Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 304

Chapter 304

Chapter 304

Everything is still uncertain. Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, As for the confirmation, Uncle Zhu will naturally be more attentive than us. Since those people have so much power and are so mysterious, they’ll be unwilling to reveal their identities. I’m afraid that we won’t find out why even if we ask other families again, so we can only wait for answers from Cloud Summit.

Yan Tianhen agreed, Its the only way.

The next day, Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi returned to Profound City. They stayed in the city for a few days, waiting for the subordinate sent by Qing Zhu to deliver the things on Esteemed Huai Yu’s list that could be bought. The two talents walked towards Profound Sky Sect.

Profound Sky Sect had just finished their first round of examination.

The first round was very simple. It was only a test before the actual examination. The disciples who needed to sign up to enter Profound Sky Sect passed the sensing stone test one by one. They could only be qualified for the examination after reaching the standard.

Profound Sky Sects requirements weren’t the highest, but they weren’t the lowest among the five celestial-level sects. Those who passed the examination were required to be under the age of 25, have at least three spiritual roots, and have already reached the third layer of the Refining Qi stage in order to enter the sect.

As a result, some people were caught.

Meanwhile, the disciples of the Lin family had all successfully entered the official examination.

In the second examination, the disciples entered a training ground at the same time so that a thousand of them could snatch a hundred clearance cards simultaneously. This was a way to see which people became part of the one hundred or less who could make it out alive with the clearance cards.

This kind of examination method was the most commonly used and most effective in the sect. In most cases, the people who managed to capture a clearance card would be the most talented and practical, but there were also quite a number of people, though they lacked talent, were extremely resourceful and well-connected.

For the rest, they were neither smart nor well-connected, and only got a clearance card through sheer luck.

Although this luck was illusory, for cultivators, it was very important to see this invisible and seemingly mysterious luck. They believed that a persons luck was related to his good fortune. Everyone wanted to be with a lucky person so that they could rub off of their luck and good fortune as well.

Luck was also a kind of strength.

Examinees engaged in fights, openly and secretly, for a brief period that lasted anywhere from a day or two, or even up to ten days and half month in the training ground with hidden dangers everywhere. The elders and disciples of Profound Sky Sect would watch their experiences from various angles outside, using a huge sky mirror where they could see them.

In this process, the elders or peak masters would select the disciples worthy to enter their doors directly and leave some of them to be delineated first before the next round of examination.

Examination was cruel. Regardless of life or death, at least one-tenth of the examinees would always stay in the training field, while at least half of them were injured.

However, the law in the cultivation world had always been so cruel so they could only accept it and try their best to survive.

After returning to Sinking Sword Peak, Lin Xuanzhi met his master first, then went to Profound Sky Sects big square where the sky mirror was hung to look for his senior martial brothers and sister. Today, there was a special kind of buzz in the air. All of the disciples were watching the examination and making various comments. However, apart from the two disciples from a reclusive family, the most noticeable among the people in this examination was actually a child.

When Lin Xuanzhi came to the viewing area of Sinking Sword Peak, he heard many disciples talking about the child one after the other.

This kids tricks look really powerful. He just cut a five-star snake into three segments with just one sword! And this is not the first time he’s done this. He also killed a young man who wanted to rob his clearance card.

Wah, isn’t the child just ten years old? He’s smaller than my chest.

Yes ah! I dont see a ten year old at all.

This boy is really talented. He doesn’t form a team with anyone. Moreover by taking advantage of his stature, he always kills others by surprise. He’s also ruthless. Basically, he kills by a single shot. Tsk, it’s like he’s been doing it since he was young. It’s really frightening.

Of course, didnt you see the jade plate hanging around his waist? Isn’t it the brand of the Yuan family?

Ive seen all the disciples of the Yuan family who came to take part in the examination before. How could I not know that there was such a tiny one?

This I dont know, but this boy must be from the Yuan family.

Lin Xuanzhi came over to stand at the front. Seeing his disciples from Sinking Sword Peak, he gave them a half salute to show respect.

As soon as Zhan Fengting turned around, he saw Lin Xuanzhi and was pleasantly surprised. Xuanzhi is back!

Hai Kuanglang also withdrew his eyes from the sky mirror and raised his brows at Lin Xuanzhi, Did you have fun playing with your brother?

Lin Xuanzhi answered, Its okay. The time spent together is always short.

Wan Yitong looked around and touched Lin Xuanzhi with his shoulder. Wheres Ah Hen? Why didnt you bring him?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, When he came back, he went to Broken Sword Peak. Martial Uncle Huai Yu suspected him that he had run wild when he went down the mountain, so he’s holding him at the peak.

Wan Yitong said with fear, Martial Uncle Huai Yu is still so terrible. Fortunately, I was not cheated by him to Broken Sword Peak, otherwise, I’d be suffocated to death.

How did he cheat you? Hai Kuanglang asked curiously.

Before, Martial Uncle Huai Yu said that, if I followed him, I could improve my cultivation in my dreams and that I’d never have to worry about the lack of spiritual Qi.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Other things are not clear, but it’s true that dreams can improve one’s cultivation.

Simultaneously, the three men looked at Lin Xuanzhi and seemed to inquire with their eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi said, According to Ah Hen’s personal experience, the recitation lessons assigned to him by Martial Uncle Huai Yu are unlikely to be completed if he didn’t remember them in his dreams.

Wan Yitong: Damn!


