Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 314

Chapter 314

Chapter 314

You have your own goals, and I will not hinder or prevent you from wasting your time on other things. Only, you must balance this well and not delay your cultivation. Esteemed Lan Yue advised.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, knowing that Esteemed Lan Yue was referring to the private properties he was managing.

During this period of time, he really neglected his cultivation. The reason why most people who cultivate to become immortals looked down on businessmen was that they often had to show up in public and quarrel with others. In addition, due to their busy state of mind, they couldn’t cultivate properly, which resulted in their cultivation being low.

Lin Xuanzhi also personally felt that doing business really took too much time.

But after a while, when everything was on the right track and the dust had settled, Lin Xuanzhi would devote himself wholeheartedly to his cultivation.

What are the sword techniques you’re cultivating now? asked Esteemed Lan Yue.

Lin Xuanzhi answered, Apart from theIntroductory 108 Styles, there’s another set of sword techniques. It’s just that I’ve only cultivated three styles from that at most.

Whats the name?

Lin Xuanzhi said, Teal Lotus Nine Styles.

Esteemed Lan Yue, .

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t notice anything, and continued, My father said that this is the cultivation method passed down from the Lin family’s main branch to their descendants. I have been practicing it since childhood. However, this sword technique is a bit odd. Although I have learned it by heart from start to end, I still cant get the knack of it to be honest, my father told me mysteriously at that time that Teal Lotus Nine Styles was a treasure handed down from ancient times, but I think the further I go, the more ordinary the moves are, like they’re nothing special. But the first three moves I learned were very useful.”

Esteemed Lan Yue’s expression was complex.

He knew that Lin Zhan was brave, otherwise he wouldnt dare provoke that sovereign without fear of death, but he didnt think that Lin Zhans courage was this great!

TheTeal Lotus Nine Styleswas a sword style handed down through the generations in a certain Divine Clan when one was old enough and the opportunity was right. It didn’t have to be passed down from generation to generation via masters or teachers. That person would naturally have this Teal Lotus Nine Styles in his sea of consciousness and, based on their talent, get a glimpse of the correct approach.

However, Lin Zhan obviously knew that the Teal Lotus Nine Styles was passed down to the eldest son. He also saw and stole the sword techniques.

What’s more obvious was that Lin Zhan didn’t know that thisTeal Lotus Nine Stylesdidn’t need a corresponding sword manual at all. As long as Lin Xuanzhi truly was the pure-blooded descendant of that one Divine Clan, then one day, he would be able to see this treasure handed down from ancient times.

Whats more, it was possible that Lin Xuanzhi was still a legitimate main branch heir.

Esteemed Lan Yue couldn’t help muttering in his heart,I’ve never heard of the Teal Lotus Nine Styles ever having a sword manual in all my years in the Nine Lands. So was Lin Zhan tricked by others or was he tricked by others?

However, it seemed that Lin Xuanzhi had not yet received the inheritance ofTeal Lotus Nine Styles.

But if Lin Zhan hadn’tput a green hat on that one’s head, Lin Xuanzhi getting that inheritance was only a matter of time.

Judging from Lin Xuanzhis appearance, it should be impossible for Lin Zhan to have put a green hat on that one.

So Esteemed Lan Yue said in a flat tone, Those sword moves can be practiced for now, but the matching internal meditation techniques can be put aside for the time being. There’s no need to worry about practicing the sword. First, you should become familiar with the first three types, nine forms, and eighty-one moves before making other plans.

Lin Xuanzhi was surprised, Master, how could you know the Teal Lotus Nine Styles? I once performed one of the moves, but nobody could tell.

Esteemed Lan Yue,

If you go to the Nine Lands to ask, who doesn’t know about the Teal Lotus Nine Styles?

Naturally, I am well informed, Esteemed Lan Yue told him.

Lin Xuanzhi, .

Dont let anyone know that you’re practicing the Teal Lotus Nine Styles or you’ll invite trouble for yourself.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, I know how powerful it is.

