Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 311

Chapter 311

Chapter 311

Liu Zhaoyue blinked, If I was the one asking, I would certainly ask about my fate with love too. It’s the most important thing.

Jian Yunxi rolled his eyes. He almost spoke his thoughts aloud,Although Liu Zhaoyue and Liu Mengchen are biological brothers, their personalities are very different!

Liu Mengchen was like an immovable rock. It was said that he once nearly broke away from his family for the sake of a mortal, but Liu Zhaoyue was not as dedicated. It seemed like he was born without the “faithful love” muscle. He would love one person for a moment, then throw the person away to love another in the next. He was a standard fickle lover.

Can’t be said, can’t be said.

Esteemed Lan Yue had seen all aspects of life, so naturally, he could see the temperament of this younger generation who was not yet good at masking his emotions. It was just that each had his own ambition and his own life. The life of others was never something he could casually intervene in or judge.

Esteemed Lan Yue smiled faintly, a compassionate gesture.

Liu Zhaoyue also seemed to realize that he was too presumptuous in front of Esteemed Lan Yue. He stuck out his tongue and playfully blinked at Esteemed Lan Yue, making a gesture with his hands folded in apology. His appearance was especially pleasing and endearing.

Esteemed Lan Yue did not mind, The two little masters from the reclusive families traveled to Profound Sky Sect at the same time. Does the Upper Realm have any instructions?

Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi involuntarily looked at each other. They were waiting for the other to speak up first.

Although the two were both from reclusive families and have met since childhood, they weren’t friends after all. They needed to guard against each other as well. Both were wondering how to conceal their own aims while trying to learn more about the other’s.

Liu Zhaoyue looked away, then turned to Esteemed Lan Yue with a smile, Esteemed Lan Yue, the connection between our family and the Upper Realm has completely broken fifty years ago. As far as I know, the Jian family should be in a similar situation. You certainly know this as well!

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded, Not ruling out special circumstances.

Jian Yunxi interjected, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in the past hundred years, no one has been successful in ascending from the Five Continents. Even if one has cultivated to the peak of Profound Realm and broken through to the Earth Realm, they still end up dead when undergoing tribulation.

I once said to the two Masters of the family many years ago that this was because the spiritual field of the Five Continents is special. There is a cover that can’t be seen by the naked eye which only allows entrance and no escape.

“My father told me the same thing. Jian Yunxis eyes were deep as he replied, But over the years, we’ve never given up hope on looking for a path to the Upper Realm. We even went so far as to shelve hostile relationships with the Liu family to cooperate for the time being

Liu Zhaoyue rolled his eyes at Jian Yunxi.

What, did their Jian family suffer a loss by cooperating with the Liu family?

Jian Yunxi’s gaze darkened, However, we still couldn’t find a way out.

Esteemed Lan Yue spoke up, Until the spiritual barrier is broken, there is no way out.

Jian Yunxi nodded, But, two years ago, someone left the Five Continents successfully. I dont know if he went to the Upper Realm, but currently, he must not be in the Five Continents anymore.

A dark light flashed through Esteemed Lan Yue’s eyes.

Liu Zhaoyue was also a little shocked, not because someone left the Five Continents, but because he knew exactly who this person was. One of his purposes coming here was to understand the situation of that person. He didn’t expect Jian Yunxi to have knowledge of this.

Jian Yunxi took a deep breath and looked at Esteemed Lan Yue, Lin Zhan, the previous young master of the Lin family in Qing city on the Eastern continent, left the Five Continents two years ago. I wonder if Esteemed Lan Yue was able to divine this matter from the changes in the heavens?

Liu Zhaoyue blurted out, How do you know this?

The look in Jian Yunxi’s eyes was profound, When a passage opened, my father happened to be there. He witnessed the whole process of Lin Zhans disappearance, from being hunted down to being sucked into a strong whirlpool of a dimensional passage. It’s just that my father was affected and seriously injured. After two years of secluded cultivation, he stepped out a few days ago and told me about this, asking me to come to Profound Sky Sect and inquire from Sinking Sword Peak’s Master.

How did your father happen to be there? asked Liu Zhaoyue.

Jian Yunxi was silent for a moment, Because my father was one of the assassins at that time. My family received a Scarlet Kill Order from the Upper Realm, asking my family to kill Lin Zhans adopted son, Yan Tianhen, who happened to be with Lin Zhan at the time

The rest didn’t need to be said.

Liu Zhaoyue’s eyes widened and said with astonishment, My family also received the same Scarlet Kill Order from the Upper Realm almost at the same time. However, Lin Zhan was the one to kill!

Wan Yitong, hiding in the pavilion above, couldn’t help but be surprised.

At the same time, through a small sky mirror, there were three other disciples who were talking and viewing the proceedings in the Cleansing Inkstone Pavilion via Wan Yitong in real time. They all fell silent simultaneously.

For a moment, Zhan Fengting and Hai Kuanglang looked towards Lin Xuanzhi.

There were no obvious changes in Lin Xuanzhi’s face but his fingers had already gripped the cup in his hand to the point of cracking it. It broke into pieces in his grip.

