Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Yan Tianhen hadn’t noticed how much time had flown by. When he looked up again, it was already dark.

The Voice Transmission Bell that Lin Xuanzhi made was a kind of one-time consumable magical device. There wasn’t much Qi storied inside of it and, if it was used up, it would become completely useless. Hence, for most users, it was only used to pass messages at critical moments.

Unexpectedly, in the hands of Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, the precious Voice Transmission Bell was used as a device for chatting. In less than two hours, the two had already used up four Voice Transmission Bells respectively. If Duan Yuyang knew about this, he would surely cry out bitterly over the waste.

You should know that a one-time Voice Transmission Bell required five pieces of gold. This bell, which could be used a few times, could be sold for a hundred pieces of gold on the market.

However, Lin Xuanzhi didn’t feel any distress at all and wanted to continue chatting with Yan Tianhen. For him, money was nothing; Ah Hen was much more important.

However, Yan Tianhen was already heartbroken and could no longer continue. When the fifth bell was about to run out of spiritual Qi, Yan Tianhen grit his teeth and interrupted Lin Xuanzhis next words, Dage, lets meet later. I already used up five of the ten Voice Transmission Bells you prepared for me. It’s too wasteful.

Lin Xuanzhi disagreed, How can this be considered a waste? Its worth it for you.

Yan Tianhen let out a cry.

Lin Xuanzhi hastily asked, Whats the matter?

Yan Tianhen giggled twice, Too sweet, I got a toothache.

Lin Xuanzhi also smiled, Next time I see you, Dage should have a good check to see if your teeth have been eaten by worms.

Yan Tianhen nodded, uncaring whether Lin Xuanzhi could see it or not, and sighed, I really want to see you sooner.

Lin Xuanzhi also felt eager after not seeing each other for a day. He sighed in a low voice. Then he suddenly thought, “How about Ill find you now?

No! Yan Tianhen hurriedly stopped him, From Sinking Sword Peak to Broken Sword Peak, the journey is far away. This dense fog forest is not easy to breakthrough. Besides, Dage has only just begun to adapt to Fierce Gale Cliff these days. He must be too tired and should take an early rest. When we have adapted to the environment here, it’s not too late to meet again.

Lin Xuanzhi listened to Yan Tianhens organized speech and inwardly said to himself,Ah Hen’s ideas have indeed matured a lot.

Yan Tianhen made a very reasonable point. Firstly, Lin Xuanzhi was too tired to even move his fingers. He didn’t know how many times his spiritual Qi had been emptied. It was a time of weakness. Secondly, the two of them had just started learning from their masters. Naturally, they should concentrate more on cultivating. How could they think about running around elsewhere?

Esteemed Lan Yue was alright, but he didn’t know what kind of master Esteemed Huai Yu was.

And although both were among Profound Sky Sect’s main peaks, it was important to know that the sect occupied 100,000 mountains, which was larger than some kingdoms in the East Continent. The distance between Sinking Sword Peak and Broken Sword Peak was not a simple sword ride that would take an hour to get there. It simply wasn’t easy to cross.

Under multiple considerations, Lin Xuanzhi naturally wouldn’t do what he wanted. The reason why he said what he did was because of emotion. He couldn’t help it.

They said a few more words to each other until Lin Xuanzhis Voice Transmission Bell went out a few times, then completely turned into a useless stone.

Lin Xuanzhi resisted the impulse to pick up another bell and waited for a moment. When Yan Tianhen didnt send any more sounds, he withdrew his hand, closed his eyes in bed and relaxed.

On the other side, Yan Tianhen touched his nose with some depression. Then he got out of bed, dressed up, and walked outside. As soon as he came out of the bamboo house, Yan Tianhen saw Esteemed Huai Yu in a dark green robe. He was leaning against a piece of bamboo that was used to support the house, holding his arms and squinting at him.

Yan Tianhen stopped in his tracks and walked over to say, Master.

