Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 266

Chapter 266

Chapter 266

Hai Kuanglang was really going to choke himself.

He used to ask Lin Xuanzhi for a one-on-one fight, but Lin Xuanzhi would always refuse. The reason this boy gave was even more exasperating.

At that time, he said expressionlessly, You dont use the sword. Us sword cultivators would never compete with elemental cultivators over the sword path. Its too cheap.

Hear that? Listen to this Huarong Sword Immortal’s words. Isn’t it sorely in need of a beating? Isn’t it asking for a beating? Isn’t it especially shameless? Isn’t he really good at pulling aggro for sword cultivators?

Hai Kuanglang squinted at Lin Xuanzhi, sizing him up.

Lin Xuanzhi calmly let him look.

Among Profound Sky Sects three martial arts peaks, Broken Sword Peak was the most serious one, while Breaking Sword Peak was completely guided by Yuan Tianwen, who was calm and steady despite his age. However, Sinking Sword Peak had the most flamboyant, unpredictable, and elusive disciples since their master allowed them to grow randomly.

Yan Tianhen stood silently in front of Lin Xuanzhi, blocking Hai Kuanglangs eyes.

Hai Kuanglang frowned, What are you doing?

Yan Tianhen puffed out his cheeks, You cant look any more, or else youll have topay.

Hai Kuanglang, .

Hai Kuanglang sneered and took out another bottle of pills. He casually tossed it at Lin Xuanzhi and spoke with malicious intent at the corner of his mouth, Junior Martial Brother Lin, although there used to be a bit of disagreement, fortunately, you met a tolerant and generous man like Lang Ge. Since you entered my Sinking Sword Peak, you’ll be under my protection from now on. This bottle of pills is like a first-time meeting gift, but Brother Lin has to eat it sparingly. If its not enough, you can come back to meoh, actually, I think you shouldnt have any use for this stuff.

With that, Hai Kuanglang raised his hand on Zhan Fengtings shoulder and pushed him inside, ranting, I told you not to hold anything with fur. The fur on that thing is too bad. If you accidentally stick it all over you

Its not yet the season for it to shed fur. Its spring now. There isnt any tiger fur on me. Zhan Fengting explained.

Hai Kuanglang clicked his tongue, I mean, youll smell like tiger cub. It smells terrible. Stop talking about it and come back with me to change clothes.

He frowned and continued to complain, I dont know when this stupid tiger cub has last bathed. Maybe it has fleas.

Ah Zhan Fengting had to sigh.

Yan Tianhen took the bottle of pills and opened it. Followed by Lin Xuanzhi, he looked at the peach blossom colored pills and smelled their fragrance. His face suddenly flushed as if it had been boiled.

Lin Xuan raised a brow, What kind of pill is this?

Yan Tianhen plugged the bottle cap and threw it to Lin Xuanzhi. Feeling ashamed and a little excited, he leaned into Lin Xuanzhis ear and whispered, Ive seen people use sex-promoting drugs in places like Qing City before.

When Lin Xuanzhi heard this, he paused slightly at first, then couldnt help but laugh.

This Senior Martial Brother Hai of his was really interesting; he actually got a bottle of this stuff as a first-time meeting gift was this insinuating that he didn’t understand human interactions?

Lin Xuanzhi put the bottle into his storage bag, thinking about when to discuss the correct way to open it with Hai Kuanglang.

Yan Tianhen looked at Hai Kuanglang, who was almost glued to Zhan Fengting from behind and said, Dage, the relationship between Brother Zhan and Brother Lang looks really good.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Senior Martial Brother Zhan was Esteemed Lan Yue’s first inner disciple. Hai Kuanglang is the second and was personally brought back by Brother Zhan himself. When Hai Kuanglang came, he was younger than I was when I entered Profound Sky Sect only about five or six years old. Esteemed Lan Yue sometimes enters secluded cultivation. Hai Kuanglang was brought up by Senior Martial Brother Zhan. Naturally, the relationship was incomparable to others.

