Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 310

Chapter 310

Chapter 310

Wan Yitong clicked his tongue twice, Your idol worship shouldn’t be this strongah. It’s more important than anything to eavesdrop on what they’re saying. Besides, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this. If Master really didn’t want me to listen, he would have driven me out in advance. Dont worry about hearing something we shouldn’t.

Lin Xuanzhi, .

Zhan Fengting couldnt help but smile, Dont air your shameful deeds. You were thrown out by Master in front of a stranger by the collar. You were also grounded in a small black room for several days. Do you still feel honored?

Wan Yitong was not only unashamed but also proud. He grandly said, Whats the matter with that? Master acquiesced and he even encouraged me by saying that he hoped I would become strong enough to eavesdrop in his room without being discovered by him one day. This is the goal I’ve been striving towards.

Hai Kuanglang rebuked without giving him any face, You? Dream on! Perhaps in the next life, choose a better body to reincarnate in.

Wan Yitong shouted, wanting to beat him.

Hai Kuanglang took out his weapon, Master will leave for the Cleansing Inkstone Pavilion soon.

Wan Yitong rolled his eyes and turned to Lin Xuanzhi, Little Martial Brother, are you really not going?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, No.

Wan Yitong held out his hand.

Lin Xuanzhi, ..

Hai Kuanglang readily placed a piece of gold on Wan Yitongs palm. When Zhan Fengting was going to put one as well, Hai Kuanglang pressed his hand, Eldest Martial Brother, you dont have to. Ill tell you anything, anyway.

Wan Yitong gasped, pretending to be surprised, Dang! Hai Kuanglang, are you serious? You have to contend with me, even over this much money? You’re the richest among us, and yet, you dare to be so stingy? Its terrible, you asshole!

Hai Kuanglang replied, What do you know? I’m rich because I save all my money like this.

Wan Yitong cried out, Like hell I believe you!

Zhan Fengting felt a little helpless, and placed a gold piece onto Wan Yitongs hand anyway, Ignore him. I’ve never seen such a senior martial brother.”

Hai Kuanglangtsked.

Lin Xuanzhi was confused. He had no idea what they were doing.

Wan Yitong stretched his hand out to him, One gold piece is the fee for my silence, plus my hard work.

Although Lin Xuanzhi didnt understand what this was about, he still took out a gold piece and handed it to Wan Yitong.

Wan Yitong happily rushed out.

Zhan Fengting smiled at Lin Xuanzhi, You’ll know later.

Lin Xuanzhi restrained his curiosity and nodded.

The mountain’s height mattered not, but it was famous if an immortal was there. The water’s depth mattered not but it was spiritual as long as a dragon was there.

Although there were no golden dragons on Sinking Sword Peak, there was a famous immortal. Hence, the immortal fog was ethereal, spiritual Qi was wreathed around the mountain, and the scenery was beautiful.

However, the two men who went up the mountain for the first time clearly did not have the leisure to notice. They were wary of each other and constantly competed. Sometimes, they were fighting and other times, they were expressing their disdain to each other with words.

Mostly, it was Liu Zhaoyue starting a dispute and Jian Yunxi refusing to talk back.

So once they reached the peak, there was already an attendant waiting for a long time.

As soon as the attendant saw them, he saluted and softly said, Inviting the two Immortal Masters to please come with me.

Normally, a cultivator in the Hardened Body stage shouldn’t bear the name of Immortal Master, but out of respect, there would always be people who would call cultivators Immortal Master or Immortals. However, some people would refuse and say they couldn’t bear it, while there were those who thought it didn’t matter, or it was just a matter of course.

Obviously, Jian Yunxi and Liu Zhaoyue belong to the latter.

Jian Yunxi said, Thank you.

You’re welcome, The attendant smiled.

Liu Zhaoyue smiled, I didnt expect that this Sinking Sword Peak was a really good place for cultivation. Look at this boy with a sword, he looks more pleasing than those I have seen before, he said with a wink.