Esteemed Huai Yu’s hair still hung loose over his shoulders, looking willful and unrestrained, and he looked down at Yan Tianhen with his lips curled up. He asked, Have you finished speaking with your big brother?

Yan Tianhen responded, I’m done.

Show me what you used.

Yan Tianhen obediently took out the Voice Transmission Bell from his storage bag. Just as he was about to pass it over to Esteemed Huai Yu, the Voice Transmission Bell appeared to be pulled by an invisible silk thread as it rose in the air and landed steadily in the hands of Esteemed Huai Yu.

He looked at it a few times and said with some disdain, A petty trick.

Yan Tianhen wanted to refute, saying that it was very useful. But then Esteemed Huai Yu placed the bell inside his storage ring and told him crossly, There are still some more. All of them should be handed to me! Who allowed you to contact people outside? Those who don’t follow the rules and regulations need discipline.

Yan Tianhen,

With a bitter face, Yan Tianhen clutched his storage bag and cried out desperately, Master, I have only two left. I still have to talk to my Dage. If my Dage cannot contact me, he’ll be very worried.

Esteemed Huai Yu said particularly shamelessly, As a disciple, how can you not have any filial piety? According to the rules, when youre under my door, I have to take care of your food, clothes, and living expenses, and also have to spend effort teaching you. You have to pay for your tuition. Now, if you dont want to give money to your master, then you’ll have to show filial piety with some broken bells. You don’t want to do it?

Yan Tianhen was so angry that he almost cried after hearing Esteemed Huai Yu’s words, but now that his Master had spoken, and in order to make life easier in the future, Yan Tianhen had no choice but to hand over his two bells with great pain and sacrifice to this cheap master of his.

Yan Tianhen felt that he was bitterly wronged. Other peoples masters gave gifts to their disciples. But instead of giving him something, his master wanted his disciple to give filial piety.

However, thanks to his quick thinking, he didnt expose the remaining two and was able to secretly say two words to his Dage in his hand.

After receiving the three bells, Huai Yu was contented, All right, Ill try out this thing first. If I can use it, Ill allow that lad Lin Xuanzhi to visit you.

Yan Tianhen suddenly raised his head, his eyes glistening at his master. He eagerly said, This bell is really good and useful. It can reach people far and wide and you can say many words!

Esteemed Huai Yu replied, Whats the hurry? I’ll make my own judgment. Besides, I heard that your big brother is a craftsman now. Is he pretty good?

Yan Tianhen nodded and proudly said, Of course, my Dage is the best.

Alright. Esteemed Huai Yu nodded, Dont forget to tell him that when he visits next time, bring me some gifts. You can also say its bribery. How I teach you and how much I teach you depends on his sincerity.

Yan Tianhen was immediately dumbfounded and he gaped at his master. Wasn’t this a bit too bold and straightforward?

When he saw his reaction, Esteemed Huai Yu rolled his eyes and bitterly stated, Boy, do you think that I would randomly accept you as a disciple? If my Senior Martial Brother hadnt opened his mouth, I wouldnt have spared you another glance Lin Xuanzhi can’t do without shedding a little blood.

Before Yan Tianhen could open his mouth, Esteemed Huai Yu continued, By the way, from now on, you have to take care of the weeds in the spiritual plants fields in the back every day. If you dare to destroy one spiritual plant, you have to plant ten spiritual plant seedlings. Or I’ll just bill the cost to your brother. And those chickens and ducks, you should feed them too. Remember, give them more meals a day, but less food at each time, don’t feed them too much, or else they’ll die from being stuffed full of spiritual Qi. I’ve also planted vegetable fields; you should know what to do. Oh, that’s right, the melon and fruit trees are your responsibilities too Well, let me think again. Can you cook?

Yan Tianhen was still overwhelmed but he shook his head intuitively, No.

Esteemed Huai Yu nodded, If you cant do it, then try to learn it yourself. Youll take care of cooking the three meals every day. I beat people if it tastes bad. All right, lets just say that much for the time being. Go take care of the spiritual plant fields in the morning.

