Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 291

Chapter 291

Chapter 291

Esteemed Huai Yu ruthlessly rolled his eyes at Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi this, Lin Xuanzhi that. This Lin Xuanzhi had a sharp tongue, monkey cheeks, looked ferocious, and was also a crafty old fox. He wasnt amazing at all. What in the world was so good about him?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s heart was full of grief. Looking at Yan Tianhen’s happy and childish behavior, he couldnt help but lament. He must have had a hole in his brain to let such a gullible and playful cub be raised by someone else. Lin Zhan must have had a great time over the years while the mother was stewing in jealousy and anger!

And Lin Xuanzhi, who dared to have thoughts for his son, was just shameless!

He really regretted it now. He should have embarrassed Lin Xuanzhi more when he was at Sinking Sword Peak.

However, there were plenty of opportunities in the future!

Esteemed Huai Yu was filled with bitterness and eventually blamed the source of all evil on Yan Zhonghua as he gnashed his teeth.

Fuck your grandmother, Yan Zhonghua!

If it werent for him, if it werent for him his family’s Ah Hen might not have been born.

Esteemed Huai Yu suddenly grew depressed. He ignored the stabbing pain in his heart, looked at Yan Tianhen, who was rushing over, and smiled.

Indeed, only his son was the best in the world!

Like a small, cotton-padded coat, so considerate and thoughtful!

And indeed, other people’s husbands were better!

The husband he got ended up being a tyrannical loan shark!

Yan Tianhen held one of Esteemed Huai Yu’s hanging legs and shook it a few times. He coquettishly said, Master, did you see what I did? You promised me that if I passed your test, you’d let me go down the mountain to play!

The assessment on his recitation of the various basic contents about theProfound Book of Poisons was carried out before the weeding process. Yan Tianhen spent most of his fifteen days and nights memorizing. Although he couldn’t remember every word, there was no problem dealing with this test.

Play, play play, you only know how to play. If you can beat Lin Xuanzhi one day, I’ll let you play whenever you want!

That cant do. My Dage is so powerful. He must be the world’s best cultivator in the future!” Yan Tianhen swore.

Esteemed Huai Yu wanted to roll his eyes again. Where did he get this confidence from?

Stand aside, stand aside. I personally made the promise so how can I go back on my word. Esteemed Huai Yu impatiently pushed Yan Tianhen away and jumped down from the tree, All right, Ill give you a few days off. I know your mind is long gone and it’s no use holding you.”

Master, you’re so kind! Yan Tianhen rushed over to embrace Esteemed Huai Yu, snuggling against him, “Dont worry, Master, when I come back, I’ll definitely provide the things you need on your list. Everything on it, I’ll bring it back for you!

This time, Esteemed Huai Yu didn’t push away the little rabbit who was hugging him. For a moment, his hand hung over Yan Tianhen’s head before he carefully pressed it down.

After rubbing, Esteemed Huai Yu’s heart was full of tears:feels so good!

Yan Tianhen was used to being rubbed on the head. He showed eight white teeth to Esteemed Huai Yu.

Esteemed Huai Yu suffered another heart attack and suddenly had the impulse to knock his cub unconscious and take him away but he refrained.

He stared at Yan Tianhens face covered in cracks, feeling guilty. However, on the surface, his expression didn’t change and he coldly said, Come on, boy, dont act coquettish in front of me. Your Master won’t fall for it!

Yan Tianhen nodded repeatedly, but in his heart he thought:won’t fall for it, yeah right!

After thinking about it, Esteemed Huai Yu removed the dark red ring from the finger of his left hand and gave it to Yan Tianhen, This is a gift from your Master. Take care of it and dont lose it.”

The ring had only one color but a silver-white light could be seen flashing inside when it rotated was slightly, like a cat’s eye.

Yan Tianhen held it and looked at it carefully for a while, Master, what is this? Is it just for decoration?

Forgive him for his low level. He couldn’t see any spiritual fluctuations at all.

Esteemed Huai Yu pretended to smile mysteriously, This ah as long as you cultivate hard, you’ll find out.

Yan Tianhen pondered for a while, but he thought it was just an ordinary stone ring.

Considering Esteemed Huai Yu’s personality, Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but doubt, Master, you’re not just casually giving me something to fool me, are you?

Esteemed Huai Yu curled a corner of his mouth and spoke with reproach, Dont judge the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. To be honest, Ive never seen a man with a more magnanimous heart than mine in my whole life! I’m afraid you won’t ever find another man as beautiful as me either.


Yan Tianhen earnestly said, Master!”

Esteemed Huai Yu continued, I know your respect for me is like an endlessly flowing river.

“What Master said just now, I want to ask if he could dare say it again with conscience?

Esteemed Huai Yu said angrily, There is nothing I dare not do in this world.

Yan Tianhen blinked his pure big eyes, Won’t your conscience hurt?


Damn this little rabbit!

Esteemed Huai Yu made a gesture as if to beat him, but how could Yan Tianhen stand there and let him? After Yan Tianhen finished speaking, he immediately ran towards the small bamboo house in a flash like a rabbit whose tail was bitten by a tiger.

Esteemed Huai Yu shouted two threatening words at his back but didnt chase after him. When Yan Tianhen walked out of the room, carrying the bag he had packed in advance on his shoulder, he looked high-spirited and ready to go down the mountain. Esteemed Huai Yu threw a scroll at him.

