Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Because he felt provoked and insulted, Shi Yongtais face, which had been pretending to smile, instantly darkened.

Shi Yongtai sneered, Qing Zhu, I, Shi Yongtai, gave you face; don’t be so shameless. To tell you the truth, Serene Herb Manor had long since closed down. It’s not only the Serene Herb Manor, but all the businesses under Lin Zhans name had more or less completely failed. If you want something to blame, you can only blame him for offending people and dying at an inopportune time. Otherwise, perhaps Serene Herb Manor might have survived for another year and a half. As for nowHaha, everything has become a foregone conclusion!

Qing Zhu narrowed his eyes dangerously. Don’t tell me that you forgot how Young Master Zhan treated you back then?

How he treated me? He was kind to me, but I’ll always be an old slave in his eyes. He gave me the shop precisely because he knew that I wouldn’t live long. He was waiting to take it back after I died. Shi Yongtai straightened his back and continued, However, my new boss can improve my cultivation, rejuvenate my old age, and make my Yongtai Manor one of the best shops in Profound City. Tell me, if you were me, which would you choose?

Qing Zhu shook his head, I have nothing to say to people like you.

Some people would never be able to satisfy their desires. No matter how others treated him, in the end, he would always feel wronged.

Shi Yongtai countered, You’re just one of Lin Zhan’s dogs. Now that he’s already dead, why should you be his dog again? On account of our former relations, why dont I give you a bite to eat?

Qing Zhu was so furious that he almost laughed. He tightly grasped the vine hidden in his sleeve. You really aren’t afraid of death. Right now Young Master Zhans son, Lin Xuanzhi, is already the Lin family’s Young Master, and he’s even a crafting and elemental path dual cultivator. Arent you afraid that he will come to kill you?”

As expected, Shi Yongtais expression changed. His eyes flashed with a maliciousness that couldn’t be hidden. No matter how powerful he is, Lin Xuanzhi still cant hide from Profound Sky Sect’s spears and arrows, both in the open and in the dark. Id like to see if he can get out of Profound Sky Sect alive in a few years.

Qing Zhu couldn’t bear it any longer. He swung the vine fiercely at Shi Yongtai and shouted, Ill send you to apologize to Young Master Zhan this instant!

Surprised, Shi Yongtai immediately held out both his hands to resist.

The limestone slabs on the ground were lifted one by one. For a while, soil and rocks were flung violently. The limestone slabs formed a wall in front of Shi Yongtai, blocking Qing Zhu’s vine.

However, Shi Yongtai didn’t expect that the vine would be so tough that it suddenly penetrated the thick stone slab with apopand stabbed straight towards his throat.

Shi Yongtai used another technique to collapse the earth. Out of thin air, he dug two feet into the ground and narrowly escaped the vine.

With a wave of his hands, the two thick vines twisted the limestone slate into pieces.

On the streets, the movement here attracted the attention of many cultivators.

Although Shi Yongtai dodged the fatal blow, the vine quickly bound his hands, legs, and waist, just like a shadow. Shi Yongtai was lifted high into the air. Qing Zhu was still wearing blue robes. He stood still and didn’t even move once. A vine coiled around Shi Yongtais throat. He struggled desperately, but the more he struggled, the more tightly the vine wrapped around him. In less than a moment, he’s afraid that he would be strangled to death!

How was that possible?

How could Qing Zhu be so powerful? Wasn’t he merely a cultivator who didn’t even reach the Foundation Stage?

Shi Yongtai rolled his eyes and his fingers quickly crushed a round bead in his sleeve.

Just as Qing Zhu was about to give Shi Yongtai a final blow and directly strangle him to death, he suddenly felt a Profound Realm cultivator’s heavy pressure. At the same time, there was also a sharp and powerful gust of wind.

Qing Zhu’s eyes suddenly shivered, and he quickly retreated backward, like a spry and lively leaf.