Esteemed Huai Yu played with the three Voice Transmission Bells and walked back to his house barefoot, leaving Yan Tianhen alone in the wind.

Yan Tianhen stood there for a long time before he realized that the reason he had been accepted as a disciple by his master was to let him do chores?

Yan Tianhen suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had planned on visiting the spiritual herb fields mentioned by Esteemed Lan Yue anyway.

When he woke up that day, Feng Jingyu, who had been away, was back, with two tiger cubs chasing behind him.

Feng Jingyu landed on Yan Tianhens head and slapped him on the forehead excitedly. He chirped, Esteemed Huai Yu is a man of great wealth! Accepting him as your master is really worth it!

When he heard “great wealth”, Yan Tianhen immediately curled his lip and said with disgust, I dont see it. He wants to take away even my Voice Transmission Bells. How is that something a rich man would do?

Who gives a fuck about those Voice Transmission Bells! Feng Jingyu was bitter that this lad’s mind couldn’t mature faster, Do you know how many acres of spiritual herb fields there are in his back mountain? At least a thousand! Do you understand this concept?

Yan Tianhen was also stunned. Spiritual plant fields were not vegetable fields. If a clan could plant hundreds of acres of spiritual plant fields, it already meant one had very deep pockets.

It’s unclear how many acres there were in Profound Sky Sect, but he had worked as a weeder in the Lin Family’s spiritual plant fields before. He knew that there were only dozens of spiritual herb fields in the family.

Yan Tianhen nearly cried from this number alone. Of course, he wasn’t crying because of how rich his Master was, but because Esteemed Huai Yu gave him all the spiritual herb fields to take care of!

How many spiritual plants were there?

Thousands of acres!

That was enough to frighten people to death.

Yan Tianhens eyes became empty, his face pale and his body crumbling. He started to sweat profusely.

However, Feng Jingyu didn’t pay attention to any of this and excitedly continued, But this thousand acre of land is not the best part! Do you know what the best part is? In this thousand acres of land, high-grade and top-grade spiritual plants alone account for half! This is really a treasured land. Huai Yu is worthy of being called a big grass farmer. If you follow him, you’ll definitely not lose!”

There was suddenly a loud thud and dust flew in the air.

Ah, Ah Hen, why did you faint?

Ao ao ao!” Ah Bai howled.

Ao! Hu Po howled as well.

Day two of recognizing Huai Yu as his Master: Yan Tianhen wanted to die.

The weather was fine, the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant, but Yan Tianhen’s expression was like a dead mans, crying and mourning. He was followed by two scampering tiger cubs, who were walking behind Esteemed Huai Yu towards the spiritual plant fields.

Yan Tianhen eyed the tiger cubs enviously. These two carefree little guys were the real winners in life, right?

However, when Yan Tianhen took several turns with Esteemed Huai Yu and saw the actualspiritual plant fields, he was shocked!

At first glance, the spiritual herbs could be seen from a mile away with no end in sight. The unique fragrance of it reached his nostrils. Clusters of spiritual plants swayed beautifully with the wind, as if waving at him, enticing him to make them into medicinal pills.

This-this is too much!” Yan Tianhen murmured, How many spiritual plants are there?

Esteemed Huai Yu smiled quite smugly, How many? I dont know either, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it happened to arouse my interest. I’d better assign you another task later. In one year, please count the number of spiritual plants here.

Yan Tianhen’s mouth fiercely twitched at the corners and he turned to Esteemed Huai Yu with a sad expression. Master, this is not good, right?

With a wave of his hand, Esteemed Huai Yu said, Your Master thinks it’s very good. If I don’t know the number of spiritual plants I have, then how am I supposed to know how rich I am!

Yan Tianhen, ..

Why did you talk so much, why couldn’t you shut your mouth, why did you court death?!

Sarah: I can’t believe YTH got what was equivalent to a cellphone confiscated by his master XD poor YTH, Esteemed Huai Yu is not going to make life easy for him~