Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 267

Chapter 267

Chapter 267

Todays Four Swords of Profound Sky have become five swords. Hearing this, Wan Yitong said with a faint smile, There is one more sword, Du Qiying.

Du Qiying? Lin Xuanzhi raised a slight eyebrow.

That’s right, it’s your former Eldest Martial Brother, Du Qiying. Wan Yitong laughed contemptuously. Du Qiying planned to take your place not long after you left. However, Master only said a single sentence: ‘Lin Xuanzhi will come back one day. The elders in the sect immediately favored your side and didn’t allow him to take your place no matter what others said. But Du Qiying has the backing of Broken Sword Peak’s Peak Master, who has the Sect Master supporting him. After much deliberation, the Sect Master turned Profound Sky’s Four Swords into Profound Sky’s Five Swords.

He was fit to take that title?

Lin Xuanzhis face looked like he had eaten dog poop. Wan Yitong looked at his face especially. He laughed with joy, Do you feel humiliated? Having the same title as that kind of vile person; I might as well find a piece of tofu to smash me to death. Its a disgrace and a disappointment.

Most cultivators cherished their reputation, and Lin Xuanzhi was no exception.

Du Qiying, this treacherous, murderous, and despicable person, had actually become a man of equal standing with him. If Lin Xuanzhi was pettier, or if his heart was not strong enough, he would have drawn his sword to find trouble for Du Qiying right now.

Lin Xuanzhis voice was slightly cold, His happiness will not last long. The Four Swords of Profound Sky are the Four Swords of Profound Sky; it won’t do to have even one more.

At the very least, that “one more” absolutely couldn’t be such a scumbag like Du Qiying!

Ah. Wan Yitong was happy. How come you said the same thing that Yuan Tianwen said? Yuan Tianwen also said before that he would never admit Du Qiyings position as the fifth sword; oh, how that offended Du QiyingTsk tsk, but I also admire Yuan Tianwens courage, brazenly offending so many people with fear.

Why dont you look at who his father is. Hai Kuanglang cut in, Half of Profound Sky Sect’s annual revenue is supported by the Yuan family. Even the Sect Master still has to shrink his head and pay his respects if he saw Elder Su as though he’s from a younger generation. So what if Yuan Tianwens curses a few words?

Watch your mouth. Zhan Fengting frowned.

Hai Kuanglang nodded hastily, You’re right. I cant just casually speak the truth.

Zhan Fengting, .

Yan Tianhen heard a familiar name and couldnt help turning his head and looking at Wan Yitong.

You guys know Brother Tianwen?

That’s for sure. Besides your Dage, who’s always cultivating nonstop, most of Profound Sky Sect’s top disciples know each other. Yuan Tianwen and I have a fairly good relationship. Wan Yitong commented, Speaking of Yuan Tianwen, this rascal, this is sacrificing him for the benefit of our entire Profound Sky Sect. During this period, the disciples are all talking about his matters. Without him, how lonely and sparse these days would be!

Hai Kuanglang swept Lin Xuanzhi a glance. I heard that you have a good relationship with him recently; did he successfully chase his wife? What in the world is the matter with Han Yuran? Before, he even personally took Han Yuran up the mountain. How come, after just attending a Hundred Families Gathering, he crippled the person’s cultivation and even started chasing after someone else? I’m so curious to death.

“He pretty much caught his wife. Lin Xuanzhi also smiled, Its a long story.

Tell me, tell me.” Wan Yitong was interested.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, Indeed, it’s a long story. Well talk about it later if we have the chance.

Wan Yitong nodded, I have to know sooner or later.

How did he catch his wife? Someday I’ll have to find him and ask him to teach me his experience. Hai Kuanglang touched his chin thoughtfully.

Yan Tianhen spoke up, I know what Yuan Dages experience is.

Speak! Hai Kuanglang demanded.

Shamelessly losing his own face while pestering and harassing non-stop despite continual setbacks. Yan Tianhen said solemnly.

Hai Kuanglang, .

Wan Yitong, .

Even Zhan Fengting couldnt help laughing, That’s hard to imagine.