Do you have any other questions?

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Is it true that Esteemed Huai Yu and Master are martial brothers of the same sect? And does he know about Ah Hen’s situation?

He comes from the same sect as my Master so naturally, he’s my younger martial brother. Esteemed Lan Yue explained, I have also briefly told him about Ah Hen’s situation.

Esteemed Huai Yu came earlier than Master?

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded, Younger martial brother came here many years before me.

The elders in the clan said before Master came, they had never heard Esteemed Huai Yu say that he had a senior martial brother of the same sect.

Its just because there’s no need to talk about it. Now, they still dont know that Huai Yu is my younger martial brother. It’s unnecessary to talk about the internal affairs of the same sect’s disciples to others. Besides, if you have a younger martial brother like Huai Yu, would you be willing to let others know?

Lin Xuanzhi, He suddenly understood Esteemed Lan Yue’s feelings.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, I will follow Master’s teachings.

All right, you may go.

Master, Id like to go up to Broken Sword Peak to see Ah Hen these days. Lin Xuanzhi implored.

Seclude yourself first in Fierce Gale Cliff for three days first, replied Esteemed Lan Yue.

Lin Xuanzhi, Alright.

He knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

Lin Xuanzhi added, Master threw me those two boys who have problems with me. I cant guarantee what kind of education they’ll have.

I knew this long ago, but I also know that you are just. Besides, I dont really expect you to teach them anything. I dont want my disciples to be wronged and be unable to vent, but I also dont want you to do anything that offends the reclusive families. After thinking about it, it’s better to have them work under you and polish their skills.

Lin Xuanzhi and Esteemed Lan Yue looked at each other, and both of them raised their lips at the same time. Everything was silent.

Before Lin Xuanzhi went to the Fierce Glare Cliff to retreat for three days, he made a special trip back to his Catching Star Pavilion. Jian Yunxi and Liu Zhaoyue were indeed very obedient. The two of them were squatting beside a tree with flowers in bloom. Their expression didn’t look very good, especially Liu Zhaoyue who had a look of disdain.

When they saw Lin Xuanzhi, they jumped down one by one and stood up. They all looked at Lin Xuanzhi with slightly complicated eyes. Jian Yunxi’s gaze was filled with surprise, while Liu Zhaoyue was obviously staring at his face.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly glanced at the two, Master said you two could be my servants here for a while. You should have a lot of things at the foot of the mountain. I’ll give you a day to move in.

Liu Zhaoyue stayed unmoving. It seemed he was still immersed in Lin Xuanzhi’s beauty and hasnt returned to himself.

Jian Yunxi slightly opened his mouth, like he didnt understand Lin Xuanzhi’s meaning.

“SerServants? Liu Zhaoyue dryly repeated this strange word that he grasped.

Lin Xuanzhi calmly said, Otherwise, do you want to be my disciple? It’s harder being my disciple than being my servant. You two aren’t qualified for the time being.

With that, Lin Xuanzhi walked towards the courtyard.

Liu Zhaoyue grabbed Jian Yunxi by the arm, Did I hear him clearly just now?

Jian Yunxi answered with a dark expression, No, he really asked us to be his servants.

Liu Zhaoyue stared wide-eyed and pointed incredulously to the tip of his nose, He dared toto where does he get this confidence from? Is it because his face looks good?

He’s also very good at sword cultivation. Jian Yunxi frowned and swatted away Liu Zhaoyue’s hand, Be more proper with your hands. Dont frequently put your hands on me.

Fuck, who wants to do anything to you? Dont put value on your face. Liu Zhaoyue shouted angrily, He must have done it on purpose. Honourable me doesn’t want to be a servant for him. Shit, so what if he’s good-looking? How dare he humiliate honourable me!

Born with a golden spoon, descendants from reclusive families have had servants since childhood. Even their bathwater had never once been poured by themselves. Although Liu Zhaoyue had thought that it was difficult to cultivate away from home since he had to do many things by himself, he had never considered serving others before.

