Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 294

Chapter 294

Chapter 294

Yan Tianhen shook his head, No, its just the quilt. He thought I was asleep, but I was actually studying silently.

Speaking of which, Yan Tianhen proudly said, Dage, am I working hard?

Yan Tianhen began to feel pleased with himself.

Lin Xuanzhi breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Esteemed Huai Yu didn’t have any ideas on his family’s Ah Hen, everything was fine.

Lin Xuanzhi also helped Yan Tianhen in saying a few nice words about Esteemed Huai Yu. For the time being, he asked Qing Zhu to dismiss the idea of knocking on Esteemed Huai Yu’s doorstep to get justice for his child. Then he took out the thickly written scroll and handed it to Qing Zhu. I’ll have to bother Uncle Zhu to help me find and purchase the following items. Ah Hen has only three days left, so Im afraid I cant do it myself.

Qing Zhu nodded and casually opened the scroll, How can I let Young Master do such things himself? Just leave it to what does Huai Yu mean by this!?

Qing Zhu’s eyes were suddenly wide.

Yan Tianhen helplessly said, Thats what it means.

After cursing for two sentences, Qing Zhu snapped the scroll shut and told them, Half of these things are not very easy to find. Im afraid three days is too difficult.

Lin Xuanzhi also said reluctantly, Just find as much as you can. We cant help what we can’t get.

This the only way. Qing Zhu said coldly, How big is this Huai Yus face? Its really too disrespectful for the old to ask you young people for this.

Yan Tianhen blinked and told the truth, My master isn’t old at all. In fact, he’s very pretty.

Qing Zhu, .

Lin Xuanzhi sighed, Please don’t bother, Uncle Zhu. I still have a lot of money here

How could I use your money? I have much more on me than you do now. Qing Zhu took the scroll away, Your father had purchased many private properties all around the Five Continents over the years. I’ll deal with these properties in the next few days. I’ll give them to you when I’ve finished taking care of the magic weapon and medicinal pill shops as well as the teahouses and inns.”

My fathers private property?

Qing Zhu nodded, Yes, your father didnt tell you of these worldly matters while you were concentrated on cultivating. He was afraid of disturbing you. Master Zhan worried that if something should happen to him in the future and he couldnt take care of you, he should leave you something as a retreat. Although he could not earn much money, the place was enough for you and Ah Hen to live and continue cultivating.

Speaking of this place, Qing Zhu could not help sighing, I just didnt expect that he would really

Yan Tianhen already knew Lin Zhan was still alive and in the Nine Lands, but this didn’t prevent him from feeling moved and saddened when he heard of Lin Zhans early plans.

Lin Xuanzhi was deeply puzzled. He had never heard of his fathers private property in his previous life, nor had he ever seen Qing Zhu again. In this life, how did he suddenly have so many private properties?

Lin Xuanzhi pondered for a moment and asked straightforwardly, Uncle Zhu, who did my father leave these private properties to?

Qing Zhu smiled and looked at Lin Xuanzhi in amusement. Since you asked, I have to be honest. When your father handed over his private property to me, he mentioned its future inheritance. The first successor was either your own son or our Ah Hen.

Yan Tianhen widened his eyes and pointed at himself stupidly. Me?

Qing Zhu nodded and pinched Yan Tianhens face. Yes, your father said that if he disappeared one day or something happened, all of the private property under his name would belong to Xuanzhi and you. However, if I judged that Xuanzhi was especially bad to you, then none of the private property could be distributed to him.

Lin Xuanzhis heart was suddenly clear at once but it also held a little bitterness.

So, it seemed his father had taken precautions for a rainy day and seen right through him. Lin Xuanzhi hadn’t cared much about his younger brother in his last life and basically hadn’t taken him to heart. He also felt embarrassed walking with this boy who was a bit disgraceful, especially when some people looked down on Yan Tianhen. That’s why his father made such a decision.

Yan Tianhen held Lin Xuanzhis arm and smiled, It seems that Daddy worried too much. How could my Dage ever be bad to me?

Qing Zhu looked at the two brothers love and affection and naturally felt very comforted. He smiled, However, half of these private properties are still yours. When you no longer want to talk to him, just take back the other half.

Yan Tianhen immediately laughed and turned to Lin Xuanzhi, Do you hear that, Dage? You must treat me well in the future, or I will make you poor.

Lin Xuanzhi also smiled, After that, I will rely on Ah Hen to cover for me.

Yan Tianhen patted his chest, “You can count on me!”

Although the two each had half of the private property, Yan Tianhen didn’t like to take care of these things, so he immediately gave them all to Lin Xuanzhi to deal with. He also didn’t want to be given any shares of the money earned. Lin Xuanzhi paid for all of his food and clothing anyway. Yan Tianhen had no idea how to spend other peoples money and was too embarrassed to. Who made Lin Xuanzhi be both his Dage and future partner!

However, Qing Zhu hated how iron couldn’t become steel faster and scolded Yan Tianhen with a dark face, saying how Yan Tianhen would sell himself one day without even being aware of what happened. Other people’s siblings all kept clear accounts with each other, but Yan Tianhen was great; when a clear account passed through his hands, it suddenly became a muddled one.

