Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 263

Chapter 263

Chapter 263

Ji Lanjun was the legitimate eldest daughter and had been spoiled since childhood. If it wasn’t for Lin Yuhan’s health that made her, a mother, unable to leave her daughter’s side, how could she not go home these years?

The head and Madam of the Ji family, as well as Ji Lanjun’s several elder brothers, also missed her very much and had even come to the Lin family to visit her before.

It’s just that the road was both distant and dangerous, so traveling between the two families wasn’t very convenient. That’s why they’d only been able to visit her a few times.

Lin Xuanzhi gained a better understanding of the situation. It was truly fortunate that Ji Lanjun’s relationship with her family wasn’t bad.

“The Ji family is the largest family in the South Continent. The South Continent has abundant miasma and poisonous Gu insects, so many Gu Masters naturally reside there as well. I want Auntie to ask someone to help me find a powerful and reliable Gu Master to work by my side. In addition, I also want to do some business involving Gu insects and poison. Of course, it has nothing to do with the family business. I only need a route that can get me the Gu insects and poisons I require, as well as someone who can find the items I need for me. The price is naturally negotiable.”

Ji Lanjun was greatly shocked. She hurriedly glanced around for fear that someone might hear this.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly. “Auntie need not worry. I have magic tools on my person; even if someone passes by, they still can’t hear our conversation.”

Ji Lanjun knitted a pair of willow brows as she asked, “Xuanzhi, both Gu poison and Gu Refinement Masters are evil and crooked existences despised by the righteous path. What do you want these people and items for?”

Lin Xuanzhi simply answered, “They have a very important role.”

Ji Lanjun looked at him. After a long time, she asked, “Must you obtain these?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded firmly. “They’re necessary.”

Ji Lanjun took a deep breath and made up her mind. “Alright. Although I don’t know what you want to use them for, I believe that they are very important to you. The Ji family can indeed find the people and Gu insects you want. However, the East Continent and the South Continent are too far away, and one also needs to pass through a vast swamp and several dense jungles filled with miasma. You’ll have to wait a little longer.”

Lin Xuanzhi solemnly cupped his hands and thanked her, “I can wait however long it takes. I will have to trouble Auntie on this matter.”

When she looked at this child, who was only a few years older than her daughter, Ji Lanjun’s maternal instincts woke up. She said softly, “What are you being polite with me for? If you have any matters in the future, just tell Auntie. Don’t stifle it in your heart.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Okay.”

Only two days after he became Lin family’s Young Master, Lin Xuanzhi led the Lin family to Profound Sky Sect. The pupils participating in the sect entrance competition also set out.

“Lin Xuanzhi.” Outside the Lin family residence’s main gate, Lin Xuanzhi, who was just about to board a carriage pulled by a Chasing Sun Horse, was stopped by a slightly weak female voice.

Without having to glance back, Lin Xuanzhi could already imagine Lin Yurou’s face, which would inevitably look like she’d been wronged. Her expression was one of someone who wasn’t resigned to suffering those grievances.

“I have something to ask you.” Lin Yurou bit her lower lip.

The Lin family pupils in the surroundings all looked towards this side, clearly wanting to watch a good show.

Lin Xuanzhi turned to face Lin Yurou, who was a head shorter than him, and asked flatly, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yurou looked at him. “Why did you choose my older sister?”

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t give any explanation to this question when he announced the occupants of those two placings.

“He’s the most suitable.” Lin Xuanzhi replied lightly.

Lin Yurou’s expression was full of discontent. “I won’t accept it.Hercultivation isn’t higher than mine, and her cultivation techniques aren’t as powerful as mine either. Moreover, she’s also too old, so her foundation can’t compare with mine. I just think it’s unfair!”

There were only so many people in the convoy. Lin Yufan, who entered the carriage first, naturally heard everything clearly.

He couldn’t help sneering a little. He lifted the curtain and got off the carriage, loosening the muscles in his wrists as he spoke, “If you’re not convinced, as a test, why don’t we fight one round? Let’s see whether I can beat you till you’re crying for your father and mother today.”

Lin Yurous eyes flashed with resentment and shame, “Then let’s fight! Who’s afraid of you?”