Yan Tianhen nodded thoughtfully and then said indignantly, Like I said. But why does Brother Lang dislike my family’s Ah Bai and Hu Po? Where do they smell? I obviously wash them till they smell very good, they are usually very obedient, and will lick their own fur. As for fleas and whatnot, it’s impossible to have them.

Obviously, Hai Kuanglang especially disliked the smell of the two tiger cubs.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and whispered, Because he has a dogs nose.

Yan Tianhen immediately burst out laughing.

The two cubs were also the textbook “bully the weak, afraid of the strong”. They found that Hai Kuanglang seemed to be quite powerful and wasn’t friendly enough, so they didn’t dare come to Zhan Fengting’s side and instead followed their two masters closely.

Lin Xuanzhi had not yet stood still after entering the inner door when his collar was seized by Hai Kuanglang.

I dare not speak loudly, for fear of shocking the people up above, but you dare speak ill of me to my face. Hai Kuanglang narrowed his eyes dangerously, and there was a menacing color in his golden pupils, which were darker than his hair color.

Lin Xuanzhi, on the other hand, raised his hand with great composure to bounce off Hai Kuanglang’s hand. He adjusted his collar, I was telling the truth behind your back. What’s wrong?

Hai Kuanglang flared at him, You said I have a dogs nose.

It’s not like I said you were a dog?

Hai Kuanglang was infuriated.

Zhan Fengting came back helplessly and said to Hai Kuanglang, Can you look like a senior martial brother?”

Then he must also look like a younger martial brother, no? He didn’t even bother to call ‘Senior Martial Brother’ when he saw me.”

Yan Tianhen immediately shouted, Senior Martial Brother.

Ah- Hai Kuanglang sighed, Im not talking about you.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Second Senior Brother.

The corners of Hai Kuanglang’s lips twitched. Why do I always feel like its not like that?

To be honest, according to the age and time of entering Profound Sky Sect, Lin Xuanzhi really should call Hai Kuanglang his senior martial brother. It’s just that this brat was too pretentious before, which made Hai Kuanglang want to teach him a lesson when he saw him this time. However, unexpectedly, Lin Xuanzhi was so obedient

Hai Kuanglang wasn’t in the mood anymore and also felt a little depressed.

Just then, a young mans voice came down from a great height.

“You let the people come up so quickly? Its a little too easy.

Yan Tianhen looked up and saw a young man grinning faintly on the trunk of a spruce tree that was high enough to reach the sky.

The young man jumped down from the top after shaking his legs twice and landed on the ground as lightly as a cloud.

The youth looked very gorgeous; the tear ducts on the corner of the eyes glistened with laughter. His pair of peach blossom eyes was overflowing with vibrant lights and colors. He seemed to be enchanting people, even when not laughing.

Chasing the splendid moon Wan Yitong.

One of the Four Swords of Profound Sky.

Hai Kuanglang said discontentedly, I dont know what kind of magic potion our Younger Martial Brother Lin gave Eldest Martial Brother. He said that he wanted to use an illusion array for an initial display of strength, but I didnt expect him to not last even an hour.

Wan Yitong said, Dont be too narrow-minded, Master will become impatient if he waits more.

Compared with Hai Kuanglang, Lin Xuanzhi and Wan Yitong had met several times, and they had also drawn swords at each other although Lin Xuanzhis Zhige Sword had never really been drawn out of its scabbard.

Wan Yitongs eyes fell on Lin Xuanzhis face, and he tilted his head slightly. I said that you and I are both sword cultivators, so I’ll always know you better than others. Therefore, this Sinking Sword Peak is far more suitable for you than Broken Sword Peak.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, At the time, I also said that I was used to being in one place, so I was too lazy to move and change places.

Wan Yitong smiled, That’s why I’m saying that your Senior Martial Brother’s words are full of cunning strategy and accurate foresight. If you don’t move, someone will force you to move. How about it? Don’t you think that I have great foresight, am very incredible, and that you admire me so much that you want to devote yourself to me?