Damn it, damn it!

Liu Zhaoyues self-esteem was higher than the sky. Even if Lin Xuanzhi was a peerless beauty, he couldn’t be calm. Liu Zhaoyue would enter the courtyard immediately to discuss with Lin Xuanzhi.

In contrast, although Jian Yunxi’s face was currently ugly, he was still calm.

Lin Xuanzhi had already taken the medicinal pills and refining materials needed to go to Fierce Gale Cliff. After coming out, he saw Liu Zhaoyue holding his fist angrily, seemingly wanting to yell at him.

Lin Xuanzhi pre-empted the attack and nonchalantly spoke, Pack up your things and go up the mountain today. The two houses next to you are yours to live in and allocate among yourselves. The main house is mine and there are magic tools outside. Youd better not try to break in easily. From tomorrow on in the next three days, all you need to do is clean up the yard and fertilize the plants. That’s about it.

Liu Zhaoyue choked severely. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi like a lunatic, Im not here to be your servant. Do you know who I am?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him coldly, When you enter my door, dont think about who you are. Otherwise, you can leave now and walk carefully, I won’t be sending you out.

You Liu Zhaoyue narrowed his eyes dangerously and held his sword, Lin Xuanzhi, I’ve always only been obedient to the strong. Let me try it myself. Whether you have the qualifications to teach me!”

Liu Zhaoyue’s sword was a treasure tool, shining with brilliant blue and white light all over its blade. It contained the Liu family’s thunder Qi within it and was combined with the Liu family’s internal and sword techniques. It was absolutely not to be underestimated. Throughout the entire Five Continents, the Liu familys sword technique was at the top.

Drawing forth thunder and lightning in order to shake heaven and earth; Liu Zhaoyue’s sword was unrestrained as it rushed toward Lin Xuanzhi’s throat with great killing intent.

Jian Yunxi’s pupils suddenly shrank. He never thought Liu Zhaoyue would dare to be so fierce.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly drew out Lianlian, while simultaneously feinting a move. In front of Liu Zhaoyue’s eyes, there were countless feint moves which made it hard for him to identify the actual situation.

Liu Zhaoyues sword move was deflected. Lin Xuanzhis sword had burst through the clouds, and backhandedly pressed Liu Zhaoyues sword against the ground.

Liu Zhaoyue only felt that his wrist was heavily slapped by something. With aclang, the hilt slipped out of his hand and stuck straight into the ground. Liu Zhaoyue froze.

He looked at his bleeding wrist and couldn’t help feeling frightened.

If Lin Xuanzhi had used half of his power, his hand might have been lost.

How powerful was he?

Lin Xuanzhi slowly and gently shook Lianlian, letting a few drops of blood drip down the blade and to the ground, before he withdrew it into its scabbard.

Lin Xuanzhi parted his red lips lightly and said softly, When sparring with swords, it’s nowhere near enough for you to use only the same cultivation as me. Im in the first layer of the Hardened Body Stage now, but with the sword, my record was unbeatable against those in the same level as me. No one has broken it so far. You can barely have a say.

With that, Lin Xuanzhi no longer paid attention to the two men, and directly flew on his sword towards the Fierce Gale cliff for three days and nights.

There were 24 hours a day. The time appointed to him by Esteemed Lan Yue was twelve hours a day. Naturally, he had to make up for the hours he missed. In order to spend a few days with Ah Hen, Lin Xuanzhi had to practice in Fierce Gale Cliff day and night.

Strong winds blew across Lin Xuanzhis cheek after he entered the area. His indifferent expression somewhat cracked.

He had never drawn out Lianlian against other swords before, so he didn’t know that the bloodthirst inside Lianlian’s core would be so thick.

He almost couldn’t control Lianlian’s killing impulse.

Bei Shitian, how many people did you kill to make Lianlian like this?