At this juncture, Lin Yurou didn’t care to maintain any pretenses of sisterhood either. One should know that this inner-door disciple qualification was a shortcut that everyone yearned for even in their dreams. Lin Yurou wasn’t afraid that she wouldn’t be accepted into the sect, but she didn’t want to start from the rank of an outer-door disciple.

“What did you call me just now?” Lin Xuanzhi lightly swept a glance over Lin Yufan, who wished for the whole world to descend into chaos, as he asked Lin Yurou.

Lin Yurou was stupefied and changed her address, “Young Master.”

“Since you address me as Young Master, then don’t question my decision.”

“You” Even though Lin Yurou had nothing to say about Lin Xuanzhi becoming the Young Master, that didn’t mean that she approved of Lin Xuanzhi’s decision. “You’re oppressing people with your authority, I won’t accept it!”

“Then you can fight me.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly. “Defeat me, and the position of Young Master will be yours; you can choose whoever you want then.”

Since Lin Xuanzhi had become the Young Master, he would never allow anyone to challenge his authority.

Lin Xuanzhi had never given a demonstration of his authority right after taking this position. For one, he didn’t think there was a need. For anotherhe also didn’t have an opportunity.

Lin Xuanzhi was somewhat surprised to find that ever since he returned from the Hundred Families Gathering, the little bugs that had originally been hopping about became unbelievably quiet, as though they’d heard some rumors. Even when he appointed Lin Bubai as the Hall Master of the Law Enforcement Hall, those Vice Hall Masters only had slightly ugly expressions; none of them questioned his decision to his face.

Right now, Lin Xuanzhi naturally wouldn’t let Lin Yurou off easily, who stood out as the earliest bird.

Sure enough, once Lin Yurou heard Lin Xuanzhi’s words, she immediately showed an incredulous and slightly frightened expression.

It was impossible for her to be Lin Xuanzhi’s opponent. She dared not fight with Lin Xuanzhi even back when his Dantian Qi Sea was still damaged, so it was even more impossible now.

Lin Yurou ran away sobbing, getting into a carriage behind her. Several female side branch pupils who had a good relationship with her couldn’t help but comfort her!

Lin Yufan revealed an amused smile. He happened to meet Lin Xuanzhi’s gaze, which was sweeping over.

Lin Xuanzhi said mildly, “Be more low profile.”

Lin Yufan shrugged. “I’ve already been very low profile. If it wasn’t because this little girl shares half of the same blood with me, I would have killed her a long time ago.”

Lin Xuanzhi stared at him. “The Lin family forbids internal violence. You must remember this point. Even if you have any deep hatred with her, you must still hand it over to the Law Enforcement Hall to deal with.”

Lin Yufan chuckled and looked at Lin Xuanzhi somewhat mockingly. “I’d like to know whether you can still stick to this bottom line if the Lin family erupts in internal violence one day.”

Lin Xuanzhi replied lightly, “There are exceptions to every rule. I won’t make trouble for others if they don’t make trouble for me. If internal violence erupts in the Lin family, new rules will inevitably appear.”

“Haha!” Lin Yufan laughed. “Strict with others but lenient with oneself. Our Lin family’s Young Master really is an incredible person.”

Lin Xuanzhi said modestly, “I’m ashamed by your praise.”

Lin Yufan, “”

He had long thought that Lin Xuanzhi was different from ordinary people. Based on how thick his skin was, he’s indeed different from ordinary folks.

But to be honest, when Lin Yufan saw his own family’s Young Master acting like such a hoodlum, he felt assured about the Lin family’s future.

Lin Yufan turned around and got on the carriage. He spoke in a muffled voice, “Although I once swore to kill all of the little girl’s family sooner or later, in deference to your face, I will not act as long as you are still in the Lin family.”

Lin Xuanzhi gave a little pause and thought,with the way he’s talking, doesnt this mean that he should actually thank Lin Yufan?

However, in reality, Lin Xuanzhi merely got on the carriage and signaled to the coachman that they could depart.

In the carriage, Yan Tianhen was watching Feng Jingyu train the two tiger cubs. When he saw Lin Xuanzhi, he offhandedly picked Ah Bai up and held him in his arms. “Dage, everything’s been revolved?”

Lin Xuanzhi sat down by Yan Tianhen and, while he was at it, pulled him over for a kiss.

“There wasn’t any fighting, just a matter of a few words.” Lin Xuanzhi spoke in a relaxed tone.