Wan Yitong also nodded. Its hard to imagine that Yuan Tianwen, an arrogant, proud, and spoiled Young Master of a distinguished family, can actually do such a shameless thing like pestering someone nonstop without any regard to face. The sun is really rising on the west side.

Hai Kuanglang had a thoughtful expression. Actually, we can learn from his experience.

Wan Yitong and Zhan Fengting both looked askance at him.

Wan Yitong said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, Second Martial Brother, Master said that if you dare to make Master lose face outside, he will beat you half to death.

Hai Kuanglang snorted scornfully, When did I make Master lose face when I went out? I just lost face for him when I’m at home, that’s all.

Wan Yitong, .

He spoke as if he was very proud of that.

Bei Shitian also noticed the conversation here and took his sword, walking to their side.

Senior Martial Brothers, Junior Martial Brothers. Bei Shitian’s voice was cold. His entire person looked like a sword; he stood straight up, with red lips and white teeth, his facial features outstanding with his long hair tied high on the back of his head. His entire person carried a piercing, murderous aura.

As soon as he came, neither tiger cub was willing to come near his side.

Zhan Fengting frowned, The cold Qi on your body feels thicker.

Bei Shitian was unconcerned as he said lightly, Im afraid Senior Martial Brother is mistaken.

You dare say that Senior Martial Brother is wrong? Hai Kuanglang narrowed his eyes dangerously and glared at Bei Shitian. You’d better pay attention to it. Your body is your own; no one else can help you with that.

Bei Shitian pursed his lips. Ill pay attention to it. Senior Martial Brother need not worry.

Who worries about you? Dont put gold on your face. Wan Yitong scowled, If something happens to you, Eldest Martial Brother and Master will have to be busy taking care of you, wasting their strength and energy.

Thats what I meant. Hai Kuanglang nodded, You’re not young anymore, so you shouldn’t be so willful.

Bei Shitian didn’t seem to be good at expressing himself. He moved his lips but did not say anything in the end.

Zhan Fengting, on the other hand, couldn’t stand Wan Yitong and Hai Kuanglang bullying Bei Shitian together. He frowned and sternly reprimanded, What are you two talking about? Xiao Tian is your direct Junior Martial Brother under the same Master. Later, the two of you will copy Sinking Sword Peak’s peak rules three times. You are not allowed to eat or sleep until they are finished.

Wan Yitong wailed, Dont be so cruel, I just took a little advantage verbally!

Although Zhan Fengting looked gentle, he was the most steady one. Even if Wan Yitong implored, he would never let up.

Whatever you say is what you say.

If you dont suffer, you wont learn your lesson.

No matter how the two begged for mercy, Zhan Fengting did not let up. He only said, This is Master’s order. If you dare to bully your fellow disciples, you have to copy the peak rules. If you are unconvinced, go and reason with Master.

Hearing this, Wan Yitong and Hai Kuanglang kept silent and closed their mouths.

Bei Shitian had been fixedly staring at Lin Xuanzhi now.

The thumb of his right hand kept rubbing on the hilt of his sword, and that black sword was also quivering and wailing incessantly, wishing to be drawn immediately.

Lin Xuanzhi saw this and narrowed his eyes at Bei Shitian. Senior Martial Brother Bei.

Bei Shitian slowly restrained his murderous aura and nodded slowly. Junior Martial Brother Lin, Ill find you for a spar when you find a suitable sword.

After saying that, Bei Shitian turned to leave. It turned out that he didn’t say even a single redundant word.

Zhan Fengting sighed in an unobservable way, and there was concern on his face.

Wan Yitong curled his lip, Weirdo. Anyways, I dont like him.

Hai Kuanglang added, Who likes him? He’s so gloomy all day long. It’s really a waste of all the sunshine in this world; they can’t shine on him at all. He acts as though someone owes him 8 million gold.

Zhan Fengting interrupted, Have you guys said enough?

Hai Kuanglang hurriedly became silent, not daring to speak casually again.

Wan Yitong, however, curled his lips and went on to say, Even if we dont say it, will there be anyone on Sinking Sword Peak who likes him and values him? People like him should not be liked or loved.