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded, “

Why did this beautiful older brother change into an eccentric bearing without even saying many words?

Lin Xuanzhi dealt with Wan Yitong before, so he was used to his character. He smiled, ashamed, I was too dogmatic at the time.

Wan Yitong nodded, Indeed, since you know that you were wrong, lets hear you call me ‘Senior Martial Brother’.”

Lin Xuanzhi gave Wan Yitong an askance glance, Senior Martial Brother

Ahahahaha Wan Yitong was overjoyed and laughed till the flowers quivered, You dont know how long Ive been waiting for this one ‘Senior Martial Brother’ of yours!

Zhan Fengting also let them freely make a fool of themselves. He smiled and explained to the two, Ah Tong was always Sinking Sword Peaks youngest junior martial brother before you came. Master has not accepted any more disciples for many years, so he has never had the chance to be called a senior martial brother. When he heard that Master accepted two new disciples at once, he was so happy. Even when dreaming, he wanted someone would call him a senior martial brother.

So it was like that. Yan Tianhen nodded his little head.

Just as he wanted to shout “Senior Martial Brother” too, he saw Wan Yitong put away his smile and look him in the eye, Master has only taken Junior Martial Brother Xuanzhi. As for this Little Friend Yan, I’m afraid that he can’t enter my Sinking Sword Peak’s door.

Yan Tianhen was stunned.

Lin Xuanzhi frowned, Why?

Wan Yitong shrugged his shoulders, I am not particularly clear about this either. I only know that the other day, Master did think of leaving Xiao Yan at Sinking Sword Peak. In any case, it didn’t matter if he had one more disciple, and his qualifications were not bad. Only, two days ago, Master came down from the divination platform and also met the Martial Uncle from Broken Sword Peak, who didn’t often leave his abode, and he changed his mind. When I asked him, he didnt answer either. He only said that when you came, he would personally tell you.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, and Yan Tianhens mood was obviously somewhat depressed.

Sinking Sword Peaks door was the most difficult to enter. There was no trash under Esteemed Lan Yue’s door. Each of them was an elite leader. The most important thing was that Esteemed Lan Yue was a diviner and a prophet. By following him, one’s future could be said to have a smooth road and avoid all kinds of troubles perfectly. Many disciples who knew Profound Sky Sect well were eager to be accepted by as disciples Esteemed Lan Yue.

However, Yan Tianhens depression and disappointment were not due to Esteemed Lan Yue; instead, he was worried that if he and Lin Xuanzhi were not assigned to one place, there would not be many opportunities to meet Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi secretly shook Yan Tianhens hand slightly and motioned him to be calm first.

In that case, when can we see the Peak Master?

Oh, you still call him Peak Master. Wan Yitong blinked, When the time comes, if you still call him that, your Master will be very sad.

I have not formally been accepted as his disciple and dare not casually address him.

Wan Yitong also stopped correcting him and addressed Zhan Fengting, Eldest Martial Brother, we can go now. Master said that when we see them, we will take them directly to him to take a look.

Zhan Fengting nodded, Then lets go.

A line of five people, walked side by side towards the outside mountain.

The outside mountain was not a mountain, but a group of buildings located among the mountains. They were built according to the mountains’ topography and were located in the mountain peaks in a scattered way.

If you looked down from the sky, you could easily find that the magnificent pavilions covered with glazed tiles had formed the standard shape of the seven stars of the North Dipper, which was exactly the same as the seven stars of the North Dipper in the sky.

When you enter the outside mountain, the spiritual Qi became much denser.

After walking through a martial arts training ground with dense trees and many strange, jagged rocks, Yan Tianhen saw a young swordsman dressed in black from a distance.

The young man stabbed a huge rock with a single sword thrust and chopped it into pieces. His strength was especially shocking.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help exclaiming softly, Who was that just now?

Lin Xuanzhi explained, The name is Bei Shitian. The sword he wields is called Killing God. He is one of Profound Skys Four Swords.