Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Just then, there was a knock from outside.

But since there was no sound made as he walked, it startled all four people in the room.

Who is it? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

It’s me. Answered a very familiar voice.

Wan Yitong suddenly jumped down from his chair, eyebrows rising high up his forehead, Bei Shitian?

Mm. Bei Shitian responded.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Wan Yitong and moved to let him in.

Bei Shitian came in and backhandedly shut the door. He searched around the room and stopped when his eyes landed on Wan Yitong.

Wan Yitong never had a good expression when facing Bei Shitian.

What are you doing here? Wan Yitong frowned, looking dissatisfied, How did you know we were here? Did you dare follow me so boldly?

Just now, you offended several people. Instead of answering questions that had no meaning to him, Bei Shitian went straight to the point.

Shit. Is it any of your business who I offend? Wan Yitong walked in front of Bei Shitian and grabbed him by the collar, “When did you start minding my business? Who gave you“a?

The smell of blood coming from Bei Shitian caused Wan Yitong to frown involuntarily. He looked him up and down, and raised his voice, What have you done again? Were you slaughtering or hunting demonic beasts this time? Damn it did you kill someone? You dared to kill someone in the city?!

Bei Shitian pushed Wan Yitongs hand away and stepped back a little. He leaned against the door, lightly saying, At the very least, you guys should be more careful. Some people were following you in the nearby practice arrays, waiting in ambush. They probably wanted to take you down in one fell swoop.

Qing Zhus face changed greatly. He ground his teeth, Damn, it must be those bastards!

Yan Tianhen was taken aback, How did I not notice?

Of course you wouldn’t notice. Bei Shitian replied, They deliberately used magic tools to hide their auras and their movements were gentle enough, but you dont have to worry. I’ve already killed them all.

Bei Shitian’s face had the appearance as if he were between youth and adulthood, not because he was too young, but because“he. Even if he was already a grown man, there were still some traces of youth at first glance.

However, it was such a person who did and said things like killing someone that made people shudder.

Qing Zhu was stunned. He stared at Bei Shitian and didn’t know what to say.

Wan Yitong’s expression morphed and he gnashed his teeth at Bei Shitian. He growled, You killed again? Who let you stick your nose in other people’s business? How many people did you kill? How’d you kill them? Well, did you?

Bei Shitian silently and coldly looked at Wan Yitong.

Fuck you. Wan Yitong couldnt continue. He anxiously stared at the expressionless Bei Shitian. Tell me clearly. Dont act mute!

I’m not pretending to be mute. I just saw it by chance, so I solved the problem for you. I killed several people and I didnt count them, but it wasnt a small number. Those people you offended even planned to kill you all at once, so there were a lot of people who were sent to set up the killing array. However, they weren’t really that good. If there was only a single soldier, they would have had no lethality at all.

Wan Yitong was hoarse when he asked, Did anyone see it?

Bei Shitian nodded. Before Wan Yitong could speak, he continued, However, I have already killed him too.

Wan Yitong was shocked.

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly, while Yan Tianhen was completely stunned.

Bei Shitian glanced at them, I just came to inform you this. I have something else to do so Id better go first.

When he turned around, his left wrist was suddenly caught by someone.

Wan Yitong said, Who wanted you to meddle? Didnt we agree to stop killing people casually? How could you?

After a moments silence, Bei Shitian said, It is better to nip the problem in the bud first than it is to suffer. Besides, I’ve long known this truth to completely cut away all the grass, one must also exterminate the roots. Otherwise, there would be endless troubles.

Wan Yitong’s whose body was paralyzed, loosened his hold on Bei Shitian.

Bei Shitian opened and closed the door. From the time of arrival to the time of departure, he stayed for no more than one cup of tea’s worth of time.

Has he always been like this? Lin Xuanzhi asked.

Wan Yitong sighed sadly, He wasn’t like this when he was a child. It was only because of the great changes in his family and a lot of stimulation that he became what he is now.

Then he sneered and said mockingly, At this moment, you should know why I always despise him and find him troublesome. People like Bei Shitian deserve to be disliked by everyone. His heart is cold, like a block of ice. Even lava cannot warm him.

But I think Yan Tianhen hesitated and whispered, I think Senior Martial Brother Wan likes him very much.

Wan Yitong, !!!”

Wan Yitongs shocked face, seemed to be expressing a ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ look. Yan Tianhen touched his nose and rubbed beside Lin Xuanzhi, Its true. You were even concerned if anyone saw him kill people.

Moreover, Wan Yitongs state seemed to hate that Bei Shitian, this unrefined lump of iron, couldn’t turn into steel. He only seemed concerned, not disgusted.

However, in order to keep his own small life, Yan Tianhen decided not to tell the truth about some things.

Wan Yitong’s face darkened, You’re wrong. I’d rather like one of our dogs in Sinking Sword Peak than Bei Shitian.

Having said that, Wan Yitong added, No, I have to report this matter to Master quickly. Who knows if there are any more bastards who will shoot us from the back?

He also had to tattle on Bei Shitian for killing at will!

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Please be careful on the way, little Senior Martial Brother. Please tell Master for me that I may have to go back in a few days.

