Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Stealing Eggs Failed

Ch282 Stealing Eggs Failed

Yan Tianhen smiled with confidence, You dare not. My Dage is a disciple of Esteemed Lan Yue. You. Isnt Esteemed Lan Yue your Senior Martial Brother? If I were to fall to my death like this, Im afraid that you wouldnt be able to face Esteemed Lan Yue, Master.

Esteemed Huai Yu stared at him for a long time before saying, You little bastard. Youve got a lot of nerve.

Yan Tianhen got up from the ground, shook the storage bag in his hand, and grinned with eight teeth, If I wanted to live, I wouldnt have been able to get this back.

The expression on Esteemed Huai Yus face grew profound.

After a while, Esteemed Huai Yu snorted coldly, I really didnt think about my Senior Martial Brother when I saved your life just now. Even if you were killed, my Senior Martial Brother would never turn against me.

Yan Tianhen cocked his head, Then why did you save me? You might as well let me fall to my death.

Esteemed Huai Yu said with a dark expression, If you died, who will cook for me tonight?

Yan Tianhen: He was completely convinced of this reason!

When Esteemed Huai Yu saw Yan Tianhen choking at his response, he found himself in a good mood. His face relaxed a little as he asked, How could a little bastard like you guess this Masters thoughts?

Alright. Master is correct, Yan Tianhen sighed in his heart and waved at Esteemed Huai Yu. I dont know why Master is testing me like this but since you are reluctant to kill me, all these actions are useless. Master may as well take a rest for a while.

Why would I rest? Esteemed Huai Yu said in a bad temper.

Yan Tianhen blinked and looked very naughty, Since youre going to be waiting for me to hunt and cook, you must wait until the evening. Master has to save his strength so that he can brave the hunger.

Esteemed Huai Yu,

Before Esteemed Huai Yu could start, Yan Tianhen took out another Piercing Cloud Plate, jumped on it and rushed towards the other mountain peak without hesitation. He also scooped up Ah Bai and Hu Po.

Esteemed Huai Yu looked after Yan Tianhens disappearing figure. This time, he didnt mess around with him again.

After a few moments, Esteemed Huai Yu murmured thoughtfully, his lips curled up into a smile, Interesting. Clever baby is really interesting.

Although he talked back at Esteemed Huai Yu with his witty words while putting up a brave front, in Yan Tianhens heart, he was actually roaring with his head held in his arms. God knew that after suffering a sneak attack from the back, when he stepped onto the Piercing Cloud Plate again, his feet were soft and his body was trembling.

If it werent for his insistence on putting up a brave front in front of Esteemed Huai Yu, he would surely have shrunk into a ball and cried with his two cubs!

Finally, he reached the other side of the mountain. Yan Tianhen felt relaxed which led him to improperly manipulating the Piercing Cloud Plate. He fell from it and hit several branches and leaves going down.


Ah!Ah Bai and Hu Po, who were treated as meat cushions, were pressed under Yan Tianhens body.

A small head desperately emerged from Yan Tianhens middle. Ah Bai kept spitting out dirt from his tongue and his eyes were full of flying stars and birds. Hu Po squeezed out from under Yan Tianhens bottom and he shook his head vigorously. First, he shook a pile of dirt from his fur, then patted Yan Tianhen to stand up. Yan Tianhen looked around, Lets go hunting.

Ah Bai and Hu Po took the lead and ran towards a walking pheasant. However, the pheasant seemed to have eyes on its back. When the tigers came closer, the pheasant calmly flapped its wings and flew towards the sky. The speed far exceeded Yan Tianhens understanding of pheasants.

Yan Tianhen was surprised. Ah Bai and Hu Po also seemed puzzled.

Lets go and find it again. Yan Tianhen was not discouraged. He continued to walk forward with Ah Bai and Hu Po.

However, Yan Tianhen soon discovered that although the dense forest was full of food, it may be because of the long-term spiritual Qi from Profound Sky Sect. The animals on the mountain all seem to be on the verge of gaining sentience and becoming spiritual beasts. Therefore, whether they were running or flying, they were extremely fast. Yan Tianhen and two tiger cubs werent their match at all if they didnt act seriously.

Yan Tianhen could feel that there should be a huge spiritual beast in the forest, so he didnt dare act rashly nor walk into an open space. An hour later, Yan Tianhen finally decided to change his strategy.

He gave up capturing living creatures and decided to pick up a few eggs instead.

When he looked up, there was a huge birds nest hanging on a high branch. Yan Tianhen wiped his hands and feet, and climbed up the tree. He used to climb trees when he was young so it wasnt difficult. Now, Yan Tianhen could easily climb up a tree.

There were five eggs lying quietly in the nest. Each egg was the size of a childs head, giving off a blue luster. Yan Tianhen swallowed his saliva, picked up two eggs and held them in his arms, ready to return.

Just then, there was a shrill birds cry in the sky, accompanied by a fierce flame. Yan Tianhen released his hold and his body teetered dangerously on the trunk. He kept swinging and nearly fell off the tree!

A fierce black bird flew towards Yan Tianhen like lightning. Yan Tianhen was so frightened that he looked down at the height of tens of meters below, and almost fell down.

Just as the black bird was about to claw at Yan Tianhens face, he used his quick wits and stepped on the branch next to him with his back against the trunk. Then he held up the two eggs.

Dont come any closer or Ill break them!

Yan Tianhen shouted.