Here. It says what I want you to bring. I’ll give you three days. Remember to prepare it for me. Esteemed Huai Yu said rudely, “Moreover, remind Lin Xuanzhi that the magic weapons I asked him to craft has been sped up and to give it to me quickly. If I have to wait any longer, I’ll charge him extra interest.

Yan Tianhen: ..

Yan Tianhen opened the scroll and glanced at it. Rows of wild and unruly characters were thickly dotted inside, making his vision darken, and he almost pouted.

Master, are you asking me to buy out the entire Profound City for your esteemed self,ah? cried Yan Tianhen.

If you want to do that for your Master, your Master has no problem with that. Esteemed Huai Yu cocked his head and smiled, Good.”

Yan Tianhen wanted to cry. He had a treasure card of a million gold on his person but even ten of these cards probably weren’t enough to buy everything listed by Esteemed Huai Yu. Several of these weren’t even available in ordinary shops, like the three yellow-orange Sparrow Spirits

Whether this could be bought or not was another matter entirely. Even if it was available, it was either owned by an elite family or had to be bought from an auction house. The price didn’t need to be mentioned.

However, there was no room for discussion with Esteemed Huai Yu. He looked at Yan Tianhens sad face, You and Lin Xuanzhi are together, at least learn from his tolerance. Even if I gave that boy ten times more difficult conditions than this scroll, he would take it with ease. Of course, I dont know if he scolds me in his heart, but at least he’s good at pretending on the surface.

Speaking of this, Esteemed Huai Yu seemed to have a lot of experience and was very happy to pass it on to Yan Tianhen.

Do you know what’s the most important thing when mingling around outside?

Yan Tianhen was expressionless and his heart was calm. I dont.

It’s bluffing. Esteemed Huai Yu told him, Just like your eldest brother, he’s a man but pretends to act like a dog. Even if he cant do it or afford it, he won’t expose his flaws to others. Once you do, others will seize that weaknesses and timidity to bully you.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but roll his eyes.

Esteemed Huai Yu smiled and stretched out a hand to pinch Yan Tianhen’s little face. Looking at his own child, who was too angry to speak, there was a different kind of happiness in his heart.

Alright, your Master wont take advantage of you for nothing. Esteemed Huai Yu took out a bottle of medicinal pills and threw it to Yan Tianhen. After eating this, you won’t be affected by the dense fog in the misty forest. Even if you’re don’t know anything about illusion arrays, you can now come and go freely. Of course, I hope you can learn some skills in that area. After all, there are still many powerful array masters in this world.”

Yan Tianhens mind had long since been gone now, Why dont Master wait until I come back to learn illusion arrays with you? If I stay here any longer, it’ll be dark soon.”

Esteemed Huai Yu rolled his eyes at Yan Tianhen and impatiently said, Get lost, get lost. It annoys me to look at you.

Yan Tianhen grinned, Goodbye, Master. He ran out with his two baby protectors and Feng Jingyu in his arms.

The misty forest was one direction only. From the outside going in, the line of sight was obstructed by the fog like a ghost wall. But from the inside going out, there were no external forces blocking the way.

Before Yan Tianhen had reached the end of the misty forest, he could already see Lin Xuanzhi waiting outside.

Yan Tianhen lunged forward and landed on Lin Xuanzhi’s chest, nearly throwing him to the ground.

Feng Jingyu knew such an outcome would happen, so he quickly flew out from Yan Tianhen’s clothes to avoid being squashed in their embrace.

Ah, ah, Dage, I can finally see you! Yan Tianhen clung onto Lin Xuanzhi’s neck.

This was the first time since Lin Xuanzhi returned to the Lin Family’s house that they had been separated for so long.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help squeezing Yan Tianhen and kissing his forehead, I really regret letting you go to Breaking Sword Peak.

Yan Tianhen rubbed against Lin Xuanzhis chest, sighing heavily and said in low spirits, I regret going too.

Lin Xuanzhi looked down into Yan Tianhens eyes, Whats the matter? Maybe Martial Uncle Huai Yu is bad for you. Did he bully you?

Yan Tianhen said with a sad face, Its alright to bully me. But he even bullies you you dont know how far my Master has gone. He even asks us to pay for so many things for him! He really doesn’t regard himself as an outsider!

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing, It doesnt matter. It’ll be enough as long as he can teach you a lot of skills in cultivation, is good to you, and can ensure your safety.

Yan Tianhen was still sad.

Alright, the extra tasks he assigned you. Let me have a look.”

It was better to reassure Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen nodded and limply pulled out the scroll from his storage bag. He stuffed it in Lin Xuanzhis hand.

Lin Xuanzhi unrolled the scroll, took one look, then froze.

Moments later, Lin Xuanzhi closed it and said with a wry smile, Ah Hen, I’m beginning to wonder now did I ever offend Martial Uncle Huai Yu at some point?

It seemed that not only did he offend, but he offended a great deal.

“ Ah?

To say that Lin Xuanzhi was guilty of an offense against Esteemed Huai Yu wasn’t actually true. He just so happened to have a crush on Yan Tianhen and successfully held Yan Tianhen in the palm of his hand. For a father, this was the biggest offense.

But at this time, even if he cracked his head thinking, Lin Xuanzhi absolutely wouldn’t be able to understand that a great part of the reason Esteemed Huai Yu was shamelessly embarrassing him was due to this.

However, when the debt is too large, one learns not to worry, so Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen decided to adhere to the principle of “if the bottle breaks, then might as well smash it altogether”. They pushed the scroll to the back of their minds and together, flew out of the gates on a sword.