Hai Kuanglang’s heart ached and couldn’t help but think that this was the purple crystal dragon cup that he scraped from an auction house for a lot of money, and he still liked it very much.

But Zhan Fengting took out a handkerchief and anxiously said, Huarong, be careful with your hands.

Hai Kuanglang sulked.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly pursed his lip and threw away the pieces in his hand. I’m sorry, I lost control.

The two Scarlet Kill Orders that were given to them after many years of silence had shocked the Jian and Liu families. However, the blood pact they entered into with the Divine Clans in the Upper Realm shackled the families like a curse. Since they had been in the Lower Realm for many years, they were absolutely unable to resist the orders sent by the Divine Clans. As a result, the Jian and the Liu family were sent out.

However, it was obvious that both families had certain doubts about the Scarlet Kill Order, which suddenly reappeared after many years. Who knew from whose hand the order was sent, and who knew whether the order really came from a Divine Clan family that they were subordinate to?

They had arrived at the place where Lin Zhan and Yan Tianhen went for an outing but before they could do anything, they were intercepted halfway by a group of assassins who were dressed in the black robes and blue masks of the demon clans.

At that time, my eldest brother felt something was wrong so he jumped out to help Lin Zhan deal with those people. Liu Zhaoyue frowned, My eldest brother was seriously wounded after and went into seclusion after he came back. He had not yet come out, but he told me before he secluded himself that Lin Zhan had left the Five Continents and gone to the Upper Realm. He also told me that if there were disciples of the Jian family traveling outside, I needed to come out at the same time.

In Jian Yunxi’s heart, he scolded the Liu family for being shameless. This was clearly taking advantage of their Jian family’s information network.

Jian Yunxi calmly added, My father actually didnt have time to do anything at the time. When he saw Lin Zhan using some enchantment to instantly transport Yan Tianhen to a safe place outside, he knew that Yan Tianhen wouldn’t be found at that time. My father and Lin Zhan had no grievances or hatred with each other, and he didnt want to kill innocent people because of an inexplicable Scarlet Kill Order. So he planned to find Lin Zhan first to find out who this Yan Tianhen was that could make the Upper Realm upset. However, when my father was trying to help, he suddenly saw a huge lotus flower blooming under Lin Zhans feet, wrapping him up. The lotus flower gave off an indigo light and in the blink of an eye, the men in black were turned into blood foam, and my father was greatly affected.

Liu Zhaoyue looked solemn and nodded. It’s almost the same as what my eldest brother said. He also mentioned that the single blow from the lotus flower was at least an Earth Realm level cultivation. So, he concluded that the place where the lotus took Lin Zhan was in the Nine Lands.

According to common sense, Lower Realms couldn’t accommodate Earth Realm cultivators at all, unless there were some Lower Realms with special stipulations. However, such places were really too difficult to find and rarely accessible.

Therefore, when reaching the peak of Profound Realm, cultivators either chose to suppress their cultivations or ascend to the Upper Realm.

Lin Zhan was led by a huge lotus flower to a place that couldn’t be any of the Lower Realms.

In fact, they guessed right.

Lin Zhan did go to the Nine Lands.

As for the blooming indigo lotus flower, Esteemed Lan Yue knew instantly where it came from but he didn’t plan on answering the questions of the two young people.

Moreover, the purpose of the Jian and the Liu families was definitely not to trace Lin Zhans current trail or to assassinate Yan Tianhen again. After all, when an assassin publicized his target, it showed that he had given up the task.

The Liu family must know the relationship between Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi. If they were smart, they wouldn’t offend Lin Xuanzhi in a blatant way.

The purpose of these families was basically the same, which was to know how to leave the Five Continents and successfully travel to the Upper Realm.

Jian Yunxi actually did ask about it.

Judging from Liu Zhaoyue’s expression, this was certainly the purpose of his coming here, even if he didn’t ask it directly.

Esteemed Lan Yue swept his eyes lightly over the two teenagers who looked at him with great anticipation and excitement, To tell you the truth, the passage from the Five Continents to the Upper Realms has long been blocked.

Jian Yunxi frowned but did not speak.

The Five Continents is now shrouded in a huge array and I dont know who did it. However, since I came here, I have discovered that it is even more difficult to break through from the inside than ascending to the heavens.

Esteemed Lan Yue spoke of the matter with a light expression, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Lin Zhan was able to go directly to the Upper Realm because of a very coincidental reason. He had a soul imprint belonging to a peak Earth Realm cultivator. This soul imprint could protect him by taking him away from the Five Continents when his life was in danger and bring him back to the person whom the soul imprint belonged to. This imprint came from the legitimate heir of a Divine Clan, so it was recognized by the Dao of Heaven. Thus, even this huge sealing array covering the Five Continents couldn’t prevent Lin Zhan from being taken away by that man.

The words of Esteemed Lan Yue set off waves in the hearts of the two teenagers, especially Jian Yunxi, who blurted out in surprise, Lin Zhan is actually related to a Divine Clan member in the Upper Realm? And since he has the soul imprint of a Divine Clan member, he’s not someone we can touch, so.then.”