The black bird suddenly took a turn and glared fiercely at Yan Tianhen, wings gently flapping to stay in mid-air. His beak opened to let out a cry.

Yan Tianhen suddenly felt very cruel. He stole two eggs, but these two eggs were the black birds children!

If the black bird hadnt come back, Yan Tianhen would have stolen them. Natures law of the jungle was the law of heaven, but this black bird returned and caught Yan Tianhen. The black bird hesitated and its feathers stood up nervously for fear that the damned human hand would shake and drop its two eggs to the ground!

Yan Tianhen did not dare move. He was also worried that if he placed the eggs back into their nest, the fierce bird wouldnt let him go.

In this way, Yan Tianhen and the black bird were at a stalemate.

Ah Bai stealthily jumped into a tree behind him, quietly and perfectly exerting his advantage as a young tiger cub. Hu Po crouched under the tree and waited for an opportunity. If the black bird moved to strike at Yan Tianhen, he would send a lightning strike and cut it down.

One man, one bird, and two tiger cubs confronted each other. As such, an hour passed.

Yan Tianhen was holding two eggs that werent very light. He felt more and more that his arms could no longer hold up. However, he didnt dare let go because he couldnt guarantee that he was a match against the black bird.

Although he had magic weapons in hand and could give the black bird a heavy blow, he wasnt sure if it wouldnt attract more monsters hidden deep in the forest.

Being in a strange place for the first time, Yan Tianhens character was bound to be cautious.

The black bird was probably tired of flying too as it had the body the size of a man. It landed on the end of the branch at the foot of Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen swallowed his saliva with difficulty and said, What now, brother bird? Its wrong of me to steal your eggs but continuing this confrontation is also not good. I feel very tired now. In case my hand slips and the eggs fall off and break, with the insides spilling all over the place, then nobody will be able to do anything about that anymore, dont you think?

The black bird actually nodded his head.

I cant believe this bird can understand me.

Yan Tianhen suddenly seemed to have been injected with chicken blood and found a solution.

He added, How about you dont attack me and Ill put the eggs back. What do you think?

The black bird immediately flapped its wings and flew towards a tree behind it. It showed with practical actions that it would never attack easily as long as Yan Tianhen was willing to let go of its eggs.

Yan Tianhen was overjoyed and hurriedly thrust the eggs into his arms. Holding the trunk of the tree, he carefully laid down on the branch where the birds nest rested. He took out the eggs and gently stuffed them into it covered with soft feathers.

The bird did not attack.

Yan Tianhen turned back and climbed to the bottom. He was about to catch his breath when suddenly, something black rushed like lightning in front of his eyes. When Yan Tianhen subconsciously prepared to raise his hand and use his demonic arts, the black bird that should have attacked him, actually swept pass his head and flew behind.


There was a scream and Yan Tianhen suddenly looked back. He found the black bird with a beak that was as long as half an arm rigidly biting the head of a poisonous snake. The snakes slender body kept circling, trying to entangle the black bird. However, the bird flapped its wings, making it hard for the snake to wind its body around it.

Yan Tianhen was stunned by the situation. Then he drew out his dagger and rushed up, thrusting the snakes tail into the ground.

The two cubs also descended, biting and scratching at the poisonous snake. They also had some thunder striking down at it.

The snake was quickly strangled and collapsed to the ground. Its body was thick and long with blood all over its head and tail. The air became extremely heavy with its gamey scent.

Yan Tianhen drew back his dagger and breathed a sigh of relief. He said, Oh no. There will be monsters gathering here soon. We have to leave.

The black bird tore off a small section of the snake, gave Yan Tianhen a look of disdain and contempt, then flew towards the tree and back into its nest.

Yan Tianhen was surprised and then he realized what the black birds actions meant. He immediately smiled and waved up at the black bird, saying, Thank you, brother bird. I am sorry about today. I wont touch your nest in the future!

Black bird,

This human was really stupid and annoying!

Yan Tianhen had planned to return home empty-handed, but he didnt expect to have such a pleasant surprise. While carrying this snake flying in the air with him, he didnt care that it was dirty. He stepped onto the Piercing Cloud Plate and returned to the other mountain peak.

Not long after he and his two cubs left, the snakes blood was scattered and there were more than ten mutated fierce beasts gathered around. They sniffed at the scent of blood and then uttered an angry cry of being fooled.

Did you hunt this? Esteemed Huai Yu asked in disbelief, walking two circles around the decapitated snake.

Yan Tianhen nodded with great pride, Its amazing, right? I just hunted a big snake, which is enough to feed us for several days.

Esteemed Huai Yu looked at him rather suspiciously and pondered for a moment, For the time being. But I dont believe you can be so lucky every time.

Yan Tianhen stuck out his tongue and made a face at Esteemed Huai Yu.

He was in a good mood now and didnt dispute with his master.

Esteemed Huai Yu said lightly, Go and bake the snake for me in the evening. Now you come with me.

Yan Tianhens heart thumped. He secretly wondered what else did this Esteemed Huai Yu want him to do.

Unexpectedly, Esteemed Huai Yu brought him back to the spiritual plant fields.

His master pointed to a piece of spiritual plant and said, I told you this morning, what are the names, habits, grades, and effects of these spiritual plants? In addition, what should you pay attention to when planting?

Throughout the morning, Esteemed Huai Yu explained the habits and functions of 103 species of spiritual plants to Yan Tianhen, as though trying to infuse all his knowledge into the boys brain.

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