Only to see a huge hand coming towards him from the gate of Yongtai Manor. The closer it was to Qing Zhu, the larger the gray hand was. Wherever the big, illusory hand went, the floorboards were lifted and sent flying, the trees and grass were uprooted, and onlookers couldn’t bear it either and were blown away.

Qing Zhu’s heart was secretly surprised. He hurriedly put his hands together to form a hand seal, his robes billowing in the wind. Hundreds of vines danced about ferociously, simultaneously rushing towards that huge black palm.

With a loudboom, the black palm collided with the vines, and a strong gust of air burst out at the same time. The impact affected all the surrounding houses and trees. The houses were still okay most of them had defensive arrays or magic treasures for protection, so the losses weren’t so severe. The towering trees, on the other hand, met with complete catastrophe; they were uprooted one by one and twisted into pieces in the midst of the fierce gales.

The other party followed with ten palm attacks in quick succession. On Qing Zhu’s side, he also fought back skillfully. It’s just that the two people started fighting in downtown Profound City, so their fight would inevitably have a great impact on public security here.

Soon, the Wu family’s patrol rushed towards here in a hurry.

Looking at this situation from a distance, they knew that there was a great deal of trouble. None of the patrol soldiers rushed up to court death. All of them were shocked to see the fierce fighting, which was beyond their ability to endure.

Hurry, hurry up and report to the family head that Profound Realm cultivators are fighting here!

Quickly ask an elder to come, oh heavens, they will destroy this street in Profound City!

Do they actually understand Profound City’s rules?

Dage, there seems to be a fight over there. Yan Tianhen heard the noise and pointed to the adjacent street.

Early in the morning today, Yan Tianhen shouted that he was hungry. Lin Xuanzhi took him out to look for food. At this time, Yan Tianhen was still holding atanghulumade of spiritual fruits.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the purple vines and black palm that broke through to the sky and couldn’t help frowning. How can two cultivators at the Profound Realm at the very least start a fight here?

The city had its own rules; no matter how powerful the cultivator, they were still not allowed to rashly use their actual strength in the city. Because the more powerful the cultivator, the greater the destructive power caused by their attacks. If one couldn’t control a technique, then the entire city might be completely destroyed!

Of course, cultivator cities had many powerful defense arrays and magic treasures, so it wasn’t so easy to destroy them either.

Yan Tianhen was surprised and asked, Profound Realm cultivators?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the powerful attacks, What they’re showing now is only Profound Realm, but they are probably suppressing their cultivation.

Yan Tianhen was eager to give it a try. I havent seen many fights between Profound Realm cultivators. Dage, shall we go closer and have a look?

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him, You really do run to the most dangerous places. No way.

Yan Tianhen,

Yan Tianhen touched his head and murmured, Why do I always feel that the purple vines look very familiar?

Feng Jingyu, who was originally dozing off in Yan Tianhens arms, was awakened by the noise outside. He leaned out a small head. When he saw the fierce purple vines scattered all over the sky, he blurted out involuntarily, Eh? How come that little plant spirit who took human form started fighting people?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Feng Jingyu, Do you know him?

Feng Jingyu answered, Isnt that the one named Qing Zhu? Why are you the one asking me, now?

Lin Xuanzhi,

Yan Tianhen,

The two people looked at each other and spoke simultaneously, Go!

Lin Xuanzhi directly took out Lianlian and pulled Yan Tianhen up, flying towards that direction on the sword.

As soon as Lin Xuanzhi soared into the air, another young man on the street, who was eating a tanghulu with great interest and watching the scene with his neck tilted back, couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, Eh? Isnt this Youngest Martial Brother? What’s he heading over there for?

After thinking about it, Wan Yitong ate the remaining three spiritual fruits coated in honey in two to three bites. He took out the longsword Beixi and also flew on it, following Lin Xuanzhi to the other side.