Thinking of other things, Wan Yitong nodded mindlessly and left the inn.

After Wan Yitong left, Lin Xuanzhi and Qing Zhu looked at each other, Lets go too.

Back at home, Feng Jingyu jumped about and rolled around Ling Chigu several times, pecking at his nose occasionally. Ling Chigu’s eyes followed Feng Jingyu and from time to time, he would raise his hand, trying to catch the bird.

However, Feng Jingyu wouldn’t give him this opportunity. Whenever Ling Chigu was about to seize him, he would speed up and nimbly bypass him.

Feng Jingyu and Ling Chigu were having fun.

Qing Zhu had seen this bird before, but he didn’t know that his species was a Phoenix.

Qing Zhu watched them and couldnt help but laugh, Maomao and Ah Gu have a really good relationship.

Feng Jingyu flapped a wing on Ling Chigu’s face, chirping as if to express his dissatisfaction.

What kind of bird is this?” Qing Zhu sighed, “I have gone through all of the Five Continents and didn’t see anything similar to him. The bird looks as if he’s about to reach his end.

Feng Jingyu,

You think you’re such a genius, huh?

He wanted to speak, but he had to pretend to be a silly bird in front of Qing Zhu so he could only chirp angrily.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, looked away and his sight fell on Qing Zhu. He said lightly, Uncle Zhu, I didnt know that your cultivation had greatly improved.

Hearing this, Qing Zhu smiled helplessly and explained, I knew you would ask me this question sooner or later, so I didnt intend to hide it anymore. My cultivation has always been in the Profound Realm, but Im not used to showing it off.

Lin Xuanzhi remembered that Feng Jingyu said Qing Zhu was like a little plant spirit that had shapeshifted.

Therefore, Lin Xuanzhi continued, It’s hard to tell when Uncle Zhu looks so young but is already in such a stage.

Qing Zhu shook his head, Im not young. If I really counted my age, I feel like I might be hundreds or even thousands of years old. As for whether I am thousands of years old or hundreds of years old, I don’t know. After all, when I was deep in the mountains and forests, I didn’t actually awaken my spirit and sentience ever since the very beginning.

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth, Brother Zhuzi, you used to live in the mountains and forests? You what exactly are you? A purple vine? Or bamboo?

Qing Zhu laughed, Purple vine is just a weapon that I use. As for bamboo although I have a bamboo character in my name, it has nothing to do with my body. It’s just that the day I transformed into a human, I met with danger. A transformed bamboo helped me. Since then, I have named myself Qing Zhu.

So that’s it. Yan Tianhen suddenly realized.

Qing Zhu seemed to lose himself in the memory and sighed nostalgically. He said nothing more.

Lin Xuanzhi wanted to ask how his former Dao companion was doing now, but if Qing Zhu didn’t take the initiative to mention it, he wouldn’t ask, lest something really had happened to him. If he asked, he would be bringing up Qing Zhus sorrow again.

So Lin Xuanzhi said, What do we need to do these days? Since the people behind Shi Yongtai want to kill us, Im afraid they wont let us go easily. Bai Shitian is right. Its better to act first. We cant be passive.

Qing Zhu looked fierce, Ill contact the mercenary group first, but we cant just wait for the results. When I went to Purple City yesterday, I also asked for some clues. I plan to go back and see if I can get some information from the Zhang family. In addition, Im going to go look on the side that provided us with the spirit grass.

All of a sudden, the business chains of Serene Herb Manor were cut off in all directions. This is definitely a big problem. Breakthroughs are happening everywhere. In fact, it’s not that difficult to find out why, it’s just a bit of trouble.

Lin Xuanzhi composed himself, Okay, I’ll deal with the Zhang family with Ah Hen. If we supply it there, we’ll have to bother Uncle Zhu.

After much deliberation, Qing Zhu finally nodded, Alright, but you should also be careful and pay attention to safety.

Qing Zhu soon contacted the Cloud Summit mercenary group with special methods. He thought it would take a long time for the Cloud Summit mercenary group to appear, or they would simply ignore him. Unexpectedly, they arrived in Profound City that evening.

The man who arrived was Qi Yun, head of the mercenary group.

At first glance, Qi Yun looked particularly youthful, sporting a spiky hairstyle with an indigo band wrapped around his forehead. He had a small silver earring on his left ear and was dressed in a hunting suit that exposed his arms, making him look more arrogant and unruly.

He had a pair of golden eyes that were somewhat round. He was quite tall, at least similar to Lin Xuanzhi’s height, and the shape of his biceps was very beautiful, neither appearing exaggerated nor making people feel powerless.

Qi Yun took a piece of grass to his mouth and bit it, while he swaggered to the appointed place outside the city.

He raised his chin slightly, glanced at Lin Xuanzhi which stayed on him for a few more seconds before he turned to Qing Zhu standing beside him. He playfully said, I havent contacted you in two years. What can I do for you?

Qing Zhu was used to his style and turned a blind eye. Naturally, I want to continue cooperating with you.”

Qi Yun raised his thick eyebrows and spat out the grass with a pah sound. One didn’t know whether he was just spitting the grass, spitting at Qing Zhu, or both.

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