Its someone elses business whether they value him or not. Just mind yourself. Zhan Fengting also became impolite with his words.

When Wan Yitong saw that Zhan Fengting was really angry, he secretly stuck out his tongue at Yan Tianhen and said nothing more.

On the way, Zhan Fengting was full of thoughts on how he couldn’t leave people with a bad impression of Bei Shitian. He had always been fair, impartial, and considerate, and he did his best for every one of his junior martial brothers.

Therefore, Zhan Fengting found an opportunity to say to the two new arrivals, Dont listen to Ah Tong and Kuanglang’s words. Xiao Tian is also a good boy. It’s just that he experienced some things when he was a child and those events were all buried in his heart. Therefore, his temper is not very congenial, but he has a good heart.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded lightly. We have our own judgment and will not change our views just because other people said a few words.

When Wan Yitong heard this, he leaned closer and chimed in, A good heart my ass! He stole Masters astrolabe and moved it at will. It took a long time for Master to recover from those serious injuries. I think I will never forget this episode in my life.

He has been duly punished for this incident, and even Master no longer cares about it!

Master no longer mentions it because he is tolerant and magnanimous. Wan Yitong gritted his teeth, However, I am a petty and narrow-minded person. I remember it very clearly.

Zhan Fengting defended Back then, things happened for a reason

I dont care what reasons he had. Wan Yitong interrupted Zhan Fengtings words and bluntly stated, His mind isn’t pure, and he has too many distracting thoughts. He’s not candid and straightforward when acting, which is simply incompatible with us on Sinking Sword Peak.

He paused, then angrily complained, What I hate most is that you and Master both favor him. I really dont know what attracts you guys to him.

That was probably the main reason.

In the past, Bei Shitian came from the northern border with his brother, Bei Cangmo, traversing over both land and water. It coincided with the rare heavy snowfall in Profound City. The whole city was covered with cold silver, and it was difficult to walk further in that weather.

Bei Cangmo and Bei Shitian were said to have fled from being chased all the way. They had just arrived at the foot of Profound Sky Sect’s mountain and only had time to take a mountain entrance token from a stranger. As soon as they knocked open the gate, Bei Cangmo fainted.

Bei Shitian was smaller and weaker than Bei Cangmo. However, because Bei Cangmo tried his best to protect him on the road, Bei Shitian didn’t have any wounds on his body, so he actually lasted longer than Bei Cangmo.

Bei Shitian carried Bei Cangmo on his back as he climbed up the mountain, on the verge of collapse.

Fortunately, Esteemed Lan Yue passed by at the right time and picked up the two children who were about to freeze to death.

As soon as he saw Bei Shitian, he said that this child was too murderous and would enter a killing frenzy at the slightest provocation. Thus, he took Bei Shitian with him and personally taught him.

Probably because he pitied him and felt tenderness towards him, Esteemed Lan Yue was very attentive to this fourth inner disciple of his, not only personally teaching him, but also taking Bei Shitian with him wherever Esteemed Lan Yue went, not leaving his side.

Later, Esteemed Lan Yue went to the great swamp in the East Continent and accidentally obtained a longsword. Wan Yitong liked that sword, but Esteemed Lan Yue refused to give it to him no matter how much he asked. Later, Esteemed Lan Yue personally presented the sword with a name and voluntarily gave it to Bei Shitian.

This made Wan Yitong extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Of course, the reason Wan Yitong held no good feelings for Bei Shitian wasn’t just because of these trivial matters.

At that time, when Esteemed Lan Yue officially gave the sword to Bei Shitian, he was only seven years old.

Esteemed Lan Yue said, I give this sword the name ‘“Lianlian”‘. I only hope that it can lighten the murderous aura around you. I hope that when you see her, you will think of compassion for the whole world and mercy for all life. You must not easily have murderous thoughts.”

Bei Shitian took the sword.

Lianlian was a sword made from the spiritual core of a Siberian crane beast. The Siberian crane was considered a kind of docile, noble, and unsullied demonic beast. This Lianlian also used to be spotless, noble, and elegant, light as a feather and elegant as the wind. Anyone who looked at it would love it.