Yan Tianhen smiled and revealed two cute little tiger teeth.

“That’s right, Dage, there’s another thing.” Yan Tianhen spoke up, “After discussing with Maomao, we feel that it’s a little unrealistic for Ah Gu to go up the mountain with us, so I plan to rent a house in Profound City close to Profound Sky Sect for Ah Gu. That way, it’ll also be convenient for me to find him.”

Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhen’s small face. “You can decide this kind of matter yourself.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes bent into crescents with a smile. He flew into Lin Xuanzhi’s arms and hugged his neck. “Dage, from now on, we can date each other without the slightest worry.”

Ah Bai was pressed by Yan Tianhen and couldn’t breathe. He arched his small head with all his might and jumped down. His eyes stared straight at Hu Po sitting beside him, who was licking his claws. With an “Ao wu“, he pounced over, pressing Hu Po onto the ground and fiercely kissing him.

Hu Po gave a miserable shriek, struggling endlessly!

Feng Jingyu awkwardly coughed twice, mumbling, “Pay attention to your influence. There are still three cubs here; you two are leading children astray!”

Lin Xuanzhi looked askance at Feng Jingyu and directly flicked his forehead. His strength flipped Feng Jingyu over several times.

Afterward, Yan Tianhen saw a small, fluffy bird sitting on the mat, a dazed and stupefied expression on its face. He couldn’t help break out in laughter at that.

With a “Wahh“, Feng Jingyu expressed his anger, flapping his wings and rushing towards Lin Xuanzhi. Full of enthusiastic zeal, two tiger cubs also tried to pounce on their two masters. For a while, the entire carriage was full of flying birds and jumping tigers, extremely lively.

Yan Tianhen didn’t curb his laughter, letting it spread to the horse carriages around them.

Lin Yao, who was beside Lin Zezhi, opened the curtain and looked back. He commented with some envy, “Yan Tianhen, this kid, is truly lucky. I don’t know how big of a fortune he encountered to actually win Young Master’s favor.”

Lin Zezhi murmured in his heart,more than favor, he’s simply been spoiled to the high heavens!

Ever since an unknown day where Lin Xuanzhi seemed to have gained enlightenment and turned into an entirely different person, Lin Zezhi found that there was basically no time when Yan Tianhen wasn’t laughing.

“Everyone always talks about couples enduring trials and tribulations together; they can also be considered brothers enduring trials and tribulations.” Lin Dong touched his chin and mused.

“Who would have thought that Lin Xuanzhi could still rise up again?” Lin Yao sighed. “The current Young Master position is much more valuable than it was years ago.”

Lin Dong nodded. “Yeah, who let Young Master be so incredible, pulling our Lin family from a third-class to a first-class family all at once.”

Lin Yao and Lin Dong were full of admiration and longing, but at this time, they no longer held the slightest jealousy.

When a person was as distant and unreachable as the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, no one would think to stand higher than him. Instead, they would involuntarily look up to that person in their hearts.

Lin Zezhi heard their conversation and lamented the vicissitudes of life, falling into a dark and indescribable melancholy state.

There was a time when he took the Young Master position for granted Lin Zhan was dead and Lin Xuanzhi crippled; beside him, who else could the Young Master be?

But now, Lin Zezhi didn’t want to compete with Lin Xuanzhi over this position at all.

He couldn’t win, and he was also won over by Lin Xuanzhi’s elegant manner.

However, even if he wanted to live a smooth and steady life, his mother and Third Elder didn’t think like this at all.

Before leaving, Madam Bai even pulled him over and repeatedly urged him with especial care: that he must pay attention to Lin Xuanzhi’s every move and report to her periodically according to schedule. She also said something about sweeping away Lin Xuanzhi, this obstacle, very soon and spoke about how the position of the Young Master of the Lin family would still be his.

Lin Zezhi couldn’t persuade Madam Bai, just as Madam Bai couldn’t understand why he had become such a cowardly person.


Lin Zezhi closed his eyes. He sincerely prayed that Madam Bai could quickly come to her senses and stop thinking about how to stir up trouble.

With his understanding of Lin Xuanzhi over these past days, Lin Xuanzhi’s shrewdness was definitely not something Madam Bai could compare to. If he wanted to scheme against a person, he could absolutely make that person die without even knowing how they died.