Wan Yitong could admit that he was a lazy person, and lazy people were naturally not suitable for this high-intensity oppressive cultivation mode.

Even Hai Kuanglang couldnt help saying, He can’t be provoked, can’t be provoked!

Zhan Fengting looked at Lin Xuanzhi, If you can, let master tell Martial Uncle Huai Yu that one cannot build up their cultivation in a single sitting. If it’s too hard for Ah Hen, I’m afraid it might backfire on him.

Lin Xuanzhi was helpless, Ah Hen is so tired in his daily practice that I naturally feel distressed. However, you do not know Ah Hen’s character. If no one oppresses him in his cultivation, he’ll be lazy when he has time, and is too dependent on me. In this case, it is better to let Martial Uncle seize him and let him improve his cultivation as soon as possible.

Hai Kuanglang interjected, If you want him to improve his cultivation as soon as possible, why dont you just shut him off for a year and a half so that he can improve a little faster.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, If Ah Hen cant see me for a long time, he will certainly not devote himself to cultivation. Moreover, Ah Hen is fond of playing. I always take him out for some fresh air, or else he will suffer from illness.

Hai Kuanglang couldnt help clicking his tongue, You big brother, it’s really not easy to be one. Little Ah Hen isn’t easy to take care of?

Lin Xuanzhi thought about it. Besides sometimes quarreling with him, Ah Hen had never given him any trouble and was quite good.

Ah Hen was very naughty when he was a child, but at that time, I didnt raise him personally. Lin Xuanzhi smiled, When I took him in, he didnt need me anymore.

Zhan Fengting took a look at Hai Kuanglang and said with profound meaning, My younger martial brothers are not very good at taking care of themselves, especially those who have a long and early rebellious period.

Hai Kuanglang,

Why was he suddenly involved again?

Although Zhan Fengting did not clearly indicate who it meant, the meaning between the lines was clearly referring to him!

Well, he admitted that he was really bad when he was a child, always thinking about messing around, but that was a long time ago. It isn’t worth bringing it up anymore.

Wan Yitongs face brightened enough to blind.

Bai Shitian stood alone in a corner, watching them from a distance talking and laughing. He would not take the initiative to come forward.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the sky mirror, Are there any outstanding disciples in these two days?

Zhan Fengting replied, It’s true that there are quite a few outstanding ones, but they’re all disciples of big families. A few children from ordinary families seem special too, and I’m quite optimistic about some of them. If they have sufficient resources and take the time to cultivate, their future would be limitless.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Since Elder Martial Brother has taken a fancy to them, we should start early.

Zhan Fengting smiled warmly, This is natural.

Wan Yitong touched his chin, However, I was the most optimistic about that young boy. I didnt see him during the first examination. This boy was probably pushed in halfway by the Yuan family. I’m worried about that. When did the Yuan family give birth to such a powerful younger generation?

The sky mirror was divided into thousands of plates, and everyone could watch one or several modules by inputting their magical power.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at it for a moment, This child’s surname isn’t Yuan.

Wan Yitong turned to him in surprise, Do you know him?

Lin Xuanzhi airily explained, His name is Han Jin. He’s a member of the Han family from Qing City, but now he’s being trained by Yuan Tianwen.

Wan Yitong and the others were stunned. Soon, Wan Yitong leaned closer, Yuan Tianwen was so shameless that he not only abandoned Han Yuran, but also abducted a younger generation from the reliable Han family. Does he think himself a god?

No matter who listened to this matter, they would think that it was Yuan Tianwen who, with the help of Yuans power, deliberately sought trouble with the Han family. The Han family was forced to abandon the carriage to protect the commander, and they gave Han Jin to Yuan Tianwen as a pledge.

As a matter of fact, Lin Xuanzhi was the only one present who knew that sending Han Jin to Yuan Tianwen was not the Yuan family’s bullying, but a decision made by the Han family to gain Yuans protection and train their next successor.

However, Hai Kuanglang had a different opinion, Who do you think can mix with the Yuan family? The Han family probably have some sort of devious idea they’re planning that we don’t know about. They’re so cunning and flexible; how can they be easy to deal with?

Thats exactly what I said. Wan Yitong nodded thoughtfully, then pretended to tremble, The hearts of people today are really unpredictable.

Zhan Fengting did not make any meaningless assumptions. He exerted his magical power to the sky mirror. In front of them, two plates showing the Lin family’s disciples participating in the examination were enlarged and looked extremely clear, but their voices could not be heard.

The disciples of the Lin family have performed well. Entering the clan should not be a problem. Zhan Fengting commented.

After all, they were family disciples. Lin Xuanzhi said, During the examination years of Profound Sky Sect, nine out of ten contestants come from ordinary families. Their cultivation resources are naturally inferior to those of other families, so they’re already behind by more than one step. Compared to these people, the Lin disciples are certainly at an advantage, but with other families, it’s not enough.”

Due to Lin Xuanzhis reasons, Zhan Fengting specially looked at the assessment of the Lin disciples in recent days. He pointed out, I think its alright, but it hasnt reached the level of directly entering the inner gate of the main peak. However, there are never more than ten disciples who could directly enter the inner gate every year.

Of course, these ten people were disciples who went straight into the inner door without going through examination.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, Still not up to my standards.

Sarah: I never expected Han Jin to be this fierceI wonder if that ruthlessness came from his time in the Han family or from whatever training Yuan Tianwen made him undergo