Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 295

Chapter 295

Chapter 295

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment. Dage, in fact, you’ve already planned everything out, right?

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows, What did I plan?

You’ve known for a long time that we’ll be envied for carrying those powerful flames. It will definitely not be safe. But if we enter a sect, we will have a strong backing. Even if someone puts a bounty on us, it will not be easy to get it.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Not just the sect, there are also other arrangements. However, that’s the principle. Since I dared to fight for those things, I must have found an escape route too.

Yan Tianhen sighed.

Qing Zhu comforted, Ah Hen need not be afraid, I will send more people to protect you.

Yan Tianhen shook his head, I’m not afraid, I’m just sighing with emotion.

What for?

I didnt expect that I would enter the bounty list at a young age. Yan Tianhen looked very proud and touched his chin. I should have set a new record for the lowest age of entry in the bounty list, right? Is there anyone who keeps a special record of such memorable events? If not, it would be bad if I were forgotten in a few years.

Qing Zhu, .

Lin Xuanzhi,

As expected, he wasn’t afraid of death and was also very narcissistic.

How come he remembered that Ah Hen was not like this before? Maybe it was because he’d been with Esteemed Huai Yu for too long.

Next, Qing Zhu told the two people some things about Lin Zhan’s properties. Lin Xuanzhi repeatedly stressed that if there was anything difficult to solve, then Qing Zhu, by all means, should not deal with it alone and must tell Lin Xuanzhi. Qing Zhu also smiled and agreed.

Three people gathered together to talk while Ling Chigu stood on the side, motionless like a pillar. Feng Jingyu would sometimes lie on Ling Chigu’s head and peck his hair and sometimes stand beside his neck and peck his cheek, amusing himself to no end.

Ling Chigu paid no attention to Feng Jingyu, as if the man who held Feng Jingyu and shed a drop of tear before was not him.

After more than two hours, the discussion about Lin Zhan’s private properties finally came to an end. Lin Xuanzhi looked at the sky. Its getting late. We might as well go out and eat together.

Qing Zhu smiled. Okay, I used to eat in the same restaurant all the time when I came to Profound City with your dad before. I miss it very much.

Yan Tianhen said happily, Lets go then.

As soon as he heard that they were going to eat delicious food, Feng Jingyu, who was playing, also no longer clung to Ling Chigu. He immediately flew into Yan Tianhen’s clothes and chirped a few times, as if urging him to hurry.

Hearing the birds call, Qing Zhu couldnt help giving Feng Jingyu a second glance. This bird is really smart. Although it looks gray, plump, round, and quite ugly, it feels quite human.

Feng Jingyu, Chirp chirp?How dare you call this king ugly? You must be blind! Such insolence!

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyus expression, which looked angry but dared not say anything. He couldnt help touching his fluffy head and smiling, Brother Zhuzi, dont say that. Our family’s Maomaos self-esteem is still very strong. He’ll be sad if you say that.

Its my fault, Qing Zhu repeatedly corrected his mistake, Maomao is just not mature enough. When the soft fetal feathers disappear, the new feathers will certainly look very beautiful.

Feng Jingyu, Stupid human, it’s beneath this king to argue with you!

Besides Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi, as well as Duan Yuyang, who already knew beforehand, they didnt tell anyone else about Feng Jingyu’s identity, even if it was Qing Zhu firstly, it was too troublesome to explain, and secondly, the fewer people who knew about Feng Jingyu’s identity, the safer they were.

One should know that ever since Feng Jingyu spewed a mouthful of flames that burned down everything in the Pill Limit Mysterious Land, many cultivators in the Five Continents had been working together to find this bird that could spew fire.

At such times, it was better to keep a low profile.

After having a reunion dinner together, Qing Zhu did not stay for long. He got up and went to Purple City, which was right next to Profound City. He claimed that there were still some of Lin Zhan’s private properties there that hadn’t been dealt with yet. He hurried to resolve the problem.

After Qing Zhu left, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen walked towards the residence Qing Zhu bought.

On the way, Yan Tianhen couldnt help saying, Dage, Brother Zhuzi is busy like a spinning top. Aren’t we being too hard on him by giving him all our external affairs?

Lin Xuanzhi also felt the same way, but Qing Zhu proposed this on his own initiative. He said that he did not need an assistant for the time being.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, It seems that he can manage by himself for now. When Uncle Zhuzi needs help, he will bring it up himself.

Yan Tianhen nodded, I hope Zhuzi Gege thinks so too. He always carries everything on his shoulders by himself in silence.

Lin Xuanzhis heart moved and he looked at Yan Tianhen, When did Uncle Zhuzi leave the Lin family?

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, It was two years before Daddys accident. Brother Zhuzi fell in love with a person who wanted to take him home, so Daddy could only bear the pain and let Zhuzi Gege leave. After Brother Zhuzi left, he never came back. Daddy tried every method to contact him, but he couldnt get in touch with him at all.

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly. This doesn’t make sense. Even if Uncle Zhuzi truly left with his beloved, according to his relationship with my dad, it’s unlikely for him to have no contact with my dad for several years, unless the mountain is high and the road is far away, or unless the environment is dangerous, so he cannot contact my dad.

Yan Tianhen nodded with a slightly grave expression. Daddy also said the same thing back then. However, all the people he sent out to look for Zhuzi Gege said that they couldn’t find any news of Brother Zhuzi at all, not even a little bit.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Do you still remember any information about the person Brother Zhuzi fancied?