Qing Zhu already faintly had the upper hand, but at this time, another person joined the fight and changed the whole situation. The yellow palm print, which was following closely behind the black palm, scraped his arm. He was suddenly thrown to the ground. Just as the other palm was about to rush towards his face, Qing Zhu was suddenly caught by someone and brought into the sky, escaping this fatal blow.

Xuanzhi? Qing Zhu was suddenly shocked.

Lin Xuanzhi landed on the roof beam of the opposite house with Qing Zhu, only to see one of the two old men who could use palm techniques staring at them with unusual ferocity. The cultivator in an earth-colored Taoist robe spoke fiercely, Daring to behave so atrociously in my territory, you’re courting death!

Qing Zhu spat out a mouthful of blood and persevered even knowing that he would lose, “As an elder, you have no respect for yourself. Courting death!

Shi Yongtai walked up and stood behind the two cultivators, whispering, This person used to work under Lin Zhan and was his running dog. If we don’t quickly remove him today, Im afraid he will continue to find trouble for us later.

Hmph, then we’ll kill him. Another cultivator in black spoke.

The two Profound Realm cultivators still wanted to continue attacking and eliminate Qing Zhu completely so that he wouldn’t become a future obstacle. However, at this time, Wan Yitongs sword fell before Lin Xuanzhi and others. He crossed one leg over the other as he sat on Beixi, suspended in mid-air. He looked down and raised his voice to say, What are you fighting about? Dont you guys know that Profound City is Profound Sky Sect’s territory and fights are not allowed? Shopkeeper Shi, why aren’t you going back to bed early in the morning and hugging your young wives; what are you doing here instead?

Shi Yongtai’s expression changed slightly as he secretly swore,Of all people, how come it was this little ancestor who came?

Although there were many core disciples from Profound Sky Sect’s three main peaks and one central peak, not everyone could make the entire Profound City remember their face, and not everyone could make Profound City’s people wish to take a detour and stay at a respectful distance after seeing them.

Wan Yitong was exactly such a special existence.

Because he had a certain characteristic he liked to meddle in other people’s business.

It was probably because there was nothing fun on the mountain, so he always wandered around the Profound City at the foot of the mountain. When he saw any injustice, he would draw out his sword to help most of the time. The bullied party shed tears of gratitude, while the one whose head was pointed at with a sword was basically so angry that he couldnt wait to chop up Wan Yitong.

However, they couldn’t.

Because Wan Yitong was deeply loved by Sinking Sword Peak’s Peak Master and was looked after by three senior martial brothers and one senior martial sister.

It was said that once, when Wan Yitong was wandering around Profound City, a passing cultivator took a fancy to him. That cultivator had a high cultivation and groped Wan Yitong, making him suffer a great loss. As a result, in less than one incense’s worth of time, dozens of Sinking Sword Peak’s disciples arrived there under the leadership of the core disciples, forming a vast and mighty scene.

The results didn’t need to be said. Although the cultivator kept his little life, he was beaten into a pig head by the mob and suffered three broken ribs. That night, he crawled and rolled as he escaped from Profound City and didn’t dare to set foot into Profound City even today.

Shi Yongtai took a deep breath as his face twitched a few times. Immortal Wan, they were the ones who caused trouble for me first. If I didnt think of ways to protect myself, I would be dead by now.

Thinking again of Qing Zhu’s ruthless attacks just now, Shi Yongtai couldn’t help but feel a chill from the bottom of his heart.

When did Qing Zhu actually become so powerful?

Wan Yitong frowned and turned his head, glancing at Qing Zhu. You’re so good-looking, why would you look for him?

The corners of Yan Tianhen’s mouth twitched.

Qing Zhu looked slightly pale as he replied, He acted heartlessly and unjustly first; I’m just getting rid of evil for my family’s Young Master.

What’s your relationship with my Youngest Martial Brother?

The Young Master I referred to is Xuanzhi’s father, Qing Zhu answered.

Wan Yitong nodded and snapped his fingers. Understood.

It turned out that this was a person on Youngest Martial Brothers side. That made things easier for him.