi looked particularly calm.

Lin Runru knocked on the table when he saw Lin Xuanzhi’s unperturbed appearance, as though everything was within his control. “What kind of reaction is this? Don’t tell me you think that you’re the only person suitable to become the Lin family’s Young Master?”

Lin Xuanzhi lightly replied, “Could it be possible that family head has a more suitable candidate?”

Lin Runru immediately choked.

Yeah, in terms of schemes and wisdom, in terms of moral conduct and Dao attainment, he’s afraid that he couldn’t find a second person comparable to Lin Xuanzhi in the entire Lin family.


Lin Runru looked at Lin Xuanzhi and nevertheless felt the urge to hit this brat.

Bathing, burning incense, worshipping one’s ancestors, then making it known to the masses. Soon, news that Lin Xuanzhi had become the Young Master of the Lin family spread throughout the entire Lin family.

This time, none of the Lin family pupils dared to raise any objection. After all, Lin Xuanzhi was certainly the most suitable candidate in terms of both the craftsmen and martial arts paths.

And Lin Xuanzhi was equally unwilling to pass this responsibility onto others.

The position of Lin family’s Young Master was inevitably his; he wouldn’t yield it to anyone else.

“Auntie.” Lin Xuanzhi called Ji Lanjun from behind.

Currently, they had already left Fifth Elder’s courtyard and arrived at a small path marked with footprints.

This path was the only road to Ji Lanjun’s residence.

Ji Lanjun stopped walking, turned to Lin Xuanzhi, and smiled, “Does Young Master have a matter to discuss?”

“Auntie can call me Xuanzhi. I do have some matters that I want to talk to Auntie about.”

Ji Lanjun blinked. “Is this place convenient?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “It’s convenient. I’ll leave after saying a few words.”

“Xuanzhi might as well directly tell me what matters he has. If I can do it, I will certainly help with all my strength.”

Their entire family owed Lin Xuanzhi.

To be honest, no matter the Hall Master position of the Law Enforcement Hall or Ji Lanjun’s position today, Fifth Elder actually wouldn’t refuse no matter who Lin Xuanzhi wanted to give those positions to. Any perceptive person could see that right now, nobody could shake up Lin Xuanzhi’s position in the Lin family. Plus, Lin Runru was unwilling to manage family matters in the first place. He’d wanted to enter secluded cultivation for a long time. Now that, after great difficulty, Lin Xuanzhi could finally assume personal responsibility for family matters, Lin Runru naturally wanted to simply be a figurehead and let Lin Xuanzhi handle everything. Thus, he gave Lin Xuanzhi absolute authority.

Lin Xuanzhi also gave Lin Yuhan lots of medicinal pills and magic treasures every now and then and also gave a precious quota spot to Lin Zhantian, which made Ji Lanjun wish that she could gift all of her good items to Lin Xuanzhi. Her gratitude was beyond expression.

Of course Ji Lanjun was willing to spare no effort to help Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Auntie need not feel nervous, it’s just a few small matters.”

Ji Lanjun also smiled as her mood relaxed a little.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what the current relationship is like between Auntie and the Ji family?”

Ji Lanjun was slightly stunned but immediately said, “My father is the current head of the Ji family. Although I have married into the East Continent for many years, I’ve never stopped my correspondence with the Ji family.”