The attendant couldnt help looking at Liu Zhaoyue.

He’d been following Esteemed Lan Yue since he was a child, and Esteemed Lan Yue was a man of peace and tranquility. There were never many visitors on the peak so the boy with the sword naturally didnt see many people in this world, and didn’t know what to do.

The little attendant’s face suddenly turned red, You. How could you talk like this?

Liu Zhaoyue thought it was amusing, Is there anything wrong with the way I talk? What Ive said is all true and sincere. The people raised by these spiritual mountains and waters are really different. Your little face is so tender as if I could pinch water from it.

With that said, Liu Zhaoyue really raised a hand to gently pinch the attendant’s face.

The pinch was like a feather grazing past his face and tickled all the way to his heart. How could the attendant stand this kind of teasing? His cheeks flushed like a flow of red wine and he was entirely at a loss. For a while, he didn’t know what to say.

Jian Yunxi could no longer watch. He said coldly, You havent changed at all, wanting to take advantage of anyone you see. You’re in Sinking Sword Peak and yet you still dare to be presumptuous. Arent you afraid of offending Esteemed Lan Yue and being thrown directly down the mountain?

On hearing this, Liu Zhaoyue gave tit-for-tat, At least I’m a romantic person who treats people with sincerity. A hypocrite like you who puts on airs but whose heart is, in reality, petty and gloomy should do more self-examination. Don’t come out and be an irksome presence when you have nothing better to do.

Jian Yunxi scoffed, You, sincere? You change Dao companions like you change your clothes. If you’re being sincere, then pigs should already be able to climb trees!

Liu Zhaoyue glanced at him coolly, You clarify those words for honourable me Dao companions are only recognized by the heavens after the Dao companion ceremony. None of those whom I made friends with can be called my Dao companion.

Jian Yunxi glanced at him coldly, I dont like talking with people like you for more than half a sentence.

Ha! Right back at you. Liu Zhaoyue replied, Earlier, who was the dog who called out honourable me first?

Jian Yunxi wanted to beat this person.

The boy with the sword watched the situation escalate and stopped it at once. Two little Immortal Masters, please bear with it first. What the Venerable One dislikes the most is noise under his territory. Since we’ve entered Sinking Sword Peak, your every move is within the Peak Master’s control, so you should take it easy.”

Jian Yunxi endured.

Liu Zhaoyue was in a good mood. He batted his phoenix eyes at the boy with the sword, It is only Little Immortal Gentleman who cares about me. Little Immortal Gentleman is really a virtuous little beauty. Why dont you take me around this peak later after meeting with Esteemed Lan Yue? I think the spiritual Qi here is excellent. The lake and mountain scenery are in harmony with one another, making it just perfect. I cant help liking it.

The boy with the sword listened to the clear voice of Liu Zhaoyue who was smiling. He looked at his attractive body and charming appearance. The little attendant boy, who had never been treated like this before, suddenly felt his heart pounding. The blush on his cheeks could no longer disappear.

Feeling a little shy, he nodded quickly, If I am free later, I’ll show you around.

Liu Zhaoyues smile widened, full of unspeakable pride and joy.

Jian Yunxi saw this and his heart was like a nest of fire. He felt that there was no one in the world more shameless than Liu Zhaoyue.

He’s not a good thing. Stay away from him. Jian Yunxi coldly told the child in front of him.

The little boy was startled. He glanced at Liu Zhaoyue quickly like a frightened deer, feeling confused.

Liu Zhaoyues face darkened, but he still wore a gentle smile, Whether I’m good or not, one has to make contact first before knowing. Some people can’t judge others well, so they’ll always slander them. Such a petty man is really sad and pitiful. Little Immortal Gentleman must not listen to hearsay; otherwise, I’ll be sad.

The boy with the sword hurriedly waved his hand, Your own affairs can be solved after you leave the mountain gate. Dont annoy the Venerable One, otherwise, no one can help you.

Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi exchanged glances and saw clear disdain for each other.

At the summit of the mountain, one had to cross the bridge between the two peaks in order to reach the true inner gate.

Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi didn’t dare talk anymore. They came to a courtyard called the “Cleansing Inkstone Pavilion” with the boy.

In the courtyard, Esteemed Lan Yue was already sitting in the pavilion, seemingly waiting for their arrival.

Esteemed Lan Yue became famous early. Many years ago, he had several interactions with Jian Yunxis father. However, later, Esteemed Lan Yue no longer left the mountain and never walked outside the peak again, so there were fewer and fewer people who actually met him

As two younger generations, even more so, they did not know of him aside from his name.

At first sight, the slight frivolity and whimsical nature in Liu Zhaoyue’s heart was completely dispelled. He thought that Esteemed Lan Yue looked like a beautiful landscape from afar. He exuded the true, ethereal temperament of an immortal that one could only look from a distance and dare not mock. Esteemed Lan Yue didnt seem to care that Jian Yunxi brought an extra person in. He let the two young people, who had been saluting him, to sit down on the futon opposite him. His eyes swept over both of them and he didnt hurry to ask for the reason for their visit. Instead, he acted like an elder casually chatting with the younger generation, I havent seen Jian Shiming for more than ten years. I didnt think his son had already grown big.

Jian Yunxi respectfully replied, My father often mentions Esteemed Lan Yue and always told me that if I see the Venerable Master one day, I must be fearful and respectful.

You dont need to be afraid. Your father exaggerates too much. I wont eat people.

Jian Yunxi didnt expect that Esteemed Lan Yue would joke. He couldn’t help but be stunned.

Liu Zhaoyue laughed, Esteemed Lan Yue, I also wish to greet you for my elder brother.

Esteemed Lan Yue looked at him, What is Liu Mengchen doing now?

Liu Zhaoyue thought that Esteemed Lan Yue and his brother didn’t know each other. Unexpectedly, he said his brothers name at once. He was shocked and immediately felt delighted.

That Esteemed Lan Yue knew his brother made things easier.

Liu Zhaoyue had a pleasant face. When he smiled, he looked even more pleasant.

My eldest brother is cultivating at home right now. When I went out, he was still in closed-door cultivation. Otherwise, if he knew I would be seeing Esteemed Lan Yue, he would have told me a few words in advance.

Closed-door cultivation? Esteemed Lan Yue replied, He’s actually willing to leave the mortal world.

Liu Zhaoyue stared with big eyes, You know even this? You’re too incredible.

Speaking of this Liu Mengchen, although he was a cultivator and the head of a reclusive family, he had been wandering around the secular mortal world day by day, though no one knew what exactly had caught his interest.

Many people sighed when they heard that Liu Mengchen was willing to come back to cultivate in seclusion.

Esteemed Lan Yue simply explained, Liu Mengchen once asked me to divine his life.

Liu Zhaoyue’s mouth dropped and he stared at Esteemed Lan Yue with a blank face.

Jian Yunxi was also surprised. If there werent any problems with one’s life star, they’d seldom consult with prophets.

This was because divining the heavens would always make the invisible but ubiquitous Dao of Heaven upset which could bring about some bad effects.

For those prophets, although they could see heaven’s secrets, in theory, they couldn’t tell others about it. Otherwise, they would also damage their own Dao attainment.

But Liu Mengchen unexpectedly found Esteemed Lan Yue to gaze into his life star.

Jian Yunxi couldnt help but take a few more glances at Liu Zhaoyue.

Liu Zhaoyue had already composed himself and smiled, I’m afraid my brother only asked about his fate with a lover?

Jian Yunxi made an unbearable expression, the corners of his mouth twitching incessantly.

Sarah: so weve got flirty character A and angry, quiet boy B. Boy, I wonder who theyre going to be shipped with

Rose splurts out her tea: Wow! Liu Zhaoyue. So shameless, yet so smooth.