Even a fragment of memory was still extremely important.

Yan Tianhen pondered for a moment, I really have to think hard about this

Lin Xuanzhi didnt disturb him either. Although Yan Tianhen had a good memory, his memory wasn’t fully developed yet when he was a child and was much weaker than now. Moreover, it was such a long time ago, so it was normal that Yan Tianhen couldn’t remember instantly.

When they were about to reach the residence, Yan Tianhen suddenly slapped his head, I remember!

What do you remember?

The person that Zhuzi Gege fancied is a man and has been to our house before, but he looked so ordinary that one would simply forget his face after looking at it, so I cant remember his appearance now. Daddy received him and thought that this man was quite honest and reliable. The man also gave dad some magic treasures and medicinal pills, but these magic treasures and medicinal pills must have been bought by Brother Zhuzi, because the man was a mortal. I remember clearly that the man was left-handed, and he used his left hand when eating and writing. However, I was relatively short at that time. I secretly saw that the palm of his right hand had a red heart-shaped birthmark on it.

Yan Tianhens memory flooded out. He remembered that at first, when Qing Zhu told Lin Zhan that he was in love with the man and that he planned to cultivate and pursue the Dao together with the man, traveling through mountains and streams, Lin Zhan was dumbfounded.

Lin Zhan frowned, Out of all the people you could have taken a fancy to, you just had to fall for a mortal who can’t even cultivate. How long is his lifespan? How long is your lifespan? He won’t be in this world anymore after only a few short decades. How will you spend the long years after that alone?

Qing Zhu smiled, very lightly and very gently. Yan Tianhen remembered that when he mentioned the man, he would always smile very gently and very beautifully.

And the man, although he was a mortal, he wasn’t afraid when facing the heads of cultivator families; instead, he had a kind of calm temperament, which made Yan Tianhen somewhat impressed by this man, who was nothing special to look at.

Qing Zhu patted Lin Zhan on the shoulder, as though appeasing a child who was throwing a temper tantrum. Don’t I still have you guys? I plan to wander around the Five Continents with him precisely to seek the chance for him to cultivate. I heard that there is a kind of spiritual plant called the Inquiring Immortal Grass in theMyriad Beasts Demonic Forestin the West Continent. If it can be refined into medicinal pills and taken by a mortal, then the mortal will grow spiritual roots capable of cultivation. I am going to look for this kind of Inquiring Immortal Grass.

Lin Zhans handsome face turned green when he heard the name Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. He almost jumped up, Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, even West Continent’s Ji family dare not enter casually. For a mere mortal man, you don’t even want your life anymore? Besides, although the spiritual plant Inquiring Immortal Grass is not just a legend, there are tens of thousands of tall trees and fierce demonic beasts inMyriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Who knows which corner of the forest that stalk of spiritual plant is in. How much time do you plan to spend looking for it?

Qing Zhu smiled, Meng Chen and I have actually thought about all the problems you just mentioned, but we still feel that it is necessary to go to theMyriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Even if we cannot find the spiritual plant, we can still treat it as our honeymoon.

Lin Zhan was so angry that he didnt even want to say anything. He just rolled his eyes at Qing Zhu.

Qing Zhu was the kind of person who would never quarrel with others no matter what. Moreover, he seemed to have a good temper and looked quite gentle and docile, always smiling with no temper at all. In reality, once he decided on something, no one else could change his decision, even if that person was Lin Zhan.

He simply waited for Lin Zhan to understand.

After a long time, Lin Zhan said in a muffled voice, But Ah Zhu, didnt you say that you would never step foot into the West Continent again? For the sake of a man, you would actually forget even the oath you made.

Qing Zhu paused blankly for a while. There’s nothing that can be done about that. Who let my Meng Chen be more important than my oath? Besides, my destination is theMyriad Beasts Demonic Forest.I shouldn’t be going nearthatplace.

Zhen Zhan complained for a while, expressing his great dissatisfaction with the man named Meng Chen.

However, Qing Zhus personality was too stubborn. Since Lin Zhan couldn’t change it, he finally stuffed him with a lot of magic treasures and medicinal pills to save his life. He also let his personal shadow guards join him in venturing into theMyriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

Qing Zhu did not refuse these good intentions, so he bid farewell to Lin Zhan and Yan Tianhen and left for the West Continent with his lover and ten shadow guards.

Lin Xuanzhi frowned and asked, Has Brother Zhuzi ever revealed the true identity of that Meng Chen?

It seems that he really did. When Daddy asked him at that time, Zhuzi Gege said that Meng Chen was a pupil from a mortal family. Because of the family’s internal strife, he was framed and exiled to a small town not far from the East Continent’s border to serve as a county magistrate. Probably because those people in the family did not want to let him off, so even if he was sent to that nation’s borders, he was still unable to escape the fate of being hunted down. Meng Chen was chased to the edge of a cliff and had no choice but to jump off the cliff. He thought he would die, but he broke through the barrier between the mortal world and the cultivator world and was caught by the passing Qing Zhu.

One need not think much; in the stories, when the mortals in the lower realm are saved by the immortal cultivators, most of them will be unable to return the favor and will thus dedicate their whole lives to their saviors.

These two men were no exception either. They quickly fell into the river of love and made a lifelong pledge.

Yan Tianhen spoke so much that his mouth became dry, but it just so happened that they had already arrived home by this time.