However, Qing Zhu didnt know that Yan Tianhen was being selfish in doing this. He hoped that the more indistinguishable he was from Lin Xuanzhi, the better.

With the ownership of the private property in the future temporarily solved, Lin Xuanzhi said, Uncle Zhu, the private property under my fathers name has been ignored for two years. Isn’t it not easy to deal with?

Qing Zhus face slightly turned ugly, There are indeed those ungrateful dogs who want to take possession of it, but since I’m back, I naturally wont let Master Zhans property change its name.

This was also an expected outcome. There were many shops under Lin Zhans name, and some of the shopkeepers he invited would no doubt be upset. When Lin Zhan was still here, he would go to each shop every year to inspect them. He was skilled at controlling his subordinates. Under Lin Zhan’s management, even if someone had a few ideas, they did not dare do them easily. However, when Lin Zhan left, Qing Zhu was also not there. Lin Xuanzhi didnt even know that these private properties existed, which left many opportunities for the shopkeepers.

If there had been no big problems, it would have been a miracle.

Qing Zhu had started working on the private properties these days and found many problems, but he was not going to tell the two youths.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Uncle Zhu, I’m not a child anymore, and I’m still the Young Master of the Lin Family. If there’s any trouble in dealing with these properties, you must tell me and not carry the burden alone.

Qing Zhu smiled and nodded in relief, Yes, I’ll tell you in advance what I cant handle, but

Whats the matter? Yan Tianhen asked.

I have checked six restaurants before, and I found that their shopkeepers seem to have been closely connected with the Jian family in White City. I’ll continue to investigate the specific situation. If you see anyone from the Jian family in the future, be on your guard, Qing Zhu said with some worry.

If it was just normal business contact, it wouldn’t have mattered, but Qing Zhu had not heard of Lin Zhan doing business with the Jian family before. He couldn’t help but have some doubts.

Moreover, Qing Zhu found that these six restaurants were all the most reliable and profitable under Lin Zhans name, so he held some distrust toward the Jian family and the shopkeepers.

It was a matter of great importance. Lin Zhans most profitable stores were none other than these small shops that supplied raw materials. Of course, Qing Zhu dared not take it lightly.

When Lin Xuanzhi heard that there was indeed something wrong, he thought for a moment and said, Some members of the Jian family will also come to participate in the sect’s entrance examination. If I see them, I can beat around the bush and ask about it.

Qing Zhu nodded, Yes, thats fine, but you should also try not to have any direct conflict with them. After all, the Jian family are a reclusive elite class family. It’s not easy to provoke them.

For the elite families in the Five Continents, Yan Tianhen was a treasure trove of information, thanks to the basic knowledge that was deliberately instilled in him by Lin Zhan, as well as his own good memory.

Yan Tianhen explained, The Jian family are really powerful. Their status is not much different from that of the Yuan family in the East Continent. However, the Jian family are always low-key, secretive, and seldom appear in front of the world, so they’re not very famous. Compared to the Yuan family, the Jian family are more reclusive and hidden. There are still several such families in the Five Continents who do not take part in big competitions like the Hundred Families Gathering, which showed family strength and enhanced one’s status, nor do they seldom arrange disciples to take part in the sect examinations. The reclusive families have their own independent system.

Although the reclusive families often remained hidden, there were still many rumors about them.

When it came to these families, they could be best described in two words: mysterious and unfathomable. It was because every time a disciple of the reclusive family stepped out into the world, it must be in order to deal with things that could subvert the entire system of the Five Continents.

Lin Xuanzhi nonchalantly said, Naturally, I won’t take the initiative to conflict with them. However, if the Jian family dares to make a wrong move, I’m not easy to provoke too.

Qing Zhu nodded, Thats true. The business between the Jian family and those six shopkeepers has only started recently, so I’m more worried that they’re targeting you or Ah Hen.

Targeting us? Yan Tianhen was a little surprised, I dont have anything worth the Jian family fighting for.

In his mind, they and the Jian family had nothing to do with each other.

Qing Zhu told them with profound meaning, You underestimate yourself too much. The performance of you and Xuanzhi at the Hundred Families Gathering, as well as the small Mingyin fire and the Hepta-Brilliant Sacred Fire you both have, has long put you two under their watch.

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth wide, When did this happen? Why haven’t I noticed it?

On the way back to Lins house from Sky Peak City, Yan Tianhen did feel the danger, but since returning home and even coming to the sect’s gate, Yan Tianhen did not feel it anymore.

Qing Zhu said helplessly, You’re too late to know. The price reward for you and Xuanzhi on the Sky Bounty List has reached up to ten Sparrow Spirits. I dont know how many people are after you. If Xuanzhi hadnt sent many Lin secret guards to protect you and brought you to Profound Sky Sect, which deterred a lot of people from making a move because of the sect’s influence, Im afraid that you two would have been split up by now.

Yan Tianhen was stunned and looked at Lin Xuanzhi. Dage, when did this happen? Why didnt you tell me?

Lin Xuan dismissed it lightly, For the time being, those who secretly play tricks behind our backs aren’t so qualified. In addition, your safety was guaranteed when you entered Huai Yu’s door, so I didn’t think there was any need to worry you.